Likes Subject
Hello, VCST! You sure look good in green. trackkwizzard 08/24/21 2:24 PM
Found them. Whew 3CTraderIsBack 08/18/21 1:18 PM
Anyone seen my keys? 3CTraderIsBack 08/05/21 1:03 PM
I'm~not L@@Kin to get out until over .20 SmokeSignals 07/19/21 9:12 AM
Sorry not agree with you. Look at high SriMaharaj 07/16/21 1:06 PM
There was no movement in the price for KOmani 07/16/21 11:50 AM
Not hooked in, but did grab a starter. 3CTraderIsBack 07/16/21 11:43 AM
Strange. Who is buying or selling in block SriMaharaj 07/16/21 11:34 AM
Hooked you in? KOmani 07/16/21 10:11 AM
We don't rocket without news, well...good news. Lol. BruinOtwo 07/16/21 10:05 AM
The increased restricted shares has really peaked my BruinOtwo 07/16/21 10:04 AM
This is going to rocket at any time. SriMaharaj 07/16/21 10:03 AM
The wash trading at volumes of 1111, 2222, 3CTraderIsBack 07/16/21 9:55 AM
Someone with a lot of shares may generate KOmani 07/16/21 9:55 AM
Maybe so but the share structure gets updated BruinOtwo 07/16/21 9:30 AM
Feels more like wash trading to get people KOmani 07/16/21 1:39 AM
You can post whatever you Zardiw 07/15/21 10:36 PM
What's cooking 0.10 to 0.20 Yopapa 07/15/21 6:26 PM
The float above is incorrect ... the BruinOtwo 07/15/21 5:30 PM
Does it mean it traded more that it's SriMaharaj 07/15/21 5:20 PM
If you look at the sticky, the share BruinOtwo 07/15/21 4:36 PM
Glad she pulled back to allow newbies a chance. 3CTraderIsBack 07/15/21 4:34 PM
We received the highest volume it's ever received BruinOtwo 07/15/21 4:32 PM
975k bid eod last 5min yeah more buying 0hm 07/15/21 4:01 PM
I always heard rumors that weird buys/sells are BruinOtwo 07/15/21 3:16 PM
Why all the 1,111 buys constantly?? I set 0hm 07/15/21 3:11 PM
The last hour will be muddied by Retail BruinOtwo 07/15/21 2:27 PM
Yeah, I saw that half mil bid pop BruinOtwo 07/15/21 2:26 PM
VCST Not only that alot of 100k short 0hm 07/15/21 2:04 PM
So the last half hour of trading will trackkwizzard 07/15/21 2:02 PM
That's my interpretation as well - we have BruinOtwo 07/15/21 1:52 PM
Okay Thanks saw the twitter tweets. trackkwizzard 07/15/21 1:43 PM
Twi..tter = bird app. Lol. Not sure if BruinOtwo 07/15/21 1:40 PM
What is "the bird ap" ? In any trackkwizzard 07/15/21 1:39 PM
Nice one here. $Tips even smaller float and Newc 07/15/21 12:46 PM
Maybe this is why it's moving - Merger 3CTraderIsBack 07/15/21 12:34 PM
AS, OS, Float - yep. Very low here 3CTraderIsBack 07/15/21 12:32 PM
what's a share structure? float SriMaharaj 07/15/21 12:29 PM
lots of chatter on Twitter about it. The 3CTraderIsBack 07/15/21 12:22 PM
This ticker is starting to get the attention BruinOtwo 07/15/21 12:20 PM
Heating up....WOW trackkwizzard 07/15/21 12:18 PM
Something seems to be going on - trying 3CTraderIsBack 07/15/21 12:16 PM
Very few eyes on this ticker too...could run BruinOtwo 07/15/21 12:12 PM
Wow - Been watching - this stock defines 3CTraderIsBack 07/15/21 11:59 AM
I've been tracking that the last few days. BruinOtwo 07/15/21 11:54 AM
There was a number of mirror trades when KOmani 07/15/21 11:52 AM
Very little of the volume appeared to be BruinOtwo 07/15/21 11:45 AM
Unusual volume trend recently and the price spiked today. KOmani 07/15/21 11:40 AM
$9 million dollar in sales in 2020 per BruinOtwo 02/16/21 6:26 PM
Viewcast lines: Niagara and Osprey. Niagara seems BruinOtwo 02/16/21 10:17 AM
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08/24/21 2:24 PM
08/18/21 1:18 PM
08/05/21 1:03 PM
07/19/21 9:12 AM
07/16/21 1:06 PM
07/16/21 11:50 AM
07/16/21 11:43 AM
07/16/21 11:34 AM
07/16/21 10:11 AM
07/16/21 10:03 AM
07/16/21 9:55 AM
07/15/21 6:26 PM
07/15/21 5:30 PM
07/15/21 5:20 PM
07/15/21 4:36 PM
07/15/21 4:34 PM
07/15/21 2:27 PM
07/15/21 2:26 PM
07/15/21 2:02 PM
07/15/21 1:52 PM
07/15/21 1:43 PM
07/15/21 1:40 PM
07/15/21 1:39 PM
07/15/21 12:34 PM
07/15/21 12:32 PM
07/15/21 12:29 PM
07/15/21 12:22 PM
07/15/21 12:20 PM
07/15/21 12:18 PM
07/15/21 12:16 PM
07/15/21 12:12 PM
07/15/21 11:59 AM
07/15/21 11:54 AM
07/15/21 11:52 AM
07/15/21 11:45 AM
02/16/21 6:26 PM

