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Relief Therapeutics   

Dr. Sami Said
The Son of a Coptic Priest & Discoverer of VIP

4/30/2013 Sami I. Said " - The son of a Coptic Priest"Obituary, New York Times - Dr. Sami I. Said Distinguished Professor of Stony Brook University, New York Discoverer of VIP
“The William S. Middleton Award (Middleton Award) is the highest honor awarded annually by the Biomedical Laboratory Research and Development Service (BLR&D) to senior VA biomedical research scientists”
1981 Awarded the Veteran’s Affairs Most Distinguished award The William S. Middleton Award

14 Patents Sami Said Are listed on Google Patent Search

Why VIP is perfectly suited for the Treatment of SARS-CoV-2
VIP Research Papers From ARDS to Cancer
Link to Spreadsheet

Cell Entry Mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2
Cell entry mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2

To fulfill its function, SARS-CoV-2 spike binds to its receptor human ACE2 (hACE2) through its receptor-binding domain (RBD) and is proteolytically activated by human proteases. Here we investigated receptor binding and protease activation of SARS-CoV-2 spike using biochemical and pseudovirus entry assays. Our findings have identified key cell entry mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2. First, SARS-CoV-2 RBD has higher hACE2 binding affinity than SARS-CoV RBD, supporting efficient cell entry. Second, paradoxically, the hACE2 binding affinity of the entire SARS-CoV-2 spike is comparable to or lower than that of SARS-CoV spike, suggesting that SARS-CoV-2 RBD, albeit more potent, is less exposed than SARS-CoV RBD. Third, unlike SARS-CoV, cell entry of SARS-CoV-2 is preactivated by proprotein convertase furin, reducing its dependence on target cell proteases for entry.”

Oswald Cruz Foundation in Brazil Abstract
The neuropeptides VIP and PACAP inhibit SARS-CoV-2 replication in monocytes and lung epithelial cells, decrease the production of proinflammatory cytokines, and VIP levels are associated with survival in severe Covid-19 patients.

 “The neuropeptides VIP and PACAP, which are members of the  Secretin/Glucagon family of peptides, share many biological properties through  their interaction with the G protein-coupled receptors VPAC1, VPAC2 and PAC115.  PACAP binds to all three receptors, with higher affinity to PAC1, while VIP  interacts preferentially with VPAC1 and VPAC215,16. VIP and PACAP are produced  by Th2 CD4+ and CD8+ T cells17–19, and their receptors are expressed by a variety  of cell types, including T cells, macrophages and dendritic cells15. “

List of Pro’s For Holding RLFTF long

• Relief Therapeutics owns the patent to RLF100 and the process for synthesizing it.
• Relief Therapeutics has demonstrated some very very compelling results against COVID19
• RLF100 inhibits the virus from attaching to host cells in the lungs, AND…RLF100 Therapeutics prevents both Bradykinin and cytokine reducing inflammatory response before it begins, negating steroid use potentially
• Relief Therapeutics are already determined safe by the FDA.
• Relief Therapeutics intravenous RLF100 was submitted for EUA on 9/17 – awaiting FDA approval.
• Relief Therapeutics RLF100 clinical trials have reached the interim 102 patients on 9/30 – awaiting results.
• Relief Therapeutics clinical trial for the RLF100 treatment inhaler has been designed, submitted, and is expected to finish this year.
• Relief Therapeutics clinical trial for the RLF100 PREVENTATIVE inhaler has been designed, submitted, and is expected to finish next year.
• Relief Therapeutics show promise for other lung applications beyond Covid, which also need to be studied and tested separately
• Relief Therapeutics signed a Cooperative Agreement with NIH’s Institute of Arthritis and Infectious Diseases to test RLF-100 against the flu virus and other viruses that attack the lungs.
• Relief Therapeutics signed a contract with Bachem Americas to manufacture drug substance for 1 million patients.
• Relief Therapeutics signed a contract with Nephron Pharma to manufacture enough RLF100 for 1 million patients.
• Relief Therapeutics signed a contract with the largest supplier of inhaled sterile drugs in the United States to supply RLF-100 to any US hospital overnight.
• Relief Therapeutics obtained Companionate Care Protocol in Israel and we’re in the process of determining how to service it.
• NeuroRX’s CEO Dr. Javitt is ranked among the top 1% of quoted scientists worldwide, has successfully taken 7 drugs through the FDA process, and has served in key leadership roles under presidents Clinton, Bush Jr, Bush Sr, and Reagan.
• NeuroRX’s Chief of Operations, Robert Bestoff spent his career at Lilly & Pfizer. At Pfizer, he was head of the entire neuro science and pain division, responsible for $10B of their drugs.
• NeuroRX’s Manufacturing Coordinator, Rich Siegel, is the former head of Johnson & Johnson’s drug portfolio.

