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Reverse Merger, Momo, and Low Float PLAYS

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Welcome to Reverse Merger, Momo, an Low FLoat PLAYS 


This board is for the discussion of stocks that you think will perform very well in the future. Please no spamming, this is a good

honest place for ihubbers to share DD and stock picks with each other. There will be a section of the Ibox for the current HOT

that will consist of all the current tickers causing all the chatter and some of the stocks that you guys post on the board!  In

addition to this, there will also be a  MY PICKS section containing all of my personal stock picks and DD. Email alerts will be sent out

as well smile The only rule here is to enjoy yourself...and of course, to make big $$$$$$ <-------(ALWAYS follow that rule)




This one is quite the incredible R/M play...8M float with confirmation from CEO...been on an uptrend
along with a "float lockdown", making the tradeable float only about 2-3M .20++ easy IMO DD:


Another fantastic R/M play. The CEO recently said a few days ago "We are just as excited here as we are working to bring our efforts to the public eye." Was just reinstated on Nevada SOS and has a new CEO who purchased the shell. Float is 4-5 Million and has been undergoing heavy accumulation the past few weeks. Many VERY valuable companies are inked to ITNS and the company's new website is in the prcoess of being updated. Name change from Itonis Inc. to Itonis HOLDINGS Inc. HUGE things expected here...R/M PR could drop anytime DD:


This one is a lotto play that has received quite the attention the past few months, with many price and volume spikes.
Low OS around 415M for a .0006 stock. If ANY news came out of he company, or it was reinstated this thing will take off.
Used to trade $1-3! ANd judging by the recent acion, something may not be very far off......


Awaiting updates from the company.
Lots of accumulation here as well, looking for potentially millions in revenues. LOTS of DD:

Business Description:
Momentum Biofuels, Inc., an alternative fuel processing company, produces and markets biodiesel fuel for local distributors, jobbers, and state and local government fleets in the United States. Biodiesel is a renewable fuel for use in diesel engines that is derived from vegetable oils, such as soybean and mustard seed oil and can be mixed with petroleum based diesel fuel for use in existing diesel engines. Momentum Biofuels has strategic relationships with TES Energy Development, LLC; DAK Renewable Energy, Inc.; Green Field Products (Canada), Inc.; and Stewart Environmental Consultants, Inc. The company was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in League City, Texas.

Shares Outstanding 93,224,444

Float 41,900,000

They have NO DEBT, Hunt paid all of it off (HGCO)

MMBF entered into a royalty licensing agreement with Hunt Global Resources in which they get 3% of all biofuel sales and frac sand sales.

Recent Filings:

The Senate recently passed the biodiesel tax credit in which is $1.00 per gallon produced. The plant is thought to be starting up very soon...Great potential for revenue from the company:

Hunt (HGCO) recently acquired Carbon Green, Inc. and they are about to start production of their LoNox biofuel mixture, and to do so will have to restart MMBFs plant, and from what I've been hearing from the CEO, some sort of news is expected on the plant startup as well as Momentum's revenues.





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