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Advantis Corporation (ADVT) is focused on helping people take control of their health and pain management needs. By creating strategic partnerships with innovative companies in the nutraceutical and alternative health care industries, Advantis is uniquely positioned to provide the guidance and support to assist in delivering products and services that address the needs of these individuals. Acquiring ownership in developing companies allows Advantis to provide consultation to improve product lines, expand distribution channels, and heighten brand value. With the healthcare and pain management sectors forecasting staggering growth, Advantis identifies and partners with those companies that possess the potential to capitalize on this trend.
Acquisitions and product developments ensure that Advantis reaches sustainable revenue growth in the near-term as it prepares for future market opportunities. CEOChristopher Swartz envisions the success of Advantis Corporation through strengthened partnerships, innovative product development, and sustained focus on revenue-producing strategies. With the help of a diverse and skilled management team, Swartz has navigated Advantis towards enhancing its footprint in the evolving legal cannabis business, holistic pain management, and healthcare industries. Expertise in the legal aspects of the medical cannabis industry allows Advantis to work within the framework of the law to target opportunities along the supply-chain of this untapped, explosive growth industry.


Where We are as a Company:

1.Our goal has always been to create a great CBD product line. We have partnered out of Colorado as a source for the CBD oil. We have done our research and like their focus on chemical free growing and extracting. Lab tests show consistent quality and concentration and provide proof that it is free of chemicals. They have a patented cannabis strain that is very high in CBD.

2.We have also Licensed a Technology for preservation of Cannabis flowers.


3.We are also starting a finance division. Personal loans for Manufactures and retailers in the Cannabis space. We are partnering with a lead generation company . They have a very large following on their network of qualified professionals in this space.

CEO. Chris Swartz with CA Lieutenant Governor AND Front Runner to be CA Next Governor Gavin Newsom



Advantis Corp.    


sequence-therapy-fitness  Oregon Advantis Cannabis LLC  Washington Advantis Cannabis LLC   
Amster-Can Premium Cannibis organically grown naturally preserved  Nug Smasher Rosin Press


Advantis Corp. recently acquired a 25% stake in Sequence Therapy, LLC. The company has an established client base of physicians and pain management specialists it works with to research and develop innovative techniques to treat the source of pain, rather than the symptoms. A laboratory gymnasium is maintained to study, educate, license and develop pain management techniques for patients and physicians to utilize. Sequence Therapy has developed an application over the past 10 years that it provides to health care professionals (under licensing agreement) that prescribe sequence therapy exercises for chronic pain.

Treatment of chronic pain is a $560 billion industry because physicians often use highly addictive opiates to treat the symptoms of pain, which usually exacerbates the problem. Sequence Therapy believes there is a better way. The company is developing non-addictive CBD (a cannabis extract) formulae that can be paired with sequenced therapy programs that can aid the execution of exercises targeting the source of chronic pain. Using the natural pain suppressant along with prescribed exercises will allow patients to safely reduce and in some cases rid themselves of chronic pain, without the damaging side effects of opiates.The company currently earns $500,000 in annual revenue from its existing client base; Advantis is executing a strategy to exponentially increase revenue through targeted marketing, branding, and distribution channels.

Oregon Advantis Cannabis, Washington Advantis Cannabis
Advantis Corp strives to be at the forefront of the coming “Green Rush”. Formed in 2015, Oregon Advantis Cannabis LLC and Washington Advantis Cannabis LLC are in the final stages of solidifying relationships with current producers and distributors of cannabis with the intent to acquire a majority share and controlling interest.


Product Info:


Natural Elements
Natural Elements, Inc. is a non-profit, mutual benefit corporation that operates in accordance with California Health & Safety Sec. 11362(B)(1)(A) & 11362.7(H) Prop 215 S.B. 420. We are dedicated to providing a high quality and efficient, medical marijuana delivery service to all of our patients. Specializing in locally grown organic medicines, and edible products, we serve all qualified patients.

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Advantis Corp. Packages Hemperor's Club Premium Cannabis


NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 30, 2017) - ADVANTIS CORPORATION (OTC PINK: ADVT) agreed to use Amstercan to package the most premium line of cannabis for one of Southern California's leading exotic flower and vape pen producers, Hemperor's Club.

Advantis has already begun full-scale production for Hemperor's Club, who is a member/provider for several Southern California dispensaries. "This is an excellent opportunity to spread the name and idea of Amstercan to become a more recognized brand name in the industry," Advantis CEO, Christopher Swartz, said. "Hemperor's Club has done a great job of doing this themselves, so this is a mutually beneficial relationship. Hemperor's club will elevate the image of their most premium brands, and that will lead to another consistent revenue stream for Amstercans." Hemperor's Club services thousands of Southern California member/patients with the supply of their most exotic strains of cannabis and vape pens.

"We continue to make progress with consistent revenue streams to support our consistent growth," Swartz said. "Teaming up with Hemperor's Club... a well-known name in the industry... they will be having a well-known personality representing their products to get even more exposure; this will further expand our reach in the marketplace." Swartz has alluded to a well-known personality in previous statements, but declined to expand on the identity of the said personality. "Very soon," Swartz replied when asked about when he would reveal the identity. "Very soon." Swartz concluded by saying that he was proud of the consistent revenue streams the company is establishing, and he will continue to find ways to synergize. "With new clients comes several new opportunities in many cases. It's great. We are being very careful not to expand too fast, and at the same time we are finding ways to establish the revenue streams necessary to sustain responsible growth." Advantis currently has established revenue streams for Amstercan, rosin press products, and additionally markets Hemperor's Club vape pens and tinctures.

