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This puppy is still dead bro........ Lotto123 02/27/21 12:41 PM
Anyone else ya e this change to numbers mcjodie 08/24/20 9:32 PM
To sell, the shell would have to be bucks2pennies 08/02/20 4:04 PM
Well,maybe another half ass company find them 12/18/19 6:44 AM
What a scam this was. RookieStockPicker 12/16/19 11:44 AM
No longer trading. Homebrew 12/05/19 4:29 AM
Good efforts here Jetfan. Unfortunately nobody listens. price_and_volume 12/04/19 3:33 PM
Specifically, the OIP alleges that SoOum Corp. (“SOUM”) okwife 12/04/19 10:32 AM
So why are there still shares being traded? Mole1966 12/04/19 10:30 AM
SOUM registration revoked: *** SOUM had filed a Renee 12/04/19 9:35 AM
It looks like this group let their status Jjohnnyjamerson 12/03/19 1:52 PM
Is this POS still alive? The CEO westcrook janum 12/01/19 12:58 PM
So what is going to happen with our janum 11/26/19 6:09 PM
Good move abazaba375 11/22/19 10:35 PM
I see skull ?? at otc market. It is janum 11/11/19 4:24 PM
Did they go to grey-sheet trade? If bucks2pennies 11/11/19 10:09 AM
I remember Company tweeted sometime back that they janum 10/29/19 9:23 PM
the only thing i know about this company lucky, mydog 10/17/19 5:15 PM
I tell you this is a scam.I am janum 10/17/19 5:12 PM
Haha janum 10/17/19 3:55 PM
sorry, i forgot to use the sarcasm font. lucky, mydog 10/17/19 3:54 PM
We are flying where ? No where. janum 10/17/19 3:53 PM
we're flying now. lucky, mydog 10/03/19 7:59 PM
lolol. a suspension is not some type of lucky, mydog 09/24/19 9:28 AM
Lol SOUM filed their form 15 within the Snapehead 09/24/19 9:24 AM
lolol. phot was not suspended for delinquency. every lucky, mydog 09/24/19 7:27 AM
If your looking for examples of OTC stocks Snapehead 09/23/19 10:56 PM
show an example where it isn't. lucky, mydog 09/23/19 6:25 PM
That’s not always the case Snapehead 09/23/19 6:00 PM
So what happens with all of us BAG Mole1966 09/23/19 3:23 PM
doesn't matter. once suspended, revocation proceedings begin. filing lucky, mydog 09/23/19 1:35 PM
Most of those are older than snake excrement....... Zardiw 09/23/19 1:33 PM lucky, mydog 09/23/19 1:27 PM
No, SOUM just doesn't want to be killed Zardiw 09/23/19 9:08 AM
"don't" want to.. surprise bucks2pennies 09/20/19 3:28 PM
say what? You mean they want to bucks2pennies 09/20/19 2:02 PM
SOUM just filed a Form 15 z Zardiw 09/19/19 10:32 AM
Just means this POS is finally dead... I’ll be mcjodie 09/18/19 2:51 PM
What you get out of fillings? Money Management 09/18/19 2:40 PM
Here, never happen. Done. Kaput. bucks2pennies 09/12/19 9:05 AM
Here at least I withdrew my initial investment bucks2pennies 09/12/19 9:04 AM
Isn't it wonderful Renee? I have two of bucks2pennies 09/12/19 9:00 AM
Swordfish, Clownfish, weakfish, Deadfish. Clint Morewood 09/11/19 4:57 PM
Good they needed a good kick in the Snapehead 09/10/19 5:13 PM
Awwww... It was SO much fun when janice shell 09/10/19 2:34 PM
SOUM, POS losers from day one. Clint Morewood 09/10/19 10:13 AM
well, that pretty much ends all the talk lucky, mydog 09/10/19 9:36 AM
SOUM SEC Suspension for severely delinquent Financials: Renee 09/10/19 9:34 AM
I believe my account is hacked Money Management 08/30/19 9:15 PM
no way Money Management 08/30/19 9:06 PM
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SoOum Corp. (fka SOUM)

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International Marketing & Promotion (IMAP)

For $350/Hr we optimally develop international marketing and promotion (IMAP) of your product to frontier and emerging marketplaces. We offer a combined IMAP optimization plan, which is motivated by a practical pricing and risk analysis for introducing your commodity to new, potentially lucrative, environments.

