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SNYL Most have ignored this one, when folks begin to look into this and find out who is involved and what is already happening they will be in shock over the size of the contracts. This is the only company that has a direct contractual relationship with government officials and the Chinese government itself. Link to website: About Sunnylife Global, Inc. Sunnylife Global, Inc. has developed a Health Care Management System (HCMS) in conjunction with the Chinese Government Authorities that will result in delivering superior quality health care management to its members. The Company is in multiple joint-venture agreements with the World Friendship Hospital Group to renovate and revitalize China's older hospital facilities in order to meet the current International standard. Sunnylife has developed the HCMS to meet that standard and is planning to launch in the very near future. In addition, the Company has patented natural, environmentally safe and economically affordable products which it plans to introduce to Chinese customers through seven different joint venture companies in China. Sunnylife represents an organization staffed with professional experts in product research, quality acceptance testing, and market development for service to China and the global markets. For more information, please visit The Corporate Concepts A corporate concept which has social/cultural/economic benefits to both the Chinese government and its people while causing an excellent economic return to investors in an economic environment where the Chinese medical costs are only 1/4 of the U.S.A. but has a population 4 to 5 times that of the U.S. and with an over 55+ in age population growing faster than in the U.S. Further, the Chinese government has enjoyed a GDP growth rate in excess of 8% for the last ten years and is expected to continue through 2025, thus becoming the world's largest economy, as estimed by the world bank; medical industry operations, which offers exceptional growth and above average capitalization multipliers - on average enjoying a 20-25 times price/earnings ratio and where 5 year - potential market capitalized return is estimated 100:1; an existing, profitable business which yielded 35% in pre-tax profits in only its second year of operations and a 1:10 debt to equity ratio plus a 15:1 current ratio based on two years of certified financial statements; a unique, cash flow operated business where the company takes no responsibility for product production or marketing which is the responsibility of not one but 8 diffferent joint ventures who pay the compay royalties, not in china, but in the u.s.; hospital income is based on a pre- paid HMO-type plan by the government and assisted care living facilities are to be pre-sold; a very highly qualified executive management team, composed of Chinese/ Americans plus a highly credentialed chairman of the Company's executive committee, recognition includes two U.S. presidents ( and whose tenure in China dates back to an unheard of 37 years, including being the CEO of a direct marketing company (300,000 salespersons and 60 retail stores) in Nanjing; no executive, excessive compensation - the highest salary being $108,000 (even though the Company in fiscal 2005 earned some $674,000 pre-tax profits - 38% net on revenues of approximately $1.8M) and no perks - only "sub-economy class" travel expenses and a fixed $300 all-inclusive for per diem expenses where the majority equity capital of the business is management, friends and family; very unusual and unique competitive profile: 1.) 2000 + vitamin, food supplement and related products which have 1 core patent with an additional 100 patentable products in the system; 2.) two unique China government mandates: a.) one, to update level 2 hospitals based on the only prepaid government, HMO in the world (50,000 enrollees @ $375 in annual fee income $18.75 million and netting 30% in pre-tax margin ($3.9 million net, after Government participation) per hospital], approved and initially paid by the Chinese government; b.) two, to develop and sell assisted living care facilities to care for China’s rapidly expanding aging population – over 55, where typically 80% of an individual’s lifetime medical cost are incurred; exceptional growth opportunities: core, existing business will increase 6-fold this year to @$11 million, with current years profits to exceed $7.5M; corporate offices within the central government in beijing [unheard of for an American-based company - highly unusual]. Further, the Chinese government is not an equity stockholder in the Company but the Chinese Government is only a partner to the pre-tax profits - more than unique/ unusual when the Chinese government converts a state-owned business to being privatized. capitalized “antecedent” business where future revenue stream has all ready been defined; 8 