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Survivor 2020: Cast

Adam Klein (28)

Winner of “Millennials vs. Gen-X” (2016)

Hometown: Burlingame, CA

Current Residence: Los Angeles

Occupation: Keynote Speaker and Host

Amber Mariano (40)

Winner of “All-Stars” (2004)

Hometown: Beaver, PA

Current Residence: Pensacola, FL

Occupation: Director of Marketing and Communications

Ben Driebergen (36)

Winner of “Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers” (2017)

Hometown: Boise, ID

Current Residence: Boise, ID

Occupation: Real estate/stay at home dad

Danni Boatwright (43)

Winner of “Guatemala” (2005)

Hometown: Tonganoxie, KS

Current Residence: Shawnee, KS

Occupation: Owner of Sideline Chic

Denise Stapley (48)

Winner of “Philippines” (2012)

Hometown: Marion, Iowa

Current Residence: Marion, Iowa

Occupation: LMHC, & AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

Ethan Zohn (45)

Winner of “Africa” (2001)

Hometown: Lexington, MA

Current Residence: Hillsborough, NH

Occupation: Social Entrepreneur and Keynote Speaker

Jeremy Collins (41)

Winner of “Second Chance” (2015)

Hometown: Cambridge, MA

Current Residence: Foxboro, MA

Occupation: Firefighter

Kim Spradlin-Wolfe (36)

Winner of “One World” (2012)

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Current Residence: San Antonio, Texas

Occupation: Interior Designer

Michele Fitzgerald (29)

Winner of “Kaôh Rong” (2016)

Hometown: Freehold, NJ

Current Residence: Hoboken, NJ

Occupation: Business Development Manager

Natalie Anderson (33)

Winner of “San Juan del Sur” (2014)

Hometown: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Current Residence: Edgewater, NJ

Occupation: CrossFit Trainer

Nick Wilson (28)

Winner of “David vs. Goliath” (2018)

Hometown: Williamsburg, KY

Current Residence: Williamsburg, KY

Occupation: Attorney

Parvati Shallow (36)

Winner of “Fans vs. Favorites” (2008)

Hometown: Atlanta

Current Residence: Los Angeles

Occupation: Yoga teacher, Life Coach, and Speaker

Rob Mariano (43)

Winner of “Redemption Island” (2011)

Hometown: Boston, MA

Current Residence: Pensacola, FL

Occupation: Construction

Sandra Diaz-Twine (44)

Winner of “Pearl Islands” (2003) & “Heroes vs. Villains” (2010)

Hometown: Stamford, CT

Current Residence: Riverview. FL

Occupation: Case Manager at a Law Firm

Sarah Lacina (34)

Winner of “Game Changers” (2017)

Hometown: Muscatine, Iowa

Current Residence: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Occupation: Police Officer

Sophie Georgina Clarke (29)

Winner of “South Pacific” (2011)

Hometown: Willsboro, NY

Current Residence: Santa Monica, CA

Occupation: Healthcare Consultant

Anthony “Tony” Vlachos (45)

Winner of “Cagayan” (2014)

Hometown: Jersey City, NJ

Current Residence: Allendale, NJ

Occupation: Police Officer

Tyson Apostol (39)

Winner of “Blood vs. Water” (2013)

Hometown: Lindon, Utah

Current Residence: Mesa, AZ

Occupation: Son, husband, father, friend.

Wendell Holland (35)

Winner of “Ghost Island” (2018)

Hometown: Philadelphia

Current Residence: Philadelphia

Occupation: Furniture Designer

Yul Kwon (44)

Winner of “Cook Islands” (2006)

Hometown: Concord, CA

Current Residence: Los Altos, CA

Occupation: Product Management


Hi all, this is just a warning to all reading this board. Please DO NOT read this board until you have watched the episode.
People on the east coast would like to post about the episode during and after the show. If you missed the episode, please do not read this board until you see it!

