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Ticker: SEEK, inc is one of the North America's fastest growing Local business directories. network includes over 2,000 locally targeted Internet domains and websites that generate over 6 million unique users a month.
The Company owns and operates vertical directories such,,,, and others.

SEEK acquired one of the world largest online city guide networks:

SEEK purchased 1,600 plus 'Hello' branded city guides for 2.1 million dollars in 2013, Inc. has purchased the assets of one of the largest local city guide networks in the world from a privately held Company in a deal valued at $2.1 Million in 2013.

 This network of more than 1,500 city guides reaches over 6 million unique visitors per month. The city guides are branded under the brand. We now own and operate a ‘Hello’ branded city guide site for every major market in the United States, including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and several international markets including Paris, Dublin, Tokyo, Sydney and Toronto. We generate revenue from business listings and advertisements placed on the Hyper-Local(TM) City Guide Network, similar to

page 2

Welcome to our network of 1,600 plus 'Hello' branded city guides. We've been connecting businesses and consumers across North America since 1999. Our network of online destinations including,, and another 1,600 locally targeted sites generate tens of millions of visitors annually and are at the forefront of HyperLocalTM search. If you're interested in finding out how you can position your Company, brand or business in the HyperLocalTM ecosystem, get in touch with us.


December 26, 2017


What’s going on?

The company is changing its strategy and is now targeting new opportunities in Technology and Emerging Markets.

That’s not all.

Here is new information that shows that the company now owns 60% stake in UNITED CONSORTIUM (OTCMKTS:UCSO), which runs projects in the cannabis, blockchain, and legal sectors.

UCSO and SEEK are said to be working for sending all the regulatory filings to the exchange. Thus, we expect that more and more market participants will be interested in the stock.

We will provide our due diligence work in this article, but before we show anything, have a look at the following stock chart. The volume is increasing, as the market gets to know the new information, and the demand for the stock creeps up. According to Microeconomic Theory, increases in demand are usually followed by increases in price.


UCSO and the new business direction

In March, 2017, SEEK signed an agreement with United Consortium Limited, under which SEEK would receive stock for the sale of its assets; 118 internet domain names and approximately 30 websites.

Have a look at the following image taken from the purchase agreement filing:


Purchase Agreement – Inc OTCMKTS:SEEK

What is our take?

In 2017, SEEK was acquired by a new boss and many things are changing inside the company. We appreciate it, as new ideas and business innovations are coming. The market is aware of it and acquiring shares, as it is expected that business growth will make the share price creep up.

What’s the new direction?

We could find in this press release the list of businesses, in which the company is involved. Additionally, we got to know that the company will be filing the necessary documents required by the trading exchange, which is a great news. It was released on December 14, 2017 and we believe that it caused the recent share price increase.

The following are the projects in which the companies are working on:

Blockchain Project: the company is “designing and building a personal health records (PHR) blockchain based business,” thanks to which clients will be able to gain control over their health records. A beta launch is expected for Q1 2018, so be ready to assess the news around this time.

Digital Cannabis Project: expected to be released in Q1 of 2018, but the company has not released a lot of information for confidentiality. As a result, we believe that it could be quite an innovative technology operating in the cannabis industry.

Lawyers Network: it was said that a new app and a new client acquisition platform are being developed and revenue generation is expected in Q1 2018. We believe that it is a great news showing that the business is growing. For the starters, the company already owns more than 100 top level legal focused domain names, such as,,,, and more than 100 other legal brands.


"UCSO’s CEO and SEEK’s CEO is the same business executive"

We wanted to check if both companies are already operating together, thus we checked who is running the entities. In the OTC Markets profile of SEEK and USCO, we found that the CEO is the same.

Have a look at it:


if the two companies consolidate their accounts, the assets of the unified company will be larger, which will be beneficial for shareholders.

That’s not all.

Other stakeholders like bankers will benefit, as the credit received by the company will be larger.

