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XRP United Launch Video:

XRP Website:



DAILY XRP news and articles Google-ed-  This changes regularly:

Welcome to the Ripple (XRP) and cryptocurrency Due Diligence (DD) Sharing board.  Join the conversation.  Cryptocurrency is making history And Ripple is one of the industry leaders.  Come and join a part of the future of currency.  If you share good DD it will be posted in this intro page.  The purpost of this board is to prevent taking forever to scroll the intro page of the Ripple (XRPUSD) board.  If you have moderator experience feel free to  become one here and help to improve this board intro page.

To see the Ripple (XRPUSD) board go to:

Ignore the ticker below.  XRP is not a stock and is not traded on any conventional exchange.  Ripple is purchased the same way that other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are purchased, through Coin Exchanges. To learn how to purchase XRP click on the link below, "Where can I buy Ripple?

Creator - Jed McCaleb
Date launched - September 2013

Algorithm - Consensus (Proof-of-Work)

RIpple is not XRP - Ripple is the name of a payment network and the payment protocol which powers it. It was developed and released in 2012 by a company of the same name, in order to enable "secure, instant and nearly free global financial transactions". It is built on principles similar to those of Bitcoin, so many people consider it a cryptocurrency. However, unlike Bitcoin, the source code of Ripple's technology is owned privately by the company, which means that it cannot be verified by any outsider. Ripple is a very popular network: many banks across the world use it as the basis for their own settlement infrastructure, and its native currency XRP (ripples) has been consistently present in the top 5 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization for the past several years.


Amazon and Ripple Rumours and predictions :

What is Ripple?:
Put simply.  Ripple is the paypal of cryptocurrency on steriods.

Where and how can I buy Ripple XRP?:

Ripples Performance:

Ripples Website (watch the video):

Ripple on twitter:

Like Charts?:

Ripple is part of a financail revolution:
Ripple's David Schwartz - a MUST WATCH VIDEO:

Two amazing and excellent RIPPLE and XRP Thesis written by XRPUSD discussion board member WiseYoda:
CryptoCurrency Predictions

Ripple will be bigger than bitcoin if it hits $7:

Cryptocurrecies investing for beginners:
Crytocurrency list:
Who sells what coin:
Cryto APP:

Best Crypto News and Coin Education Sites I know of:
100 Cryptos -
Ripple (XRP) is part of  a volatile cryptocurrency industry in the early stages. It is risky investmenting money into xrp, stocks, and any investments mentioned here! Nobody here is a finanical adviser.
 Never buy, sell or hold based on anything said by myself or anyone here.
 Always do your own DD and research!!!!! I take no responsibility for your gains nor losses!!!!

Best recommended way to secure your crypto.  The NANO LEDGER - Author of this post copied and pasted from the XRPUSD board is wiseyoda:
The Nano Ledger is a hardware wallet used to store cryptos securely. There are different ways one can securely store their cryptos from paper wallets to desktop wallets etc., but a hardware wallet is the most secure IMO. There are a few different hardware wallets out there, but I use the Nano Ledger. Since 2011 trillions have been stolen from exchanges by these low life hackers. In the first 6 months of 2018 over $1 billion was stolen so security is an extremely important element when it comes to cryptos. A business associate of mine bought 3 Bitcoin and left them sitting on the Binance exchange and when they got hacked he lost all of them. Poof...gone just like that. Who do you call when something like that occurs? There is nobody one can call so once there gone...there gone! The new exchanges like Bakkt, and Nasdaq have already called out these exchanges as these guys will be bringing a whole new level of security to the crypto space. Game changer with whats coming, (regulation, legitimacy, security) but nonetheless, one should keep their cryptos as secure as possible. Hackers have labeled these exchanges as honey pots for a reason so if your going to trade then of course you’ll need to leave some on the exchange, but I would advise not to leave your entire holdings sitting on an exchange. Here is a link for further info, GLTY.

Ledger Nano S Review: 5 Things to Know Before Buying (2018 Update)

Over the next few weeks this intro page will be under going reconstruction either by me or hopefully XRPUSD board leader wiseyoda. Below is his guidedance for correcting this board:

Sure no problem, thanks for asking. I noticed the ibox has been updated with different kinds of information. In regards to the creators of XRP Jed McCaleb certainly should not be listed as the sole creator. Some important names are missing from that list like Arthur Britto, David Schwartz, Ryan Fugger, and Chris Larsen:

Ripple payment protocol - Wikipedia

I understand that time is valuable but if any of the Mods can make the time to implement any of the repetitive questions asked here by new comers it would be helpful. If so the board can simply direct new comers to the ibox when asked. Here are some of the questions that I can remember that have been asked.

1. Where can I buy XRP?
Links to all the different and upcoming exchanges of where one can buy XRP.

2. How do I store my XRP securely?
The top 3 hardware wallets are Nano Ledger, Trezor, and KeepKey. Although these are the top three hardware wallets only the Nano Ledger supports XRP.

3. Many ask what is the difference between Ripple and XRP?
Some new comers are confused with the difference between Ripple and XRP:

4. What is the difference between xRapid, and xCurrent?
Source Liquidity With xRapid - Expand Reach Into New Markets | Ripple

Process Payments With xCurrent - Enterprise Software Solution | Ripple

5. What other products does Ripple have that will utilize XRP?
Blockchain Technology | Ripple

6. What kind of problem is XRP solving and will it increase in value?
XRP taking on SWIFT in attempting to solve a $25-$30 trillion problem is a good place to start.

Will Ripple Replace Swift? An Expert’s Take

Ripple CEO: 'We are solving a problem measured in trillions of dollars'

Ripple XRP vs. SWIFT – A rivalry that has barely started - Global Coin Report
A huge part of the discussion of the future of currency can aslo be seen at:

Join us there as well

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