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Board Purpose:

Here we use a combination of Technical Analysis (TA), Valuation, Fundamentals, Momentum, Intuition, and several other means, as a function to sort out stocks picks which we believe have the potential to make positive gains.  The only stocks that we list on this board are those that trade on the Pink Sheets (PS) or the Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB). The picks generally will be sorted into 6 categories:

*    Lotto - Very high risk stocks which otherwise have no reason for price increases from day to day.  These might be known promoted stocks or pump & dump type plays. Great care must be taken when entering into one of these
  stocks.The only way to make good money on these is to get in soon after the promotion/pump has begun, and get out before the dump comes.  Because of the nature of these plays their may be very little DD available for them.
  But we list them anyway because these like many other stocks have some money making potential
*   Flippers - These are the stocks which we believe have great potential to be bought low and sold high in a very short term.  It might be a play that you are in and out of in less than an hour, or it could be several hours.
  The goal here is not to hold   these stocks overnight.  In general a flipper is going to be a stock which has found an assumed bottom in its stock price and it poised to make a bounce.  We will find an entry point as well as a
  good exit point so as to maximize gains.
*   Momentums - A stock which is experiencing gains based on momentum.  Usually we will find these stocks in their 2nd or 3rd day of sustained gains.  The gains are often the result of very promising press releases (prs)
  which has caused an influx of new investors.  While it may be simple to find an entry point in these plays, the exit point can't really be set because the run can last for several days.  Usually when volume starts to slow down, or the
  stock retraces past certain indicators are a good sign that the momentum has begun to stop
*   Short Terms - This category is dedicated to stocks which may be held anywhere from several days and usually up to a month.  Stocks listed for this category could include picks which may have a promising press release due
  within the time frame.  Reverse Mergers, Spin-Outs, Dividends, and other such stocks are good candidates.  We list these here because it would be important to actually own such such stocks as of a record date.
*   Mid Terms - These are stocks which are intended to be held from 1 month up to 6 months.  These picks are stocks which have solid business plans, ideas, etc.  They will generally have established revenues streams and either
  already be profitable, or showing progress year over year in revenue growth and reducing any outstanding debt.  Stocks in this category should have a proven track record for non toxic financing for several months prior to their
  inclusion here.
*   Long Terms - A final category dedicated to stocks which would be held from 6 months or more.  Great care must be used here especially considering the volatile nature of OTC securities.  Stocks listed in this category are only those
  that have been showing very good progress in revenue growth and expanding revenue potential.  Most of these stocks are going to be fully reporting OTCBB securities which have positive net income in their filings.  They would
  generally have good profit margins and very low debt either short term or long term.  Candidates for uplisting to one of the major stock exchanges would be good for this category.



 Board Rules and Procedures:

In the interest of keeping this board organized and within its goals, I have established a set of rules which must be followed by all who post here.  Typically on the other boards that I moderate or assist with I am pretty laid back when it comes to posts.  However on this board any post which deviates from the established rules will be deleted and most likely I will not restore them.  If you have any questions about the rules and procedures please feel free to pm me.  So here are the rules:

Rule # 1.
Posting Of A New Stock Pick

If you would like to post a new stock pick there are a few procedures that you need to do.  First please make sure that your pick is not in the stock watch list located in this ibox in the section below.  If your pick is not in the watchlist and you would like it to potentially be put in the list then you make make a new stock list post.  After your stock is posted the other members of the board will have a chance to dessiminate the stock and offer their opinions about it.  After a set period of time the moderator will then make a determination of whether it should be added to the board watchlist or not.  In order to suggest a new stock pick you must use the "Post New Message" link.  From there you must post the pick in the following manor.  (We will use CCMJ as an example)  Don't use parenthesis they are used just for separation purposes.

["b"](Stock Pick Symbol) (Highest Bid Price) X (Highest Ask Price) - (Stock Pick Category from the list above)["/b"]  don't use the quotes in the brackets, I had to use them so the site wouldn't bold this line, and example of this post is below:

CCMJ .006 x .007 - Short Term

The above line will show up on the board as the topic.  The brackets "[ ]" with the "b" & "/b" are html tags which will make the topic bold indicating a new potential stock pick.

Once you have the topic line written you will need to write a body which contains the following information.

  • Some due diligence as to why you think this stock would be a good pick.  This could be links to recent company filings, recent pr's, charts, etc.
  • Indicate why you believe the stock fits the category that you have selected for it.  For example if you believe the stock is a flipper, explain why you think it would make a good flipping stock
  • Optionally you may set potential buy and sale price points with the assumption that markets change quickly and your points may be rendered null in very short order (be careful with these)
  • Finally, any other information you believe to be relevant to the stock.