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Osprey Video Achieves a Microsoft Silver Windows and Devices Competency

Market Cap $225,000.00
Authorized Shares 100,000,000
Outstanding Shares 64,170,223
Held at DTC 32,273,587
Restricted 23,500,857
Unrestricted 40,669,366 
FLOAT 7,000,000

Amazon BH  Markertek

USB CeylonCatalog


Digital Capture ButtonAnalog Capture ButtonLegacy Capture ButtonUSB Capture


Converters ButtonDA ButtonSwitchers ButtonFE Button

Hardware Decode Button Hardware Enode ButtonSoftware Encode ButtonBase systems

Technology Partners

When you are the leading global provider of video streaming hardware and software, you tend to affiliate yourself with other leading companies.
Osprey Video is proud to engage with the following distinguished technology leaders to keep our products on the cutting edge.



swagit    streamvoations    snapstream

Swagit Productions, LLC specializes in providing hands-free video streaming® and broadcast solutions to local, state and federal government agencies as well as other online entities. Streaming media is our specialty and our passion. We focus only on the latest trends, emerging technology and new avenues of distribution — all with one main goal: Getting your message to reach the largest audience possible. 


Streamovations is based in Belgium, situated close to the European Union multilingual institutions. The company offers a complete end-to-end software solution for managing multilingual streaming, from encoding to delivery on any device.


SnapStream is a DVR for business. Plug in your cable, satellite, or antenna TV source. Schedule TV recordings. Then search inside your TV recordings using closed captioning. Share TV moments to Twitter and Facebook. And SnapStream makes it all easy.

 vmix    granicus    wowza
vMix is a Software Video Mixer and Switcher that utilizes the latest advances in computer hardware to provide live HD video mixing, a task previously only possible on expensive dedicated hardware mixers. vMix also functions as live streaming software that allows you to publish your live productions directly to the Internet!  

Granicus helps empower some of the most creative people in the world who innovate within complex public sector organizations. We help make policies more effective and to transform the citizen experience so that everything from road closures to fostering programs are better communicated, understood, and ultimately successful. 



Wowza Media Systems™ is the recognized gold standard of streaming, with more than 19,000 customers in 170+ countries. By reducing the complexities of video and audio delivery to any device, Wowza™ enables organizations to expand their reach and more deeply engage their audiences, in industries ranging from education to broadcasting. 


 streamguys    streammonkey    Wirecast

StreamGuys is an industry-leading service provider of live and on-demand streaming, podcasting delivery, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) toolsets for enterprise-level broadcast media organizations. The company brings together the industry’s best price-to-performance ratio, a robust and reliable network, and an infinitely scalable cloud-based platform for clients of any size to process, deliver, monetize and playout professional streaming content. 



Stream Monkey video technology provides a high quality viewing experience for any audience and an advanced management system for broadcast operators – like event planners, content managers, and brand specialists – all in one convenient solution.


Wirecast allows you to capture an unlimited amount of input devices, add polish and professionalism to your broadcast with live switching, animated titles, transitions, lower thirds and more as well as stream by using multiformat encoding capabilities and live stream to integrated streaming services & CDNs. 




Zixi powers cloud infrastructures and transforms the Internet and other unmanaged IP connections into broadcast-quality, global delivery networks for live video. Zixi's software dynamically resolves inherent limitations of the Internet to enable low latency live video of unprecedented quality regardless of network conditions with the reliability, security, and flexibility required in today’s dynamic global television industry.    