existing hospital ownership/ operation contracts with current projected revenues of $150+ million, with an additional 100-150 in the pre-approval process, where "incremental annual revenues" of $18.75 million per hospital will be generated by membership income and $3.9 million per each hospital; company mandates approvals, not only by the Central Committee in Beijing but also by the each of the Provincial governors and their respective ministers of health plus the local mayor in each of the cities where the hospitals are being selected by the Company, not the Chinese government, thus making them extremely low in vulnerability to any changes in governmental personnel due to their mutual social/ economic benefits to the government of China and its people where potential rising medical costs are of high concern; and. This is a quick capital investment pay-back, 1-3 years. The estimated stockholder return, ensuing 5 year period: 100:1 based on projected earnings and current investor capitalization rates. Independent of hospital development, Sunnylife Global will also support preventative health care maintenance in China by supplying, through OEM agreements, proprietary formulas for health food supplements, drinks and personal care products, and foods impacting every age group, including an infant care product OEM company. Sunnylife Global has various product formulations created from their patented product. These formulated products will be distributed through seven different OEM companies. Sunnylife Global will continue to interact with the OEMs to develop additional formulas as well as supply other products to the OEM’s. It is projected that revenues to Sunnylife from these OEM agreements will reach approximately $30M in 5 years. All products will be produced by GMP approved manufacturers in China and the U.S., sources from which Sunnylife will have control and will receive royalties. All products to all OEMs will have in common the fact that they will be natural and environmentally friendly. The first OEM company, Happy CoCo, Inc., is a U.S. incorporated beverage company with an operating base in Harbin, China. Happy CoCo signed an exclusive supply contract with Sunnylife Global in January 2005. Six of Sunnylife Global’s formulated products, protected by Sunnylife’s patent, will support the proprietary product line of Happy CoCo. Examples of the 105 branded products that Happy CoCo will be selling include a Vitamin C drink to improve the immune system, a Ginseng drink to combat fatigue, a high energy dairy drink and one with rhodiola rosea extract to deliver more oxygen to the pancreas and lower blood pressure. Beverages are tailored to specific age categories such as children, adults, elderly, as well as life style (i.e., working class and students.) “Functional” beverages are formulated to improve quality of life. The second OEM company, Rain Bo, Inc., markets 1,050 varieties of branded personal care and household cleaning products, with five related formulas from Sunnylife Global’s patent pending government application. Rain Bo’s natural herbal-based personal care products are environmentally friendly and non-polluting. Management believes that they are the only natural herbal-based personal care products on the Chinese market. A third OEM company, NuSeasons, Inc., has contracted with Sunnylife Global for exclusive manufacturing rights to Sunnylife Global’s 1,080 seasoning products. NuSeasons has ten related and patent protected formulas from licensed from Sunnylife Global. NuSeasons has introduced food seasonings such as “Sautéed Vegetables Seasoning,” “Sautéed Seafood,” “Cold Mixed Dishes,” “Wow Vegetable Soup,” “Five Seeds Soup,” “Preserve Mixed Vegetable Seasoning,” “Gourmet Dumpling Seasoning,” and “Steamed Bun Seasoning,” The seasonings come in powdered form, to be added during or after cooking. These tasty nutritional seasonings and sauces are produced without the addition of salt or MSG. There are also other OEM agreements with such companies as Gifted Babee, Inc., Hygia One, Inc., Aroma Grains Field, Inc. and Butterfly Suite, Inc. Gifted Babee, Inc., supplies a wide range of 1,020 infant care products and learning tools for toddlers and infants in China. Hygia One, Inc. provides disposable medical supplies. Aroma Grains Field, Inc. imports and sells a vast array of different “balanced” types of rice and rice products. Butterfly Suite, Inc. focuses on women’s daily products, such as clothing and cosmetics. All of these consumer products in China are granted under Sunnylife Global’s patent pending. Sunnylife has issued licenses to these OEM companies to market and distribute these products under Sunnylife’s authority for a 15 year period. As of June, 2006 Sunnylife's OEMs had 27 retail stores under development located in the Provinces of: Heilongjiang, Jilin, and Liaoning plus Hunan.
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