Using this format will allow readers of the board to quickly find potential stock picks and get some information about them.  WIth plenty of discussion I will add the stock to the board watchlist if it is deemed acceptable.  I may choose to do a survey of the board to aid in my decision.

Rule # 2. Replying to previous posts on a particular stock

If you would like to reply to a post made about a particular stock please do it in the following manner.  Use the "Public Reply" link inside of the post you wish to reply to.  Always start the reply with the Stock Symbol for which you are replying to.  (Once again using CCMJ as an example)

(Stock Symbol) - (Enter your reply text here)

CCMJ - I don't believe this stock will be moving today .....

The reason replies need to be posted in this manner is so that anyone wishing to look for just posts regarding a particular stock pick can easily find them on the post list.  Please do not use bold on any replies.

Rule # 3. Off Topic Posts

I realize there are going to be a number of posts which don't pertain to a particular stock.  In this case please post them in the following manner.

OT - (Some body of text you wish to post)

Using this manner of post, users on the board will be able to note that this particular post is not about a specific stock and they can choose to read it or not.  Once again no bold on this type of post

Rule # 4. No Spam/Pumping Period!
  It goes without saying that the very nature of this board depends on people coming and making recommendations for stock picks.  However these is a distinct difference between someone who wants to actively help out other members here by posting useful information about stocks, and people coming to the board to promote/spam a stock simply because they want to price to move as they are already invested.  So spam in the sense of the word on this board means posts like "XXIS is running right now, get in now before its too late!!"
Rule # 5. No Personal Attacks / Blatent Stock Bashing
  In the world of stocks, everyone has an opinion about a certain stock.  While we welcome everyone to post their opinion here, personal attacks will be removed.  Also if you have something negative about a stock to say please make sure it is backed up with facts.  Posts like  "This stock is a POS" or "This stock is a diluting pig" will be deleted.  If you have verifiable proof that a company is diluting then you are more than welcome to post that information.
Rule # 6. Have FUN!!!
  Remember the goal of this board is to make stocks work for all of us.  The only way we can do that is to find out as much information about stocks and get as many opinions about them as we can.  We want to be the best board on Ihub that can be accomplished as long as we all work together.  And don't forget to add this board to your favorites if you haven't done so already.  We want to increase the exposure this board gets.  Also if you would like to be notified anytime a new pick is posted to the watchlist then use the "Sign up for the email list" link at the bottom of the Ibox.



Stock Watchlist

Stock Symbol Date Added To List Board DD Category Buy Price Date Bought Sale Price Date Sold % Gain
SPNG 5/15/2009   Long Term .0039 5/15/2009 .154 06/12/2009 295% Gain
SYNJ 06/07/2009   Flipper .0029 06/08/09 .0042 06/08/09 41% Gain
ARTI 8/20/2009   Flipper .0039 8/20/2009 .0051 8/20/2009 31% Gain
HESV 9/1/2009   Flipper .0021 9/1/2009 .0030 9/1/2009 43% Gain
SOFN 9/8/2009   Flipper .0050 9/8/2009 .0060 9/8/2009 20% Gain
FHAI 9/11/2009   Mid Term .0037 9/11/2009 N/A N/A N/A


Picks in the list above are added by the moderator at his discretion.  All buy, sale, and date fields are ThePennyTrader's personal transactions in regard to the listed stock.  Fields denoted as "N / A" mean "Not Applicable" .  For example if Date Sold field is marked as N / A that means that the moderator has not sold out of his position yet.  Likewise if Date Bought is marked N / A that would mean the moderator has not yet bought the stock but is watching it.  Please do not make buys or sales regarding the prices in this list, you must make a determination based on the current trading day as to whether you wish to enter or leave a position. 


Board Disclaimer:

Posts made on this board both by the Moderator and by members of the board are opinions ONLY.   To our knowledge none of the members who post to this board are registered brokers.  Trading in the stock market carries significant risks, especially in the Pink Sheets and OTCBB market.  Please be aware that should you choose to buy or sell securities based on the suggestions of this board you could lose some or all of that money. 

It is the responsibility of any investor reading this board and using the suggestions to do their own due diligence on potential stocks they wish to invest in.  It is the intention of the Moderator to make sure that all information posted to this board is up to date and factually based.  However in the world of OTC securities this information is not always accurate, and thus you must take this into account. 

There are no guarantees in the stock market, and just as one stock can obtain significant gains, it can also have significant losses as well.

Good Luck to everyone.


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