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With a history dating back to 1981, Sprott is a leading alternative investment manager with a history of delivering outstanding long-term performance to our clients through a diverse range of innovative products and investment strategies.

Our team of investment professionals is united by one common goal: delivering outstanding long-term returns to our clients and investors. We have assembled a group of best-in-class portfolio managers, market strategists, technical experts and analysts that is widely-recognized for its investment expertise, outstanding long-term performance and unique investment approach. We are committed to conducting deep fundamental research to develop unique macroeconomic insights. When an emerging investment opportunity is identified, we invest decisively and with conviction. We also co-invest our own capital to align our interests with our investors.

Sprott had its origins in Sprott Securities Ltd., a brokerage firm founded in 1981 by Eric Sprott. Today, Sprott manages approximately $10 billion in assets and operates through four businesses:

Asset Management
Physical Bullion
Private Equity and Debt
Wealth Management


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