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TTSI     !!!!!!!   High-Endurance Flight Technology

for Military and Government Agencies



The Tech Advantage

Flexibility and long flight times are some of the key benefits of Tactical Services UAVs. Here's a brief look at the technology that goes into the company's unique designs:
High-performance hybrid engines

The D100, A100, and E100 hybrid engines have been optimized to run on diesel or AVGAS. In addition, they feature auto-off capabilities when lift is not required as calculated by the internal computer systems.
Fuel systems

Custom-designed carbon-fiber fuel bladders allow for significant weight reduction, aid in fuel delivery during altitude pressure changes, and guarantee unadulterated fuel delivery to the UAV engines. Fuel delivery is electric-pump based to maintain positive flow rate.
Flight management system (FMS)

The onboard FMS calculates optimal flight patterns based on mission parameters, and can have a mission sent to it to follow or take direct instructions from the base station operator. Mission parameters are sent to the FMS from a browser-based system (based on Google Earth). The FMS also contains systems for the UAV to maintain flight, avoid stalls, start/stop engine, and auto return to home based on fuel or loss of communications. The FMS and starter are powered by dual-redundant, high-power lithium-ion batteries.
Hot-swap bays

Each UAV has a hot-swap bay in its nacelle, allowing the operator to insert the mission-specific electronics, such as photo/video, sonar, radio jamming, or other. A second, smaller bay accepts various communication modules, including long-range WiFi, LTE/3G, satellite, or a combination thereof. This system "future proofs" each UAV: As newer modules are introduced over time, there is no need to swap out the UAV—just acquire the new module.

Redundant coverage

When two or more of Tactical Services UAVs are paired with one another, they form a redundant coverage network for a given mission. While one UAV is on mission and due to return home, a paired UAV can be launched that will automatically take up the continuation of the mission without missing any data. All paired UAVs will write to the same databases and video/photo storage networks. If running photo/video modules, all information will also be stored on-board, shock-proof SSD drives.
Easy launch capabilities

Any pressurized air source—as little as a bike pump for the U300 and U500—can be used as the launch propellant. The larger models include a built-in countdown system for launch so the operator isn't required to be close to the UAV.



Our UAVs

Tactical Services fills a current gap in the UAV market between expensive, high-operating-cost drones with weapon and surveillance capabilities and small, short-range "copter-style" or hand-launched surveillance drones with very short flight times. 

The Tactical Services lineup of fixed-wing UAVs is purpose-built for surveillance, monitoring, and radio relaying—combining easy deployment with cost-effectiveness, due to the standardized modules across all models. 

Long flight times allow the company's UAVs to loiter over a specific target or region for up to several days, while relaying chosen information/imagery to a remote ground station via LTE/3G, long-range RF, or modules that enable communicating with the UAVs via the Iridium satellite network when LTE/3G or RF are not an option. 

Tactical Services UAVs also offer significant flexibility, providing a base flight format and mission-specific hot-swap modules that provide capabilities including high-resolution video/photos, infrared video/photo, radio relay, directional-listening equipment, cellular interception, laser targeting, sonar, radar, RF jamming, and weather analysis. 

In addition, little training is required for operation, with the exception of the largest U900 (10–12 hours of instruction). The UAVs are operated by manual joystick controls, using a tablet device connected to a handheld RF receiver. Redundant base stations allow two operators, with only one controlling the UAV at any given time.

Tactical’s smallest UAV has a wingspan of 2.96 meters and an optimal flight altitude of 3,000 feet, and is designed for primary missions of visual surveillance, radio operations, and laser targeting. The U300 is intuitive to assemble and deploy with multiple mission-control methods possible after minimal training.
Wingspan: 2.96 meters
Optimal flight altitude: 3,000 feet
Flight time: ~20 hours

Tactical’s medium UAV has a wingspan of 5.15 metres and an optimal flight altitude of 5,000 feet, and is designed for primary missions of visual surveillance, radio operations, laser targeting, and weather analysis. It is designed for intuitive assembly and flight management, with operator training under 2 hours.
Wingspan: 5.15 meters
Optimal flight altitude: 5,000 feet
Flight time: ~27 hours (extendable to 33 hours)


Tactical’s medium UAV has a wingspan of 7.0 metres and an optimal flight altitude of 5,000 feet, and is designed for primary missions of visual surveillance, radio operations, laser targeting, weather analysis, and underwater detection. The unit is designed for intuitive assembly and flight management, and operator training is under two hours.
Wingspan: 7.0 meters
Optimal flight altitude: 5,000 feet
Flight time: ~43 hours (extendable to 47 hours)

Tactical’s large UAV has a wingspan of 9.25 metres and an optimal flight altitude of 10000, and is designed for multiple primary missions of visual surveillance, radio operations, laser targeting, weather analysis, and underwater detection. It is designed for intuitive assembly and flight management, and operator training is approximately 15 hours.
Wingspan: 9.25 meters
Optimal flight altitude: 10,000 feet
Flight time: ~51 hours (extendable to 58 hours)

Our UAVs

  U300 U500 U700 U900
Typical Flight Time 19 hours 27 hours 43 hours ~51 hours
Auto Start/Stop Engine  
Auto Feather Prop  
Auto-Launch Capable    
Paired Mode  
# Carbon Fuel Bladders 1 2 2 4
Onboard SSD Option    x2  x3
# of Simultaneous Modules 1 1 2 3
# of Simultaneous Mini-Modules 1 2 2 3
Optimal Cruise Altitude (feet) 3000 5000 5000 10000
Ceiling (feet) 8000 8000 8000 14000
Cruise Speed (knots) 28 28 41 ~68
Weather Module Capable  
Sonar Module Capable    
Satellite Mini-Module Capable    
Emergency Parachute Capable      
Redundant Base Station Capable  

Tactical Services (TTSI)

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