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05/16/2010; TA and DD Review Calcitech (CLKTF) website;

Calcitechs Revolutionary Recycling process
Recycling waste from industrial paper processes.


Recycled paper produces a waste stream that is an environmental problem                  

CalciTech's technology enables paper producers to recycle all the minerals used in paper. This brings significant environmental and product benefits by eliminating disposal costs and replacing quarried minerals from distant sources with a recycled mineral that has better brightness, whiteness, opacity and printability than the original.

By enabling the raw material to be renewed in a closed loop, the paper industry can move closer towards the goal of zero waste, zero environmental impact and carbon footprint-free production. This will significantly reinforce their sustainability credentials.

The usage of recycled paper has reached 50 million tonnes in Europe and continues to grow as the demand for sustainable products increases. However it is not generally realised that paper contains up to 40% minerals which remain as a waste sludge after the recovery of the cellulose fibres. The elimination of this sludge is a growing problem following the new EU Waste and Landfill Directives. Similar problems exist with recycled paper in North America and China.
CalciTech's new process overcomes the problem of impurities that has hitherto hindered the re-use of these minerals. The new process uses CalciTech's original technology for treating waste lime and applies it to solve a growing environmental problem. Trials have been successfully completed with waste from a range of paper mills. The Synthetic Calcium Carbonate produced from this waste is of high brightness and low abrasivity.

PVC production using the acetylene process creates carbide lime which is an environmental hazard.

Carbide lime is one of the original calcium raw material sources evaluated for use in the CalciTech SCC process. This material is a waste by-product composed of impure calcium hydroxide that arises from the production of acetylene gas through the reaction of calcium carbide (CaC2) with water.

The calcium carbide is produced by heating coke and low quality quicklime to very high temperature in an electric arc furnace. The end product is typically only 80% pure with significant quantities of lime impurities and unreacted coke present. After the generation of acetylene gas, these calcium carbide impurities end up in the carbide lime, which, in turn, is usually disposed of in large landfills and lagoons.


Calcitech Turning Waste into a Marketable Product

CalciTech has developed a process for transforming waste minerals into a new high value material which can be used in large, stable end markets such as paper, polymers, sealants, paints, inks, food and pharmaceuticals. These markets are also looking to improve the sustainability of their processes by using raw materials that have been recycled and have a lower carbon footprint (eco-minerals).The new material brings additional benefits that are cost effective: higher filler loadings that reduce the amount of costly polymers, reduced use of titanium dioxide, reduced use of imported specialist clays and ground marble and increased process efficiencies.


The new material, Synthetic Calcium Carbonate (SCC), is produced using a patented process from lime (calcium oxide or hydroxide) and carbon dioxide. The SCC is exceptionally pure and of a unique particle size and shape which bring excellent rheological characteristics as well as the benefits of higher brightness, whiteness, opacity and gloss over existing forms of calcium carbonate. These qualities enable SCC to compete with high priced white minerals such as titanium dioxide, aluminium silicate, calcined clay, and specialist kaolins. This positions SCC above commodity minerals such as Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC) and Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) and kaolin.


CalciTech transforms waste minerals into a new high value material which brings valuable benefits to producers of paper, polymers, sealants, paints, inks, photovoltaic glass, food and pharmaceuticals.

These producers and their customers also want to improve the sustainability of their processes by using raw materials that have been recycled, absorb CO2 and have a lower carbon footprint.

The new material brings value by enabling higher filler loadings that reduce the amount of costly polymers, reduced use of titanium dioxide, reduced use of specialist clays and ground marble and increased process efficiencies.

15th March 2010
Dear Shareholder,

I usually write to shareholders during January in each year. This year is later as we are further reorganizing our business to take advantage of new opportunities opening up for us and I wanted to include these matters in my letter.

Firstly let me summarise briefly on our activities this last year. During the first quarter we completed our restructuring plan brought about by the financial fall out of 2008. This was well reported on at the time and involved the reorganisation of our debt holders and credit facilities. This put our company in a secure position to go forward despite the exceedingly difficult market conditions that prevailed. I would like to again thank our debenture holders for agreeing to restructure our debentures and the carrying cost, to help us going forward and our credit providers for converting debt to shares to open up further our "burn" facility. I would also like to thank shareholders for their continued support particularly those that participated in further financings. With the cost cutting and reduced interest charges, despite the deterioration during the year of the dollar against the Euro, we have stayed within our planned reduced spending.

During the year we have advanced a number of potential production sites all within Europe with a view to possible plant buildings to meet the demand now determined in the various applications open to CalciTech. For example a potential project was announced in September 2009 partnered with Calcinor SA of Spain, which indicates the merits of the model where the SCC plant is built at the quarry head with a neutral balance on CO2 and zero cost in transportation of feed material. This plant will meet the demands of the Iberian Peninsula and South West France. Meanwhile our marketing efforts have continued with several new product launch announcements and attendance at various symposiums and exhibitions during the year. Potential customers have continued to test and trial SCC products with satisfactory results further evidencing valued properties with SCC.

