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UDVE -- United Development International Com ($0.001) Address: Not Available Phone: 250-319-3442 Business Description: Not Available State of Incorporation: NV Officers: Robert Doherty, Pres., CFO, & Sec't. Outstanding Shares: 448,195,430 as of 2005-06-08 Estimated Market Cap: 268,917 as of 2005-06-17 (based on Outstanding Shares as of 2005-06-08) Current Capital Change: Dividends: Company Notes: Note=3-99 company is in the development stage, planning to develop a gemstone & precious metal trading & production company Transfer Agent: National Stock Transfer, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT 84105-2425 Capitalization: $1.76 Mil Contact: Robert Doherty, Pres. Website: Email: BUSINESS SUMMARY: United Development International Corporation (OTC: UDVE.PK) engages in the exploration and mining of gold, and has recently expanded operations to include the pursuit of diamonds. The Company has mining rights to some very promising properties in Guyana and Canada that offer excellent potential for significant gold and diamond discoveries. Furthermore, the Company has a very strong and experienced management team that is focused on major commercial success. Recently UDVE significantly expanded its gold exploration and mining operations with the acquisition of a significant high potential primary gold property in Guyana. Combined with existing alluvial "river mining" properties which presently generate revenue, this primary gold property will allow United Development International to substantially increase its gold production capabilities from the extraordinary gold resources in Guyana. Based upon the Company’s choice properties and dedicated management team, UDVE shares appear to be severely undervalued relative to its huge asset valuations and extraordinary income potential. The current market cap is only $2.5 million (+/-) and yet the Company’s properties appear to have realistic potential to generate future revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars from gold and diamonds as well as other precious minerals. Prior to examining UDVE’s properties, financial potential, management team, and marketing strategies, it is necessary to understand the importance and many uses of gold and diamonds, which will put into perspective the reasons why United Development International’s stock should be highly rewarding to loyal shareholders. ABOUT GOLD & DIAMONDS – A BRIEF HISTORY Gold has played a central role in history and human development. The range of uses for gold, and therefore its value to man, is far broader than just ornamental and jewelry, and include many other applications. For example, each year approximately 660 tons of gold are used in telecommunications, information technology, medical treatments, and various industrial applications. Due to its high electrical conductivity, gold is a vital component of many electrical devices, including computers. It is used in the manufacture of approximately 50 million computers each year, as well as millions of televisions, DVDs, VCRs, video cameras and mobile phones. Also, because it is non-toxic and biologically benign, gold is perfect for many medical applications, for example, the use of gold surgical instruments to clear blocked coronary arteries. In another medical procedure, gold pellets are injected into the body to help obstruct the spread of prostate cancer in men. Gold is also used in lasers, which allow surgeons to seal wounds quickly or treat once-inoperable heart conditions. Gold is a symbol of excellence in all aspects of human endeavor and has been used in many of man’s greatest achievements. Consider the following: The Gold Medal is the prize of highest achievement in the global Olympics. Onboard computers in the Galileo space probe are protected from short-circuiting using Heavy Ion conductors made from silicon and gold. The ‘Pathfinder’ robot that took close-up pictures from the planet Mars used an intricate gold circuitry to transmit information back to Earth. The most detailed, precise images ever of Neptune and Uranus were captured by the Keck telescopes, which used gold-coated mirrors. Gold plated reflectors are used to protect Air Force One, the airplane used by the President of the United States, from heat seeking missiles. Gold is the only metal resistant and reliable enough to use in car airbag deployment systems, where gold-plated sensors signal the airbag to deploy. One ounce of gold can be stretched into a 50m long wire or hammered into a sheet covering 100 square feet. Diamonds are the most coveted of all precious gems. Diamonds are formed about 100 miles (161 km) below the earth's surface in the molten rock of the planet's mantle. At that level, the right amounts of pressure and heat transform carbon into diamonds. In order for a diamond to be created, carbon must be placed under at least 435,113 pounds per square inch of pressure at a temperature of at least 752 degrees Fahrenheit (400 Celsius). If conditions drop below either of these two points, graphite will be created. The strength of a diamond does tempt their use in commercial applications, but their rarity, and subsequent cost, typically restricts usage. COMPELLING SUPPLY / DEMAND GOLD STATISTICS BODE EXTREMELY WELL FOR A VERY BRIGHT FUTURE Since the dawn of civilization only 128,000 tons of gold has been mined. Of this amount, experts believe that only about 49,000 tons remain, which is a frightening revelation. Currently, the world population is consuming gold at the rate of 3,000 tons per year. Under this scenario, this means we only have about 16 years of gold available until