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SHSH registration revoked: Renee 03/27/19 9:42 AM
SHSH SEC Suspension for delinquent Financials/Filings: Renee 09/06/17 9:34 AM
Hope this baby is under .02 on the Mr. Bill 11/17/16 9:56 PM
SHSH well I have been watching Silver lately skoondog 07/10/16 5:21 PM
Quite agree need much higher silver prices for sanbrunobaby 02/05/15 8:53 AM
Nothing much will happen with the dormant Silver Montanore 02/02/15 7:16 PM
SHSH seems to be slowly disappearing. Amazing trading sanbrunobaby 02/01/15 7:48 PM
SHSH ITIT today. willlbone 11/03/14 12:48 PM
California is indeed a difficult state for any sanbrunobaby 09/06/14 2:06 PM
It requires much higher prices of silver (and Montanore 07/15/14 4:51 PM
Considering the heavy environmental regulations on miners in Shannaura 03/29/14 11:51 PM
Shoshone certainly has along history and one of sanbrunobaby 02/24/14 1:48 PM
SHSH would probably run first--before those other three. Montanore 02/22/14 5:54 PM
I agree it will take a lot higher sanbrunobaby 01/17/14 2:43 PM
A lot of the penny miners such as Montanore 01/17/14 1:49 PM
I agree with Ryan's contacts and experience SHSH sanbrunobaby 01/17/14 10:52 AM
It's too bad the Crosby nephew can't sing Montanore 09/10/13 3:39 PM
Crosby and Ryan have been involved in many sanbrunobaby 09/10/13 1:40 PM
As far as I can tell, they still Montanore 08/29/13 3:08 AM
Why a scam ? the company owns some sanbrunobaby 08/13/13 8:10 AM
BEWARE!!! this is just another sanObumOcrybaby scam. maxgun 08/12/13 8:24 PM
I just think there are many alternative paths sanbrunobaby 08/06/13 8:07 PM
With so many mining scams out there, this Montanore 08/06/13 3:09 PM
time to buy : appears to have sanbrunobaby 08/06/13 11:34 AM
carl405040 07/05/13 6:40 PM
so many have gone sub-penny 77_ 06/24/13 11:48 AM
I doubt they'll produce anything any time soon--not Montanore 06/08/13 11:20 PM
The question I have is how close are carl405040 06/06/13 7:14 PM
Still dormant. Anything under a nickel seems like Montanore 04/11/13 3:48 PM
Looks to be waking up from a deep sleep! Parabelle 02/22/13 6:24 PM
10-Q, 8-K ON FILE. UPGRADE FROM PINK EasyBet 02/21/13 1:29 PM
played this last move..back to watch Roy London 11/10/12 12:12 PM
news Shoshone Silver/Gold Acquires World Class Exploration Properties In budsk8 11/07/12 8:14 AM
Still looking for a mining company in or Ohman 10/13/12 5:22 PM
Time for Rip Van Shoshone to wake up now! Montanore 09/13/12 1:13 PM
Silver and gold continue to break out higher. Montanore 09/06/12 11:20 AM
Greetings, Any opinion about a specific stock or it's EasyBet 09/05/12 7:37 PM
You can't provide a link to any paid Montanore 09/05/12 2:40 PM
The message is relevant to the stock. g0nz0 09/05/12 2:38 PM
You aren't here to post relevant info on Montanore 09/05/12 2:28 PM
"Of course, mistakes are occasionally made and posts g0nz0 09/05/12 2:25 PM Mod Handbo g0nz0 09/05/12 2:23 PM
I'm deleting your post since you can't back Montanore 09/05/12 2:06 PM
Link, please. Montanore 09/05/12 2:02 PM
Who is promoting it? This has been dormant Montanore 09/05/12 1:57 PM
I would bail out myself. I heard the g0nz0 09/05/12 1:55 PM
Good buying opportunity if it does get to .06. Montanore 09/05/12 1:55 PM
Nah it's not waking up. I think this g0nz0 09/05/12 1:49 PM
Ryan was one of the big players behind Montanore 09/05/12 1:19 AM
SHSH breaks .10--quietly! This one can snooze its Montanore 09/01/12 12:12 PM
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Shoshone Silver/Gold Mining Co., Inc. (fka SHSH)

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Established in 1969 as a silver exploration, development and production company, Shoshone Silver/Gold is located in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. Shoshone operated its Lakeview District mines and Lakeview mill in northern Idaho successfully producing silver, gold, and base metals for much of the decade that followed.