Rushworks sells to a vast assortment of clientele who recognize the benefit of designing workflow architectures which include their core technologies for Production, Playback and Streaming.


Release your video productions from the technical and physical limitations of standard broadcast infrastructures. Easily transition to video over IP with NDI, NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology, and ready-to-use software enabling interconnected production workflows.


All trademarks are property of their respective holders.



Niagara products have been trusted in a variety of leading-edge video markets for over ten years. Some of the world’s largest and most respected broadcasters, network solutions providers and content delivery networks rely on Niagara Products every day to deliver high quality audio and video streams to millions of viewers all around the world.


9400 Series Transcoder

HIghest Density in the Market
Up to 100 HD or 200 SD streams
All new SCX+ Software and SCX+ Manager
H.264 based encoding, MPEG-2 transcoding also
RTMP, HLS, DASH, UDP and RTP output protocols
Click here for the Niagara 9400 Data Sheet

9200 Series Encoders/Transcoders

All new SCX+ Software and SCX+ Manager
H.264 based encoding, MPEG-2 transcoding also
Takes advantage of Intel GPU technology
RTMP, HLS, DASH, UDP and RTP output protocols
Click here for the Niagara 9200 Data Sheet



9300 Series Encoders/Transcoders

All new SCX+ Software and SCX+ Manager
Optional HEVC (H.265) codec support!
Powerful dual XEON platform
H.264 based encoding, MPEG-2 transcoding also
RTMP, HLS, DASH, UDP and RTP output protocols
Click here for the Niagara 9300 Data Sheet

Niagara TV

Includes web server software, VLC Plug-in and Amino image.
Runs on standard web server with PHP
Allows you to manage your live video channels
Click here for the Niagara TV Data Sheet



GoStream Mini 100

Small Form Factor, Low power consumption
SDI, HDMI, Component, Composite and DVI Inputs
Front Panel Controls
Multiple Outputs; Transport Stream (UDP/RTP), Adobe Flash (RTMP), Apple's HLS Server
Save to File while streaming
Click here for the GoStream Mini 100 Data Sheet
Click here for the GoStream Mini 100 Manual

GoStream Broadcast Encoder and Decoder

Stand Alone or openGear card
SDI and Composite Inputs, ASI and IP Outputs - Encoder
IP and ASI inputs, HDMI, ASI and IP Outputs - Decoder
Multiple Outputs; Transport Stream (UDP/RTP), Adobe Flash (RTMP), Apple's HLS - Encoder
RTSP, RTMP, TS and HLS Inputs - Decoder
Decoder supports H.264 and MPEG2 decoding
Click here for the GoStream Broadcast Encoder Sheet
Click here for the GoStream Broadcast Encoder Manual
Click here for the GoStream Broadcast Decoder Sheet
Click here for the GoStream Broadcast Decoder Manual
Click here for the Encoder-Decoder Quick Start Guide

GoStream Encoders

Portable Design
Analog and Digital Inputs
Front Panel Controls
Multiple Outputs;Transport Stream (UDP/RTP), Adobe Flash (RTMP), Windows Media and Apple's HLS protocol
Click here for more info on GoStream Encoders
Click here for the GoStream Digital Data Sheet
Click here for the GoStream A Data Sheet

9100 Series Encoders

Rack Mount Design
Analog and Digital Inputs
Multiple Outputs; Transport Stream (UDP/RTP), Adobe Flash (RTMP), Windows Media and Apple's HLS protocol
Click here for more info
Click here for the 9100 Digital Data Sheet
Click here for the 9100 Analog Data Sheet

SCX Software

Software for Niagara Encoders
Browser based management and Control
View the captured video on-the-fly, check and adjust key audio and video settings
Select A/V inputs and configure profiles
Click here for the SCX Data Sheet

