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Welcome to TRAB

Theramax is the brain child of the inventor of Zicam and you're going to want to see below why this is a lot better for you than Zicam...

Theramax is not afraid to spend the advertising dollars smile
In NYC Times Square this past January!


Under an exclusive world-wide licensing agreement with Nasal Therapeutics, Inc. ("NTI"), we have the right to develop, manufacture, market and

sell four homeopathic nasal sprays, THERA MAX® Cold Relief, THERA MAX® Flu Relief, THERA MAX® Allergy Relief and THERA

MAX® Migraine Relief. The Cold Relief and Flu Relief formulas are now marketed as a single product, THERA MAX® Cold and Flu Relief.

The principal of NTI, Dr. Charles Hensley also developed the homeopathic nasal product ZICAM®.


 There Max® Cold & Flu Relief
is an OTC homeopathic cold & flu product.  Compared to zinc-based products, the ingredients in Thera Max®

- Reduce the presence of the ICAM attachment sites
- Inhibit the ability of rhinovirus to increase the amount of ICAM receptors on the nasal membrane
- Inhibit the entry of coronaviruses
- Inhibit influenza virus infections
According to a study by Utah State University:
¨"The results…support the mode of action of Thera Max as an inhibitor of virus absorption into cells."

Thera Max® Allergy Relief
 Thera Max® Allergy Relief is also a nasal spray that employs a unique homeopathic approach in the treatment of allergic rhinitis (runny nose). 

Histamine release triggers allergy symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, nasal congestion, and sinus pressure.  The  compounds  in Thera Max® Allergy Relief can affect the action of mast cells and basophil cells that are responsible for the histamine release that occurs in seasonal allergy sufferers. 

 Thera Max® Migraine Relief  (NEW PRODUCT)
      Combination ingredients in TheraMax act as an anti-inflammatory by blocking the chemicals in the body that cause inflammation.
      Together, the ingredients act synergistically in the reduction of pain and inflammation and also decrease the nausea symptoms that are present with many migraine sufferers.

 Thera Max® Sore Throat Relief  (NEW PRODUCT) 
ØSore throats are caused by infections by bacteria or viruses.  The illness often spreads among family members.  Sore throat is a common problem during childhood.  Common anesthetic ingredients are not recommended for children by health professionals.  Theramax has developed an oral spray designed specifically for this problem.  This over the counter medication contains effective ingredients that  relieve symptoms and stimulate the body's own defenses. 

Why Theramax instead of the other product that it's inventor created? 




Three months ended November 30, 2011 versus three months ended November 30, 2010


We generated sales during the three months ended November 30, 2011 of approximately $693,000. Gross sales were approximately $1,180,000

reduced by discounts and allowances of approximately $487,000. During the period a major drug retailer conducted a national promotion of Thera

Max® in all of their retail outlets.
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