Likes Subject
ACCR moved from Grey to Pink. creede 10/19/19 12:21 AM
AMMX Amerimex uplisted to OTCQB NASDAQ2020 07/31/19 10:16 PM
3PEA International, Inc. Files Application for NASDAQ Capital dffhogs 06/07/18 10:27 AM
TPNL looking to uplist: Mermelstein 03/27/18 5:02 PM
NTRP to uplist MikeDDKing 03/27/17 12:38 PM
OMNT uplist steeledge 03/08/17 9:14 AM
MTNB uplist: steeledge 02/27/17 8:36 AM
SGLB just uplisted steeledge 02/17/17 12:44 PM
AUXOD Auxilio Announces Trading on NYSE MKT to steeledge 02/09/17 2:30 PM
GNUS plans to uplist - MikeDDKing 11/08/16 11:58 AM
TPIV to uplist.... MikeDDKing 11/03/16 1:17 PM
XBIO to uplist MikeDDKing 11/01/16 12:39 PM
CAFN files form 8-A MikeDDKing 10/11/16 4:31 PM
SNGXD prepares to uplist: MikeDDKing 10/07/16 8:53 AM
BMRA to uplist... MikeDDKing 08/23/16 3:49 PM
CAFN to uplist MikeDDKing 07/28/16 6:59 PM
MRIC is uplisting MikeDDKing 07/06/16 10:52 AM
Socket Mobile To Commence Trading On The NASDAQ MikeDDKing 06/20/16 8:12 AM
SCKT just filed their 8-A12B. MikeDDKing 06/17/16 2:58 PM
VIVMF to uplist MikeDDKing 06/13/16 7:08 PM
TALK is planning to uplist Tesla_se 05/30/16 1:13 PM
Unless you know something that I don't I MikeDDKing 05/13/16 1:23 AM
Mike DD King, I would be interested in wakl 05/12/16 5:47 PM
Mike DD King, I would be interested in wakl 05/12/16 5:46 PM
ALJ Regional Holdings, Inc. Announces Approval For Listing MikeDDKing 05/11/16 8:58 PM
WEYL about to make the jump. Elcappy1 05/10/16 1:05 PM
ALJJ ALJ Regional Holdings, Inc. Announces Approval For steeledge 05/10/16 12:00 PM
SCKT is my second largest holding. MikeDDKing 05/10/16 9:44 AM
Socket Mobile Submits Listing Application For The NASDAQ MikeDDKing 05/10/16 9:44 AM
CDXC plans uplist MikeDDKing 04/12/16 4:07 PM
EVSNF announces a vote on a reverse split MikeDDKing 04/01/16 9:43 AM
IZEA to Begin Trading on NASDAQ Capital Market MikeDDKing 02/25/16 11:40 AM
IZEA Announces Reverse Stock Split in Preparation for MikeDDKing 01/11/16 9:35 AM
IZEA Prepares for Uplisting to Trade on NASDAQ MikeDDKing 12/22/15 2:13 PM
OMNTD uplists.... MikeDDKing 11/17/15 5:46 PM
Daily MikeDDKing 11/15/15 7:57 PM
Keep them coming if you can, I appreciate whiskeysausage 11/15/15 7:14 PM
I find them by combing through filings. MikeDDKing 11/15/15 6:15 PM
MikeDD, where do you find your uplisting info? whiskeysausage 11/15/15 5:13 PM
SBOTF to uplist - MikeDDKing 11/04/15 9:35 AM
COYN to uplist.... MikeDDKing 10/29/15 5:24 PM
AVXL Announces Uplisting to NASDAQ steeledge 10/26/15 8:51 AM
Did you see their board members? They have CyclicalTrader88 10/16/15 5:32 PM
CURM I think it's interesting but I wouldn't Trent Blair 10/16/15 5:13 PM
still following $CURM? Do you think it is CyclicalTrader88 10/16/15 1:54 PM
TTNP to uplist. MikeDDKing 10/10/15 1:16 PM
WMIH (former Washington Mutual HoldCo.) up-listing to NASDAQ JusticeWillWin 09/25/15 3:03 AM
WMIH to uplist MikeDDKing 09/23/15 10:15 PM
Staffing 360 Solutions Announces Reverse Stock Split in MikeDDKing 09/16/15 7:55 PM
PSTO announces their intent to uplist. It MikeDDKing 09/16/15 10:48 AM
Likes Subject