StreaMaster Receivers
©2017 Niagara Video Corp. - All Rights Reserved

Press Releases

September 2017- Converters Press Release

July 2017- Talon G2 Press Release

July 2017- IBC 2017 Preview

June 2017- Osprey Integration with NewTek NDI

June 2017- BuffVision Capture Cards Case Study

May 2017- Microsoft Silver Certification

April 2017- Osprey Expands Line of Products Press Release

March 2017- Talon Press Release

March 2017- MCPS Talon Case Study

February 2017- NAB Preview

January 2017- Osprey and Streamovations for Multilingual Streaming Solution

January 2017- Osprey Talon G1H Press Release

October 2016 - Osprey Selected as one of Top 100 Companies in Streaming

May 2016 - New Products, Osprey Talon G1 Decoder and SDI to HDMI Converters

April 2016 - Osprey Talon Best of Show Award at NAB 2016

April 2016 - Osprey 3G SDI Switcher (SSR-42R) Review

April 2016 - Osprey integrates Wowza Streaming Cloud

April 2016 - Osprey 840e Press Release 

March 2016 - Granicus relies on Osprey

March 2016 - Osprey Ceylon Press Release

February 2016- Osprey Talon Announcement

February 2016- Osprey NAB Preview

February 2016 - Osprey hires Scott Whitcomb as Business Development Manager

October 2015 - Osprey Selected as one of Top 100 Companies in Streaming

October 2015 - New Products for 4th Quarter 2015

July 2015 - Osprey Black Distribution Amplifiers Release

January 2015 - Swagit Productions Relies on Osprey for High End Applications

January 2015 - Broadcast Beat Osprey Article (Pages 30-32)

January 2015 - Upcoming Product Lineup for Early 2015

November 2014 - Streaming Media Ad

September 2014 - Streaming Media View from the Top (Page 62)

September 2014 - Osprey selected as One of the Top 100 Companies in Streaming

September 2014 - Preview of New Osprey Products for 2015

June 2014 - Announcement of Osprey 800a Audio Card

April 2014 - NAB Interview (Video)

March 2014 - Variosystems takes Over Osprey

PR Contact:
Lyndsey Albright 
Wall Street Communications
Tel: +1 720-524-3813

Mexico - Distribution

Calle Matías Romero 216, Del Valle, Benito Juarez   Visit Website
03100 Mexico City, Federal District P: +52 55 90001672 Email


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Graphics Distribution Inc
160 South 2nd Street F: 414.203.8339 Visit Website
Milwaukee, WI 53024 P: 877.715.0535 Email
JB&A Distribution
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Canada - Certified Resellers


Smart Vision Direct
7755 Warden Ave, Unit #1, Markham   Visit Website
Markham, Ontario, L3R 0N3  P: 905.946.8998 Ext: 228 Email


USA - Certified Resellers


Advanced Broadcast Solutions
811 South 192nd Street, #100   Visit Website
SeaTac, WA 98148 P: 844.870.0244 Email


Avidex AV
6100 Stewart Avenue F: 510.279.7107 Visit Website
Fremont, CA 94538 P: 800.999.8590 Email


Command Corporation
2803 Gulf to Bay Blvd #406 F: 510.279.7107 Visit Website
Clearwater, FL 33759 P: 800.999.8590 Email
Encore Broadcast Solutions
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The WH Platts Company
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Digital Video Group, Inc.
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10759 NW Ambassador Dr.   Visit Website
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Advanced Broadcast Solutions
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New York

B&H Photo Video
420 9th Ave   Visit Website
New York, NY 10001 P: 800.894.9703 Email

North Carolina

Clark – Powell
110 Regent Dr   Visit Website
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 P: 800.532.1099 Email


Advanced Broadcast Solutions
811 South 192nd Street, #100   Visit Website
SeaTac, WA 98148 P: 844.870.0244 Email


Five Neshaminy Interplex, Suite 207   Visit Website
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South Carolina

The WH Platts Company
6543a Fain St   Visit Website
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Digital Video Group, Inc.
    Visit Website
Nashville, TN 37115 P: 615.361.3270 Email


Avidex AV
F: 425.274.7091  
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Philm Gear, Inc
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Digital Video Group, Inc.
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Advanced Broadcast Solutions
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Riwit GmbH
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Imago Scansource
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Ambient Media
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Interact SPA
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Imago Scansource
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Czech Republic

Smart Informatics
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Delta-Comm Ltd
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Meet Competence
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Teco Kft.
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Lines Broadcast B.V.
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VideoUtstyr Norge AS
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BCP Sp.z o.o.
  Product Catalog Polish 
ul. Melsztynska 2 Lok.2 F: +48 22 848 22 26 Visit Website
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Majorov pereulok, 14   Visit Website
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Opal Multimedia
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Videodist Profesyonel Ses ve Görüntü Sistemleri Ltd.
Egitim Mah. Poyraz Sok. Detay is Mrk. Ofis No:32/7   Visit Website
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RCB Logic
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