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VORTEX AIMing is a discussion and promotion platform for the VORTEX Automatic Investment Method and for the sale of the Vortex programs and booklets and services.  I created the VORTEX Method after reading about anAIM-like investment technique known as theMoney Spinner, a name coined by Canadian investment expert Chuck Chakrapani in 1980. Thereafter I read  How to make a million dollars. . .Automatically  by Robert Lichello-1977. The Chakrapani method is in virtually identical to the Lichello AIM.

For a useful start on the Lichello Standard AIM there are spread-sheet available  that shows you the basics of AIM(you do not have to read any difficult books if you want to invest with this basic method right away!):


The Money Spinner presents an investment technique that has similar features as the Standard Lichello-AIM. These investment techniques are specifically created for investors that are not yet very experienced and want to be conservative with investing as they venture into the investment world. The VORTEX program belongs in the AIM-family of Automatic Investment Management systems, a name coined by Lichello but now-a-days it is used by various people that use AIM-like investment techniques. The Vortex Method is a neat derivative of the Lichello AIM in that it 1) provides for conservative(safe) trading as well as for  aggressive trading and 2) eliminates what I call "The Lichello Flaw " in regards to Lichello's Residual Buy Advice that is given  even if the share price is identical to the share price at the previous trade. For more information on standard AIM contact the AIM-website of Tom Veale:


with many interesting links on the topic.

New for Dutch Readers

It is a detailed presentation prepared for my attendance at the Dutch HCC Computer Club Investment Symposium in Geldermalsen:


In this text: VORTEX means either any one the VORTEX investment technique or any of the the VORTEX computer programs - for Excel or for Windows.

The unique features of VORTEX are:

1 The trade Multiplication factor (M) sets the trade size relative to a Portfolio Reference point (PR) based on equity price changes after an initial trade. For an initial trade you simply select the amount of money you want to start your Investment with and the amount of money you want to keep as a Reserve for buying opportunities. In VORTEX the Trade Size  = M*(PR-EV). . . .EV is Equity Value (value of shares or any type of tradeable equity). . .The value of M (multiplier) is calculated by a buying factor Fb for and a selling factor Fs. These non-linear factors simply indicate how aggressive or how conservative the trading is carries out. Experienced investors could use very aggressive factors like > 0.8 but less than 1.0, while inexperienced investors should start out with with conservative factors between 0 and 0.3 or so.  In case negative values are used the trade recommendations can be set lower than the minimum recommended  trade so that effectively the investor carries out a Buy and Hold investment techniekque which is recommended if one suspects a long rising price trend.

With any setting of the Fb <1 the value of  M can be varied from 0 (Buy & Hold)  to  infinity for Fb=1. For the recommended  Trade Size =M*(PR-EV) the PR is a Portfolio Reference, (a sort Set Point as is used in control theories), or as it is usually called in America,  the  Portfolio Control point = PC, is the new Equity Value after any trade is completed and is calculated by the Vortex program.  The meaning of this name is interesting: In control theory a System is controlled by use of a controller Set Point. . . it is the reference point at which the controller takes corrective action to maintain the system on its desirable operating value.  In the an AIM investment system the PR (or PC) does essentially the very same thing: it provided a reference point from which corrective action is executed to maintain the investment strategy on its growth-path.  In investing it is usual to have a target for the future. . .if you do not have "target" be careful when investing any money! Read the section below on FOREX Trading on the dangers of losing money easily.. ..Forex trading uses a very aggressive investment technique by means of a high leverage factor (buying a lot of equity with little money).

For technical people the PR is a very important concept and this is also the reason that AIM-like programs are referred to as  machines or engines. . .they work like car engines that are controlled by the drivers: the  Fb and the Fs in Vortex are simply activity factors  that makes the Vortex Engine work like a Fiat Panda with a 300 cc engine (the Conservative Mode),  or like a Ferrari with a 6000 cc monster-engine (the Tiger Mode). Essentially a high activity factor allows you to trade equity that shows very low volatility as if it was a volatile stock. . .Vortex thrives on volatility.

2 After any trade the Trade Size Advice is automatically set to zero because then PR=EV. . . .after you just have executed a trade it would be obvious that you would not want to trade again, at the same price! By setting the Fb for buying and the Fs for selling separately you can control your trade activity for Portfolio Growth (saving mode) or for Portfolio Wind-down (retirement mode) exactly as YOU  decide it. . these are two of the targets of the four investments modes you should have in mind when you start investing, in order to choose between them!  The other two investment modes are a mix of aggressive & conservative buying or aggressive & conservative selling. In the technical Pamphlet The Vortex Method these four investment methods are explained in detail.

A least one more obvious target is the "maximized yield mode" . . . this target achieves the greatest  Time Averaged Return on Investment (ROTAI) . . .but it this is only to be recommended for equity that is rather safe as well as stable.