we run out of gold to mine. An artificially low price of gold increases consumption while simultaneously decreasing production due to unprofitable mining operations. It appears that a potential crisis is brewing, and few people are aware of what is happening. Most people are focusing on current above ground supply, which is likely smaller than they believe, and are not looking to the future. As the world’s supply of gold continues to diminish and demand increases due to population explosion, the obvious conclusion is that the price of gold will continue to increase. THE INFLUENCE OF POPULATION TRENDS STAGGERING STATISTICS Of all the changes the 20th century has seen, none is more far-reaching than the explosion of human population. One hundred years ago, 1.6 billion people lived on Earth. In 1999, world population reached 6 billion. In 2011, the global population is anticipated to reach 7 billion. There has been more population growth since 1950 than during the preceding 4 million years. Population growth accelerated during most of this century. It took all of human history to reach a world population of 1 billion in 1804. It took 123 years to reach 2 billion in 1927, 33 years to reach 3 billion in 1960, 14 years to reach 4 billion in 1974, and 13 years to reach 5 billion in 1987. Adding the sixth billion, a milestone that United Nations demographers calculate occurred in October 1999, took just 12 years. The growth rate has started to slow, but world population still rises by 78 million each year, the U.N. Population Division says. That's like adding a city the size of Philadelphia, every week. All these people consume a lot of resources. For example, in 1900, only a few thousand barrels of oil were used each day worldwide. Today, humanity uses 72 million barrels a day. Fifty years from now, there will be 8.9 billion people on Earth, according to a United Nations "most likely" projection. The obvious conclusion one can and should reach from all of the foregoing data is that there will be a diminishing supply of gold for a rapidly increasing world population. Something will have to give, and it will have to be the price! It’s basic College Economics 101…Less Supply plus More or Rising Demand equals HIGHER PRICES! As a matter of fact, some industry experts predict that gold will be selling in excess of $2000 per ounce in the not-too-distant future. GOLD MINING TODAY – A COMPLEX AND LOGISTICALLY DEMANDING TASK UDVE’s highly qualified management team understands today’s gold mining challenges and has therefore established a series of operational protocol that insures successful progress, timely logistics, and superior decision-making. Their operational principles include: Strict criteria for the determination of a site to be explored and mined. The Company begins by researching mining records and previous production results, and then does an analysis of the geology of both the site and the region. If the results appear favorable, the Company will then commission an independent geologist to issue an opinion. Only upon a high approval rating from the geologist will the Company then proceed to pursue an option on the property. Once an option on a property has been secured, the Company designs and executes an exploration program. This typically includes drilling, bulk sampling, and feasibility studies. The results from these studies are then carefully analyzed to conclude site potential. If favorable, mining activity will commence. The Company does not assume any particular mining tactic and custom designs each mining operation so as to maximize the results of each effort. The mining activities will be executed with the most appropriate equipment, allowing for efficiency and productivity. Each mining operation will have sufficient manpower to complete the task in an efficient and timely manner. Staffing will always include miners, heavy equipment operators, security personnel and support crew. The Company will always maintain close and friendly relationships with local and national government officials. The Company will demonstrate its support for the community by supporting select charities. The Company will not compromise on the security and safety of its workers and will always insure proper protection for its personnel and property. The latest technologies in mining will be used to increase productivity and enable low operating costs. United Development International Corporation strives to operate in an environmentally responsible manner - protecting wildlife, reclaiming mined land and employing new technologies to make operations environmentally safe. MINING PROCEDURES – BALANCING SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS The need to balance safety and environmental concerns with the seemingly contradictory objective of extracting minerals from the earth is at times a challenging endeavor. UDVE customizes each mining operation and carefully plans the use of manpower and equipment to maximize results while safeguarding its principles. Once a site has been selected the Company develops an exploration program that typically includes drilling, bulk sampling and feasibility studies. The results of the tests helps determine the priority to be placed on the property and the Company’s estimate of yield potential. Gold found in riverbeds is known as alluvial gold. Over the years, most of the gold close to the surface has been found. Today, to meet growing world demand, gold has to be mined. Exploring for gold today is very different from in the past. The Company utilizes independent geologist reports to confirm its estimations. These reports are typically based on infrared