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This board has been designated as a sacred sanctuary. A confessional of sorts for acts of shameless pumping etc. in the hopes of absolution. It can also be used for good luck! Kinda like rubbing the belly of the stock buddah. Drop in a prayer here (all prayers are heard here regardless of affiliation) and back to trading you go! Please be aware that this board is intended to be tongue-and-cheek in nature. I intend no insult and wish for no religious debate. P.S. I promise, in advance, not to attempt any visual portrayals of Mohammed as I have discovered that this is a no-no in the Islamic culture If anyone has additional good luck symbols to put into the Ibox let me know. ****As we head into the the summer months I have decided to allow Primal Scream Therapy. FEEL FREE TO GIVE ME ALL YOU GOT IN CAPS!
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