3 An auxiliary Vortex trading module TurboVest is available as an "add-on" feature for effective "cutting edge" investing using equity credit. This a safe technique of investing with borrowed money. This technique is applied only in a Bear Market. TurboVest is not to be confused with "margin investing" which is normally only used for Bull Market conditions. Margin investing can wipe you out is a flash if the trend suddenly reverses! Margin investing is only an option if you can be VERY sure the equity prices are not going to reverse before a certain Profit Point is reached. If you can not ber certain of that such a point exists stay away from marging investing! The Turbovest Method is based on the requirement that 1) you invest only in funds or in a currency that can not go to zero value en 2) that your portfolio has already acquired a considerable positive value. The method is based on a\using an internally created leverage that is based on equity credit. The Turbovest Leverage at most 10 that arises out of the intrinsic value of your portfolio is very moderate compared to the aggressive FOREX trade leverage factors of 50 or 100 that are typically used. The Vortex Turbovest Module with special instructions is avalailable at moderate extra cost and we recommend this method only for people that alreaday are used to AIM-like investing

4 An auxiliary Vortex installment plan module PremiVest is available for periodic Lay-Away-Investing . . . small investments. . .at regular or irregular intervals without necessarily starting with a  larger initial investment. The tLay-A-Way entry-amount can be any amount that a fund lets you buy at very low trading costs.  Very interesting for applying to Mutual Funds for which the trading costs are say 0.1 to 0.3 % per trade and minimum starting amounts of say € 20. These low cost funds are ideal for frequent AIM-like dynamic trading and especially for  trading with small amounts. Obvious this is an investment mode created for people with little extra extra money but can "lay-away" small amounts periodically. The Vortex PremiVest is meant for people that might want to invest small amounts irregulary. . .thus  when they get  the extra money.

For Dutch Readers see how to orderThe Vortex Method book (Dutch only), and it's short English Edition(only the bare bones Details of the Vortex Method) and  the Vortex Windows Program; the Vortex Excel sheets (for Back-testing and for getting Vortex  AIMing experience), on my website's Order Form:


Back-testing is particularly effective for finding the optimum values for the activity factors and the trading thresholds(minimum buys and price intervals). . . The limits within which no trading should occur- this is also called the Dead Band.If you do not understand any of this do not panic! . . .just ask me a question on this forum or on my e-mail and I will answer you immediately.

Power Point Presentations
Additional information on the Vortex Methode with examples are presented.
The Power Point presentations are available in Dutch as well as in English. Direct downmoading information(to come).  Englisch version viae-mail :  eng@vortex.de[remove red text &brackets]mon.nl.
Right now you can request the Dutch Power Point document via the DOWNLOAD link in :  http://www.vortexcw.nl/vortex/index.html ; 

The Vortex  FOREX  Method (Excel as well as for Windows ) has been adapted. The program manages the Portfolio Value in terms of currency in which the foreign currency  pairs are  bought. . . .In Excel this can be any currency and in the Windows program this is Euro or US Dollar. The  "pip" definition for triggering trades can be used but also one can retain the percentage rate change as a trade trigger. The programs provides an input for the desirable FOREX  margin leverage and an extra variable parameters, and offers the same unique features for variable trade multipliers for buying as well as for selling as in  the standard Vortex Method program. . .a total of 6 variables apart from the standard Vortex features this gives:

-trading cost fixed fee...enter as applicable. . . often this not applicable for online FOREX trading but is relevant for other equity trading: set to 0 for Forex trading;
-trading cost:  fee as a  percentage of the trade amount . . .enter as applicable; 

- setting the Reserve fraction that is to remain as a Reserve Buffer preventing the Reserve to go all the way to zero (Portfolio Value Factor);

-setting the buy/sell holding zones for the trading below which no trade is advised; - the Cash Equity Ratio to start a portfolio;
-interest received on Reserve Capital...enter as a simple interest for Credit Balance and for Debit Balance for the TurboVest Option. The program compounds the interest automatically on each trading event and adds it to the Portfolio Value;

-Setting the margin percentage for margin investing

The leverage  or margin percentage determines  the amount of foreign currency that you can buy with 1 unit of your account currency. This ratio is the Leverage or Margin Ratio.

In effect this parameter defines the percentage of the pre-financing the the Forex Agent provides. For example if you buy fan amount of equity for € 100 and the leverage is 100 the investor pays € 1 and the Forex Agent lends you € 99, frequently even at zero lending cost!!!!!