Some market participants are already buying

Currently trading with a market cap of $1.6 million, SEEK is an exciting story among small caps. We also appreciate that some market participants are already buying shares of the company. In this filing, we got to know that someone acquired 9.9% stake in the company.

It shows that the demand for the stock is high, which is a great news.

To sum up, be ready to assess the future announcements from this company, as the news is driving the share price!

March 27, 2018

Today's 8K says: On March 27, 2018, the Company entered into a global settlement agreement with one of its debt holders to extinguish approximately $556,000 of its debt in exchange for the transfer of 21 domain names and a reciprocal release. This debt is now Paid in full. No shares were issued in this transaction.

So The company is paid in full $556,000 debt by exchanging 21 domain names without dilution!!!

LET'S see from the SEC filings how many domain names the company owns:

As a local search company, Internet domain names for our websites are crucial to the success of our business. We own over 2,000 domain names, including:



THE COMPANY says that it OWNS 2,000 DOMAIN NAMES!!! how much are they worth? We do not know. today's 8K says 21 domain names worth 556,000 American dollars!!! The Rest how Much is it? We do not know I guess millions of dollars!

DON'T FORGET AMAZON.COM is a domain name. It is worth hundreds of billions of dollars..

I believe is a very valuable domain name as well.

it depends of business plan.
the company says


We're becoming a holding Company. We'll be focused on seeking out new opportunities in Technology and Emerging Markets......




SEEK~ Revenue Increases Every Year

2011 revenue~ 381,391 dollars
2012 revenue~ 506,026 dollars
2013~revenue~800,000 dollars

2014 revenue (~9 Months)~ 1,670,113 dollars

2014~ NET PROFIT (9 Months)~ 396,021 dollars


TAMPA, FL--(Marketwired - Jan 12, 2015) -, Inc. (OTC PINK: SEEK), an emerging leader in the vertical local search space, today announced that it will host an investor conference call on January 22 after the market close. Additionally the Company provided the following business update to its shareholders in the form of the following letter from the CEO:

Dear Shareholders,

I am pleased to report that we have established a consistent growth trend, in terms of revenues, during the past few months that we believe will lead to sequential topline growth throughout 2015 and increased revenue for the seventh consecutive year. Over the past 15 months we've dramatically improved our Company on all fronts. We've grown our annual revenue base from under $800,000 to nearly $2 Million, became fully reporting, create positive equity and improved our balance sheet. There is still much work to be done if we are to achieve our goals and create significant shareholder value in 2015.

First and foremost I'd like to thank shareholders for your support. As a penny stock, we're fighting the odds and the naysayers on a daily basis. In the last 18 months, we've seen our market cap jump to over $10 Million with $500k a year in sales, to today's levels of less than $1.5 with nearly $2 Million in sales. This seems to be the nature of penny stocks and I believe it will continue this way, as it relates to our publicly traded shares, until such time as we have paid down all or at least the vast majority of our convertible debt or can up-list to a higher quality exchange that will increase our exposure to a larger segment of the investment community.

With that said, I believe 2015 will be the best year in the history of our Company. We expect sales growth of 50% or more as well as significantly reduced debt levels by the end of the year. I'll discuss our plans to achieve these goals in greater detail on our conference call later this month. Below are some of the highlights of our goals and plans for 2015:

2015 Estimates


Though we won't be issuing quarterly revenue estimates during the year, we're comfortable forecasting full year topline growth of 50% plus for a target revenue range of $3 to $4 Million.


Reducing our debt is of paramount importance to us this year and second in our internal forecasting only to growth. We're developing a plan that will dramatically reduce or even eliminate our outstanding convertible debt by the end of 2015. We'll discuss our plans in this regard in greater detail on the call.

City Guides

Our Hello branded city guide network was launched in November of 2014 after a year of development and planning. With the city guide network operational for the full year, we expect it to play a more prominent role in our growth plans for 2015. The next phase in our development of the network is to complete the integration of our directories and centralized database projects into the 1,600 city guides. Additionally, we'll continue seek out national, regional and vertical advertising partners in 2015.

