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$RPNRF University of Sydney Professor and Rheumatology Researcher deri21 08/31/21 9:00 AM
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Rapid Nutrition PLC (RPNRF)

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Rapid Nutition

Rapid Nutrition is a natural healthcare company focused on the research and development, manufacturing and distribution of weight-loss and diet-management products, sports nutrition products, vitamins and dietary supplements and a range of life science products. The Company has registered products in and/or exported its products to Australia, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the United States

Reviews for Leisas Secret

Reviews for Leisas Secret can be found here



I've tasted lots of diet shakes - Celebrity Slim, Tony Ferguson, Betty Baxter, Optifast, Slimfast, Optislim, Ultraslim and Optislim, to name just a few, but Leisa's Secret takes the prize for being the most disgusting of the lot.

When made up as recommended the shakes are chalky and bland, there is literally NOTHING about them that can be recommended. The texture is gross and they don't even taste nice!! Add to that their recommended retail price - nearly $40 a tub - and this is not a plan you could stick to for even a short period of time, let alone weeks or months!!

Even when bought at a fraction of the retail price, as I did (under $10 a tub), I could not, in all good conscience, recommend these shakes.

Taste, texture, retail price.


I guess I felt like I was Starving my body while on this diet and I really didn't lose too much weight.
Went to a Herbalife distributor and got a similar shake that worked much better and I lost 10kgs in 6 weeks! Almost double that of the result I got on Leisas secret and I felt great.
Tastes good and is filling. Lost 4 kilos in 6 weeks!
I seemed to lack energy while on the diet and got quite constipated!


There is not a shake in the world which will help you lose weight long term. Fine for losing a few kilo's for a special day/night, when you just HAVE to fit into that dress or pants. Bodies need lots of nutrients, not just a select few, and exercise to stay healthy. That's why it's advised that you eat all kinds of fruit, veg, grains, seeds, etc. If you replaced meals with any kind of shake or bar (non diet) and didn't eat normal sized meals, you'd lose weight.
Convenient, tastes good.
Just about all of it.


I think it is great I have lost 8.5kg in two months I am thrilled and I feel better and more engergetic
I found the taste sensational
you can get constipated but if you drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fruit then you can overcome this

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