#10547  Sticky Note https://ew.com/recap/survivor-season-40-premiere/ fung_derf 02/14/20 10:02:05 AM
#10522  Sticky Note https://survivorfandom.com/tag/survivor-2020/ Susie, you need to make a sticky fung_derf 02/06/20 01:27:05 PM
#10617   Yes. Isn't that awesome?! I've been removed from fung_derf 06/23/20 01:15:46 PM
#10616   I just found out if I don’t post Susie924 06/23/20 12:46:50 PM
#10615   After that much time, I expected a better response. fung_derf 06/23/20 12:45:51 PM
#10614   Me too. Susie924 06/23/20 12:39:33 PM
#10613   Interesting fung_derf 05/14/20 03:03:14 PM
#10612   I hate when that happens! fung_derf 05/14/20 02:17:12 PM
#10611   I typed up a long response and then Susie924 05/14/20 01:36:05 PM
#10610   So.....there it was. The end to what I'd fung_derf 05/14/20 11:40:44 AM
#10609   The networks are desperate. Susie924 05/13/20 03:10:56 PM
#10608   Wait. There's a show about other people watching fung_derf 05/13/20 02:33:01 PM
#10607   Did you watch the show about celebrities watching Susie924 05/13/20 02:22:29 PM
#10606   Season ender tonight. Considering the shortage on new fung_derf 05/13/20 01:18:38 PM
#10605   But as long as you liked the question fung_derf 05/01/20 01:36:32 PM
#10604   Good question and I don’t know the answer Susie924 05/01/20 01:13:56 PM
#10603   My question is also, Jeff always says that fung_derf 05/01/20 01:00:50 PM
#10602   Why in the world did they let Tony Susie924 05/01/20 12:55:39 PM
#10601   Still the best season of Survivor yet! fung_derf 04/30/20 02:33:01 PM
#10600   Sarah, Sophie, Susie...who can keep all the names straight? fung_derf 04/23/20 02:09:26 PM
#10599   And Sarah's getting voted out was a complete Susie924 04/23/20 02:07:36 PM
#10598   I am ready to dub this season's Survivor fung_derf 04/23/20 02:06:26 PM
#10597   Why does Tony deem himself a lion? fung_derf 04/09/20 11:34:29 AM
#10596   I recall you not liking him, and like fung_derf 04/06/20 11:26:41 AM
#10595   I used to really dislike Tyson but this Susie924 04/03/20 04:15:53 PM
#10594   Well, he's gone-ish….can still come back in apparently. fung_derf 04/03/20 03:48:05 PM
#10593   Isn’t he gone already? Susie924 04/03/20 03:45:25 PM
#10592   Yul fung_derf 04/03/20 03:42:22 PM
#10591   Who are you rooting for? Susie924 04/03/20 03:41:06 PM
#10590   So, this week Tyson gets back into the fung_derf 04/03/20 02:36:21 PM
#10589   Can't blame ya. fung_derf 03/26/20 05:40:42 PM
#10588   I haven’t looked at the package that they Susie924 03/26/20 05:39:15 PM
#10587   I would agree with that. Diplomacy is long fung_derf 03/26/20 05:29:08 PM
#10586   People in power need to be very careful Susie924 03/26/20 05:17:01 PM
#10585   You know as well as anyone that the fung_derf 03/26/20 04:57:54 PM
#10584   Did you hear anywhere in the video him fung_derf 03/26/20 04:53:17 PM
#10583   I may give up my life for my Susie924 03/26/20 04:33:02 PM
#10582   I just listened to the video you posted Susie924 03/26/20 04:28:03 PM
#10581   BTW, I've told my kids pretty much the fung_derf 03/26/20 03:55:24 PM
#10580   No, but that's the spin fung_derf 03/26/20 03:25:54 PM
#10579   ….another reason you should have moved to Texas Susie924 03/26/20 03:22:06 PM
#10578   Wow. knock on wood, but I don't know fung_derf 03/26/20 03:19:13 PM
#10577   I don’t think I have it but I Susie924 03/26/20 03:09:42 PM
#10576   Glad to hear you don't have the coronas. fung_derf 03/26/20 12:29:04 PM
#10575   Adam drives me crazy with his paranoia. Although fung_derf 03/26/20 12:28:32 PM
#10574   I couldn’t come out until I watched it, Susie924 03/26/20 12:25:33 PM
#10573   I was also sad to see Yul go. Susie924 03/26/20 12:24:19 PM
#10572   BTW, I think not voting out Wendell was fung_derf 03/26/20 11:26:35 AM
#10571   https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/survivor-winners-war-cast-members-140043216. fung_derf 03/26/20 11:19:38 AM
#10570   You can come out. I'm pretty sure I fung_derf 03/26/20 11:08:37 AM
#10569   Quite sad this morning. Yul was by far fung_derf 03/26/20 10:38:17 AM
#10568   Tony is a whackjob! Susie924 03/20/20 02:06:11 PM
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