Central Database

This project is one of the most important projects we've undertaken to date and would fall into the 'build' area of our build, buy or partner business model. We're creating a proprietary centralized database and set of APIs that will allow local businesses in any vertical to control their business listing data that displays across our owned and operated network as well as a network of targeted partner sites in virtual real time. We'll be building this new brand out under our recently acquired domain name and expect to launch the fully functional site during the first half of 2015.


2015 will see the continuation of our national branding campaign as we seek to build our brands into leaders in the vertical local search space. We'll be running television and online campaigns throughout the year. Additionally, we plan to be very aggressive this year with regards to presenting and building our brands at vertical trade shows across the country in 2015. We'll discuss this in more detail during the call.

Market Opportunity

We continue to see massive upside opportunity in the vertical local search space. Today, even though our vertical markets continue to grow, there are still no clear cut leaders. As I've said in the past, our success will be based on our ability to execute our plans. While I'm pleased with our overall results for 2014, we have to raise the bar this year and do better, especially in the areas of growth and debt reduction. Execution in these specific areas will lead us to our goals, we're committed to doing whatever is necessary to achieve them. I believe our asset and traffic base, as well as our ability to generate and convert local online traffic into customers for our growing client list, paired with the scalability of our call centers, place us in strong position to capitalize on the opportunity in front of us in 2015.

I look forward to discussing the opportunities outlined in this letter with you during our call later this month, and once again thank you for your support of our Company and Happy New Year.

Best Regards,

Scott Gallagher
Founder and CEO





About: (TD) is a publicly traded, Local Internet Directory Company (Traded OTC under the Ticker Symbol: SEEK). The company is focused on building relevant, targeted, industry specific Local Internet destinations that connect Local businesses with Local customers. TD provides these services for free to the consumer and derives its revenues from listing Local businesses in the network. All businesses must have a valid business license and a positive rating by the better business bureau (BBB) to be included in our directory.

The Company mission is to make Local search simple and provide accurate, relevant information to its users. The Internet is polluted with outdated, useless, information put on websites to trick people into clicking ads. We call this tricks to clicks and its Internet pollution. We provide the most accurate information about Local businesses on the net. TD featured Local businesses have all been vetted and more importantly they pay TD to list them, thus assuring that the information on each listing is accurate.

"Internet traffic and domains are the prime real estate of the 21st century. This market has matured, and individuals, brands, investors and organizations who do not grasp their importance or value are missing out on numerous levels."

~Steve Forbes at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. EAST 2007


Our Management:

Scott Gallagher-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Gallagher founded our company in 2006 to take advantage of what he perceived to be a paradigm shift in the 150 year old, multi-billion dollar a year, Yellow-Pages business model. With the advent and market acceptance of measureable Internet related technologies such as call tracking ansd recording, he determined that over the next decade billions of US and global ad dollars would move out of YP to the Internet.

He began assembling the pieces and people that would enable him to build the largest Local search network in America. Today, Mr. Gallagher and his team are working towards making that dream a reality.

Danny Rubino-Director of Operations

Mr. Rubino has been involved with Internet, Wireless and Mobile Communications companies for his entire professional career. He oversees the entire day to day operations of and is a co-architect of the patient acquisition strategy employed by the Company.

He is a Google Certified Advertising partner who has designed and managed thousands of Local online advertising campaigns for an array of Local  businesses across America.

W. Scott McBride-Director

Mr. McBride has served as a member of the board of directors of our Company since its founding. He has served as a director of several public and private Companies during his professional career. Mr. McBride also founded several ventures that have had successful exits. He is currently developing an online news Company scheduled for launch in the fall of 2011. He holds a masters degree from Western University in Colorado.



