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Trader's Hub is designed for one thing "to make money" on trades whether it be a day trade, a short term hold or a long term hold




=May Surprise



This is not a promoter's board nor is it a pump and dump board.  Pumpers posts will be deleted.  Promoters posts will be deleted!!!

Discussion is open for the following:
Pink Sheets

We'd really like to keep the typical IHub banter off of this board.

Post an idea, post a timeline and let's discuss it

Some stocks being followed:

SOBM    http://www.sinobiomed.com/ (NEW AS OF AUG 21)

APII          http://www.apii.com/ (NEW AS OF AUG 9)

MDVX       http://www.modavox.com/ (NEW AS OF AUG 9)

 VUOC        http://www.vu1.com/ (NEW AS OF AUG 9)

SRSR         www.sarissaresources.com/

SKPN       http://www.skypostal.com/  (FORMERLY OMGA)

MYRA       www.myriadentertainmentandresorts.com/location.htm

DKSC       http://www.dakshidin.com/

UDHC      www.ulyssesholding.com/default.htm

CELI        www.celebdirect.tv

VPHM      http://www.viropharma.com/

 UBET      http://www.youbet.com/

WWE     http://www.wwe.com/

AFL         http://aflac.com/us/en/Default.aspx

SYY         http://www.sysco.com/

RVTI        http://www.rvti.com/

Trader Rick has to like the stock below for two reasons:  The name and the girls!!!!

RICK         http://www.rickscabaret.com/




Disclaimer:  At times I hold positions in the stocks discussed on the board. 


Please do not make investment or trading decisions based on what you read from a stock board. Do your due diligence before buying any stock especially a penny stock. The stock market is where money is transferred from the impatient to the patient


#411   This post says it all: Chiron 11/06/08 09:47:19 PM
#410   UDHC is not looking good! Chiron 11/04/08 04:29:03 PM
#407   What lies is he posting? He is just Chiron 11/02/08 01:28:39 AM
#406   I have nothing against Clayton Young. If he Chiron 11/02/08 01:10:34 AM
#405   well he can't answer you here......he's banned until TraderRick47 11/01/08 07:14:34 PM
#404   I must admit when I want to learn CaptainJim 11/01/08 06:49:55 PM
#403   no matter what lies you spew it is TraderRick47 11/01/08 06:01:12 PM
#402   Well, yes, I am a Socialist. I see Chiron 11/01/08 02:14:20 PM
#401   give it up TraderRick47 11/01/08 01:44:30 PM
#400   I have nothing against Clayton Young. That is Chiron 11/01/08 01:28:22 PM
#399   IMHO you and samplescave have some sort of TraderRick47 11/01/08 12:13:48 PM
#397   Highly doubtful, I can sit back, relax and Chiron 10/30/08 06:42:58 PM
#396   whatever......it'll be too late for you to get TraderRick47 10/30/08 06:39:15 PM
#395   When Clayton gives me a reason to buy Chiron 10/30/08 05:58:35 PM
#394   when you become a shareholder then you can TraderRick47 10/30/08 05:36:31 PM
#393   Why aren't you out selling the product? Let's Chiron 10/30/08 03:30:17 PM
#391   your opinion on dilution is worthless unless you TraderRick47 10/30/08 05:50:56 AM
#390   BS, imo Clayton is selling shares. That's it. Chiron 10/29/08 08:46:46 PM
#389   obviously you know very little about running a TraderRick47 10/29/08 08:45:24 PM
#388   Exposed as what? Oh that's right, we're 'offshore Chiron 10/29/08 08:09:27 PM
#387   i guess u have no idea what it's TraderRick47 10/29/08 08:00:57 PM
#386   I 'work', which obviously something you still have Chiron 10/29/08 07:50:11 PM
#385   so you and caveboy work at the same place? TraderRick47 10/29/08 07:39:01 PM
#384   I bet $100 on that as well. It Chiron 10/29/08 06:19:43 PM
#383   I'd do the same bet Rick....we'd never see rjdover 10/29/08 06:02:58 PM
#382   ya think? let's make a little side bet TraderRick47 10/29/08 05:32:02 PM
#381   UDHC Sellers are temporarily gone. samplescave 10/29/08 05:29:52 PM
#380   probably because you have NO qualifications....no license, no TraderRick47 10/29/08 05:24:55 PM
#379   Why bother. You will just Toss my post. samplescave 10/29/08 05:14:36 PM
#376   I think down days will be far and TraderRick47 10/29/08 09:35:01 AM
#375   I also notice we have seen NO CHARTING CaptainJim 10/29/08 09:32:09 AM
#374   i think caveboy actually works for the UDHC TraderRick47 10/29/08 09:16:07 AM
#373   Almost as good as BCON at .97 huh ? CaptainJim 10/29/08 08:59:40 AM
#372   give us your qualifications for this evaluation TraderRick47 10/29/08 08:49:40 AM
#371   UDHC is just a PinkSheet share selling samplescave 10/29/08 08:08:58 AM
#368   No it does not.......read the ibox idiot TraderRick47 10/18/08 09:42:04 AM
#367   Does this board promote INSIDER Trading ?? CaptainJim 10/18/08 12:54:46 AM
#366   APII performing nicely in this crappy market TraderRick47 10/10/08 11:21:39 AM
#365   with this market who knows where the bottom TraderRick47 10/10/08 11:15:20 AM
#364   Thanks Reptile 10/09/08 03:30:15 PM
#363   TraderRick47@embarqmail.com TraderRick47 10/09/08 03:28:50 PM
#362   Rick, I'd like to ask you a couple questions Reptile 10/09/08 03:26:45 PM
#361   My target was $15 and I sold out TraderRick47 10/06/08 04:52:57 PM
#360   How you doing TraderRick47? Haven't stopped in in jimmenknee 10/06/08 04:37:02 PM
#359   LLEG +100% today ..........this could be a multi TraderRick47 09/29/08 12:10:33 PM
#358   big chunks being gobbled up sparky TraderRick47 09/18/08 02:42:21 PM
#357   Another Ask hit today on UDHC 250K MrSparks 09/18/08 12:20:54 PM
#356   Trader Rick!!!! MORE UDHC NEWS JUST RELEASED!!! MrSparks 09/10/08 09:13:11 AM
#355   I think some of the MOMO bards need CaptainJim 09/09/08 08:41:51 AM
#354   Ulysses Diversified CEO Young to Buy 3M Shares TraderRick47 09/09/08 08:27:05 AM
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