Website:                      https://relieftherapeutics.com/
Twitter:                           None At Present
Facebook:                      None at Present
Financial reports:        https://relieftherapeutics.com/key-information/
Press Releases:         https://relieftherapeutics.com/news/

Raghuram (Ram) Selvaraju, Ph.D., MBA
Anne Hennecke / Brittney Sojeva
MC Services AG

Ph: +49 (0) 211-529-252-14


Chairman of the Board               Raghuram (Ram) Selvaraju
Vice Chairman                             Dr Jonathan Javitt  
Board Member                             Peter De Svastic
Board Member                             Thomaz Burckhardt
Scientific Advisory Board                  Yves Sagot
Chief Medical Officer                    Gilles Della Corte, M.D.
Chief Financial Officer                   Jack Weinstien 
FINRA Broker Check
Prepared DD Document Unfinished

VP of Finance & Administration       Jeremy Meinen

Relief Insider Trades
9/17/2020 Gael Hedou 1462 Yvond Switzerland “ Beneficial Owner” Purchased Shares 16,375,998
Financial Statements
2020 Half Year Report Relief Therapeutics 
Published 9/15/2020 Auditor’s Mazars

RLFTF Share information from OTCBQ Certification Plus additional New Issues

RLFTF Share Information for primary OTCB Traded Security as of: August 18, 2020

FROM Page 1: RLFTF - OTCQB Listing Certification
Date August 18, 2020

Shares Authorized



Total Shares Outstanding



Number of Restricted Shares



Unrestricted Shares Held by Officers, Directors, 10% Contro l Persons & Affiliates



Public Float: Subtract Lines C and D from Line B



% Public Float: Line E Divided by Line B (as a %)



Number of Beneficial Shareholders of at least 100 shares



Current Market Capitalization @ $0.58 per Share






9/28/2020 Relief Announces Capital Increase from its Final Tranche of the Share Subscription Facility with GEM




Current Total OS Shares






From Page 3: RLFTF - OTCQB Listing Certification
Date August 18, 2020


City & State Or Country

Shares Owned


(converted in 60 days)


(converted in 60 days)

% of Class of shares owned

GEM Global Yield Fund LLC SCS


Beneficial Shareholder:

Christopher Brown, New York






Yves Sagot






Thomaz Burckhardt






Jeremy Meinen



















History of Relief Therapeutics

Relief Therapeutics, SA
1/7/2016 Therametrics and Relief Therapeutics SA " THERAMetrics Holding AG and RELIEF THERAPEUTICS SA have signed a binding agreement to combine their two companies; THERAMetrics holding AG secures CHF 25,000,000 equity financing"

