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Stinkeye Aggressive Growth Fund (SAGF)

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Last Post: 3/26/2007 5:17:38 PM - Followers: 4 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 0

Just an update for everyone who hasn't witnessed what's transpired over the weekend. Our friend Defender has created a new alias that just happens to be my name. As if that wasn't bad enough, Defender is posting to other boards using my name saying ever so intelligent and witty things like "I like to touch myself." Now aside from illustrating that Defender is a complete and utter waste of human life, this individual has CLEARLY stepped over the legal and moral lines of what is acceptable in a public forum. Personally, I probably wouldn't hesitate to post my name publicly (in fact many of you know it already), however, it is NOT ACCEPTABLE for Defender to make that decision for me completely lacking my consent. This is just bizarre to me how someone can be so devoid of any redeeming qualities and has nothing better to do than to personally accost a complete stranger just because they disagree on the future of a certain company. I would love to know what happened between Defender and IFUE to result in such a vile and morally bankrupt human being. Since the Admin here is having difficulty blocking Defender, I have no choice but to discontinue posting on IHUB. If you enjoy the discussion, the IFUE chat, the stock picks, whatever, send your contact information to sag.fund@gmail.com and I'll let you know where I'll be building the new forum. Those of you whose email addresses I'll recognize, I'll contact you right away. Email addresses I don't recognize will be harder because I have to make sure Defender isn't trolling for information (he's done that before also, that's how he got my name). Those of you who regularly speak to Gman or Devildog, they can certainly pass along the new location also as it comes online. Thanks and Good luck to all...Stinkeye.
#374   sold all my shares in your aggressive growth fund... laurap 03/26/07 05:17:37 PM
#371   he is sending replies to me on other selfpossessed 01/30/06 01:10:15 AM
#370   Just an update for everyone who hasn't witnessed stinkeye 01/29/06 10:45:52 PM
#369   Stinkeye, If you have everyones email address why devildog1 01/29/06 09:06:52 PM
#368   It's definite. Defender is one sick puppy. Get Seapad 01/29/06 08:40:01 PM
#364   SO DEFENDER YOU BETTER WATCH WHATTHE HELLLLYOU SAY, selfpossessed 01/29/06 03:53:19 PM
#363   I was once a target of identity theft selfpossessed 01/29/06 03:50:33 PM
#362   Im watching right now, hey looks like you selfpossessed 01/29/06 03:42:39 PM
#361   It's hilarious Colby, sad and creepy, but still stinkeye 01/29/06 03:22:59 PM
#360   defender acts like hes got some importance in selfpossessed 01/29/06 02:59:07 PM
#358   Defender...go away..we have no use for you here. stinkeye 01/28/06 07:35:49 PM
#355   Right on time? Only your negative comments about jongalt 01/28/06 01:25:00 PM
#354   1/28/06 Associated Press article. Saudi Arabia's oil minister, jongalt 01/28/06 01:17:24 PM
#351   Thanks jongalt. Defender, it constantly amazes me iamthehoss 01/28/06 10:10:29 AM
#350   Oh the over due factor? In a recent jongalt 01/28/06 01:02:44 AM
#349   IFUE - thanks for the additional info, I'll Aiming4 01/27/06 11:22:23 PM
#347   Why doesn't the Phillipine govt. just purchase from iamthehoss 01/27/06 11:18:14 PM
#346   Not a problem Stink...It was worth a try:) iamthehoss 01/27/06 11:04:21 PM
#345   RDS - congrats on CPTC .... re: EMFP.... stinkeye 01/27/06 05:29:24 PM
#344   You're not supposed to be posting now Defender...now stinkeye 01/27/06 05:11:10 PM
#342   Stink - EMFP, check your charts. It seems rds1 01/27/06 04:36:15 PM
#341   ISV - $1.53 from .90...unstoppable... stinkeye 01/27/06 03:14:59 PM
#340   CPTC - rocking out.... stinkeye 01/27/06 02:44:22 PM
#339   HIV getting popped with some huge block trades stinkeye 01/27/06 01:11:28 PM
#338   IMNR up 45% today... stinkeye 01/27/06 12:51:35 PM
#337   Sorry Hoss....had to delete that one....Defender would have stinkeye 01/27/06 12:33:59 PM
#335   MCTI from .25 to .32 in two days....still stinkeye 01/27/06 12:10:52 PM
#334   IMNR getting very jumpy....another winner for SAG, but stinkeye 01/27/06 11:37:18 AM
#333   Defender, I'm responding simply for the sake of stinkeye 01/27/06 11:04:21 AM
#332   that's a longer term play there Colby... stinkeye 01/27/06 10:36:09 AM
#330   rds1 has found a strong stock in cptc. selfpossessed 01/27/06 10:28:05 AM
#329   iyxi down a bit, I will place a selfpossessed 01/27/06 10:27:05 AM
#328   with whatyou printed and with the pressures on selfpossessed 01/27/06 10:26:36 AM
#327   140k more ,I will stop it at .032 selfpossessed 01/27/06 10:25:30 AM
#326   IMNR - you can add more Colby...but that's stinkeye 01/27/06 10:19:42 AM
#325   too late to add more , does it selfpossessed 01/27/06 10:17:33 AM
#324   IMNR - getting primed... stinkeye 01/27/06 10:09:20 AM
#323   You're killing me! LOL proifue 01/27/06 09:50:51 AM
#322   CKEI - hits .04!! stinkeye 01/27/06 09:48:31 AM
#321   Lets see that wall start tumbling. selfpossessed 01/27/06 08:39:31 AM
#320   Now let's look at the revenue side for IFUE... stinkeye 01/27/06 03:12:15 AM
#319   We can do the same math for Union Pacific.... stinkeye 01/27/06 02:14:43 AM
#318   MUST READ IFUE LONGS...... stinkeye 01/27/06 02:02:53 AM
#317   you've got mail... stinkeye 01/27/06 01:26:19 AM
#316   Thanks for the COR chart, I'll post a Aiming4 01/27/06 01:19:12 AM
#315   COR annotated chart... stinkeye 01/27/06 01:11:14 AM
#314   Funny, cause I'm reading about COR right now.....Chart stinkeye 01/27/06 12:58:37 AM
#313   Thanks, your strategy with Stops makes sense. Aiming4 01/27/06 12:56:02 AM
#312   Welcome Aiming and thanks for the kind words.... stinkeye 01/27/06 12:45:08 AM
#311   Fair question defender, and for the benefit of stinkeye 01/27/06 12:34:26 AM