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The company has a current expanding revenue base in the broadcast industry with long-term national and international distribution. The current customers of our products include large broadcast giants such as CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, ESPN and DIRECTV, plus the many smaller broadcast customers which include religious facilities, international broadcast facilities and colleges, as well as various radio stations. The new product designed in augmented/virtual reality markets allow the company to capitalize in this $120B growing industry.
Grid Petroleum Corp. announces today the recent sales of their broadcast equipment and recent quotes for future purchases from the US Navy and additionally one of their Hong Kong distributors, totaling approximately $60,000.

These are $2,700 systems used as broadcast transfer protection switches. Our California based Ensemble Designs Inc. purchased 25 Analog Audio DA units and they continue to support our products on a regular basis." Mr. Schatz further stated, "We have been asked to quote some of our distributors who are handling government based sales, and the US Navy requested a quote worth $49,000 for the purchase of 40 Innovation 16X1 Relay Modules and 40 Innovation 16X1 X-Y 1RU Control Panels. Our Arizona based distributor, PreCo, purchased our 4 Channel AES Audio Delay; while we quoted our Hong Kong distributor, MediaTech International Ltd., for our 16X16 Analog Video Stereo Router at $6,975 each, 16X16 Analog Stereo Audio 1RU at $3,475 and 10 smaller systems including various remote control panels."
Grid Petroleum Corp. has recently purchased the $6.2M RJM asset of broadcast equipment technology and appointed Robert Stillwaugh as its new Chairman, Gary Tilden as Chief Executive Officer and Mike Schatz as Chief Operations Officer as a part of acquiring the assets of RJM and Associates LLC, and pursuant to the Form 8-K filed on March 10, 2016. RJM and Associates, LLC has developed, manufactures, markets and owns proprietary advanced broadcast equipment and software and sells this audio and video broadcast equipment worldwide. These systems have been sold worldwide over the past 15 years including some of the major world dominant broadcast companies such as CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, ABC and DirecTV.

(Simlatus Corporation) -- has recently announced that is has filed an 8K today referencing the successful negotiations with various note holders to extinguish toxic notes carried on its balance sheet.

The company filed an 8K today detailing the removal of toxic debt sitting in its balance sheet. There were another $32,980 in notes that were extinguished and removed from the balance sheets this week. This action eliminated the possibility of converting more than 650,000,000 free trading shares into the market. The company will file an 8K next week referencing the remaining notes and balances.

The company is renegotiating to restructure a note with Black Bridge Capital so that there is no toxic conversions in the future. This will be disclosed next week.

The company filed its DEF14C on April 21, 2016 regarding its name change to 'Simlatus Corporation'.

On March 9, 2016 the company appointed Robert Stillwaugh as its new Chairman, Gary Tilden as Chief Executive Officer and Mike Schatz as the Chief Operations Officer as a part of acquiring the assets of RJM and Associates LLC, and pursuant to the Form 8-K filed on March 10, 2016. RJM and Associates develops, manufactures, markets and owns proprietary advanced broadcast equipment and software and sells this audio and video broadcast equipment worldwide through their distribution network. These systems have been sold for over the past 15 years to some of the major world dominant broadcast companies such as CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, ABC and DirecTV.

This transaction has allowed the company to acquire existing revenues and an asset worth $6.2M. All operations will be held at the existing corporate facility located in Grass Valley, California. This northern California facility is in the historic digital media hub of the world and an extension of the Bay-Area/Silicon Valley's tech system where Apple, Google and Yahoo reside.

The company is now designing and planning to manufacture high-tech Augmented Reality/AR and Virtual Reality/VR products. Upcoming Augmented Reality devices which combine virtual objects with the real world through high-tech glasses, are forecast to become a $120 billion business by 2020, according to a new report from Digi-Capital. The Virtual Reality business will generate $30 billion business during the same five year span. The most recent statistics indicate that both the AR and VR markets will become mainstream by 2020. In today's $88.4 billion global video game landscape, the PC, console, and mobile industries all thrive. AR and VR hardware, games and apps are poised to become part of this growing ecosystem in the coming years. Our company, and our strong established relationships in the industry, will be a major competitor in this new industry. The existing relationships that the company has developed will ensure rapid and extensive distribution and utilization for our products.


CONvicted felon SCOTT SAND, Federal inmate number 95745-004,
has already done his FIRST stretch in Federal prison for felony financial fraud. 

From the BOP Inmate Locator website: 

Register Number: 95745-004 
Age: 58 
Race: White 
Sex: Male 
Released On: 02/24/2012"

CONvicted FELON, Scott Sand

This is the tiny office of Simlatus in Grass Valley - the entire office (Suite A) is outlined in RED. It's right next to

It's right next to TJ's Nails.