photographs of the earth taken from space satellites. A trained geologist can spot anomalies in the earth's surface that indicate gold might be present below the surface. Close-up aerial photos of these areas are then taken and carefully analyzed. Once a promising report has been issued, the Company initiates its tests. DRILLING & DREDGING The Company’s main mines are on rivers and therefore the Company needs to engage in dredging or sweeping of the riverbed, as well as drilling. The drilling brings up samples of the earth below the riverbed, which are carefully examined to see if they contain gold. The drilling takes place in several locations to help determine the size of the deposit and how it varies in depth and quality. Once these tests have been conducted the Company’s team of engineers and mining planners arte able to determine the best sort of mining operation to execute. The considerations include: Depth of the drilling Conditions for dredging The flow of the water The surrounding terrain Extracting the gold Safety and team comfort Logistical issues such as supply lines Security issues Environmental issues MINING & PROCESSING In more complex mining operations, particularly land-based mining, there is a need for blasting so that the miners can gain access inside to the minerals that lay inside the earth’s surface. The Company typically does not engage in these types of mining operations both because of the costs associated with their implementation, and because, as a small mining company, the emphasis is on operations the larger companies either could not or would not engage. Once the Company has extracted the gold, it is secured under guard at the camp until it can be escorted by the Guyana police’s special tactical unit to the country’s gold repository. DIAMONDS Less than half the diamonds mined each year are gem quality. The others are classified as either “near-gem” or “industrial quality”. The Company believes it has gem quality diamonds on its properties. Diamonds are mined using one of two mining tactics; pipe or alluvial. Pipe mining refers to the extraction of diamonds from volcanic pipes. Typically, a very large area has to be covered. An average of 250 tons of ore must be mined in order to produce a one-carat gem quality polished diamond. With alluvial mining, diamonds are extracted from riverbeds. In order to extract these diamonds from rivers, a wall is built to hold back the water. Up to 25 meters of sand is bulldozed aside to reach the diamond-bearing level. Once reached, the diamond-bearing earth is removed and screened for gems. UDVE engages in alluvial diamond mining. OPERATIONS IN GUYANA The Company operates a wholly owned subsidiary, United Development International (Guyana) so as to be in compliance with all government regulations. The subsidiary, including all security, mining and operations management team, operates out of the company’s coordination office in Georgetown, the capital city of Guyana. The Georgetown office is approximately 5 hours (by motor vehicle) from the Company’s mining sites. To further the Company’s standing and demonstrate its policy of strategic partnerships with local companies, UDVE has entered into an agreement with Guyana Primary Resources, which holds title to reclaim 25 miles of the Konawaruk River. This is located within the Potaru Mining District, and is also home to Cambior's Omai operation; the second largest gold mine in South America. The Company will receive a 50% split of gross production while working the Title. The production will include the drenching of the riverbed, through various layers of riverbed crust, yielding deposits of the alluvial gold. KONOWARUK RIVER The Company’s operating guidelines and principles dictate that a general focus be placed on this promising 25 mile stretch of the Konowaruk River. This is an offshoot of the Essiquibo River and is adjacent to the Omai mine, the second largest gold mine in South America. Since the early 1990’s more than 3,000,000 ounces of gold have been yielded from Omai. United Development International initiated dredging operations on this property in June 2003. The Company has since expanded the dredging operation with the aim of extracting the greatest amount of gold in the shortest timeframe possible. The Company expects to deploy both Suction Dredges and Cutter Head Dredges. Suction dredges work like a vacuum, bringing up material from the bottom of the river bed. A Cutter is used in conjunction with the suction dredge and has the capacity to break through the false clay bottom of the river bed, thereby accessing deposits even further embedded. The Company expects this property to yield approximately 500,000 ounces of gold, an anticipation supported by the findings of an independent geologist. The 500,000 ounce estimate includes only surface gold and not the additional gold the Company expects to find under the false clay bottom of the river. UDVE has discovered indurated iron-oxide-cemented gravel layers near their dredging operations along the Konawaruk River. In the past, these iron-cemented gravel layers have shown high potential for extremely high-grade alluvial gold. The Company’s use of cutter head dredges serves as an excellent example of its policy to pursue maximum results via the use of best-of-class machinery, technology, and a creative approach to mining. MAZARUNI RIVER United Development International Corporation has secured the exclusive rights to a 20-mile claim on the Mazaruni River, the foremost diamond producing river and second most gold producing river in Guyana. The history of mining this river has led the Company to believe there are significant