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Welcome to RELI
A Real Estate and Insurance Holding Company

Reliance Global Group Inc.
(New Website August 14th, 2019!)

OTC Markets: RELI

Share Information
Authorized: 2,000,000,000 as of 10/0719 
Outstanding: 352,742,548 as of 10/04/19 
Float: 35,144,168 as of 10/07/19 

Corporate Headquarters
300 Blvd. of the Americas, Suite 105
Lakewood, NJ 08701

Yes, these are real photos from a shareholder who visited their new offices and met the team. Read: RELI Ultimate DD – The Biggest Pink Ever below for more info! 


Reliance Global Group Inc. Team

Meet the CEO of Reliance Global Group, Inc.


As Chairman, Ezra Beyman is the central force leading the success and growth of Reliance. Drawing on his nearly three decades of entrepreneurial experience in real estate and ten years in insurance, Mr. Beyman has set his vision and acuity on one integrated goal: integrity and success.  His current portfolio of commercial and residential properties comprise of 93 apartment complexes and approximately 9,500 units, as well as several insurance companies.

Mr. Beyman’s entrepreneurial career features a humble yet profitable beginning. In 1985, he founded a small mortgage brokerage, together with his wife, that he operated in his basement. From there, his company rapidly grew into a dynamic force on the market. By 2008, he owned the third largest licensed mortgage brokerage in America, having acquired numerous mortgage companies in the interim. He also expanded to real estate acquisition, having grown his portfolio to over three billion dollars. 

In expanding his investments, Mr. Beyman began exploring opportunities in other markets, acquiring several insurance agencies in both Florida and New Jersey. Always seeking lucrative growth platforms, his latest venture includes entering the domains of warrantee and insurance carriers.

Raised in the New York metropolitan area, Mr. Beyman spent his secondary and post-secondary school years at Mesivta Tifereth Yerushalayim, where he advanced his analytic abilities while mastering various areas of Talmudic studies, earning his position as one of the closest students of the Dean.  He earned his First Talmudic degree in 1975.  From early in his career, Mr. Beyman has worked closely with his wife, whom he made an equal equity partner in all his enterprises in 2009, now setting their combined set of eyes to growing their enterprise in the post-recession era to peaks surpassing their previous successes.


Reliance Global Group, Inc. is a company with extensive experience in both the Insurance and Real Estate sectors.
We intend to continuously grow our company generically and through acquisitions. 

RELI is controlled by Reliance Global Holdings LLC



Ethos Media Networks, Inc. (EOMN) Announces a Change of Control 

15-12G filed on 9/21/18 

 RELI CEO and CFO appointed in Oct 2018 
CEO - Ezra Beyman 
CFO - Alex Blumenfrucht

Ezra Beyman and Alex Blumenfrucht are also the board members of Reliance Global Holding, LLC 
Chairman of Reliance Global Holding, LLC - Ezra Beyman 
CFO of Reliance Global Holding, LLC - Alex Blumenfrucht 

RELI's lawyer, John Lowy, specializes in reverse mergers. 

Reverse Mergers & IPO's: We have taken more than 200 companies public via reverse merger, IPO or other. $5B+ in shareholder value. 

Name changed on FL SOS to RELIANCE GLOBAL GROUP, INC. on 10/19/18 

Ticker changed to RELI from EOMN on 11/14/18 (Search EOMN for Oct) 


Web Addresses

Reliance Global Holding, LLC, and Reliance Global Group Inc. (RELI) 

Reliance Global Holdings, LLC 
Reliance Global Group Inc. (RELI) 
Reliance Global Group Inc. (RELI) 

Ezra Beyman had intentions for an IPO as recent as 2018 for $10 a share. 

Reliance Real Estate Trust, LLC - 2018 IPO for $10 per share 

RELI Ultimate DD – The Biggest Pink Ever and a True National Exchange Monster in the Making

Mr. Beyman RELI CEO – “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Hello! I’m Werevu.

This is a story about RELI – Reliance Global Group Inc. RELI is a company in the Real Estate and Insurance business, and is the most legitimate play ever to grace the pennies. It will be the biggest stock to ever arise from this level. Yes, these pennies, the place infested by pump and dumps and scams and dilution crazy CEOs that raise the O/S unexpectedly.

If you are new to this stock, welcome aboard. If you have been here for a while, you already know what’s up. Either way, congratulations. This is truly a life changing opportunity.

Would you like to know more?

Right now, you are probably thinking, why should I believe this person? This is their first post! Must be a joke right? Yeah, I get that, I’d be skeptical too. But I can guarantee it is not. Quite a few posters on this board can confirm I exist in real life; I just don’t find it necessary to talk here much. I am simply a shareholder of RELI.

Those that know me, know that I am not a sycophant, and do everything with a critical eye. I tell it as it is, with respect and candor. If I knew this stock was a scam, and frankly, I'm a pretty good judge of character, I would be yelling and screaming it here.

After observing the board for so long, it was clear there was a lot of competing information and perspective. I’m not sure if it is purposely peddled, a lack of education, or healthy skepticism, so I wanted to truly investigate for myself. Sure, I believed in the stock, but this was the pennies. We’ve all been burned here before on false promises, why would this be any different?

Well, after we recently learned they moved to 300 Avenue of the Americas, I thought, why not try to meet them in person? It was closer to my home base, and if it truly was everything it was cracked up to be, I should be able to see it with my own eyes, right?

So yes, as a shareholder, I contacted them, and asked if I could visit. It was that simple, and they happily obliged. Yes, you can do the same. This is not a paid advertisement. This is on the ground, honest to goodness, due diligence.

So, why can I give you such a good look into RELI, and why can you trust my word?

Because I’ve met the RELI team IN PERSON. Yes, I visited their office, shook their hands, and talked to them in real life. My new pictures on the board prove it. Yes, those are my pictures. And yes, that is my blocked-out face.