We are now becoming active in territories outside Europe where initial work has been on going.

We have made two extremely important announcements in 2009 for new patent applications initially in the UK. The first will extend the coverage and term of our original patent, while the second provides us with a further waste feed material resulting from the recycling of paper. Besides providing a much sought after solution for the paper makers in recycling the waste from recovered paper, CalciTech will supply directly its fine coating SCC, produced from the paper sludge ash, to the paper mill. This process will also provide CalciTech with a further additional product of value in the building trades.

In early September 2009 we announced the formation in the UK of a new company, CalciTech Synthetic Minerals Europe Ltd, ("CSME") the intention being that this company would become responsible for all European operations. It is this company that will play a major role in our plans for Europe going forward.

After the collapse of the credit markets, the European Investment Bank announced several programs late in 2008, to assist in financing of developments within the Member States of the European Union. In particular the Innovation and New Technology Programmes and EIB have confirmed that SCC plants, licensed with the CalciTech IPR from outside Europe, would qualify on an aggregated CAPEX basis. This of course would be subject to all the normal due diligence requirements. The funding allows up to 50% of CAPEX at favourable interest rates for extended terms. They have also confirmed that CSME may arrange all financings for each Member State through a UK House Bank, thereby facilitating the due diligence process. The proposed locations are generally speaking in depressed areas and many are eligible for grants of varying amounts depending on the rating of the region.

CalciTech will arrange to license use of its technology, with future upgrades, to CSME for the European territory and will also transfer all its European development work to date at valuation. CSME will become a licensee and operator for Europe with separate and independent management to execute a new business plan that has been developed, based on the market applications identified and the production facilities planned.

When I wrote to shareholders last year I indicated that there seemed to be some improvement in the funding conditions in Germany. This, subsequently, turned out not to be the case. It is now our intention to proceed with our project at Leuna together with a number of plants located in EU Member States to serve European markets, funded through the new arrangements being negotiated in the UK. To bring all plant financings under one central banker will avoid repetition in the due diligence process with the high cost associated with separate financings. This will also facilitate the process for grant applications and EIB funding into our projects. A number of the projects will have participating partners of an industrial nature as previously reported, however interests may be restricted due to limiting criteria of EIB on Small and Medium Enterprises ("SME"). CSME meets these criteria.

Typically all projects will require equity investment of some 20% of CAPEX. We are in discussions with London financial advisers with a view to raising, by way of an institutional private placement for CSME, equity funding and working capital to prepare projects for building. This investment will dilute CalciTech's interest in the operations of CSME. Industrial partners in each project will provide their share of funding for their equity participation in each instance. It would be intended, when market conditions are appropriate, to list CSME on the AIM segment of the London Stock Exchange.

Although plants will vary in their type of production in order to meet the market applications that CalciTech has targeted, the criteria for funding is similar and much the same as has been prescribed at Leuna in Germany. I am unable to go into the detail of the business plan in this letter, but as the milestones are achieved so they will be announced in the normal way to keep shareholders in touch with developments as they occur.

When CSME equity financing is completed, CSME will operate entirely independently and allow CalciTech to concentrate on introducing SCC into other territories, initially the United States of America and certain developing territories.

I am sure this year is an important one for CalciTech. Although the effects of the recession are extremely hard, we have the opportunity to develop a matrix of production to provide our superior products as stability returns and I am convinced the industries we will supply will have streamlined and refined their activities for the medium term, where premium product will be in high demand. The ability to work with new waste materials significantly enhances our environmental credentials and our ability to offer, in particular the paper industry, some real economic solutions, which are totally sustainable.

I look forward to the continued support of our shareholders and our small but dedicated team during this next phase of growth of our company.

Yours faithfully,

R A Leopard


Through years of laboratory and pilot scale effort, CalciTech has perfected a unique and patented process that allows microscopic calcium carbonate particles to be synthesized with unprecedented purity and consistency. Due to the fundamentally different nature of the CalciTech process and product from existing PCC materials, the company has named the new material "Synthetic Calcium Carbonate" or "SCC".

Most remarkably, this superior form of synthesized calcium carbonate can readily be produced from inferior, by-product and waste raw materials. Virtually any material that contains significant amounts of calcium oxide and/or calcium hydroxide can be used as a raw material for the manufacture of SCC by the CalciTech process.

The core of the CalciTech SCC process involves the use of a proprietary chemical agent (known as a "promoter") that greatly increases the solubility of calcium oxide and/or calcium hydroxide (and ONLY these materials) in water. As shown in Figure 1, the calcium containing raw material is treated with the promoter and calcium oxide and/or calcium hydroxide is selectively dissolved into solution.