gold and diamond deposits. The Company’s stretch of the Mazaruni River has unique features called ‘Deep Pools’, which are typically much deeper than other areas of the river. It is expected that these “pools”, working with the gravitation drop of the more dense diamonds and gold, have become significant deposits. Between 1999 – 2003 Brazilian miners using antiquated mining techniques extracted more than 10,000 ounces of gold from this site. As a matter of fact, in 12 days in November 2002, Brazilian miners, working on a stretch of this river classified as a deep pool, produced 6,000 ounces of gold. Based on historical records, the total yield could be greater than one million ounces of gold, granting an estimated potential asset value of the Mazaruni property in excess of $200,000,000. Accessing these deep pools, estimated in size to reach up to 200 feet deep and 1,200 feet wide, will require significant planning and the use of state-of-the-art dredging equipment. The Company expects to deploy suction dredges and cutter head dredges, as well as diamond catching equipment. The Company plans to execute a 24/7 work plan, employing 2 teams of miners, who will bunk at the site. This not only serves to accelerate the pace of the mining, but also minimizes operational overhead. UDVE has tremendous confidence in its Guyana operations and has secured two additional properties so as to insure continued prosperous operations. These properties, one on the Cuyuni River and the other a land-based operation classified as the White Creek properties, will be developed as Company resources permit. WHITE CREEK The major land package is located in the White Creek, Port Kaituma Goldfield, NW Mining District of Guyana. The Port Kaituma Goldfield is known for more than a century as the most productive gold-bearing areas in the NW Mining District of Guyana, as well as for its recent gold production from artisanal mining methods. The White Creek property presents high-grade quartz veins that can present gold grades in the order of tens of ounces of gold per ton. A significant number of old shafts and drifts (over 30) were identified in the area always associated with very high past gold production. The wall rocks associated with the quartz veins are also known to carry significant gold grades. The White Creek property remains one of the few untapped major gold reserves in the legendary gold producing 'Guyana Shield' geological formation. This shield is home to properties such as the 12 million ounce discovery at Las Cristinas in Venezuela and the 4 million ounce Omai mine in Guyana. United Development International has expectations of tremendous production from White Creek while still seeking any remaining viable untapped properties within the Guyana Shield. Independent geological review of the property estimates that White Creek has the potential to provide the company with revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars over the next decade. The Company will aggressively develop this property and will continue to expand that development to other exceptional properties chosen by it team of professionals. CUYUNI RIVER Research has indicated the Cuyuni River region is the most prolific alluvial gold producing river in Guyana. Recent small-scale operations, adjacent to United Development International's Cuyuni property, have produced hundreds of ounces of gold production per month using very primitive means. Recently completed radar imagery interpretation indicated the presence of a palaeo channel extending for approximately 16 kilometers in length with widths reaching up to 2 kilometers. Most importantly, this has not been previously mined! There are a number of favorable structures for the deposition of gold and diamonds such as dykes scour pools and point bars identified on the Cuyuni property. Scour pools associated with the dykes present have a tendency to deliver high gold grades, which is proven to exist in the region by previous river dredging operations showing high production. Dredge operators who have recently prospected and mined in the vicinity of United Development International's Cuyuni property have confirmed the presence of deep scour pools associated with the dykes that crosscut the property confirming the Company's geological interpretation. DIAMOND RECOVERY IN GUYANA The regions where UDVE’s properties are situated in Guyana have some of the most prolific statistics regarding diamond recovery. The Mazaruni River and the Cuyuni River in Guyana are No. 1 and 2 respectively in diamond production in the country. On Aug 4, 2004 UDVE announced that it was in final discussions with Empyrean Consolidated Diamond Corp. for the purpose of joint venturing the recovery of diamonds in Guyana. Final terms are being negotiated. Empyrean is negotiating the purchase of the rights to extract diamonds on United Development claims and permits in Guyana. Additionally, United Development is demanding a royalty on all production. When this joint venture is finalized, the Company will concentrate solely on gold production. However this relationship will be very beneficial for UDVE, as it will help to increase company value, but, more importantly, shareholder value. ADVANTAGES OF OPERATING IN GUYANA The Company has elected to operate in Guyana because the vast natural resources are supported by a number of advantages that make the country an attractive center of activity. These advantages include: The government is extremely supportive of mining initiatives. The country has a long history of gold production. The introduction of new methodologies is encouraged and supported. Guyana is the only English