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Zardiw 12/12/22 5:48 AM
I like AU in silent mode. Adam917 1:35 AM
He switched into old Alex mode I guess. $Money Bags$ 06/08/23 3:58 PM
Wonder if h20 got fully funded And the status Bobbar 06/08/23 11:25 AM
PSAR close to flipping Golden Cross 06/07/23 7:06 PM
Yes. Unfortunately OTC volume is still dismal ironman09 06/07/23 3:59 PM
I think we are on the same page, $Money Bags$ 06/07/23 1:40 PM
Alex could develop a time machine, cure cancer
Mcol52 06/07/23 12:55 PM
I dont agree but that's ok. Alex ironman09 06/07/23 12:36 PM
Whispers the name Alex into the echo chamber, $Money Bags$ 06/07/23 12:05 PM
Just like clockwork the BID dumper steps in .... ironman09 06/07/23 10:26 AM
PINK CURRENT! HUGE NEWS! HERE WE COME .05!!!!! hahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahah DogsOverPeople 06/07/23 7:17 AM
Yeah, OTC updated that. Thank you. SmartMoney3 06/07/23 6:36 AM
Pink current JJZander 06/07/23 6:23 AM
we need some more financing which we will
1hot toddy 06/06/23 10:43 PM
OTC is a dead market only run on helpx 06/06/23 7:32 PM
What is the entire market doing LOLO. ironman09 06/06/23 4:26 PM
$500 traded is so embarrassing. How can y’all DogsOverPeople 06/06/23 4:01 PM
Not on the water oil treatment that I've $Money Bags$ 06/06/23 11:02 AM
He already has the financing box checked. ironman09 06/06/23 9:03 AM
Those boxes got us to here. Hygieia $Money Bags$ 06/05/23 3:53 PM
Like clockwork ironman09 06/05/23 3:11 PM
Already checked many IMO. Contracts - financing ironman09 06/05/23 2:48 PM
If he checks a box they'll be chasing $Money Bags$ 06/05/23 2:23 PM
Those people dumping out at 009 are going ironman09 06/05/23 12:03 PM
LOL. Doubleupbuttercup11 06/05/23 10:24 AM
Let's go Alex, get it done! He $Money Bags$ 06/05/23 10:21 AM
ROTFLMAO Nice big spread between the bid and ask. Doubleupbuttercup11 06/05/23 10:14 AM
Morning…steady up. Crabby!! 06/05/23 9:29 AM
its exactly what i said. got something from
1hot toddy 06/05/23 12:12 AM
?? $Money Bags$ 06/04/23 3:54 PM
uatg sent something out. i erased it by
1hot toddy 06/04/23 11:18 AM
Here is my thoughts on this. After $Money Bags$ 06/03/23 2:01 PM
Doing paint jobs doesn't reflect the true nature SmartMoney3 06/03/23 6:04 AM
agreed someone sold 2000 shares to bring us
1hot toddy 06/02/23 11:13 PM
disagree. u want to be green up big
1hot toddy 06/02/23 11:09 PM
So you think the current PPS is a Adam917 06/02/23 6:38 PM
I refuse to paint. Waste of time $Money Bags$ 06/02/23 5:23 PM
i held the fort up till Calvery gets
1hot toddy 06/02/23 4:08 PM
4 times? I only know of 2. Not Mcol52 06/02/23 11:07 AM
Filings.... attorney letters .... more paperwork than the ironman09 06/02/23 11:05 AM
Always with the excuses. They put an incorrect DogsOverPeople 06/02/23 10:50 AM
The new OTC procedures are a joke. ironman09 06/01/23 6:07 PM
Yeah, that's right, I forgot about that. He SmartMoney3 06/01/23 3:10 PM
He updated OTC last week. Just waiting for them Rally7 06/01/23 2:52 PM
Same here. I am pretty confident that Horntail 06/01/23 2:29 PM
Seriously, if I didn't think this stock had SmartMoney3 06/01/23 2:26 PM
Agreed. Crabby!! 06/01/23 2:19 PM
Hmm, I hadn't noticed that until you mentioned SmartMoney3 06/01/23 1:58 PM
He can start by getting the attorney letter $Money Bags$ 06/01/23 1:43 PM
guys we have had 4 million days and
1hot toddy 06/01/23 11:04 AM
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Umbra Applied Technologies Group Inc (UATG)

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Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc.

(Remember Symbol: United Army To Go)



Umbra Applied Technologies is a Holding Company with 6 subsidiaries and an interest in 2 companies.
The CEO is Alex Umbra (Notice he has his name in the company name). His videos on YouTube are well worth watching.
He is strongly opposed to any Reverse Splits, and gives his reasons in one of his videos on Capital Markets.