With the decline of silver and other metal prices in the 1980's, Shoshone began to focus on acquiring new properties and diversifying its interests while still developing its Lakeview properties. During this period of time the Company remained viable when many other mining companies had to close their doors. Shoshone increased its inventory of mining equipment for the future and kept its corporate debt level to a minimum.

In April of 2010, Shoshone regained the status of being a production company once more. Shoshone signed a contract with Teck Metals, LTD in Trail, British Columbia to process the silver concentrates being produced by Shoshone's Lakeview, Idaho mill. The first shipment of silver concentrates was shipped up to Trail on April 15, 2010 for smelting.

In 2009 the Company acquired Kimberly Gold Mines, Inc. and its exceptional portfolio of gold properties in central Idaho and central Washington. After the addition of the Kimberly gold properties to Shoshone's existing gold properties the Company changed its name from Shoshone Silver Mining Company to Shoshone Silver/Gold Mining Company. In late 2009 Shoshone leased 35 patented mining claims known as the "Camp Project" claims from Merger Mines Corporation. These claims are located in the heart of Idaho's famous "Silver Valley".

Shoshone is a company with an impressive portfolio of properties
including approximately 2,992 acres (1,211 hectares) in its "Silver Division",
approximately 2,125 acres (896 hectares) in its "Gold Division", and
approximately 200 acres (80 hectares) of "Potential Platinum" properties.

Shoshone has two operational ore processing mills, one for silver and one
for gold, minimal corporate debt, a large inventory of mining equipment
owned by the company, and top management with over 106 years of mining
industry experience.


Corporate Website:

Share Structure

Market Value1 $7,939,006 a/o Jan 04, 2012
Shares Outstanding 52,926,704 a/o Dec 13, 2011
Float Not Available

42,659,037  Outstanding as of August 4, 2010
200,000,000 Authorized as of May 28, 2009

Plan of Operation

In April of 2010, Shoshone regained the status of being a production company once more. Shoshone signed a contract with Teck Metals, LTD in Trail, British Columbia to process the silver concentrates being produced by Shoshone's Lakeview, Idaho mill. The first shipment of silver concentrates was shipped up to Trail on April 15, 2010 for smelting.


On March 12, 2009, we acquired certain assets from Kimberly Gold Mines, Inc. ("Kimberly") in a transaction where the Company issued 12,145,306 shares of common stock and other consideration in exchange for 100% of Kimberly's common stock. Included in this acquisition were 127 unpatented mining claims located primarily in Idaho and Washington as well as a mill in need of refurbishing and various pieces of equipment.

Work at the Rescue Mine will resume on June 1, 2010. The first priority is to finish upgrading and renovating the mill. Once the mill work is completed, the mill will be started up and test runs on stockpiled ore will be conducted. The 200 level portal is scheduled to be reopened so that mine development can resume. This work will require some ground support, general clean up, the installation of a refuge station and the addition of air and water lines. A new decline portal has been planned to access the Rescue vein 1,000 feet east of the mill. Road work, site preparation and collaring off for the new decline portal should be accomplished this summer. This new decline portal will provide access to unmined portions of the Rescue vein and, when completed, will serve as the secondary escape-way from the mine as well as the exhaust ventilation drift for the mine ventilation system.



6month chart

3 year chart



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nor should it be used to make investment decisions.
There is no express or implied solicitation to buy or sell securities.
The author(s) may have positions in the stocks discussed
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