speaking country in South America and is governed through British Common Law. The population of 700,000 is highly literate. OPERATIONS IN CANADA The Company has an interest in developing opportunities in Canada and has entered into an agreement with Clearview Consulting, Inc., to earn up to an 85% interest in the La Ronge gold properties in Northern Saskatchewan. The property is located just 15 kilometers north of LaRonge Saskatchewan, and lies on the LaRonge gold belt, which has hosted many mines. This region has demonstrated the presence of gold reserves and the Company is presently working with a mineral resource technologist to determine the scope and nature of a new exploration program. This exploration program will commence immediately and will consist of some six holes being drilled and a sampling program initiated to better evaluate and find the gold intersections from previous work. MARKETING AND SALES STRATEGIES Currently the Company does not engage in marketing and sales of its gold as it is, by law, obligated to sell its entire mining output to the Guyana Gold Board because the government is the sole authorized agent for the purchase of gold in Guyana. The gold is priced based on the London first and second fix prices of the same day as the sale and is sold as smelted bullion. The Company believes that, sometime in the future, the Guyana government will issue export licenses to gold mining companies. When this occurs, the Company will then engage in more traditional marketing and sales activities. As such, the Company has prepared a comprehensive marketing plan that defines both objectives and tactics. OBJECTIVES The Company’s primary marketing objective will be to promote sales by creating awareness, presence and the perception of quality and reliability through a variety of skillfully conceived and properly executed tactics. The Company has identified the following strategies: Brand the UDI Name Through an integrated program of advertising, leveraging of strategic partnerships, industry event appearances and other mechanism, the Company expects to establish the United Development International brand and create associations with excellent supply of high quality gold and diamonds. Penetrate New Markets Once the Company is permitted, it will launch a sales effort that includes North America, Europe and Asia and will seek, through strategic partnerships and brokerage arrangements, to supply gold and diamonds to a wide host of dealers. Attract Strategic Partners A central task of the Company’s marketing and sales effort is to draw the attention of major industry players. These potential strategic partners allow the Company to offer its product to a broader market, identify and secure new properties, and enhance the perceived and genuine reputation and position of the Company. TACTICS The Company will be implementing an integrated and high profile marketing and sales campaign based on the following tactics: Indirect & Direct Sales in the U.S., Europe & Asia To advance the sales of the Company’s mined products, UDVE will consider the placement of sales offices in major gold and diamond centers in the United States, Europe and Asia. Some potential locations for offices would include: New York London Zurich Tel Aviv Sydney Tokyo Johannesburg Antwerp Expose Company to Leading Industry Analysts and Consultants Industry analysts and top international consulting firms often take an interest in companies that embrace distinctive tactics in sectors that are typically steeped in more traditional methodologies. The principles and operational doctrine of UDVE establish the Company along the lines of these criteria and exposure to industry analysts and consultants will be pursued. Participate in Industry Events There are a number of industry events each year that offer the Company an opportunity to gain exposure and network with sector influencers. The Company will participate in these events and will seek to gain notice for its distinguishing methods. Operate an Effective Website The Company’s excellent website at serves as an information resource for individuals and investors seeking more information about the Company. It is a great source for up-to-date information on the Company’s projects and progress. Join and Become Active in Industry Associations & Advocacy Groups The World Gold Council and the World Diamond Council both offer opportunities for the Company to become better known in the industry. The Company will be joining this organizations and seek opportunity to engage in dialogues and serve on committees. Public Relations The Company is very active in investor communications. It will continue to issue press releases, company profiles and key personnel interviews to attract the attention of the industry press and ensure sufficient press coverage of the Company, its activities, and its positions. UDVE has entered into a partnership with Millennium SMS, whereby corporate public information will be information disseminated to over 1,000,000 cellular phone users and the Company’s existing shareholder base to enhance the delivery of company information to the marketplace. This will insure that information is delivered to the investment community in a timely and effective manner. SMS technology allows companies to deliver text messaging to a database of cellular phone users instantaneously, directly to the users' cellular phones. This will, of course, be in addition to the regular media outlets such as Business Wire and PR Newswire. THE COMPANY ADDRESSES A MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR SECTOR At the mining level, gold and diamonds combine to generate