The company is very transparent, and provides information regularly on YouTube and Twitter.

They also have Zero convertible debt (see below).

YouTube Channel: Video Series
Twitter Channel: Umbra Twitter Account

One of their subsidiaries does Crude Oil Cleanup, and recently received (2) $15M contracts. (See News below)
Another of their subsidiaries has a unique bone grafting system that is currently live in Texas, and will soon expand to Florida (See News below)


Share Structure:

Authorized: 1,000,000,000
Outstanding: 1,000,000,000
Float: 924,000,000

Recent News:


UAT Group Strategic Partner Next Casting Receives Patent

Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc. (UAT Group) (OTC: UATG) - UAT Group strategic partner Next Casting Technologies has been issued a patent for technology it developed for use in its advanced SmartCast, IntelliBrace and BioSplint products. Filed in December of 2017, this patent was one of four patents that had been pending. The Company anticipates remaining patents being approved over the next ten to twelve months.

Next Casting Technologies (NCT) has begun the process of commercializing proprietary technologies which will positively impact people’s lives and increase value through a unique and diverse product line. The SmartCast Application allows the casting technician to slip the SmartCast around the affected limb and position to ?t by using a simple “mold and hold” technique. Lastly, the cast is activated by pressing the button to initiate the curing process. Within 4 minutes that cast is hardened, fixed in place and is not dependent on the technician’s artistry, or lack thereof. The results are a predictable standard of care across the patient spectrum. The end result is a completely waterproof, antimicrobial, orthopedic cast, that is time saving for clinicians and a superior standard of care for patients.

UAT Group’s Chief Executive Officer Alex Umbra, stated, “This marks a significant step forward for NCT. Having the appropriate measures in place to protect intellectual property enables the Company to begin evaluating production schedules, supply chain resources and fulfillment execution strategies. I look forward to working with the NCT team in the near-term future as they begin their ramp up.”



UAT Group Reached Agreement with Strategic Capital Partner

Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc. (OTC: UATG) announced today that it has reached an agreement with a strategic capital partner to support the growth of its subsidiary Ossifix Orthopedics.

The private equity firm specializes in the medical field. The firm’s focus provides strategic growth capital and works with existing management to increase sales, benefiting both its own investors and value for all Ossifix shareholders.

As part of the agreement, the new partner will become a nine percent stakeholder in Ossifix Orthopedics and will provide up to $2 million in funding capital. The firm will also provide additional value such as its investors and relationships to include an extensive portfolio of surgeons, medical facilities and knowledgebase, which will be utilized to further expand marketing and sales for Ossifix.

Chief Financial Officer, Thomas Crom stated, “Although this reduces our ownership in Ossifix it dramatically increases Ossifx capability to move forward without any dilution to UATG’s shareholders. This Ossix transaction illustrates the creative ways UATG can fund its subsidiaries without diluting its current UATG shareholders. This type of funding is complex and time-consuming but illustrates Ossifix’s intrinsic value is now being recognized by others.”.

This announcement on Friday came amid growing optimism among the Company’s executives that the traction the UAT Group conglomerate has gained in the first half of the year will exceed its expectations for the year; positioning it for a remarkable year. The investment into Ossifix contributes to the Company's consolidated growth initiatives which include augmenting existing product offerings and service capabilities of its subsidiaries as well as positioning infrastructure resources in support of planned expansion.


UAT Group’s Subsidiary, H2O Processing, Receives LOI’s For Funding

Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc's (OTC: UATG) subsidiary, H2O Processing, announced today that, it has received two separate letters of intent. Under the proposed funding agreements, the bank would provide a credit facility through the SBA 7(a) loan program. The credit facility is provided by an SBA National Preferred Lender, institutional banking services provider and one of the few bank-owned vehicle and fleet leasing groups in the nation.

H2O Processing Chief Executive Officer, Stan Abrams stated,” We are working within an expedited SBA process through a major bank. This shortens the processing time which allows for SBA funding to be issued within very short cycle.”

Each of the proposed lending facilities would provide $500,000 in initial working capital for a total of $1 million. The capital is to support the equipment delivery of the Company’s proprietary Iron Removal System and ancillary services under the previously announced contracts. Under SBA 7(a) loan program each loan could be increased to up to $5 million each.

Chairman of H2O Processing parent company, UAT Group, Alex Umbra commented, “Additional news on production scheduling for the build out of these units, delivering those units onsite, and revenue guidance from units will be forthcoming.”



