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Welcome to Rentech

Rentech's vision is to be a global provider of clean energy solutions. During our nearly 30-year history, Rentech and our licensees have successfully applied the Rentech® Process in facilities that range in size from pilot scale to 300 barrels per day of synthetic fuels and chemicals production. The Rentech Process is a patented and proprietary technology that efficiently and economically converts synthesis gas, which can be manufactured from a wide variety of waste, biomass and fossil resources, into hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons can be processed and upgraded into ultra-clean synthetic fuels such as military and commercial jet fuels and ultra low sulfur diesel as well as specialty waxes and chemicals. We also own an operating syngas-based nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing plant in Illinois.

Company Overview

Our vision here at Rentech®, which stands for Renewable Energy Technologies, is to be a global provider of clean energy solutions. We strive to deliver solutions to our customers and licensees that will help enable countries to effectively address national energy security issues, rising long-term demand for fuels and limited domestic petroleum refining capacity while lowering their emissions profiles.

We are pursuing the worldwide deployment of our patented and proprietary Rentech Process. Together with gasification and upgrading technologies, the Rentech Process can economically produce ultra-clean synthetic fuels such as military and commercial jet fuels and ultra low sulfur diesel as well as specialty waxes and chemicals from a wide variety of waste, biomass and fossil resources.

We also own one of the few remaining U.S. ammonia fertilizer production facilities, Rentech Energy Midwest Corporation (REMC). REMC is a major supplier of nitrogen products to the agricultural and industrial markets in the upper Midwest.

Our process produces biodegradable RenJet® and RenDiesel® transportation fuels that are cleaner burning than petroleum-derived fuels and either meet or exceed all applicable fuels and environmental standards. In addition, with carbon capture and sequestration, the carbon dioxide emissions from the production of synthetic fuels from the Rentech Process are substantially lower than those generated in the production of petroleum-derived fuels. Therefore, fuels produced from our process are among the most greenhouse gas friendly transportation fuels available.

Unlike some other alternative fuels, fuels produced from our process can be used and distributed without modifications to existing diesel or jet engines or pipelines. In addition, fuels produced from the Fischer-Tropsch process, on which our technology is based, are currently the only synthetic fuel type certified for use by the United States Air Force. These fuels are also the only synthetic fuel type in the process of receiving formal certification by the Federal Aviation Administration for use in commercial aircraft.

During our nearly 30-year history, Rentech and our licensees have successfully applied the Rentech Process in facilities ranging in size from pilot scale to 300 barrels per day of synthetic fuels and chemicals production. Our first renewable facility was built in 1992 and used landfill gas to produce alternative fuels. Today we are working on a few early-stage biomass projects and have several commercial-scale fossil projects in our pipeline including a facility contemplating total production of 30,000 barrels per day of synthetic fuels and chemicals in Adams County, Mississippi.

We believe our Product Demonstration Unit (PDU) located in Commerce City, Colorado is the only operating synthetic transportation fuels facility in the United States. At the PDU, we have produced thousands of gallons of ultra-clean synthetic fuels including military jet fuel, commercial Jet A and Jet A-1 and ultra low sulfur diesel, and have shipped samples of our products for testing to potential customers, including the United States Air Force.

We continue to advance our technology, with a goal of reducing operating and capital costs. We are also working on next generation technologies with significant possibilities to reduce cost and increase efficiency of the Rentech Process.

REMC, our wholly-owned subsidiary, supplies domestically produced fertilizer to the farming industry, which not only helps farmers and the food industry, but also aids the biofuels industry that uses plants and crops as feedstocks.

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Environmentally Sound Technology: 

Gas to Liquid Refinery-Rentech Inc., Los Angeles, CA,   (, a global leader in the industry as a potential equipment supplier, is the preferred supplier of the Fischer-Tropsch technology for the refinery. They are experienced providers of the technology and equipment to take the extracted methane gas and convert it to synthetic diesel fuel and other products. Rentech Inc., a publicly held company (AMEX-REK), develops technology and projects that transform underutilized hydrocarbon resources (such as methane gas) into valuable alternative fuels and clean chemicals while providing clean energy solutions to a nation's growing energy needs. Rentech accomplishes this through the implementation of its patented and proprietary improved Fischer-Tropsch Technology. More commonly referred to as gas-to-liquids, the technology converts synthesis gas, a combination of hydrogen and carbon monoxide made from natural gas, coal, petroleum coke or biomass, into ultra-clean fuels and chemicals. This Project will generate diesel fuel and jet fuel or naphtha at the lowest operating costs.


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