billions of dollars in annual revenues. The secure position of these two commodities, with regard to demand, indicates that the Company will be able to carve out a small, yet highly profitable, mining operation. With potential values of current operations estimated in excess of $200 million, the Company will continue to pursue and secure high probability mining opportunities. Furthermore, the Company has developed highly efficient prospecting and mining practices that serve to reduce risk, decrease operational cost, increase revenue and enhance profitability. These operational practices provide the Company with both a competitive advantage and the ability to undertake multiple mining projects simultaneously. EXPERIENCED, KNOWLEDGEABLE, AND COMMITTED MANAGEMENT TEAM The Company’s management team has the experience, expertise, vision and drive to transform UDVE’s impressive accomplishments into an extremely successful enterprise. Within an amazingly short period of time the Company has completed its surveying goals, developed operational procedures, established strategic relationships, and secured highly attractive mining rights. The Company’s management and Advisory Board have constructed a business strategy that leverages the strengths of proprietary processes and mining efficiencies. Through a carefully constructed strategy the Company has already secured impressive strategic relationships and mining rights along proven tracts of river. The continued execution of the Company’s well balanced strategy is expected to allow the Company to further expand operations and increase revenue potential. The UDVE team is comprised primarily of business and mining veterans and has been enhanced by geology experts and other professionals who further serve to drive the Company toward fulfillment of its objectives and beyond. Management is the key to any successful business venture and UDVE clearly has an exceptional team focused on significant commercial success. Robert M. Doherty – President & Secretary Mr. Doherty has served in management positions for a number of companies. Mr. Doherty has degrees from the University of Saskatchewan and University of British Columbia. Mr. Doherty serves on the Board of Directors of numerous other corporations. Mr. Doherty is a UDVE Board member and provides management expertise, vision, and leadership. Chris Knudsen - Canada Mr. Knudsen graduated from the Saskatchewan prospectors course in 1988 and has since been involved in a number of Canadian mining operations, including the Contact Lake Gold Mine, Star Lake Gold Mine, McLean Lake Uranium Mine, and the Macarthur River Uranium Mine. Mr. Knudsen is a UDVE Board member and provides management expertise. Richard Corirossi – Diamond Buyer – Venezuela Mr. Corirossi has over 20 years experience in the purchase and sale of diamonds and heads the Company’s diamond sale effort from offices in Bolivar, Venezuela. Leandro Pires Mr. Pires is well known and regarded in Guyana and Brazil and around the world as a specialist in geology and the determination of the presence of gold and diamonds through the analysis of satellite images. Mr. Pires serves as the Company’s independent geology consultant. SUMMATION: United Development International (OTC: UDVE.PK) is an exciting and extremely undervalued Special Situation that has significant upside potential. At its current trading price of less than 3 cents per share, the Company’s market cap is only around $2 million! Furthermore, the stock is trading right near its lows in a strong accumulation base! Clearly, UDVE has the ability to generate enormous revenues from its gold and diamond mining activities on its properties in Guyana and Canada. The exceptional management team is very experienced, committed, and highly qualified, and has developed a comprehensive business plan and strategies to maximize the Company’s growth, which will substantially increase share valuations. Very importantly, management understands the importance of constant and comprehensive communication to keep the investment community informed as well as maintain investor awareness at a high level. We believe that loyal shareholders will be very well rewarded as the Company delivers positive RESULTS! Company has very promising properties that have real potential to generate hundreds of millions of dollars UDVE stock is extremely undervalued with current market cap of around $2 million Experienced management team has developed comprehensive business plan which should insure major long term success Strategic partnerships and joint ventures will prove highly beneficial Very positive outlook for gold and diamond markets / industry Company has strong investor communication program Stock is trading near its lows in a strong accumulation base. UDVE has very high appreciation potential The, Inc. (TSB) is an electronic advertisement medium providing information on selected companies. All statements and expressions are the opinion of TSB and are not meant to be either investment advice or a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold securities. 