Sourcing & Delivery (S&D)

For $350/Hr we optimally develop integrated sourcing and delivery (S&D) planning, and optimally offer vertically differentiated products and bundles. We offer combined sourcing and delivery planning optimization, which is motivated by practical problem-facing strategies.

Trade Brokerage

For $250/Hr we develop your trades, stepping out of the ownership position and allowing your importing or exporting organization direct access to the counter partner.

Trade Finance

For $250/Hr we utilize our government and international banking experience and connections to aide your liquidity needs having to do with international trade and developments/projects.

Payment GuaRantee

For $250/Hr we exercise our knowledge base and connections to help you find strategies and final solutions to the many risks of getting paid inherent to international trade.

Customs Clearance

For $250/Hr we exercise our knowledge base and understanding of international trade rules, to help you find strategies and final solutions for meeting the compliance and regulatory demands of import and export within specific countries.

Swordfish Financial (OTC: SWRF) is a fully reporting company listed as OTC Pink.

SoOum Corporation completed a "reverse merger" with Swordfish Financial on 11-12-14. SoOum's
Philosophy, Management, Location and Contact info can be viewed on the corporate website

SoOum Management:
William Westbrook

In 2009, Mr. Westbrook completed the first global trade transactions, causing him to form a company directly suited for this type of business, which was given the name of Estmar Global, Inc.
Global trade transactions continued through Estmar Global, Inc. until the end of 2011, when it became apparent that to attain a steady state and higher rate of closings, Estmar Global, Inc. would need enhance its business model.  SoOum Corp was born February 2, 2013.

A. Hakeem Wahed
Vice President

Mr. Wahed is a Cultured Afghan/American who is knowledgeable in Afghan national history (last 30 years). He also is very well connected in MENA and Macedonia. He has a broad experience in all phases of computer hardware/software, sales, and marketing cycle: From concept to development and marketing.
He effectively finalizes business transaction outside traditional channels. Mr. Wahed is a dedicated team worker with ability to build rapport with staff, and improve morale.

Steve Messina

Steve Messina began his 23 year career on Wall Street as a Fixed Income execution trader for Oppenheimer & Company.  Responsible for the Trading and marketing of Federal Agency bonds and US Treasuries to Oppenheimer’s sales force. After several successful years generating revenue, and sales commission for the firm, he was promoted to Executive Director and moved to the Inter-dealer
and Institutional sales-trading desk. 

Luis J. Vega
21 years serving US Army Spec Ops., covering nearly every major conflict since 1984 including Bosnia, Iraq & Afghanistan. As a soldier and DOD civilian (Cubic Defense, American Federal) he worked with governments and the UN sourcing commodities and delivering to war torn countries and frontier markets. 
He is a proven leader who has managed a broad range of personnel, from small teams to large corporate departments (Royal Bank of Scotland, SMI GMS, BP). He has created and carried out strategic plans within executive environments and at the high-performing team levels to meet organizational goals.

Ronald A. Vega
Ronald A. Vega has over 17 years in a wide range of leadership and advisory positions, achieving business goals through the strategic design and unification of global trade programs.
Highly proficient in the interpretation and application of International Trade and Tax laws across multiple jurisdictions, his extensive work in operational improvement, risk management, and internal controls creates an adaptive global network with the business intelligence to actively deliver significant economic and operational growth. 

Phillip M. Micallef
Director Business Development

Phillip Martin Micallef is based in the Mediterranean island of Malta being very well connected and a unique ability to interact with people from all walks of life and cultures by gaining trust and confidence. He specializes in implementing creative and innovative growth strategies through social media and marketing.
He has many years of experience in Real Estate with a proven record of closing deals using professionalism, integrity and an attitude of building relationships.

Alexander H. Becz
VP Business Development

Alexander has 15+ years of experience in business development, trade, training and consulting. Prior to joining SoOum, Alexander spent nine years as an executive director for a major procurement enterprise based in South Korea.
He has been actively involved with: Small Business Chamber of EU in Korea, KAFSB – Korea, IAFP Seoul, Sejong Group, FERN Group.
Mr. Becz speaks seven languages and has visited more than 50 countries in which he actively engaged in business.