10/19/19 12:21 AM
07/31/19 10:16 PM
03/27/18 5:02 PM
03/08/17 9:14 AM
02/27/17 8:36 AM
02/17/17 12:44 PM
11/03/16 1:17 PM
11/01/16 12:39 PM
10/11/16 4:31 PM
10/07/16 8:53 AM
08/23/16 3:49 PM
07/28/16 6:59 PM
07/06/16 10:52 AM
06/17/16 2:58 PM
06/13/16 7:08 PM
05/30/16 1:13 PM
05/13/16 1:23 AM
05/10/16 1:05 PM
05/10/16 9:44 AM
04/12/16 4:07 PM
04/01/16 9:43 AM
02/25/16 11:40 AM
11/17/15 5:46 PM
11/15/15 7:57 PM
11/15/15 7:14 PM
11/15/15 6:15 PM
11/15/15 5:13 PM
10/29/15 5:24 PM
10/26/15 8:51 AM
10/16/15 5:32 PM
Trent Blair
10/16/15 5:13 PM
10/16/15 1:54 PM
10/10/15 1:16 PM
09/23/15 10:15 PM
09/16/15 10:48 AM

Superstar Uplisters

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Superstar Sound


   All things past, present, and future pertaining to uplisting stocks. 

Uplisting occurs when a company moves at least one place upwards on the list below:


On this thread, here are some of the key points of discussion as they pertain to uplisting.

  • Grey Sheets
  • Pink Sheets
  • OTC-BB
  • Form 211 (SEC Rule 15c2-11)
  • Unsolicted Status
  • AF's - Audited Financials
  • Registration statements such as 10-12g
  • SEC
  • Timeframes
  • OTC Compliance Office
  • AMEX/Nasdaq listing requirements
  • Historic List of Superstar Uplisters

And everything in between!


Important Links

OTC-BB Daily List
OTC Compliance
SOS Searches
EDGAR Company Search
ADVFN Company Search
AMEX listing requirements
Nasdaq listing requirements
NYSE & Arca requirements
OTC-BB Graduation List
Recent AMEX listings




Historical Superstars
 Company Name   Ticker Date of Uplist Moderator of IHub Thread Superstar Honors Link to Chart
  Chancellor Group Inc  CHAG.ob  02/13/09  MWM  nsomniyak  







Planned Uplist from OTCBB to AMEX/Nasdaq
Company Name Ticker Exchange

Date of
First Public

Poster Post Date Link




Planned Uplist from Pinksheets to OTCBB

Company Name

Ticker A/S Exchange Solicited/Form 211 SEC LISTED Date of First Public Mention Poster Posted Date


Hollund Industrial, Inc. HLLD 500MM Pinksheets Yes Yes January 17, 2008 brikk 07/15/2008
Market & Research Corp. MTRE 150MM Pinksheets Yes  Yes  July 7, 2008 NorthLion 07/24/2008
Fuel Nation FLNA 1.5B Greysheets No Yes July 3, 2008 stock_observer_77 08/04/2008



