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4-10-21 update

As promised and threatened, I have started this Board for the primary (but not sole) purpose of providing us with an outlet to chat, be creative, bullshit, tell stories and commiserate with one another After-Hours without fear of deletion of our posts as “off-topic”.   Of course, we will also discuss particular tickers and OTC plays, but given the plethora of boards out there for such purposes, both general and specific, we will keep those discussions pretty limited and general (see below).  This brings me to RULE#1:   WE WILL ONLY POST DURING NON-MARKET HOURS!  Any post made during regular market hours, as well as any responses thereto, will automatically be deleted. The offending poster/responders will be politely warned and reminded of RULE #1, with a 3 strikes and you’re out rule, resulting in a ban from this board.   

It is my also my genuine hope (perhaps naively?) that some board members will eventually develop real-world friendships,  and even better career and business connections, as bringing people together is something that I excel at and truly enjoy doing . I have what has been described as a “billion dollar rolodex” (adjusted for inflation from when it was merely a million dollar rolodex, back in the days when we actually used rolodexes).   As such, I am always available and happy to assist in this regard should you ever find yourself “in need” of career/business/legal introductions on a National/International basis (I have clients and connections across the nation and in most developed countries).   If I do not know the right person directly, I know the person that knows the right person! In this regard, you can think of me as the Kevin Bacon of the business and legal world, although I can often make the connection in far less than 6 degrees!

The biggest challenge I am facing right now is how to best articulate my wishes and intentions for this board with respect to actual tickers and OTC plays. It is inevitable that we of course discuss OTC stocks, trades and opportunities, but given the primary purposes of this board (to be an escape and distaction from the BS on most of the other boards), I am not sure how to handle this.  I am still working on /pondering this, but given the great number of boards/forums devoted to actual stock discussions and ticker plays (not to mention Twitter, Stock-Twits and Twats), I really want to keep that aspect to a minimum, as “Ticker–Specific On-Topic”  posts are actually “OFF TOPIC” ON THIS BOARD!!.  For now, and subject to adjustment and refinement as we move along together, I AM HEREBY REVOKING Preliminary Rule #2:   Each Poster may post up to three (3) Posts per day pertaining to a particular ticker or trade (thus each poster gets 3 tickers a day). Any such post MUST CONTAIN a well-reasoned discussion/explanation (technical or otherwise) of why the poster is posting it here, which is in effect “OFF-TOPIC” and a distraction to our stated goals of education, enlightenment and entertainment.  NOTE AND BE WARNED- pumping or bashing in any form will not be tolerated.  To be clear here, I am really trying to “discourage” these ticker-specific posts, so you MAY NOT post that “XYZ is going to the moon", "will be $5 next month or next year", or that "it is a scam that will crash and burn" or that the "CEO is a scumbag crook".  You may post that you think XYZ is a Good Opportunity for blah blah blah reason, or that you are selling out of XYZ for Blah Blah Blah reason,but that’s it and then you move on.  Other Posters will then be allowed TO RESPOND APPROPRIATELY  ONE RESPONSE EACH to the ticker-specific “Off-Topic” post, where they may politely and respectfully endorse or disagree with the Play (again, with a reasoned explanation to back it up) and then we move on!!.   I know this is a new concept and relatively counter-intuitive, so I will allow some leeway here until we all get on the same page.  BUT LET ME REITERATE- I WANT THIS BOARD TO BE AN ESCAPE FROM THE BS WE DEAL WITH ON EVERY OTHER BOARD AND MAKE IT AS "REAL" AND MEANOINGFUL AS POSSIBLE- ALL THE DRAMA AND NONSENSE, NAME-CALLING, HYPING, BASHING AND TOTAL WASTE OF BREATH THAT POLLUTES THOSE OTHER BOARDS JUST WILL NOT BE TOLERATED HERE.  FOR NOW, WHEN IT COMES TO RULE VIOLATIONS #2, I will simply issue warnings reminding posters that go too far that we are getting too "off topic”,  and direct then to take the discussion to the ticker specific board. I also reserved the right, at any given time, to determine that we have "beat the discussion to death” and there is nothing new to be learned, thus ending the thread/continued line of discussion/debate. 