CalciTech Ltd. (CalciTech) has developed a process for manufacturing Synthetic Calcium Carbonate (SCC) from waste lime and carbon dioxide. SCC is a white filler pigment and is used for paper filling and coating, and is used in paint. It is also a calcium source for pharmaceuticals and food. The Company's SCC process can utilize most grades of lime, including lime or industrial waste lime, such as carbide lime. CalciTech initially developed SCC products for the paper industry. However, it has developed two non-paper SCC products targeting the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, and the plastic, sealant, rubber and adhesives industries.

•SCC can simultaneously improve both the brightness and opacity of coated paper.
•Other qualities improved with SCC use are gloss, print gloss, smoothness and printability.
•When SCC is used in the coating, less time and energy is required to dry the paper - owing to the unique particle size and morphology there are increased pathways for moisture to escape.
•Additional productivity increases are achieved in cases where calendaring is necessary. In trials it has been found that the use of SCC leads to significantly reduced calendaring requirements.
•Abrasive contaminates normally found in existing ground and precipitated calcium carbonate products are absent from SCC. This means that machine wear will be reduced. This leads to less expensive own time for maintenance and further cost savings as expensive blades have an extended economic life.
•Further reducing maintenance requirements is a reduction in dusting
•Other cost savings can be achieved through a reduction in binder and other additive needs and the extension (partial substitution) of expensive materials.

•Ultra fine calcium carbonates, with a relatively low number of large particles, are good at enhancing gloss and toughness but suffer from poor dispersability and have an adverse effect on the melt viscosity. Due to the unique particle size and morphology, SCC brings the benefits without these drawbacks
•It has been found that the use of SCC increases polymer strength in a number of situations.
•SCC products are extremely pure. This leads to improved whiteness and thermal stability in sensitive applications, for example in PVC window profiles.
•More and more calcium carbonate is being included in polymer compounds to improve sustainability by offsetting oil based polyolefin resins. SCC, derived from waste raw materials and with a negative carbon footprint, is especially suitable for this purpose.

Mar 24, 2010
CalciTech Presents at Major International Conference
Mar 08, 2010
CalciTech's New Waste Source For SCC
Jan 26, 2010
CalciTech Appoints New Director
Dec 22, 2009
CalciTech Files New Recycling Patent


Officers and directors
Roger A. Leopard President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
Age: 67
John M. Smith Director
Age: 73
Howard Edmund Browning Non-Executive Director

http://www.calcitech.com - Tel:               +41 22 710 4020         +41 22 710 4020               +41 22 710 4020         +41 22 710 4020


Address; 10 route de laeroport
Geneva, 1215 - Switzerland


CalciTech is predominantly owned by long-term private investors. No one individual or institution holds a declarable stake in the company. Over 95% of the company is held by long-term European investors.

"Spinning Straw into Gold"

Industrial Minerals Magazine

March 2009

Recycled Lime Waste Finds New Life in Calcitech's Coating Grade Synthetic Calcium Carbonate

SCC Products


CaciTech's SCC based products show a number of superior characteristics across a wide variety of applications due to their unique production process.

With the ability to fabricate exceptionally pure synthetic calcium carbonate from low grade raw materials the CalciTech process leads to globally consistent specifications. Impurities and large particulate contaminants are removed prior to the formation of the calcium carbonate. The table below provides some typical values for SCC physical properties.


StockProfiler.US: Stock Watch: CLKTF, TNXI, SPMI

Trading Markets - Nov 11, 2009

November 11, 2009 Calcitech Launches Sustainable Product for
Plastics Industry

November 02, 2009 Calcitech Reports Major Shareholder Filing

October 27, 2009 New Ultrapure Calcium Supplement

October 12, 2009 Calcitech Attends Eurocoat Exhibition

October 05, 2009 Calcitech Files New Patent

September 29, 2009 CalciTech at German Paper Coating Symposium

September 23, 2009 Calcitech Reaches Agreement With Calcinor

September 03, 2009 CalciTech Establish European Operating Company

June 30, 2009 CalciTech Files 2008 Results

June 08, 2009 CalciTech completes debt conversion, renewing credit facility. 

yhoo; http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=Calcitech+%28CLKTF%29+&fr=ush1-finance&ygmasrchbtn=Web+Search

goog; http://www.google.com/search?pz=1&cf=all&ned=us&hl=en&q=Calcitech+(CLKTF)&btnmeta%3Dsearch%3Dsearch=Search+the+Web


Share Structure

Estimated Market Cap
$18,563,909 as of Mar 26, 2010
Outstanding Shares
185,639,086 as of May 14, 2009
Authorized Shares
300,000,000 as of Nov 12, 2009
Number of Shareholders of Record
1,350 as of Apr 17, 2008

Template: 07/22/2009---RSI-MACD-FULLSTO-ULT-VOLUME-50MA-200MA-BB

Template: 07/22/2009---RSI-MACD-FULLSTO-ULT-VOLUME-50MA-200MA-BB

20 50 200MA,,,VOLUME - PPO - CMF - SLO STO % PRICES.

20 50 200MA,,,VOLUME - PPO - CMF - SLO STO % PRICES.






10yr, Chart

10yr, Chart

More specs...




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