THERAMetrics Holding AG -  Was  Ticker TMX on Swiss SIX

“MondoBIOTECH Holding AG” Changes name to THERAMetrics Holding AG

6/20/2013 MondoBiotech holding AG changes name Therametrics Holding AG
 “ The company changed its name from mondoBIOTECH holding AG to THERAMetrics holding AG as at 20 June 2013”
Notes to the Financial Statements see 1. General Information Page 7
4/12/2012 Mondobiotech Investor Presentation
10 Orphan Drugs in EU and US
19 Patents Granted
81 medicinal Products candidates
22 patent Families filed
312 Peptides to Redirect in Rare disease
Table 7. Mondo Biotech Patents
4/12/2012 MondoBiotech Investor Presentation - 19 Patents in Presentation p. 34
19 Patents in Presentation URL Links to Patents
EP037221710 Can't locate
AU2003236072 https://patents.google.com/patent/AU2003236072A1/en
CN03813424.1 / CN1658896A https://patents.google.com/patent/CN1658896A/en
HK061002126 Can't Locate
NO2004-0488 https://patents.google.com/patent/NO20040488L/en
US7951778 https://patents.google.com/patent/US7951778B2/en
AU2006203749 https://patents.google.com/patent/AU2006203749B2/en
AU2002220729 https://patents.google.com/patent/AU2002220729A1/en?oq=AU2002220729
EP047380795 Can't Locate
US10/564,849 / US20060223748A1 https://patents.google.com/patent/US20060223748A1/en?oq=US10%2f564%2c849
AU2004255379 https://patents.google.com/patent/AU2004255379B2/en?oq=AU2004255379
CN200480024479.7 https://patents.google.com/patent/CN1917898A/en?oq=CN200480024479
EP0607454.2 Can't Locate
AU2006222233 https://patents.google.com/patent/AU2006222233A1/en?oq=AU2006222233
NZ560648 google.com/patent/AU2006222233A1/en?oq=AU2006222233
IN1363/MUMNP/2007 Can't Locate
EP2187925 https://patents.google.com/patent/EP2187925A1/en?oq=EP2187925
EP Number not Notified Yet Unsure
MX Number not notified yet Unsure
Table 8. Mondobiotech Orphan Drug Designation
1.Orphan Drug Designation MondoBiotech Laboratories Anstalt p.35
2. Cash Forums website
Year Agency ODD Designation number Date Sponsorship
2003 EMEA DK-1000 in PAH and CTEPH - VIP for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension and chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension EU/3/03/173 12/23/2003 1. MondoBIOTECH Laboratories Anstalt (Liechtenstein) 12/22/2003
2. Transfered to Biogen Idec Limited (UK) 12/2006
3. MondoBIOTECH Laboratories AG (Furstentum Leichtenstein) 6/2010
2005 FDA DK-1000 in PAH - VIP for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension FDA22 /02/2005 2/22/2005 1. Mondobiotech Laboratories AG Liechtenstein Germany
2005 EMEA interferon gamma DK-1001 in IPF EU/3/05/281 5/30/2005 1. Mondobiotech Laboratories Anstalt, Liechtenstein 5/27/2005
2. InterMune Europe Ltd (UK) 9/2006
2005 FDA DK-1000 in ARDS - VIP Treatment of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. FDA01/06/2005 3/9/2001
1. mondoBIOTECH Liechtenstein Switzerland
2006 EMEA DK-1000 Acute Lung Injury (ALI) EU/3/06/395 8/28/2006 1. mondoBIOTECH Laboratories Liechtenstein 8/28/2006
2007 EMEA DK-1000 in Sarcoidosis EU/3/07/473 9/14//2007 1. mondoBIOTECH Laboratories Anstalt, Leichenstein 9/14/2007
2010 FDA DK-210 alpha melanotropin in Chronic Beryllium Disease FDA02 / 09/2010 2/9/2011 1. Mondobiotech Laboratories AG Liechtenstein Germany
2011 FDA DK-0112 thymopentin in Sarcoidosis FDA04 / 02/2011 4/2/2011 1. Mondobiotech Laboratories AG Liechtenstein Germany
2011 FDA DK-0014 peptide YY in HBV induced Hepatocellular Carcinoma n/a 4/18/2011 1. Mondobiotech Laboratories AG Liechtenstein Germany
2011 EMEA DK-0141 in ALI/ARDS
EU/3/10/744 5/2011 1. Prof Dr Stefan Hippenstiel, Germany, 6/9/2010
2. Transferred to Mondobiotech Laboratories AG, Liechtenstein, in 9/2011
4/5/2012 Annual Report Mondobiotech 2011 Page 10 Unlisted Companies
  • mondoBIOTECH Europe SA, Stans                      Clinical Development
    mondoBIOTECH AG, Stans                                  Licensing Out
    mondoBIOTECH Laboratories AG, Vaduz            Economic and scientific conception of the new approaches in the           healthcare and in the IT area, and their intellectual property protection
    mondoBIOTECh, Inc., Palo Alto                            Currently no operating activities
    Fast TakeTOf AG, Stans                                        Currently no operating activities
    TheraNostics GmbH, München                              In liquidation
    mondoBIOTECH US Inc., New York                   Currently no operating activities

RLF-100 Aviptadil Patent Information

*Note RLF-100, was acquired by RELIEF THERAPEUTICS Holding SA (Swiss Exchange: RLF, OTCBB: RLFTF) from the business combination of RELIEF THERAPEUTICS Holding SA and Therametrics Holding AG in January 2016. THERAMetrics holding AG formerly was known as  MondoBIOTECH holding AG.

Possible IP in Patents

Below are a list of General searches on Mondobiotech, Thereametric and Relief Patents on Google PAtent Search and at WIPO patent search. Without legal evaluation they are to be considered only searches and not authority on whether the patents are  the IP of “Relief Therapeutics Holdings AG” (RLFTF)
86 MondoBiotech AG patents Spreadsheet
WIPO IP PORTAL PAtentscope Search = Mondobiotech Total Hits 898 - RSS

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