Recent Uplists
Company Old Ticker

New Ticker

Uplist Date New Venue Poster
Timberline Resources Corp. TBCL.OB TLR 05/12/08 AMEX TechKim
New York Mortgage Trust, Inc. NYMO.OB NYMT 06/05/08 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Bridge Bancorp, Inc. BDGE.OB BDGE 06/09/08 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
China INSOnline Corp. CHIO.OB CHIO 07/01/08 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Ever-Glory International Group EVGY.OB EVK 07/16/08 AMEX MikeDDKing
Wuhan General Group (China), Inc WUHN.OB WUHN 07/18/08 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Tongxin International Ltd. TXICF.OB TXIC 07/23/08 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Sinoenergy Corporation SINE.OB SNEN 07/28/08 Nasdaq db7
China Cablecom Holdings, Ltd. CCCHF.OB CABL 07/30/08 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
China TransInfo Technology Corp. CTFO.OB CTFO  07/31/08  Nasdaq  pnnymn
HLS Systems International, Ltd. HLSYF.OB HOLI 08/01/08 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Cubic Energy, Inc. QBIK.OB QBC 08/04/08 AMEX MSGI
Primoris Corporation RPSD.OB PRIM 08/04/08 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
China Infrastructure Investment Corporation CIIV.OB CIIC 08/12/08 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Unify Corp. UFYC.OB UNFY 08/25/08 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Aero Performance Products AERP.PK AERP.OB 08/26/08 OTC-BB fourkids_9pets
Chyron CGS CHYR 09/03/08 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
ePlus inc. PLUS.PK PLUS 09/03/08 Nasdaq 2morrowsGains
Graymark Healthcare, Inc. GRMH.OB GRMH 09/10/08 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Tianyin Pharmaceutical, Co., Inc., TYNP.OB TPI  10/01/08  AMEX  2morrowsGains 
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. MXIM.PK MXIM 10/08/08 Nasdaq NorthLion
HealthFitness Corporation HFIC.OB FIT 10/22/08 AMEX MikeDDKing
China-Biotics, Inc. CHBT.OB CHBT 10/23/08 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
BroadVision, Inc. BVIS.OB BVSN 11/10/08 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Emergent Group Inc. EMGP.OB LZR 11/10/08 AMEX MikeDDKing
The Bank of Kentucky Financial Corp. BKYF.OB BKYF 11/24/08 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
BioSpecifics Technologies Corp. BSTC.OB BSTC 01/09/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Oak Valley Bancorp OVLY.OB OVLY 01/15/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
DNB Financial Corporation DNBF.OB DNBF 01/21/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
SmartHeat Inc. SMHT.OB HEAT 01/19/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Seven Arts Pictures PLC Common Stock  SEVAF.OB SAPX 02/13/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Impax Laboratories, Inc. IPXL.OB IPXL 03/16/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Tower Bancorp Inc. TOBC.OB TOBC 04/06/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Sharps Compliance Corp SCOM.OB SMED 05/06/09 Nasdaq Knowledge is King
Universal Travel Group UTVL.OB UTA 05/28/09 AMEX MikeDDKing
IEC Electronics Corp. IECE.OB IEC 06/09/09 AMEX MikeDDKing
China North East Petroleum Holdings Limited CNEH.OB NEP 06/15/09 AMEX MikeDDKing
China Bio Energy Holding Co, CBEH.OB CBEH 06/26/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Skystar Bio-Pharmaceutical Company SKBO.OB SKBI 06/26/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
China Auto Logistics Inc. CALG.OB CALI 06/30/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
RINO International RINO.OB RINO 07/13/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Conmed Healthcare Management, Inc. CMHM.OB CONM 07/15/09 AMEX MikeDDKing
Deer Consumer Products, Inc. DCPD.OB DEER 07/17/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
China Education Alliance, Inc. CEUA.OB CEU 07/20/09 AMEX MikeDDKing
Interstate Hotels & Resorts, Inc IHRI.OB IHR 07/28/09 NYSE MikeDDKing
China Ritar Power Corp. CRTP.OB CRTP 08/02/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
SinoHub, Inc SIHI.OB SIHI 08/07/09 AMEX MikeDDKing
KIT digital, Inc. KDGL.OB KITD 08/13/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
