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Sync2 Networks was founded in 2008 with the purchase of Develin eBusiness and became a publicly traded company in 2009. We are listed on the Nasdq.OTCBB under the trading symbol SYNW. Since our inception we have focused on building a leading online development marketing firm in North America. We are pursuing this goal with a balance of organic growth and acquisition of specialized sales and marketing service companies. Since 2009, we have merged together more than four integrated companies. As a result, we have built a team of marketing experts in North America and sales professionals worldwide capable of delivering all aspects of a marketing program from strategy to results. We are a team of professionals with offices in Vancouver, B.C. and sales offices throughout the world.



Our expertise is the development of plans and sales connections between our clients and their audiences. With a sound strategy in place, we move to creative and online development, if required, and then to implementation where we employ the appropriate interactive marketing tactics with our global network of reps to acquire, convert and retain customers. Last but not least, we track, analyze and optimize the online marketing programs and sales efforts to ensure we achieve the defined objectives.



Over the past 12 month Sync 2 has aligned its products around a service organization that seeks to provide outsourced business core services to its target market. It has adopted a applications development component, a financial and retail product distribution to compliment its marketing and business development processes. Sync2 has established three areas of products for our clients:

(1) Marketing and IT Development

(2) Network Affiliates and Globalization

(3) Financial Services After developing these relationships, Sync2 aligned its products around a service based model for our small to mid size clients. As a result we developed the brand call a Virtual Core or VCore. The affect of the recession, coupled with limited access to financial resources and services put a tremendous strain on small and mid-size business to operate effectively, access specialized resources and grow their business and bottom lines.


Sync2 recognized it could provide many core competency services to these small and midsize businesses allowing them to focus on the area of the business that they do well. Simply put, outsourcing core services can be seen as a process in which a company delegates some of its in-house operations/processes to another company that specialized in those areas. The main motive for a client to take advantage of Sync2’s VCore services “is to allow a company to invest more time, money and human resources into core activities and building strategies, which fuel company growth.


The global market today is highly competitive and continuously changing. A company must thus focus on improving productivity and at the same time cut down costs. Therefore, a lot of processes that take up precious time and resources are being outsourced. Our VCore services are considered to provide more flexible, faster, cheaper and effective services.” Companies turn to resources outside their organizational structure, usually to save money and/or make use of the skilled professionals. For instance, a company might outsource its IT management because it is cheaper to contract a third-party to do so than it would be to build its own in-house IT management team. Or a company could outsource all of its data storage needs because it is easier and cheaper than buying and maintaining its own data storage devices. A business might also outsource its human resource tasks to another enterprise instead of having its own dedicated human resources staff. There are several marked advantages of our VCore Services:

1. Concentration on core business areas Core office operations of a company require high maintenance and specialized attention. In small and mid-sized businesses these skills are not always available. Proprietors often have to “do everything” and yet don’t have the ability knowledge or skill in one or more areas to properly serve their needs. By outsourcing their Core office operations businesses can concentrate on basics – products and their clients.

2. World-class technology Investing in new technology is very costly and often very risky. Unless the company is experienced in keeping up with the latest technology innovations and solutions, outsourcing these needs provides a true advantage.

3. Increased productivity Often having a qualified sales force is difficult to recruit and requires patience in order to achieve results. Sync2’s VCore services provide a global network of experienced affiliate networks that can identify and recruit new markets and customers for our clients in more than 22 nations.

4. Financial Solutions Our VCore Clients have the ability to use our variety of financial tools. Currency exchange, cash and prepaid credit cards, and money transaction systems provide alternatives to payroll systems, customer transactions and revenue opportunities. Especially for those clients looking to enter new and exciting international markets.  


SYNC2 Networks is an International business development and marketing firm with its head office in Las Vegas, Nevada and SYNC2 Networks operates globally.


Business of SYNC2 involves:

• development and operation of online businesses and online applications

• operation of a worldwide network of international marketing and business development 


  • Do You Have a Marketing Strategy?

    • Any business needs a plan when it comes to marketing. Most businesses, especially those in growth mode, need to take a professional approach to marketing.

    • When it comes to your business, you should have a marketing plan. If not, you will find it hard to reach your goals.

    • Every business needs a marketing strategy to be successful in the long run.

    • A marketing strategy forms the basics of any marketing plan.

    • Your marketing plan should include goals that are guided by your marketing strategy.

    • A well thought-out marketing strategy will enable you to avoid making the wrong decisions, and steer you toward making good ones.