UAT Group’s Subsidiary, H2O Processing, Submits Proposal to Texas Railroad Commission


Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc's (OTC: UATG) subsidiary, H2O Processing, announced today that, at the request of The Texas Railroad Commission (“TRC”), it has submitted a proposal to support a pilot program designed to treat and reduce wastewater currently being disposed of in salt water discharge wells. The objective of the TRC’s program is to not only reduce the amount of discharge water, but to address the amount of seismic activity in the Permian basin.

H2O has developed a proprietary process to significantly reduce the volume of water injected in to salt water discharge (SWD) wells. The process can: 1. Treat the water to a quality that can be used for agricultural use. 2. Treat high salinity water by separating the salt and reducing the remaining byproduct for disposal to approximately 10%. 3. The separated salt can be captured and marketed as a commodity.

The H2O proposal outlines the use of a 200 gallons per minute system (6,700 BBls/day) and includes a mechanical evaporation unit to treat water where the chlorides are above 60,000 ppm. H2O believes this system will properly demonstrate the viability of the process. Once this pilot project is completed then, H2O can work with the TRC for larger systems to be deployed to treat larger volumes of water in various areas identified by the TRC.

The systems are portable and can be used in different locations in order to prove the ability to treat different waters from different locations and wells.

H2O Processing Chief Executive Officer, Stan Abrams stated,” We are very excited to team up with and support the efforts of the Texas Railroad Commission. My team and I are looking forward to working with the Commission and the great State of Texas”.

H2O’s evaporation process is a mechanical system that will produce a “clean salt” that is less than 10% moisture. The salt can be processed into several products to meet a large demand and market. The salt commodity can be marketed and removed from the process sites and converted into an income-producing product instead of a waste product to be injected in to a SWD.



Group’s Subsidiary, H2O Processing, Enters into Agreement to Acquire Discharge Well Interest Valued at $2.8M Annually

Denver, CO, Dec. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc’s (OTC Pink: UATG) subsidiary, H2O Processing, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Bellows Operating Salt Water Discharge (BOSWD) to purchase a 50% stake interest in one of its salt water discharge sites.

The site is a leased property in Asherton TX generating income from the disposal of discharge water derived from oil well operations. The site is currently structured to process an estimated 5,000 bbl/day of water and separate 1,200 bbl/month of suspended oil from the discharge brine water. H2O Processing will enhance existing capabilities when it delivers additional equipment to the Asherton site as well as improving the sites green architecture, operational efficiencies and doubling capacity to 7,500 bbl/day of water and 1,800 bbl/month. Initial projections of $1.9M are expected with revenues increasing to just over $2.8M as additional equipment is delivered to site. The partnership will continue to expand capacity by drilling new wells to keep pace with demand. This contract is in addition to the three previous contracts announced earlier in this month. In total H2O has announced four contracts this month totaling nearly $52 million annually.


UAT Group’s Subsidiary, H2O Processing, Announces Up To $17.2M Contract with Texas Oil Company

Denver, CO, Dec. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc’s (OTC Pink: UATG) subsidiary, H2O Processing, announced today that it has been contracted by Pinto Red Gathering Company (PRGC) to treat iron contaminated crude oil. Under the agreement, H2O Processing will treat an initial 650 bbls/day for the first 60 days and 1,200 bbls daily every day after based on existing production. The contract specifies a reduction in iron contamination to under 10 ppm minimum so that product may be retailed to a U.S. pipeline. The newly signed agreement outlines an increase in production to 1,200 bbls a day totaling an estimated $3.24 million dollars in annual service contracts. Initial anticipated monthly production is valued to begin at an estimated $108,000 eventually increasing to $216,000. The agreement announced today further allows for an increase in production of up to 8,000 bbls a day totaling an estimated $17.2 million dollars in annual service contracts. Increase in production will coincide with the delivery of additional equipment from H2O Processing over the course of the year. This contract is in addition to the two previous contracts announced earlier in the week. In total H2O has announced three contracts this month totaling nearly $50 million annually.



UAT Group’s Subsidiary, H2O Processing, Announces Second Contract Valued Over $15.4 Million

Source: Yahoo News Published on 2022-12-13



UAT Group’s Subsidiary, H2O Processing, Announces Up to $15 Million in Crude Oil Iron Removal

Source: Yahoo News Published on 2022-12-08



UAT Group Subsidiary Ossifix Orthopedics Completes Initial Surgeries Using New Allograft Bone Pin System

Source: Yahoo News Published on 2022-12-06


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