No entry this way - only via one locked door inside the building lobby.

The entire size of Simlatus in Suite A is about 15 feet by 20 feet. That's it!
Barely a step up from a P.O. Box - fit for a pennyscam though.




SyncPal Product Export Sales Begin to Rock


Simlatus Begins To Receive Sizable Sales Orders and Share Buy Back


GRASS VALLEY, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 14, 2017) - Simlatus Corporation (OTC PINK: SIML) - announces today that the Company is preparing an export order for $138,000 in SyncPal Orders, and another $368,250 in orders for its legacy audio/video HD commercial products. The Company is planning to purchase back shares in order to increase stock price and reduce dilution.

The Company has a $524,468 order being prepared for 3 large broadcast stations that have over 100 studios covering Europe and North Africa. Secondary orders are being discussed with this client, and the Company has a large pending order in Asia, which will be announced in the next 2 weeks.

Bob Stillwaugh, Chairman and CEO, stated, "I have the fullest confidence that our products will continue to grow in the world marketplace as we introduce our immersive systems into today's commercial broadcast market. Our new implemented marketing platform has enabled our manufacturing representatives to garner the attention of large broadcast empires around the globe. Understanding our legacy products that have been supporting ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, FOX and DirecTV over the past 18 years will help us understand why our new SyncPal is being sold today. More important is what tomorrow brings, and how our Immersive Broadcast System will bring together the entire broadcast industry into the palm of your hand."


Simlatus Corporation's 18 year history as an audio/video icon, designs, manufactures and sells 55 commercial broadcast products worldwide. The company has a small revenue base in the broadcast industry with long-term national and international distribution. Our customers include large broadcast giants such as Warner Bros., CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, ESPN and DIRECTV, as well as many smaller broadcast customers which include religious facilities, international broadcast facilities, colleges, and radio stations. The new SyncPal, and our future Simlatus-IBS, will allow the company to capitalize in the $150B growing industry of augmented/virtual reality. 

Safe Harbor for Forward-Looking Statements: This news release includes forward-looking statements. While these statements are made to convey to the public the company's progress, business opportunities and growth prospects, readers are cautioned that such forward-looking statements represent management's opinion. Whereas management believes such representations to be true and accurate based on information and data available to the company at this time, actual results may differ materially from those described. The Company's operations and business prospects are always subject to risk and uncertainties. Important factors that may cause actual results to differ are and will be set forth in the company's periodic filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.






Tom Nelson

UPDATED by Shajandr 7/27/2017
WARNING: SIML is a CONvicted FELON SCOTT SAND toxic CONvertible debt share dilution SCAM. No claimed stock buyback is even possible - just a ruse to lure buyers for the endless DILUTION shares.

Can a company do a stock buyback it they are in debt

Probably not, but that is not one of the specific legal criteria a company must meet in order to legally repurchase shares.

A share repurchase (or buyback) is considered to be a distribution to common shareholders. In order to do that legally, a company may only use assets which are already owned by the common shareholders. Common shareholders are dead last in line for assets. The debtors are first, then creditors, then preferred shareholders, and finally common shareholders. Which means, the company must be in a positive asset position - the Company must have enough net assets (assets minus liabilities, including any amounts due preferred shareholders, which is important to recognize) to pay 100% of what is owed to all the classes in front of the common shareholders before they can buy back shares. And then they can only use the assets above that threshhold. AND, the company must have current financial statements which prove this is the case - no "take our word for it".

The Company must also have sufficient current assets to meet its obligations as they come due. A company having a lot of fixed or intangible assets, but little cash, is unlikely to meet this requirement as those assets are not readily convertible to cash to pay off debt maturing or its current liabilities.

Those 3 criteria (positive assets, current financial statements and sufficient current assets) are the 3 legal criteria a company must meet in order to repurchase shares under State laws. BUT, there is another consideration. Note that almost every contractual agreement for the issuance of toxic death spiral convertibles specifically states the Company is prohibited from repurchasing shares while any part of the debt remains unpaid. And this is important. We know most of these toxic convertible buyers will sue issuers immediately if they violate the purchase contracts. But recently, a lot of toxic death spiral issuers have issued news releases, and 8-K's, announcing repurchases plans when not only are they broke, but they cannot legally repurchase shares under the legal criteria above, AND they are prohibited from doing so under their contractual agreements. But yet the toxic note holders do nothing. Why? Because the fake "buybacks" are almost certainly being orchestrated by the toxic note holders as a scheme to pump the stock and increase buying volume which they can then convert and dump into. I have seen it quite a bit recently, and they all involve the same group of toxic note holders. And in each case, the Company in question is on life support and unquestionably near death. The bogus buyback announcement is the last gasp which gives the note holders one last dumping opportunity before the Company disappears for good.

2018 10-K:


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