China Nutrifruit Group Limited CNGL.OB CNGL 08/27/09 AMEX MikeDDKing
Yongye International, Inc. YGII.OB YONG 09/03/09 Nasdaq Knowledge is King
American Lorain Corporation ALRC.OB ALN 09/04/09 AMEX MikeDDKing
Cavico Corp. CAVO.OB CAVO 09/18/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
China Agritech, Inc. CTEC.OB CAGC 09/21/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Hudson Valley Holding Corp. HUVL.OB HUVL 09/21/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Puda Coal, Inc. PUDZ.OB PUDA 09/22/09 AMEX MikeDDKing
China Pharma Holdings, CPHI.OB CPHI 09/30/09 AMEX MikeDDKing
AutoChina International Limited AUCLF.OB AUTC 10/05/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Winner Medical Group Inc. WWIN.OB WWIN 10/08/09 AMEX MikeDDKing
Lightbridge Corporation LTBG.OB LTBR 10/09/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Nature's Sunshine Products, Inc. NATR.OB NATR 10/12/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
American DG Energy Inc. ADGE.OB ADGE  10/16/09  AMEX  MikeDDKing
QKL Stores, Inc. QKLS.OB QKLS 10/21/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
First Chester County Corporation FCEC.OB FCEC 10/23/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Gulf Resources, Inc. GRUS.OB GFRE 10/27/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
BioTime, Inc. BTIM.OB BTIM 10/30/09 AMEX MikeDDKIng
Yuhe International, Inc. YUII.OB YUII 10/30/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
China Advanced Construction Materials Group, Inc. CADC.OB CADC 11/02/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
interCLICK, Inc. INRK.OB ICLK 11/05/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Pacific Asia Petroleum, Inc. PFAP.OB PAP 11/05/09 AMEX MikeDDKing
Emclaire Financial Corp Common Stock  EMCF.OB EMCF 11/06/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Zagg Incorporated ZAGG.OB ZAGG 11/10/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Golden Green Enterprises Limited GGEEF.OB CHOP 11/10/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
China Valves Technology, Inc. CVVZ.OB CVVT 11/16/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
China Cord Blood CNDZF.OB CO 11/18/09 NYSE ChinaStockPicker
Westwood One, Inc. WWOZ.OB WWON 11/20/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
China XD Plastics Company Limited CXDC.OB CXDC 11/27/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
China Yida Holding, Co. CNDH.OB CNYD 12/07/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd TATPF.OB TAT 12/08/09 AMEX MikeDDKing
Crimson Exploration Inc. CXPO.OB CXPO 12/17/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Funtalk China Holdings FTLKF.OB FTLK 12/17/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Orient Paper, Inc. ORPN.OB ONP 12/17/09 AMEX MikeDDKing
Westway Group, Inc. WTWG.OB WWAY 12/21/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Shengkai Innovations, Inc. SKII.OB SHE 12/22/09 AMEX MikeDDKing
China Wind Systems, Inc. CHWY.OB CWS 12/29/09 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Libbey, Inc. LYBI.OB LBY 01/04/10 AMEX MikeDDKing
ATS Corporation ATCT.OB ATSC 01/05/10 AMEX MikeDDKing
Essex Rental Corp ERNT.OB ESSX 01/13/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Oxygen Biotherapeutics, Inc. OXBT.OB OXBT 01/15/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Bell Microproducts Inc. BELM.OB BELM 01/22/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Capital Gold Corporation CGLDD.OB CGC 02/02/10 AMEX MikeDDKing
China Armco Metals, Inc. CNAM.OB CNAM 02/10/10 AMEX MikeDDKing
Celsius Holdings, Inc. CSUH.OB CELH 02/10/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Derma Sciences, Inc. DSCID.OB DSCI 02/10/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
L&L Energy, Inc. LLEN.OB LLEN 02/18/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
SinoCoking Coal and Coke Chemical Industries, Inc. SCOK.OB SCOK 02/18/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
China GengSheng Minerals, Inc. CHGS.OB CHGS 03/04/10 AMEX MikeDDKing
ChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc. CHNT.OB CNET 03/04/10 AMEX MikeDDKing
Subaye, Inc. SBAY.OB SBAY 03/16/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Spectrum Brands Inc. SPEB.OB SPB 03/18/10 NYSE MikeDDKing