I think that I’m going to end the DRAFT INTRODUCTION now and for today.  LET ME CLOSE FOR NOW BY SAYING THAT I VIEW THIS AS AN EXPERIMENT.   As a self-confessed student of human nature, I truly believe and think that this Board could be something special- something that I and others will enjoy.  However, I do not intend on spending hours a day monitoring and dealing with any bullshit on this board. I just don’t have the time or inclination to do so.  I'll try to focus and clean it up once in the am EVERY NOW AND AGAIN (time permitting) and once in the evening (again, time permitting) but I have a life that actually exists and thrives off of the Internet.  I am truly hopeful that  this comes something close to what I envision, a place for the free flow “banter” and entertainment in a respectful and mature manner amongst a wide variety of folks with at least ONE THING in common- A love for playing the Pennies!  I do not give a shit if your account has 500 or $500,000 in it –if you violate the stated rules (and there will be MORE!) or treat another poster in a disrespectful manner, you will simply be banned, and I reserve the right to do so without warning.   So if you can’t say something politely and with respect,  just don’t say it at all!  LET’S CALL THIS THE LAW'S GOLDEN RULE RULE #3 FOR NOW.  IN CONCLUSIION, (FOR NOW), SHOULD THIS BOARD FAIL TO ACHIEVE ANY TRACTION, OR STRAY FROM ITS STATED GOALS ANDDETERIORATE INTO JUST ANOTHER I-SCRUB SHOUTING BOARD, I WILL ADMIT DEFEAT AND SIMPLY END IT AS FAST AS ISTARTED IT!
#929   We'll be back- the OTC BB always rises again! The Law (f/k/a emz) 05/04/22 07:59:59 PM
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#917   Sorry MS - I need to monitor this The Law (f/k/a emz) 09/02/21 11:20:04 AM
#916   Nevermind…..uugghh, missile_systems 08/30/21 10:02:36 PM
#915   Law Baby !!!!!! missile_systems 08/30/21 09:04:44 PM
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#913   Counting on you to share the next ‘hot Craigheish 08/19/21 02:00:31 PM
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#902   You moved Craigheish 07/29/21 09:35:52 PM
#901   Thank you for sharing a cool story. cmbnsc 07/14/21 06:57:16 AM
#900   Hey Colin- Thanks for reaching out- I'm out The Law (f/k/a emz) 07/13/21 10:38:24 AM
#899   This post is for THE LAW. Craigheish 07/09/21 02:10:04 PM
#898   That Crew is the worst of the worst- The Law (f/k/a emz) 07/01/21 07:58:29 PM
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#891   Or should I say ..in our yard.lol. moondogaz 06/19/21 06:15:39 PM
#890   Ah hah... She's definitely priming to crash our moondogaz 06/19/21 06:14:57 PM
#889   I hear lots of her ridiculous posts are The Law (f/k/a emz) 06/19/21 04:45:28 PM
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#887   Looks like IHub Karma has bitten the big The Law (f/k/a emz) 06/19/21 12:05:18 PM
#886   There are some great physics videos. Brian Greene, Homebrew 06/18/21 10:30:25 PM
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#883   Yes, but IMO a no brainer if it zombywolf 06/11/21 11:35:57 AM
#882   I assume that is a rhetorical question? The Law (f/k/a emz) 06/11/21 11:13:15 AM
#881   Lets see, you can get about 15 shares zombywolf 06/11/21 10:55:42 AM
#880   She got me too. Of course, being a zombywolf 06/10/21 10:51:18 PM
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#877   https://www.instagram.com/p/CP3YCq5jWlS/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link You Are The Law (f/k/a emz) 06/08/21 07:47:57 PM
#876   Well bless my hairy back, i want a ironman 06/08/21 05:42:31 PM
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