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$VLMGF Viscount Mining Fact Sheet
DR_Money01 11/22/22 11:21 AM
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86M Float.......pretty low........... Zardiw 11/07/22 12:10 PM
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Viscount Mining Samples 1925 g/t Silver and 76g/t DR_Money01 10/20/20 8:31 AM
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(VLMGF) Viscount Mining Announces Completion of Master's Thesis DR_Money01 09/25/19 8:51 AM
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Viscount Mining Commences Drilling at Cherry Creek, Nevada DR_Money01 11/29/18 5:52 PM
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Just got in on this play today. With AKBrakeman 02/23/17 2:23 PM
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About Cherry Creek Earn-In Partner Sumitomo Corporation kjlars5 01/06/17 11:56 AM
Sumitomo's quest for more gold starts with Viscount Mining kjlars5 01/04/17 12:03 PM
These results are absolutely amazing! Have there kjlars5 01/04/17 11:58 AM
This is Great News !! kjlars5 01/04/17 11:43 AM
Viscount Mining Reports High Grade Silver Intercept at kjlars5 01/04/17 11:38 AM
VML/ VLMGF also drilled 57.2 oz per DoYourDDLikeMe 12/30/16 5:31 PM DoYourDDLikeMe 12/30/16 5:25 PM
VML Today, this week, past month of December 2016 DoYourDDLikeMe 12/30/16 5:13 PM
Great Tech Analysis Chart for virtually unknown Nevada DoYourDDLikeMe 12/29/16 6:09 PM
Viscount drills 50 feet of 26.92 ounces per DoYourDDLikeMe 12/29/16 6:01 PM
11/22/2016 Drilling Update at Viscount's Flint Canyon, kjlars5 11/22/16 2:30 PM
Viscount Mining Commences Drilling on the Silver Cliff kjlars5 11/22/16 2:16 PM
2016-09-13 - Silver Cliff "Mag" Survey lines up DoYourDDLikeMe 10/03/16 5:32 PM
2016-09-07 Drilling has Commenced at Viscount’s Flint Canyon, DoYourDDLikeMe 10/03/16 5:28 PM
The 1st mos. of drilling is almost complete DoYourDDLikeMe 10/03/16 3:24 PM
VML mention in Resource world Magazine plus other DoYourDDLikeMe 08/16/16 1:17 AM
Viscount Mining Announces New Highly Anomalous Gold at kjlars5 08/10/16 12:18 PM
1-2 punch with Nevada Gold Au Project & DoYourDDLikeMe 07/14/16 5:09 PM
Viscount Commences Exploration Program at Silver Cliff, Colorado kjlars5 07/08/16 11:05 AM
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Viscount Mining Corp (VLMGF)

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TSX VENTURE: VML) (OTCQB: VLMGF) Viscount Mining is an exploration company with 2 significant drill projects in prime locations in the Western United States, one primarily for gold in Nevada and the other for silver in Colorado. A history of previous news releases are posted on the forum for your perusal. 

The 1st project is their Cherry Creek, Nevada Gold Project that commenced being drilled Sept. 7th, 2016 with $30+ Bn EARN IN PARTNER Sumitomo Corp.  Cherry Creek is comprised of more than 9,000 acres and is surrounded by Newmont Mining (NYSE: NEM) and McEwen Mining (NYSE:MUX).  This ground was only recently consolidated into single ownership by Viscount from 5 families that held approx 3,000 of its acres back as far as the 1850's. 

There is a unique earn in agreement with Sumitomo and of note, this is their only North American exploration project. (

The land package here includes 20 past producing mines: Mascot, Chief of Hill, Big Giant, Little Giant, Ben Butler, Exchequer, Imperial/ New Century, Star Mine, Filmore, Ticup / Motherlode, Pick & Gad, Gray Eagle, National Mine, Old Imperial, Blue Bird, Only Chance, Silver Creek, and the Logan Mine. 