    • With a marketing strategy, you will be able to determine both your long and short term goal, which affect how you run your business and what steps you take to do so.

    • With your marketing strategy, your goals should be developed by good market research.

    • Analyze the following information for your market research:

    * Competitors in the market

    * Description of key clients

    * Channels for distribution

    * Pricing strategy

    * Packaging

    * Potential barriers

    A good marketing strategy will result in maximum profits and it will also help you keep potential losses to a minimum. With your marketing strategy and plan in place, it is important to monitor both and make changes when necessary.


    Sync2 with a global network of worldwide agents can help your business.

    Contact us with your marketing needs 



    What are you really selling?

    People in the fast food industry used to think they were selling food. Then McDonald’s came along and figured out that people weren’t buying hamburgers. People were buying an experience. Burger King’s brasses were sure that McDonald’s were wrong. Knowing that they made the flame-broiled hamburger that more people preferred, Burger King executive decided to take that unique point of difference and pummel McDonald’s with its, “We’re flame-broiled, not fried.” This pummelling accomplished nothing, because McDonald’s were right. Fast food hamburger restaurants are NOT in the hamburger business. Maybe you think prospects in your industry are looking for “hamburgers.” Chances are that they want something else. The first company to figure out what that is wins.

    Find out what clients are really buying.

    If you are selling a service,

    you’re selling a relationship.


      The three most important elements of your business are:

      1. Planning your business with concrete goals and objectives – if you know what you want, you’ll more like get it.

      2. Marketing your business – nothing happens in a business without clients and sales

      3. Managing the money – successful business can fail due to poor money management.

      SYNC2 services to help the success of your business.

      Tools needed by businesses and entrepreneurs ( provided by SYNC 2).

      A. Business Planning

      1. Helping you develop, design and write a business plan

      a. as a map or guide to grow your business

      b. as business structuring tool to minimize risk and tax exposure

      c. as a financial marker to measure your progress e. as a map for your marketing and sales

      f. as a tool to get funding from banks and /or investors

      SYNC2 and our alliance can help you in all aspects of this important phase of developing and growing your business

      Call or email us  for a “FREE no Obligations” consultation on developing and structuring your business

      B. Marketing

      1. Helping you market

      a. Exposure - with SYNC2 global networks, we can assist in your marketing and sales programs

      b. Information Technology(IT) – developing marketing tools

      - offline marketing materials and COPY WRITING

      - online marketing

      I. Web site design and development


      c. Human resource development

      SYNC2 and our global network of global network of worldwide agents can help you in all aspects of this important phase of developing and growing your business This network allows SYNC2 to resell and leverage it’s existing clients in over 26 countries.

      Call or email us for a “FREE no Obligations” consultation on your marketing needs

      Money Swap Card





      How to Build Your Business ,,, And increase the Success of Your Business.

      Imagine what it would be like to build and grow your business without going through the “trial and error” method.


      C. Money Management.


      1. Help you and your business with all and any financial aspects you need assistance with.

      a. Assist in “Financing” your business start up and growth

      b. Assisting you and your business by helping you help your clients to pay for your products or service – for example – promoting the use of MONEY SWAP by your customers

      c. Structuring your business for tax minimization

      d. Assistance with public vehicles to raise capital and to develop an :exit” strategy

      e. Personal budgets ( we have downloadable personal budget guides )

      SYNC2 and our alliance can help you in all aspects of this important phase of developing and growing your business

      Call or email us for a “FREE no Obligations” consultation on your financial issues



      1. Global Marketing Network In late 2009, Sync2 acquired Ampsc Group that provided the company with a global network of worldwide agents. This network allows SYNC2 to resell and leverage it’s applications and to existing clients in over 26 countries.

      2. International Office January 2010 -Established an International Marketing office, XSTATIC JV Master Agent, in Mumbai, India

      3. Acquisition January 2010 – JV with VRX, a race-car simulation entertainment application associated with a gaming application

      4. Marketing Rights March 2010 – acquired the International marketing rights to the Money Swap software application to all countries globally

      Legal Notice Regarding Forward Looking Statements

      This news release contains "forward-looking statements", as that term is defined in Section 27A of the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the United States Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. Statements in this press release which are not purely historical are forward-looking statements and include any statements regarding beliefs, plans, expectations or intentions regarding the future.



      Mr. John Moore, CEO/President


      Sync2 Networks Corp.





                     A/S 150,000,000M

                    O/S 103,046,175M

Float 34.9M


                            This I-Box Was Created By Pimping Wallstreet

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