China Recycling Energy Corporation CREG.OB CREG 03/22/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Eagle Bancorp, Inc. EBMT.OB EBMTD 04/05/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Cereplast, Inc. CERP.OB CERP 04/13/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company, Inc. CAXGD.OB AXN 04/14/10 AMEX MikeDDKing
Biostar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. BSPM.OB BSPM 04/23/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
OCZ Technology Group Inc OCZT.OB OCZ 04/23/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Wowjoint Holdings Limited WJHCF.OB BWOW 05/05/10 Nasdaq steeledge
Miller Petroleum, Inc. MILL.OB MILL 05/06/10 Nasdaq Knowledge is King
eMagin Corporation EMAN.OB EMAN 05/18/10 AMEX MikeDDKing
Ecotality, Inc. ETLE.OB ECTY 05/20/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Jingwei International JNGW.OB JNGW 05/20/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
National American University Holdings, Inc. NAUH.OB NAUH 05/27/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Jiangbo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. JGBO.OB JGBO 06/08/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
CyberDefender Corporation CYDE.OB CYDE 06/09/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Sino Clean Energy Inc. SCLX.OB SCEI 06/14/10 Nasdaq realfast95
ARMOUR Residential REIT, Inc. AMRR.OB ARR 06/16/10 AMEX MikeDDKing
Six Flags Entertainment Corporation SXFL.OB SIX 06/21/10 NYSE MikeDDKing
Asia Entertainment & Resources Ltd. AERCF.OB AERL 07/02/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Technical Communications Corporation TCCO.OB TCCO 07/14/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Longwei Petroleum Investment Holding Limited LPIH.OB LPH 07/22/10 AMEX realfast95
Park Sterling Bank PSTB.OB PSTB 08/13/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
New Energy Systems NEWN.OB NEWN 08/16/10 AMEX MikeDDKing
Kingold Jewelry Inc. KGJI.OB KGJI 08/18/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Gold Resource Corporation GORO.OB GORO 08/30/10 AMEX MikeDDKing
China HGS Real Estate, Inc. CAHS.OB HGSH 09/13/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Charter Communications, Inc. CCMM.OB CHTR 09/14/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Keyuan Petrochemicals, Inc. KYNP.OB KEYP 09/15/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Charter Financial Corp. CHFN.OB CHFN 09/29/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
NF Energy Saving Corporation NFECD.OB NFEC 10/04/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Western Liberty Bancorp WLBC.OB WLBC 10/29/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Park City Group, Inc. PCYG.OB PCYG 11/02/10 AMEX MikeDDKing
China Ceramics Co., Ltd CCLTF.OB CCCL 11/03/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Triangle Petroleum Corporation TPLM.OB TPLM 11/05/10 AMEX MikeDDKing
UniTek Global Services, Inc. UGLBD.OB UNTK 11/11/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Uni-Pixel, Inc. UNXL.OB UNXLD 12/10/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
China Shengda Packaging Group, Inc. CPAK.OB CPGI 12/10/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
CleanTech Innovations, Inc. EVCP.OB CTEK 12/15/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Dynasil Corporation of America DYSL.OB DYSL 12/17/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
ACNB Corporation ACNB.OB ACNB 12/20/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
SGOCO Technology, Ltd SGTLF.OB SGOC 12/20/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Home Federal Bancorp, Inc. HFBL.OB HFBLD 12/22/10 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Accuride Corporation ACUZ.OB ACW 12/22/10 NYSE MikeDDKing
InfuSystems Holdings, Inc. INHI.OB INFU 12/23/10 AMEX MikeDDKing
iBio, Inc. IBPM.OB IBIO 01/04/11 AMEX MikeDDKing
Visteon Corporation VSTO.OB VC 01/10/11 NYSE MikeDDKing
China Shandong Industries, Inc. CSNHD CPGY 01/21/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Quepassa Corporation QPSA.OB QPSA 01/21/11 AMEX MikeDDKing
Earthstone Energy, Inc. BSICD.OB ESTE 01/26/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
