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TOWN MEETING (Selecting Our Leaders) (TOWNM)

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The people select those who represent them in government. This board provides a town meeting environment to discuss the process by which they are selected.

The criteria for selecting our leaders was best described in a quote from an unknown source, cited by Warren Buffet:
"... in looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don't have the first, the other two will kill you."

Our purpose is to consider whether our existing election process produces candidates with these qualities, and, if not, how it can be made to do so.

This board is established through the courtesy of InvestorsHub, an American enterprise, and is conducted in English. However, our discussion is not limited to election processes as practiced in the United States. Our purpose is to consider alternatives. In doing so, we must be careful that we neither expect the unattainable nor sacrifice the realizable.

If our topic generates sufficient thoughtful participation, we will ask iHub to put the Town Meeting in the "Free Zone" to encourage non-members, particularly people interested in philosophy and political science, to contribute.

Off-topic, frivolous or offensive posts are unwelcome.

Our task is formidable. We seek productive participation with a touch of humor to help the flow of ideas. Posts should focus on the selection process and avoid discussion of specific political issues or candidates. Such topics are fraught with emotional triggers. Participants must not only post with courage and honesty, but also with courtesy and respect. Posts should make or counter a point. When one agrees with another poster, their contribution will be more effective if they add insight or logic supporting the point.

To avoid rehashing old points, if participants agree that a point is valid or that some other point is invalid (insofar as our discussion of the election process is concerned), we will cite the point under the appropriate heading below. In addition, to avoid the distraction of tangential discussions, we will post links to subsidiary boards that focus on important related issues.

U. S. CONSTITUTION (Annotated)

Integrity is serving the public interest, regardless of any other interest.
Integrity is a dependent virtue.

ACTIVE DEMOCRACY: #msg-17002018


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Practical Democracy ... http://participedia.net/wiki/Welcome_to_Participedia  (Enter 'Practical Democracy' in the search box on the left side of the main screen)

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#851   LOL! That gave me a good chuckle. IxCimi 10/29/07 04:09:43 PM
#850   re: "My sister winces when we recount it." Koikaze 10/29/07 04:07:08 PM
#849   LOL! I said it that way because my sister IxCimi 10/29/07 03:50:51 PM
#848   Nah ... I was trained as a tail-gunner Koikaze 10/29/07 03:45:57 PM
#847   What? Your fingers won't let you, or what? IxCimi 10/29/07 12:53:36 PM
#846   Thanks, lxCimi Koikaze 10/29/07 08:05:08 AM
#845   Ron Paul has cured the apathy of thousands. IxCimi 10/28/07 04:00:22 AM
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#840   Hi, Terry Koikaze 10/04/07 03:55:25 PM
#839   Fred, empowering people is one way. SamIam 10/02/07 08:35:08 PM
#838   Oh, my, benzdealer, never is a l-o-n-g time. Koikaze 10/02/07 10:37:06 AM
#837   You're asking for a solution that will never benzdealeror2 10/02/07 02:46:40 AM
#836   That may be a solution in the near Koikaze 09/29/07 09:06:19 PM
#835   Refuse to vote unless it is a third benzdealeror2 09/29/07 06:11:09 PM
#834   ...;) StephanieVanbryce 09/28/07 03:53:27 PM
#833   Well, you're not doing a very good job. Koikaze 09/28/07 03:52:28 PM
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#823   Fred,,, I want to finish, SamIam 09/07/07 02:14:42 PM
#822   Fred, Revolution is the result SamIam 09/07/07 02:10:27 PM
#821   To be misled into wars, SamIam 09/07/07 02:00:36 PM
#820   Fred, There's really no way SamIam 09/07/07 01:58:26 PM
#819   Okay Fred, SamIam 09/07/07 01:29:00 PM
#818   Fred, There have been revolutions in the past and SamIam 09/07/07 12:15:51 PM
#817   Hi, Terry Koikaze 09/06/07 06:38:00 PM
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