In fact, I'm setting up a GoFundMe for my travel expenses, and all the intangible costs involved. Haha. But really, I took this seriously, wore a suit, and arrived early to represent us as shareholders the best I could.

How can I convince you this is real? Well, read along.

Let’s play a fun and exciting game of 11 questions!
• Have you ever met a CEO?
• Have you ever met a CEO of a stock you own?
• Have you ever met a CEO of a penny stock?
• Have you ever met a CEO of a penny stock you own?
• How many penny stock CEO’s have an email?
• How many penny stock CEOs reply to an email?
• How many penny stocks have a website?
• How many penny stocks publish a veritable address?
• How many penny stocks welcome shareholders to visit?
• How many penny stocks have a lawyer, auditor and investor relations firm?
• How many penny stocks are constantly updating shareholders?

And to answer those questions above. Yes, you can meet the CEO. Yes, the RELI team answers and responds to your emails. Yes, you can come to their real and professional offices. And yes, this is their website: http://relianceglobalgroup.com/ How many penny stocks have a website like this? Hint: None. Most “big companies” don’t have a website this nice.

In fact, there are so many moving parts here: pedigree, lawyer, building, auditor, website, investor relations firm, it is quite hard NOT to get excited. Why would they be putting in so much effort and not make this the greatest?

Foreshadowing for your benefit: RELI will be a massive, nationally known company.

Here’s my review: See the board for the photos!

The building and suite are beautiful. Night shots of the lighted building are stellar. Multiple tenants in a brand-new building, and wow, it is top class. They are on the first floor, so can't miss them. They will be there for a while. Large offices, with a conference room, and open desk concept in the middle. Striking in all glass. No secrets here. They truly do welcome any visitors, so if you are interested, request through the new website, and dress professionally.

It was surreal to have the opportunity to sit with them in a professional conference room, under the watchful gaze of the Reliance Global Group logo. We will see that symbol a lot – the same one on their website. And let’s be clear, it is not just a logo on big paper or a cheap piece. It is beautiful metal construct, with tactful underlighting. And the sign above the reception desk as you walk in? Reliance Global Group Inc is spelled out underneath in metal letters as well. It is those details that give you shivers down your spine of what this will become.

I met with Mr. Beyman - CEO, Mr. Lowy - Outside Counsel and Mr. Blumenfrucht - CFO, with nominal introductions to other team members. Top class. It was just like talking to regular people. Shareholders can either be your worst enemies, or your best friends, and they are committed to having the best relationship with us.

Mr. Beyman is a warm and friendly man, with a great sense of humor. He does a lot of charity work, and his mind and businesses are always moving. He sat in front of me talking about acquisitions and financial calculations to maximize assets. He once owned the 3rd largest mortgage business in the US, with volume of 4.2 billion dollars. Yes, you read that right. Billions. He has been in this business since 1985, and is bringing his success and experience to RELI. He believes in a small, effective management team, as true success for a holding company comes from employees in the field. Mr. Lowy has nearly 40 years of experience as a lawyer, and Mr. Blumenfrucht is hungry and razor sharp.

During my visit, I presented all I could as a shareholder, and they warmly considered it all. Let me be clear, there are no nefarious intentions here. They are doing everything by the book, and are working to bring all the outstanding LOIs to the public company as soon as possible. They have not taken a penny out of the stock, and are continuing to make moves behind the scenes to add even more shareholder value.

Look, I know we have been here a while, but we are all about to be longs, so congrats. But really, it doesn't matter, because this stock will be around for a long time. It truly is buy and hold, and these prices will make you look back and regret you did not buy more. Even worse, you will forever regret if you sell this now.

So, don't drive yourself crazy by the small swings right now. Regretfully, some are still playing games, but the games are over quite soon. This is 100% legitimate, with real people, real assets, and going to the very top. We will be listed on a major exchange in the future, but everything must start small.

RELI initiated a REIT, but recently announced they are exploring the merchant category. Why? Because it will give them far more ability and freedom. REIT’s are very restrictive and the RELI team realized we will be much better served as merchant. Alot of the fervor was made over this change, especially the dividend. Well guess what, a stock does not have to be a REIT to give out a dividend!

Consider this, we saw Mr. Beyman give a large number of shares to charities. How do you maximize a charity’s benefit? Selling shares makes no sense, because eventually they run out. But a dividend means they can do good for the long term! Think about it!

I get it, Pennies are tough. We’ve all been burned on false promises and misinformation before. But, I promise you with every fiber of my being, this is different. Way different than anything you’ve ever experienced down here. RELI has done everything they said they would do, and there is no reason to doubt them now.

But of course, don’t just take my word for it. Do you own Due Diligence. Send the RELI team an email, ask if you can meet them in the office. They are there waiting to show any skeptics they are real people in this for the long term.

And as a reminder, management related individuals own over 50% of the outstanding stock, and that grows after every acquisition! They have every incentive to drive this higher.

If you think you have a good idea for the company, email them. We obviously know they are responsive and receptive, just be respectful about it. A kind word gets you much farther than a cruel one. They truly have our best interests at heart.

Spread the good word and buy what you can now. No lie, I have ultimate confidence that the original estimates for this stock will not do it justice. Share these contents with your friends and family. I know I have recently, and even more so after my meeting because they should all be buying now...

We are halfway through the 3rd quarter, and the 4th quarter is quickly approaching. Load up and buckle up! This is way bigger than anyone thinks. This will truly be the biggest thing ever to come from the Pennies. Don’t get left behind and miss an opportunity to change your life forever.

Mr. Beyman asked I relay one final word. What’s visible now is only “Kid Stuff” compared to the future.

Tick tock!

Source: https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=150603677

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