With the Vortex FOREX trading the Reserve(or Deposit to the Agent) is calculated on the inverse leveraged amount: For example id you buy € 100 equity your Vortex Reserve is reduced bu only €1 because € 99 is provided by the Agent. When a margin position is liquidated the net proceeds of the position are added to the Reserve just like in ant other Vortex Sell. The net value of a margin position is called the Net Asset Value of your position. As the currency value rises or drops the profit is added to the Reserve so that the Reserve is an actual indication of the Deposit of your  account.  As you are trading you can see directly the margin you have on you account for buying foreign currency as well as the point at which you will get and automatic Position Closure so that you can prevent getting a Margin Call from your broker. . .this is your broker warning you that unless you deposit extra money into your account ALL your positions might be closed very soon if the equity value drops further.

For a more  instructive explanation on FOREX trading see for example this Link:


The Vortex FOREX Method version  is available as a Trade Limiter Investment Machine(TurboVest) as well as the Standard Option which prevents a negative Reserve. . .If the Reserve approaches 0  the Trade Advise is zero in the Standard Vortex method. With the Turbovest Method you can set  the Portfolio Value Factor in such a way that a certain amount of Portfolio Vaue is protected so that you will not get a Trade Advice to get you in Negative Portfolio Value. The Portfolio Value Factor can be set to trade all the way down to zero or to leave a residual amount of  value available at all times.

The Vortex FOREX TurboVest Method is actually an Equity Credit Trading Manager. . .  It allows trading up to a specified Equity Credit Level ( ECL). This limiting amount can be set to zero ( No equity credit buying) or as high as you can afford it). The Turbovest Method is NOT a margin trading method. The equity credit arises from your own equity in your portfolio. If you have no equity to start with you can not invoke the TurboVest Method. The net value of your portfolio must be greater than zero in order to use the TurboVest Method. If you use the TurboVest method in combination with the Margin Trading method then your equity credit can be used to increase the margin deposit so that you can keep buying at a deeper equity price dip.


Price information for Vortex programs and booklets is available on the Order Form Page on http://www.vortexcw.nl/vortex/index.html

All prices are listed in Euro but you can also pay in Dollars, or even in other currencies, but you have to provide your own exchange rate conversion and transfer cost figures. Paying via PayPal is the  preferred method from foreign countries as the currency conversion fees are low. Paying with Euro currency to my bank account in The Netherlands is also possible but you would have to ad  € 16 extra per payment. for the bank charges.

My PayPal account name is C.L.H. Winkelman and/or  Vortex Engineering. The e-mail address is eng@vort{remove red text & brackets}ex.demon.nl   
Conrad L H   Winkelman
Vortex Technologies
Prinsessenweg 31-A
3433 AB Nieuwegein
The Netherlands
E-mail: See above and also Home page on http://www.vortexcw.nl if you are interested in other things I do or did.
Vortex Windows Program Website:

http://www.ckweb.nl/vortex_us/index.php  Free Download Standard Vortex Method for 30 days. . . full capabilities. For the Forex Version request via e-mail.

Remark: VORTEX is a bilingual program: English & Dutch for all the user text . Simply select the language of your choice during installation or in the pull-down menu ----> Options/Settings and from there selecting the language of the interface and the Reports is explained. For free downloading the latest 30-day complete version of Vortex Version 1.26 click on:


In VORTEX it is possible to download various equity prices from the USA and/or European providers. You can inspect charts of the Portfolio Value and Share Values. You can use the full program for 30 days at no cost to you.
The VORTEX Help-File is formatted in Windows Style. Changes are being implemented as the development continues and you get a message as a new version is available.

Excel basic-versions of Standard VORTEX are available. They show the principal features without all the portfolio features of the the Windows version . The cost of these Excel sheets are €25 including Order Processing costs but not exchanging foreign currency payments to Euro. These programs an be used for testing strategies of Portfolio Management so that the Activity Factors, Trade Dead Band, and the Cash Equity Ratio (CER) can be optimized on the basis of anticipated share price swings or price histories. Also the actual Return On Time Averaged Investment (ROTAI) is calculated on these Vortex Excel sheets(See Note below):

a) The Turbovest  Version  (can use cash positions for money borrowed on Equity Value). The Leverage is typically 5.
b) Cash Limiter Version(Cash can be limited all the way to 0). This reduces the value of the trade executing when the Reserve gets close to zero..

FOREX trading programs cost € 60

Order Form on:


Updated: March 31 , 2015

NB: The ROTAI method for return on investment calculation is used instead of the simple ROI-method (which is based on the assumption that at intermediate moments capital is added or withdrawn from the Portfolio, and is really only representative for a Buy & Hold investments for which the investeg capital does not change in value, and for which there are no trading costs involved). The ROTAI-method accommodates intermediate Buy & Sells to calculate the real ROI of the average invested capital over time. Investment additions or withdrawals are calculated on the actual dates the trades are executed and interest gained is added or subtracted if paid (for borrowed money, if applicable) as this is entered into the VORTEX registry. Likewise all costs and investment earnings are included in the ROTAI-calculation so that it gives a true representation of the yield on an annual basis.

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