Eric Malmstrom
Deal Architect

                                    Eric has more than 20 years of experience in banking vertical, trade, and consulting.Prior to joining SoOum, Eric spent eight years as a Senior portfolio analyst for a Multi-Asset and Finance Consultancy  Enterprise with rich history in trading with major banks such as UBS and Bank of Tokyo

Susan Sjo
Ms. Sjo founded the consultancy, St. Esprit Research and Trading, LLC and STACK Capital, LLC, as well as serving as a Managing Director of the Hedge Fund firm, Geneva Fund Partners, LLC. Prior to this she founded Sjo, Inc, a Hedge Fund Manager and CTA with over $350 million under management. She started her career as a Junior Economist with the Federal Reserve Bank before working at several prominent trading firms specializing in fixed income arbitrage and hedging.  During this time, she developed a quantitative trading program that resulted in the development of Sjo, Inc, a Global Macro Fund Manager which specialized in International Fixed Income.  Sjo, Inc. was ranked by assets in the top 100 Commodity Trading Advisors (CTA’s) and during her tenure as CEO over 11 years, often ranked in the top 10 Trading Firms in the world, for performance. Her successes resulted in being named to Crain’s Annual Young Leaders List, 40 Under 40. Also, Sjo, Inc, was honored as Best Commodity Fund Manager in 1991 by Business Week. Susan has served on the Board of Directors of the New York Board of Trade, the New York Cotton Exchange, the FINEX Exchange, the Managed Funds Association (MFA), Barat College, VisaNow and the environmental charity, Sustain.

SoOum Tradebook
SoOum has previewed a portion of their trade book which indicates they are working towards completing multiple contracts. It is expected management will issue official, public updates to investors regarding material developments involving business activities. Examples:

Oct. 20, 2014: SoOum Corp Reveals Deal Pipeline After Signing Merger Agreement With Swordfish Financial (SWRF) 

Oct. 21, 2014: Swordfish Financial (SWRF) Announces its Pending Merger Partner, SoOum Corp, Recently Executed Two Trade Contracts in Excess of $6 Million US Dollars

Feb. 7, 2015 
" The first contract is an 18 month international Sugar export/import deal (buy - Malasysia / sell - Kyrgyz Republic) with monthly renenues ranging from $158,760 to $650,000 based upon volumes of 252 metric ton to 1,000 metric ton. This agreement may rollover for furtherance at the end or it's term.

Sugar shipment 

Feb. 9, 2015

SoOum Corp/Swordfish Financial (SWRF) Awarded U.S. Federal Contract; Hires Commodity Specialist
SoOum Press Releases

Merger with Swordfish Financial, Inc. (SWRF)  COMPLETED
New York, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 12, 2014 / Swordfish Financial, Inc. (SWRF) today announces that the merger with SoOum Corp is closed.

Mr. Westbrook, CEO of SoOum states, "This is an exciting day for everyone involved. I would like to thank Susan Sjo and the interim team who has worked tirelessly and comprehensively, including the outgoing Swordfish BoardI cannot thank them enough for a remarkable job. They stuck to the timeframe from start to finish." Further announcements regarding appointments to key management will be forthcoming. SWRF has now positioned itself as a publicly traded international arbitrage enterprise, equipped and prepared to meet the opportunities of a changing global economy.

Completion of Acquisition or Disposition of Assets

On October 6, 2016, SOOUM Corp., a Minnesota Corporation [“SOOUM”] closed on an exchange transaction in which it acquired all the outstanding ownership interests of Western Grade, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company.  In accordance with the terms of the Exchange Agreement between the parties, the Western Grade members transferred all their outstanding ownership interests to SOOUM in consideration for 420,000,000 shares of the common stock of SOOUM.  The common stock received by the Western Grade members represent an ownership interest in SOOUM of approximately 42%.  Western Grade is now a wholly owned subsidiary of SOOUM.  


WESTERN GRADE, LLC was founded in 2001 by two cousins, Troy & Trent Gillespie in Show Low, AZ. These two men had a vision of creating a company unique to the White Mountains, the place where they were raised. The goals they set were simple, do honest, quality work while forming a network of friends through clients and associates. This network would provide service to the community with unsurpassed quality. This network would also provide a better way of life for their employees than available elsewhere in the White Mountains.


Western Grade started small, on a shoestring budget with rental equipment and 5 people. Our hard work, dedication and commitment to success were and remain the keys to our growth. Today we have 4.5 million dollars in equipment and stand 45 strong. We are thankful for the success of our past and excited for the opportunity to excel in our future.

SoOum Contact Information
PO Box 214 Summit, NJ 07902
Media Inquiries: (757) 306-6090
Arbitrage Transaction & Professional Services: (646) 801-3772

Investor Inquiries



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