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New message board for Science, Politics, Racism, Covid, Communism, Democracy, Capitalism, Globalism, Religion, The Middle East, The New World Order, Open Discussion No crybabies here left or right.   No comments or opinions removed.  The only thing that will be removed here is direct insults and people who are intentionally being combatitive.   I created this board because I enjoy open discussion about a myriad of topics.  I don't understand many things and my views can be changed if someone has the ability to change them.  Just don't get mad because you can't change my mind easily.   

There are billions of people in the world with billions of opinions, ideas and ideals.   No two people are in 100% agreement generally unless they are pushing an agenda.   When you listen to the media and you hear all of the major outlets pushing the same story line,  then we should be very wary of it because that's not normal.  It means they are all being controlled by the same money - leadership.  That should make all of us nervous.   When gov't and media work together in unisome to dictate the reality that the masses believe and they try to moderate out all other opinions and free speech, that gov't is no longer working for the people.  Democracy is failing.    When that gov't constantly blames the people of it's own country and protects and promotes a globalist perspective, then that Gov't has already fallen to Globalist control.     

That's my opinion of where we are today in America , the West and World.   Democracy has been puppetized by a World Banking System and "hidden" governing body.     If your opinion is not the same as mine or you believe I am a "Crazy conspiracy theorist" I welcome your input and argument.  I love to learn and I don't think because I am not in agreement with you, that it gives me the right to shut you up.   That's not very democratic nor is it what America and Democracy is supposed to be about. 

Free speech is the very foundation of Democracy and Western Ideology.  If you believe that your opinion is the only one that matters and  you have some desire or believe that you have some constitutional right to shut other people up and not allow their voice to be heard, then this is not the board for you.    When we see our leadership so close to censoring out all opinions other than their own, then Democracy is seemingly on the verge of extinction.  We should all be worried and we should all start watching very closely who is involved.  The only time I will moderate is if a poster becomes combatitive, harshly insulting, or threatening.   OPEN MIC AT ALL TIMES.  
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