U.S. Concrete, Inc. USCR.OB USCR 02/01/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Western Copper Corp WCPCF.PK WRN 02/09/11 AMEX MikeDDKing
Neoprobe Corporation NEOP.OB NEOP 02/10/11 AMEX MikeDDKing
Points International Ltd. PTSED.OB PCOM 02/10/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
GSI Group, Inc. LASR.PK GSIG 02/14/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Voyager Oil & Gas, Inc. VYOG.OB VOG 03/01/11 AMEX MikeDDKing
SED International Holdings, Inc. SECX.PK SED 03/01/11 AMEX MikeDDKing
Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation VTSS.PK VTSS 03/02/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Bacterin International Holdings, Inc. BIHI.OB BONE 03/07/11 AMEX MikeDDKing
FutureFuel Corp. FTFL.OB FF 03/23/11 NYSE MikeDDKing
Southwall Technologies SWTXD.PK SWTX 03/30/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
State Bank Financial Corporation STBZ.OB STBZ 04/13/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Loncor Resources Inc. LNRFF.PK LON 04/27/11 AMEX MikeDDKing
Asia Pacific Wire & Cable Corp., Ltd. AWRCF.OB APWC 04/29/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
T3 Motion, Inc. TMMM.OB TTTM 05/16/11 AMEX MikeDDKing
Blueknight Energy Partners, L. P. BKEP.PK BKEP 05/16/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Ampio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. AMPE.OB AMPE 05/19/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Quest Rare Minerals LTD. QSURF.PK QRM 05/23/11 AMEX MikeDDKing
Cover-All Technologies Inc. COVR.PK COVR 05/25/11 AMEX MikeDDKing
Wi-LAN Inc WILIF.PK WILN 06/01/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Comstock Mining, Inc. LODE.OB LODE 06/10/11 AMEX MikeDDKing
Theratechnologies, Inc. THTCF.PK THER 06/15/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Primus Telecommunications Group, Inc. PMUG.OB PTGI 06/23/11 NYSE MikeDDKing
API Technologies Corp. ATNY.OB ATNY 06/27/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Echo Therapeutics, Inc. ECTE.OB ECTE 06/29/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
57th Street General Acquisition Corp CRMB.OB CRMB 06/30/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Hawaiian Telcom Holdco, Inc. HWLT.PK HCOM 07/06/11 Nasdaq MikdDDKing
Mitek Systems, Inc. MITK.OB MITK 07/14/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Saratoga Resources, Inc. SROE.PK SARA 07/20/11 AMEX MikeDDKing
WisdomTree Investments, Inc. WSDT.PK WETF 07/26/11 Nasdaq MIkeDDKing
Synergy Resources Corporation SYRG.OB SYRG 07/27/11 AMEX MikeDDKing
Lake Shore Gold Corp LSGGF.PK LSG 08/01/11 AMEX MikeDDKing
Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. ASGMF.OB ASM 08/02/11 AMEX MikeDDKing
Orbital Corporation Ltd OBTMY.OB OBT 08/25/11 AMEX MikeDDKing
LCNB Corp. LCNB.OB LCNB 09/08/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
INX Inc. INXI.PK INXI 09/12/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Farmers National Banc Corp. FMNB.OB FMNB 09/15/11 Nasdaq MikdDDKing
Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. FVITF.PK FSM 09/19/11 NYSE MikeDDKing
eGain Communications EGAN.OB EGAN 10/12/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Recovery Energy, Inc. RECVD.OB RECV 11/02/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Timmins Gold Corp. TMGOF.PK TGD 11/04/11 AMEX MikeDDKing
Nortek, Inc. NTKS.OB NTK 11/15/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Synergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc. SGYP.PK SGYPD 12/01/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Tasman Metals Ltd. TASXF.PK TAS 12/02/11 AMEX MikeDDKing
Elephant Talk Communications Corp. ETAK.OB ETAK 12/05/11 AMEX MikeDDKing
Glowpoint, Inc. GLOW.OB GLOW 12/15/11 AMEX MikeDDKing
Coronado Biosciences, Inc. CNDO.OB CNDO 12/19/11 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Radiant Logistics, Inc. RLGT.OB RLGT 01/11/12 AMEX MikeDDKing
Bank of the James Financial Group, Inc. BOJF.OB BOTJ 01/25/12 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
Hicks Acquisition Company II, Inc. HKAC.OB HKAC 02/01/12 Nasdaq MikeDDKing
CUI Global, Inc. CUGO.OB CUI 02/17/12 Nasdaq MikeDDKing


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