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(Tolley's Stock Pals)

"TSP" is a board to come and chat stocks, chat about other boards or chat about life


Tolley's Stock Pals: (List in progress)
1.  acc724
2.  alpinefrost
3.  cnvegas
4.  $BL$
5.  Callmebull
6.  crazyjerry
7.  LinkVest
8.  Vikingzskillz

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#1212   Go Royals !! MovEoVeR 10/29/15 01:42:04 PM
#1211   Yes it would...hope all is well Andy ? tolley 01/09/14 07:42:16 PM
#1210   would be nice acc724 01/09/14 07:29:23 PM
#1209   Should see some movement soon (next week ?)...Senkevitch tolley 01/09/14 06:56:41 PM
#1208   Appears something up, such as "D" being removed The Sarg 01/07/14 11:59:55 PM
#1207   Hey Boyzzzz !! Everyone have a great Christmas tolley 12/14/13 12:00:29 PM
#1206   hi all..who knows..but agree..' all have great times acc724 12/14/13 09:15:15 AM
#1205   total blowout of shareholders here Bull. cnvegas 12/13/13 08:21:54 PM
#1204   Any thoughts here guys? Or tolley and communication CallmeBull 12/13/13 06:08:31 PM
#1203   sounds good to me acc724 11/12/13 07:34:14 PM
#1202   lets get this RS over so we can tolley 11/12/13 02:57:01 AM
#1201   Once I can get my 29 million back crazyjerry 10/25/13 03:09:35 PM
#1200   anytime jerry..come visit acc724 10/25/13 11:40:40 AM
#1199   You're just jealous, LOL. You should live to crazyjerry 10/25/13 11:34:53 AM
#1198   I really hope you people don't really think... cnvegas 10/25/13 11:04:45 AM
#1197   look 55hahaha acc724 10/25/13 08:48:43 AM
#1196   West central Wisconsin, home of the Green Bay crazyjerry 10/25/13 02:44:01 AM
#1195   Where you located at CJ ?? tolley 10/25/13 12:40:54 AM
#1194   Thanks ACC, and I hope you make enough crazyjerry 10/24/13 11:42:58 PM
#1193   im sitting on close to 27 a acc724 10/24/13 07:29:43 PM
#1192   yep acc724 10/24/13 07:23:39 PM
#1191   ive got killed on a couple the last acc724 10/24/13 07:23:02 PM
#1190   Thanks, I'd better check the board for responses, crazyjerry 10/24/13 12:06:16 PM
#1189   Yes... And yes the call was yesterday tolley 10/24/13 12:03:23 PM
#1188   Calif. right. Are you gonna be in on crazyjerry 10/24/13 11:53:04 AM
#1187   yes...been very busy tolley 10/24/13 03:03:06 AM
#1186   $11,000, I'll take it. What makes me mad crazyjerry 10/24/13 01:39:25 AM
#1185   Yea I have around 50m or so spread CallmeBull 10/24/13 01:12:15 AM
#1184   You're talking 10K after the R/S? I've got crazyjerry 10/24/13 12:59:52 AM
#1183   Sounds great to me, can't wait, but will crazyjerry 10/24/13 12:54:47 AM
#1182   Just been thru a few rs last few CallmeBull 10/23/13 10:53:21 PM
#1181   This isn't a dead horse....he's working on something tolley 10/23/13 10:51:59 PM
#1180   Yep agreed. He knows what he's talking about CallmeBull 10/23/13 10:48:44 PM
#1179   Whats happening CMB !!! We're in it together...lets tolley 10/23/13 10:45:55 PM
#1178   Hah I'm back!!! And yea agree tolley! 5$ CallmeBull 10/23/13 10:41:53 PM
#1177   Hello CJ...more like $5 per share. That's tolley 10/23/13 10:23:37 PM
#1176   Tolley, are you going to represent us longs crazyjerry 10/16/13 02:31:48 AM
#1175   well I guess the dye is cast brother. cnvegas 09/25/13 02:35:05 PM
#1174   CBYI more action today...nice !! tolley 09/06/13 11:39:32 AM
#1173   Anyone get some CBYI this morning....nice tolley 09/05/13 11:40:37 AM
#1172   DIGX making a nice little run this morning....jumped tolley 08/29/13 12:49:21 PM
#1171   Your welcome Vegas...hope all is going well ! tolley 08/21/13 01:47:54 AM
#1170   Wanna thank you Tolley... cnvegas 08/18/13 05:29:32 PM
#1169   same on the weekend..all have a good 1..lets acc724 08/16/13 07:39:48 PM
#1168   your a great guy... cnvegas 08/16/13 04:33:33 PM
#1167   Have a great weekend everyone !! Hopefully be getting tolley 08/16/13 02:17:09 PM
#1166   SPMI hit new highs today , but still vikingzskillz 08/08/13 09:45:40 PM
#1165   Added a few more SPMI at .053 and vikingzskillz 08/07/13 09:50:26 AM
#1164   Hitting .05 today, nice move here vikingzskillz 08/06/13 01:53:09 PM
#1163   EPGL, new pictures of 510k FDA cleared device vikingzskillz 08/05/13 11:34:54 AM