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COMPANY PROFILE LINK: http://www.nafinance.com/Listed_Co/English/triad_e.htm WEBSITE: http://www.triadinnovations.com/ Authorized Shares: 25,000,000 Source: 10QSB ( 05/17/2002 ) Outstanding Shares: 19,167,958 Source: 10QSB ( 05/17/2002 ) Fiscal Year End: December 31 Public Float: approx. 12 million INTRODUCTION Triad Innovations, Inc. ("Triad") is a publicly-traded development company that has developed patented separation systems which benefit mankind and the environment. The Company holds proprietary biological disinfection capabilities, separation technologies and expertise to perform liquid/liquid separations to a molecular level, in addition to liquid/solid separations to sub-micron levels. The current target areas of commercialization include: 1. biological decontamination and disinfection systems 2. ethanol purification/separation system 3. water and waste water purification systems 4. desalination systems 5. oxygen purification/separation system 6. acid recycling system 7. pharmaceutical separation systems TARGET AREA (1) Biological Decontamination and Disinfection Systems: Triad's Air Reactor Decontamination ("ARD") system was developed for the decontamination of indoor air from known contaminants such as bacteria, pollen, spores, virus, carrier particles, and attached and unattached gases and chemicals, commonly referred to as air-born contaminants. ARD can be used as a decontamination device that can be utilized within current air duct systems for the extraction of spores such as Anthrax or other biological contaminants. Triad's process could be incorporated into a flow-through mechanism for air treatment of any confined area, such as commercial buildings of all sizes as well as commercial passenger aircraft. Uses of ARD include the decontamination of contained areas of anthrax and other air-born contaminants. (2) Ethanol Purification/Separation System: Ethanol is an important gasoline additive used to meet minimum Environment Protection Agency ("EPA") requirements for oxygen content in reformulated gasoline ("RFG") and oxy-gasoline. A primary oxy-generated compound used for RFG and oxy-gasoline is Methyl-Butyl Ether ("MTBE"), but with the government imposed phase-out of MTBE a growing market exists for ethanol in gasoline blending. The Triad System will allow an increased, high quality ethanol production at lower capital and operating costs. The Triad System will reduce energy costs by 50-57% over leading ethanol production methods. The benefit to our customers, our environment and our shareholders from this technological advance will be lower costs in the production of ethanol, which will decrease the U.S. dependence on foreign oil, and provide a substantial, alternate income source for the U.S. domestic farmer. Benefits include a reduction on the reliance of foreign oil while increasing income to domestic farmers. (3) Water Purification and Desalination Systems: Triad's desalination system can purify and desalinate water. Within the next five years the global investment in desalination alone is estimated at $20 billion and annual global demand for water is increasing at 5 to 10% annually. The Triad system can reduce the cost of cleaning and desalinating water from an average cost of $1.50 per cubic meter to approximately 70 cents, a cost savings exceeding 50%. Triad is currently negotiating a letter of intent for the use of this technology with a resort hotel chain. Usages include industrial and consumer applications as well as providing portable water purification systems for our military forces that are stationed in limited water locations worldwide, and particularly in the Middle East. (4) Oxygen Purification/Separation Systems: Triad has the ability to separate high-purity oxygen from the air through its patented Mass-Mass Cell ("MMC") batch separation process. Triad's MMC continuous method is beneficial in a number of industrial applications. Enriched oxygen in the 30-50% range adds efficiency to industrial processes at a low cost, and useful in steel production and chemical processes. Market applications also include oxygen use in synfuel reactors in gas-to-liquids technology. Triad's technology increases industrial production efficiency and reduces costs overall. (5) Acid Recycling Systems: Sulfuric acid is used extensively as a catalyst in petroleum refining, manufacturing processes, and cleaning applications. Triad has recently exchanged secrecy agreements with another technology developer relative to purification of spent sulfuric acid. Cost to regenerate sulfuric acid is $30 to $130 per metric ton, but Triad's technology cuts the cost of regeneration in half and further concentrates the sulfuric acid to higher purity levels. Benefits include substantial market penetration into the regeneration market for sulfuric acid, which amounts to $500 million per year. (6) Pharmaceuticals Separation Systems: Pharmaceutical sales are a $134 billion market worldwide. Separation processes are used in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, and are focused on synthesis and extraction processes. Approximately $2 billion per year is spent on research and development in these areas. Opportunities exist for Triad's gas separation technology to recover expensive products which remain in the waste extraction streams. Benefits include substantial market penetration into the pharmaceutical manufacturing market, and replace the existing, elaborate separation processes altogether. MARKETS The Company's efforts will be focused on separation and air reactor purification technologies including, but not limited to, the following markets: Biotechnology: buffer solution sterilization Pharmaceuticals: intermediate and end product recovery Microelectronics: purification and process liquids Oil and Natural Gas: purification and process liquids Chemicals and allied products: resin purification, pulp, and paper Food and Beverage processing: clarification of fermented beverages, juices, and sugar Nuclear/drinking water: water purification and waste water treatment Metal finishing: oil removal and alkaline degreaser recovery Textile processing: recovery of synthetic sizings, dyes and caustics APPLICATIONS The capabilities of the technology are numerous, including the following applications: Biological Disinfection Desalination Industrial Grade Ethanol Purification and Dehydration Water and Wastewater Purification Gasoline Benzene Removal Sulfuric Acid Regeneration & Acetic Acid Dehydration Oxygen Purification/Separation Natural Gas Dehydration and CO2, N2 and H2S Removal Hazardous Waste Remediation Solvents Separation from Food Extraction Process Helium Refining Ethyl Alcohol Extraction from Ethanol Beer MANAGEMENT To provide superior leadership in this development company, Mr. Thomas B. Roller has recently joined the Board of Directors as Chairman of the Board. Mr. Roller most recently was Chairman and CEO of National Refrigeration Services (NRS), the nation's largest independent provider of refrigeration installation and repair service to the retail food and foodservice industries. NRS was sold to Ingersoll-Rand (NYSE:IR) earlier this year. Mr. Roller formed NRS in 1997, capping a 25-year career in finance, planning, sales, marketing, manufacturing, and general management, in the United States and Europe. Prior to NRS, Mr. Roller served as President and CEO of Wolverine Tube, Inc., (NYSE:WLV) a supplier of custom-engineered technical tubes for the appliance, air-conditioning, refrigeration, power generation and chemical industries. From 1992 to 1996, Mr. Roller was President and CEO of Fruehauf Trailer Corporation, a global manufacturer of dry freight and refrigerated trailers. Mr. Roller also worked in various capacities for United Technologies Corporation (NYSE:UTX) from 1981 to 1991, including Vice President and General Manager of two major divisions. He is a director of Ideal Electric Corporation. Mr. Roller holds a Masters of Business Administration degree from Duke University. Interim CEO/President, Chris Micklatcher stated: " We are extremely excited to elect someone with Mr. Roller's substantial Fortune 100 experience. Tom has formed strategic alliances with companies across the globe and as our new Chairman he will be instrumental in forming partnerships to commercialize Triad's unique patented separation technologies. "
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#56   I don't think so--TINV is a Frank Pioppi lifegear 02/09/07 06:20:46 PM
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