TD is our flagship Local business Directory. We'll be launching version 2.0 in the fall of 2011 with over 6 Million Local business listings

Our podiatry network is second to none. Our directory and local sites organically rank on page one of Every major search engine in the world.

Podiatry Websites

Via our recent acquisition our Chiropractic network is now the largest in America with over 1,000 Local Chiropractors listed.



Bush Gram Is The "DIRECTIFIER"




1-866-955-FEET (3338)

About Us: was founded on a simple premise, make local search simple.

Deliver relevant, accurate information to the user in a clean and easy format.

The major search engines, and the Internet in general, are cluttered with irrelevant, inaccurate information that make the process of finding a local Podiatrist difficult.

Today, the Internet accounts for approximately 20 percent of overall media consumption in the United States, but advertisers invest only 7.5 percent of their budget online. As a result, there is tremendous upside potential for marketplace growth as advertisers steadily bridge the gap.

By 2011, nearly 25 percent of all media consumption will be online, drawing 15 percent of total advertising dollars.

According to the Yankee Group, the online advertising market is expected to reach $50.3 billion in revenue by 2011 in the U.S. alone, more than doubling year 2007 levels.

This 24 percent annual growth trend is expected to continue as brands increase online ad expenditures and publishers improve ad targeting, inventory and yield management. is Simple, Accurate, Local Search. That's it.




Custom Podiatry Websites:

Purchase your fully-optimized custom podiatry website and start growing your practice today. We offer the most effective and efficient website development and marketing products in the podiatric industry. is a division of, the Internet's leading local directory of Podiatrists. generates thousands of new patient appointments each and every year for DPMs all over the United States.

Our marketing techniques and online destinations are second to none. By owning the most frequently searched, industry-specific keyword,, we guarantee that you'll be receiving the highest quality traffic not only to your new website, but also to your office listing in our DPM Directory.

In addition to building your new website with, we can provide you with a fully integrated online marketing solution. Our team of Search Engine Experts will establish, manage and market your online presence to patients in your local area. If you have been considering building a website for your podiatry practice, or are looking to upgrade your current site....don't delay. Contact today and discuss your options with one of our website experts, or Create Your Own Practice Website by following our easy-to-use website builder.

We look forward to working with you.

~ Staff


Build Your Own Website:

Welcome to our Design Gallery. We have made building your website a simple 3-Step Process. First Step, you choose the design of your site by selecting one of the templates below. When choosing a design, keep in mind that you can choose your own color scheme if you do not wish to use the default colors. The design you choose will simply determine the layout of the website. We have also provided links to example websites that we have built for other podiatrists to give you an idea of what a fully constructed site will look like.

1-866-304-FIND (3463)


About Us: is a free searchable database of local US based Doctors or Chiropractic. Our offices are based in Tampa, Florida, and we work with chiropractors all over the United States to help increase their online exposure to new patients. is part of's local business search network.'s network of sites receives millions of visitors each year to our direct-navigation based local professional directories. provides visitors with a user-friendly directory of Chiropractic Doctors built on the most industry-specific domain name available, with the main focus being connecting patients with local Chiropractors. ranks on the first page of search results on all major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) for many search queries related to looking for a local Chiropractor.


Chiropractic Marketing:

Attract more new patients - through online marketing. Whether its neck pain, back pain relief, accident injuries, or virtually any type of spinal ailment, each day more and more potential patients are searching online for your services. Before you spend time and money on another Yellow Page ad or coupon book, consider Internet marketing.
Our goal is to help you:


Leverage directories, websites, and online advertising more effectively to bring in new patients
Learn about which online marketing tactics to avoid
Understand which tools can maximize the number of new appointments you'll receive
Discover how to spend less on advertising your practice while still attracting more patients

We've generated hundreds of thousands of new patients for chiropractic practices across the country.
Call Today and Find Out How We Can Help Grow Your Business!
1-866-304-FIND (3463)

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                                  Healthcare Industry Resources:



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