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Taking care of our future and our families.... "...Using history as a guide: During the 1990s, it was hard to ignore the stories of overnight stock market millionaires. For a while it seemed that the stock market was a guaranteed way to get rich. Some investors even began to expect their investments to double in value in a matter of months. But as many of those investors learned in 2000, stock market declines are inevitable and can wipe out easily made gains. The Standard & Poor's (S&P) 500 index a useful representation for the U.S. stock market has averaged a 12% annual return since the 1920s. But 12% is a deceptive number because it's only an average. And, in fact, the history of the stock market is littered with dramatic boom and bust cycles. Some years, the S&P 500 may gain as much as 37.5%, as it did in 1981. Other years, like 2000, it may lose 9%. It is only when you average the indexes returns over many years that you arrive at a 12% return. The more extreme years have occasionally fueled investor perception that the market will always go up or that it will stay down forever. As a long-term investor who is focusing on a specific goal, you need to get too worked up about one year's performance. Instead, keep your eye on your chosen benchmark...." http://www.insurancetraders.com/faq/financial_one.html TAX TIPS Very Useful Link: http://www.taxesfortraders.com/cgi/pp/taxinfo.htm tax tips for daytraders: http://www.daytradersbulletin.com/html/general_business.html tax chat for traders: http://www.thestreet.com/basics/tradertaxes/716375.html HEALTH INSURANCE What do I need to know about Managed Care Insurance: HMO, PPO, & and POS plans? An HMO provides comprehensive health services to its members for a prepaid fixed fee, equivalent to an insurance premium. A PPO differs from an HMO in that the PPO has no separate physical facility in which to see patients. Patients visit their family physician and community hospital as they normally would, and if these service providers have contracts with the PPO, services will be paid for by the PPO at the contracted rates. http://www.insurancetraders.com/faq/health_three.html COMPUTER INSURANCE Insurance will cover any homemade or custom-built system, but you will need to have proof of ownership of each of the individual parts within the computer to file a claim. http://www.insurancetraders.com/faq/special_three.html LIFE INSURANCE How much Life Insurance do I need? Every person has a different idea of what financial security means. If so, should happen to you, how much money would you family need? You should consider: - Your current debt. - Expenses your family can expect to pay after your death. - Your family needs. A general, rule of thumb to calculate your life insurance needs is to multiply your annual salary by seven. LTD - Long Term Disability http://www.pueblo.gsa.gov/cic_text/employ/lt-disability/insurance.htm LTC- Long Term Care ...etc, etc, etc..... This board is designed with every intent to become aware of benefits that would apply to a professional trader or any independent contractor. Perhaps you are not certain of your choices? Every person has their own situations, and questions. Hopefully this board can create an ongoing forum of great links and helpful tools from the experiences gained from ihubbers who have already made great (or lousy) choices. Please feel free to contribute any and all information, as some posters are considering becoming self employed through the market activities. We can all win here.
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#1   hello all, this board is set up to badknees29 07/28/06 07:39:44 AM
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