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Another is their project in Canada where there are many companies exploring for Diamonds and other minerals (Uranium, Platinum group metals, Gold)in the La Ronge Gold Property near the FALC area. The company has completed initial drill testing on the property which has yielded positive and consistent occurrences of gold of sufficient quantity to support a sustained commercial mining operation. In addition, the property is located within a short distance of a DeBeers joint venture at Fort Ala Corne, Saskatchewan, also adjacent to the La Ronge Gold Belt, which geologists have stated contains one of the single largest kimberlite deposits in the world. Kimberlite is the host rock for diamond deposits. United Development International Signs Purchase Agreement for Gold Mine with $300,000,000 Proven Reserves via COMTEX January 26, 2005 LAS VEGAS, Jan 26, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- As part of their aggressive plan to expand and develop revenue-generating properties, United Development International (Pink Sheets: UDVE) has signed a purchase agreement with a private mining firm for a mining property in central British Columbia, Canada. The mine has previously produced and has approximately 800,000 ounces of gold that are classified as proven reserves which at today's closing spot price has a gross value of over $300,000,000. The company is committed to increasing shareholder value. The management team behind United Development International is recognized for its ability to forge positive relations with mining partners and successfully acquire mining properties. Additional information about this exciting property will follow shortly. United Development International is quoted on NQB: Pink Sheets as "UDVE." CAUTIONARY STATEMENT: This news release may include forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 21E of the United States Securities Exchange Act as amended, and/or the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. All statements involve various risks and uncertainties. There can be no assurance that such statements will prove to be accurate and actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements that involve various risks and uncertainties. All forward-looking statements in this release are expressly qualified by this notice. SOURCE: United Development International United Development International Staff, 250-319-3442 Copyright (C) 2005 Business Wire. All rights reserved. Print story Current Quote NSD: UDVE Consumer Goods Last: 0.010 Change: 0.001 Volume: 1,959,800 Day High: 0.010 Day Low: 0.009 Recent PR (6 Months) • United Development International to Develop Professional Advisory Board (Wed Feb 23) • United Development International Focusing on Cutting and Polishing of Prime Rough Stones Business Wire (Mon Feb 14) • United Development International to Start Diamond Purchase Program in Venezuela Business Wire (Fri, Feb 11 ) • United Development International to Re-Establish Office in Bolivar, Venezuela Business Wire (Thu, Feb 3) • United Development International's Gemstone Buying Program to Start with $175,000.00 to $300,000.00 Cash for Initial Purchase Business Wire (Mon, Jan 31) • United Development International Confirms Reserve and Mine Assets Business Wire (Thu, Jan 27) • United Development International Signs Purchase Agreement for Gold Mine with $300,000,000 Proven Reserves Business Wire (Wed, Jan 26) • United Development International to Begin Share Buyback Program; Company Significantly Undervalued PrimeZone Media Network (Thu, Jan 20) • United Development International Acquires Mining Rights in Venezuela Business Wire (Wed, Jan 19) • United Development International: Substantial Revenue Increase from Gemstone Buying Program Business Wire (Wed, Jan 19) • United Development International: Five Ounces Gold Per Ton Discovered on La Ronge Gold Property Business Wire (Tue, Jan 18) • United Development International to Expand Exploration Program on Canadian Gold Properties Business Wire (Tue, Jan 18) Tue, Jan 18, 2005 • United Development International to Expand Exploration Program on Canadian Gold Properties Business Wire (Tue, Jan 18) Mon, Nov 22, 2004 • Valuation for United Development International Assets Set at 5 Cents Per Share Business Wire (Mon, Nov 22) Thu, Nov 18, 2004 • United Development International in Negotiations for Asset Purchase Agreement Business Wire (Thu, Nov 18) Tue, Jun 22, 2004 • Global Explorations and Millennium SMS partner with United Development International; Fourth Public Company to announce Partnership with Global PrimeZone Media Network (Tue, Jun 22) United Development International to Deliver Cash Dividend to Shareholders LAS VEGAS, Apr 28, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- United Development International (Pink Sheets: UDVE), when settlement of the sale of their Guyana assets completes, will deliver out sales revenue to shareholders of record as a cash dividend. This dividend will be delivered to all common stock holders of the recorded date of the transfer of funds to United Development. Assets have been sold to a private European firm for the minimum sum of $2,100,000.00. Monies are to be held in escrow for a yet to be determined timeframe as the company wants to ensure that it receives fair value for its assets. United Development International, quoted on NQB Pink sheets as "UDVE". CAUTIONARY STATEMENT: This news release may include forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 21E of the United States Securities Exchange Act as amended, and/or the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. All statements involve various risks and uncertainties. There can be no assurance that such statements will prove to be accurate and actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements that involve various risks and uncertainties. All forward-looking statements in this release are expressly qualified by this notice. SOURCE: United Development International, Inc. United Development International Staff, 250-319-3442 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright Business Wire 2005 News provided by
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