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Is this what happened to RCPI?

Part 1...

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Part 7...


The Company is in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and ALL ASSETS have been liquidated.
The common shares have no value.



ustralia Patent is a Very Good News for all the loyal RCPIQ shareholders! The CH7 Bankruptcy case will soon be dismissed
or closed by the bankruptcy court since all the other two subsidiaries were already out of their bankruptcy cases!

We can expect RCPIQ to become a Clean Shell like its CH7-"Q" peers XNNHQ and CERPQ or like its CH11-"Q" peers RGDXQ
and OEDVQ! Both CERPQ and XNNHQ were already acquired by David Lazar through the Custodianship while RGDXQ
and OEDVQ will be done in the same way in the near future!

I'm expecting an huge rally up to its record high 0.02 in the coming weeks/months based on its CH7-"Q" peer's
performance when the court issues the final order to dismiss or close the RCPIQ case!

Why RCPIQ (a CH7-"Q" stock, an Non-Clean-Shell currently) has been traded at such ridiculous low volumes while it has 170.4M shares Large float?
Who dumped Tens Of Millions shares at 0.0003 (52-week-low or real Bottom) ~ 0.0006 (previous New bottom) most recently after it had already surged
8-Bagger to 0.0024 last year from its All-Time-Low 0.0003? Why so "bearish" about RCPIQ?

Anyway our strong hands will soon Slap out all those dirt cheap shares at or below current ridiculous low 52-week-high 0.0024!
Any RCPIQ (171M shares OS) shares below 0.0025 is the Huge discount comparing to its recent high 0.02 and the real investors
should grab all of them whenever they are available! Once our strong hands start to buy the shares at the asks this
hidden gem will quickly surge over its most recent high 0.0024!

In fact its Bio-Tech CH11-Clean-Shell "Q" peer (RGDXQ: 27M/38M shares Super Tiny float/OS) had already
soared 120-Bagger to 0.024 from its All-Time-Low 0.0002 while its
CH7 "Q" peer (LIQDQ: 54M/60M shares Tiny float/OS) did soar 188-Bagger to 0.0188 from its All-Time-Low 0.0001!



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