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Special thanks to Durkkdiggler  for his awesome job with the ibox header!

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This board was created to help the novice/inexperienced microcap/penny stock trader avoid those stocks which have large share structures or other issues ( Reverse split offenders, etc.) that would make a return on investment difficult. Most of these stocks have authorized, outstanding, and/or public float in the billions of shares. Could these stocks have a run? Possibly- if one of these stocks reduces their share structure(without doing a reverse split), finds a cure for cancer, or discovers an oil field with reserves of 100 million barrels-then our opinion may change. If you have a daytime gig, or are unable to be near the buy/sell button between 9:30 am and 4:00 pm EST, our intention is to help you from losing your money. Using an unbiased and objective approach, we will attempt to keep up-to-date on the status of all stocks posted here in a timely fashion. Penny/microcap stocks are fast-moving and news can affect a stocks' price in an instant- WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSSES OR PROFITS MISSED DUE TO OUT-DATED INFORMATION ON THIS BOARD. THIS BOARD IS NOT INTENDED TO BASH ANY STOCK, CEO, COMPANY, PRODUCT, OR SERVICE. ANYTHING POSTED HERE SHALL NOT BE CONSTRUED AS INVESTMENT ADVICE, AND IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! YOU MUST DO YOUR OWN DD. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR DECISION TO BUY, SELL, NOT BUY, OR NOT SELL ANY STOCK MENTIONED HERE. Good luck in your trading and welcome to the board :)

Here's a link that alerts name changes/RS's: http://www.otcbb.com/dailylist/

Here's a link to search SOS(secretary of state) filings(this will help you locate how many shares a company is authorized to issue-find out where the company is incorporated and search under "business entity name": http://www.coordinatedlegal.com/SecretaryOfState.html

Here's a board that has most of the TRANSFER AGENTS contact info-some are cooperative, and some are "gagged"(they won't release share info): http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/board.aspx?board_id=10067

ADOT (Advanced Optics Electronics Inc.)  
AGHD (AuGRID Global Holdings,Corp.)  
AMHD (Amelot Holdings, Inc.)  
ARIO (AmeriResource Technologies,Inc.)  
ADSV (Allied Security Innovations,Inc.)    
BHUB (BigHub.com,Inc.)  
BKMP (Blackout Media Corp.)  
BNYN (Banyan Corp.)  
BOLV (Bolivar Mining Corp.-CEASE TRADE ORDER 1/28/08)  
BUNM (Burned Media, Ltd.)  
CBYI (Cal-Bay International,Inc.) 
CONC (Conectisys Corp.) 
CTCK (Coattec Industries,Inc.)  
CTKH (Cetek Technologies,Inc.)   
ECGA (Encompass Group Affiliates,Inc.)   
EWRC (eWorld Companies,Inc.)
FFGO (Fortress Financial Group,Inc.)
FMNJ (Franklin Mining,Inc.)

FNAT (First National Entertainment Corp.) 
FNXC (Fonix Corp.)
GLBT (GlobalNet Corp.)   
IDCN (Indocan Resources,Inc.)  
IMJX (Imagexpres Corp.)   
ISYX (In-Systcom,Inc.) 
IVOI (iVoice,Inc.)   
JNIP (Juniper Group,Inc.)  

MAEI (Made In America Entertainment,Inc.) USED TO BE RAVEN MOON-BUYER BEWARE!!!
MDIN (Med Gen,Inc.)  
MHLI (Marshall Holdings International,Inc.) 
MNTY (Market 99 Ltd.)    
MTPR (MetaPower International,Inc.) 

MTRO (Metro One Development,Inc.)
NXHD (Nexia Holdings,Inc.) 
OOAG (OMDA Oil and Gas,Inc.) 
PABN (PanAmerican BanCorp)

PHMB (PharmaCom BioVet,Inc.) 

PRHB (Pure H2O Bio-Technologies, Inc.)
PYCT (Paychest,Inc.) 

RIND (Russell Industries,Inc.)   
RSGR (Resource Group International,Inc.)
RSMI (Rim Semiconductor Co.)      
SMAS (Somatic Systems,Inc.)  
SMTR (SmarTire Systems,Inc.)
SNRS (Sunrise Consulting Grp.)   
SWVL (Seaway Valley Capital Corp.)  
THRR (Thresher Industries,Inc.)  
TPHM (Thomas Pharmaceuticals,Ltd.) 
TSSP (Trendsetter Solar Products,Inc.) 
TYRIA (Trey Resources,Inc.)  
USXP (Universal Express,Inc.)  
WIFT (Wi-Fi TV,Inc.)  



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#446   PHMB added to GRATEFULLY DEAD, raised A/S to 10B: monda2frida 04/21/09 08:31:56 AM
#444   EWRC FINALLY!!!: monda2frida 04/16/09 09:01:46 PM
#443   4/9/2009 GMFX 1-for-10,000 R/S - GameZnFlix, Inc. Common Stock monda2frida 04/08/09 01:03:08 PM
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#437   PHMB A/S RAISED TO 6B: monda2frida 02/20/09 08:19:41 AM
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#435   hi big, i just checked SOS, still 4B monda2frida 02/11/09 05:32:02 PM
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#433   CXAC - They recently reduced this by 1 bigtuna177 02/11/09 04:42:51 PM
#432   Just a note that one of your favorites, e-ore 02/11/09 04:39:46 PM
#431   MEDV POS: monda2frida 02/04/09 01:50:46 PM
#430   NUBV R/S: monda2frida 01/07/09 01:18:17 PM
#429   RSGR, giving raven moon competition-check out the A/S, lol: monda2frida 01/06/09 07:00:35 PM
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