Sumitomo can earn in up to a 75% interest in the property by producing a feasibility study and by spending a minimum of US$10,000,000 in exploration and development expenses by the eighth anniversary of the earn-in agreement. 

Cherry Creek offers investors a superior jurisdiction with its optimal positioning in Nevada, the largest gold producing region in the US with 73% of all US gold production in 2014. Nevada is now ranked as the 4th largest gold producing jurisdiction in the world. Viscount c/o its Earn In Agreement bears zero expenditure at Cherry Creek giving Viscount significant financial flexibility de-risking its stock from high expenditures and the need to raise funding. 

Viscount's 2nd project is their 100% owned Silver Cliff, Colorado Project that is slated for drilling October - November, 2016. "While Sumitomo manages the Cherry Creek property, Viscount is completing phase 1 exploration of Silver Cliff which is comprised of 96 lode claims, covering much of the historical past-producing mineral districts of Silver Cliff and Rosita Hills also historically referred to as  Colorado's Hardscrabble Silver District.  high grade silver, gold, and base metal production came from numerous mines during the late 1800s, early 1900s.  Its location is 44 miles West Southwest of Pueblo Colorado and has year-around access by paved road. The property underwent substantial exploration between 1967 and 1984 for the purpose of defining mineral inventories. The major explorers were Freeport, Hecla, Homestake, Moly Corp, Coca Mines and Tenneco Minerals. 

Silver Cliff is thought to overlie a large caldera and porphyry system which increases the prospect's potential to host a number of deposits from both precious metals to base metals. This has been demonstrated in the mineralogy and grade historically extracted from numerous underground mining operations.  The property last underwent substantial drilling in the 1980s by Hecla Mining and Tenneco, resulting in a non  43-101 compliant (as 43-101 Regs. didn't exist  back then)  pre-feasibility study, which led to the Company's decision to put the property into production.  A change of control and direction at Tenneco stalled the project and it has been halted until present day when Viscount negotiated terms and resurrected the project thanks to access of historical records. 

The goal of pending drilling is to confirm the estimated 50 million ounce historical silver resource that reported grades as high as 2,215 g/t silver and 9.06 g/t gold. If Viscount is able to verify the accuracy of this historical resource, then its certainly large enough to move the needle for a major silver producer should Viscount choose to go the Earn in and/or JV route. 

In late March 2016, prior to the completion of a 2 stage $2.3 M CDN Financing in June, 2016 at $0.50 CDN per share, an introductory article came out from well regarded mining and geologist commentarist Gwen Preston entitled “ Sumitomo’s quest for gold via Viscount’s Cherry Creek” . Initiation of research coverage commenced August 10th and August 22nd, 2016 and can be read cutting and pasting the following links into your browser.  See and as they're extremely helpful for Due Diligence. For more specific information regarding the above noted properties and other corporate info., visit the Company's website at 

See for general historical information on mining in Colorado and to find Silver Cliff on a map of Colorado. 

About Cherry Creek Earn In Partner Sumitomo Corporation 

Sumitomo Corporation is one of the largest integrated trading and investment companies in Japan. Sumitomo Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, conducts commodity transactions in all industries utilizing worldwide networks, provides related customers with various financing, serves as an organizer and a coordinator for various projects, and invests in businesses from the information industry to the retailing industry. Summit Mining Exploration, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation and is headquartered in Colorado, USA. 
Sumitomo operates through five business segments: 

1. Metal Products, Transportation & Construction Systems 
2. Environment & Infrastructure 
3. Media, Network, Lifestyle Related Goods & Services 
4. Mineral Resources, Energy, Chemical & Electronics 
• Global Revenue of $38.92B – EBITDA: $2.09B – Cash on hand: 8.12B 
• Sumitomo has a market cap of $13.65B 
• Sumitomo worldwide workforce is 66,860 (As of March 31, 2016) 
• Operates in 66 countries with 110 offices 

For more information about Sumitomo Corporation, visit

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