Advantis Corp. Developing Rosin Press for Home Use


NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 23, 2017) - ADVANTIS CORPORATION (OTC PINK: ADVT) is currently developing a rosin press designed for home use. The company is adding to its current line up of rosin presses, and is in negotiations to have a well known personality in the cannabis industry represent the Advantis products.

"Advantis is generating revenue and adding to our product lineup at a fever pitch," Advantis CEO, Christopher Swartz stated. "With the continuing success with the sales of the Rosin 6, Nugsmasher, and Nugsmasher Junior rosin presses, we have uncovered demand for a completely untapped market: a smaller, lighter press that independent growers, patients, and users can utilize to create their own rosin." Swartz says the company had previously researched the possibility of manufacturing a home-use press, however the market for it seemed thin. "With rising medical marijuana usage and the new law in California for recreational use... there are thousands of people that grow their own medicine now, and there will be thousands more when the recreational use law takes effect." Swartz cited information Advantis has accumulated as they have been selling their current lineup of products. "The data is clear. Our buyers and partners relate that they consistently receive requests for a press that is more manageable in size and convenience of use." There are currently small presses available in the marketplace, but Swartz says Advantis is developing one that will be more efficient and safer to use.

Advantis sales have grown rapidly as a result of their aggressive marketing efforts. The company has established several partnerships, establishes new clients daily, and is reaching wholesalers through targeted marketing efforts. "Our sales staff is phenomenal, and we are working on augmenting their efforts by working with a well known personality," Swartz said. "We have been approached by several celebrities as we were already looking for a spokesperson. We are now in negotiations." Swartz concluded by saying the announcement would be made shortly once details of negotiations are finalized. "With sales continuing to climb, new additions to our product mix, and earned press we will get with our celebrity partnerships and/or endorsements, Advantis is about to reach the next level."


Advantis Corp. Boosts Bottom Line, Reduces Debt


NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 17, 2017) - ADVANTIS CORPORATION (OTC PINK: ADVT) announced that it has settled into its new commercial space to meet surging demand of Amstercan, rosin presses, and other products. The company has also announced that it has reduced debt by $250,000.

Advantis CEO, Christopher Swartz, explained how much more productive the company is now that it is taking full advantage of the increased space. "We previously only had access to the Amstercan canning machine during certain hours of the week," Swartz said, "as business began to surge, we quickly moved to find this commercial space. We now have around the clock access, which we need to keep up with the escalating demand." Advantis began marketing Amstercan packaging for premium medical marijuana a little more than three months ago. The company has secured several new clients, including the largest medical marijuana delivery cooperative, Speedweed. Sales began with the first few hundred cans that dispensaries initially used to test market; Advantis clients and partners have since placed orders for over 10,000 Amstercans. "Initial demand has surpassed even our most aggressive projections," Swartz reflected, "and we are securing new clients every week. If we continue this trajectory, we will be household name in the industry very soon." Swartz commented that the new commercial space is what allows the rapid expansion, while a sales force of independent contractors actively engage with the largest California medical marijuana cooperatives and their member-growers. "California is only the beginning," Swartz stated.

Swartz alluded to how the increase in sales is boosting top and bottom line numbers. "I'm excited to deliver fourth quarter numbers, and will be more elated when we report the first quarter numbers," Swartz said. "Providing shareholder value is important to me, and reducing debt is just as paramount as increasing sales. I am proud to announce that we have retired $250,000 of debt." Advantis has recently retired a debt that was contingent upon performance and tenure of a previous company officer. The company is now able to eliminate this debt from the balance sheet, without having to issue new shares or expend company assets. Based on numbers reported on the third quarter balance sheet, total debt has been reduced by almost twenty-five percent. "2017 is the first year we should have more revenue than debt," Swartz concluded, "I could not be more proud of the work that we are doing, and the best is yet to come."


Advantis Corp. Rolls Out New Products

NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 10, 2017) - ADVANTIS CORPORATION (OTC PINK: ADVT) is introducing three new CBD and THC extracts that it will be marketing alongside its current lineup of products.

The move to add Elixicure CBD tincture, Deltacure CBD and THC oils, and Hemperor's Club Vape Pens is a carefully planned sales strategy, according to Advantis CEO, Christopher Swartz. "We've been market testing several products, and these 3 all natural health solutions stood out as the highest in demand. With Amstercans and rosin press technologies taking huge leaps in sales, we are establishing a solid client base in an industry that is continuously thirsty for the most effective, innovative products." Swartz commented on the potential size of the market. "With the amount of Amstercans that are selling, we see a tremendous demand for these targeted, health specific medicines. As an advocate and developer of innovative pain management solutions, Elixicure and Deltacure are the future, and the future is now." CBD tincture is used to provide relief from various sources of pain without the psychoactive effects of THC.

In an effort to keep up with demand and expansion of its current offerings, Advantis is working with an effective marketing and social media expert. "Our marketing efforts are proving to be effective, thanks to the strategy and artistry of our web designer, slash artist, slash marketing expert," Swartz said. "It's true that we have had to ask the manufacturers of our rosin presses to ramp up production, and we are proud of what we've done so far; but we just got to the next level, and it's time to get to the next." Swartz alluded to a potential product endorsement, saying, "We can get a nice boost of publicity as we work to leverage our social media skills to connect with a known social media presence and be seen by hundreds and thousands of followers." Swartz fell short of committing to a specific person or entity, but he says they are currently in talks with some "personalities."


Advantis Corp. Reviews Progress, Forecasts Revenue Explosion for 2017

  NEWPORT BEACH, CA — (Marketwired) — 12/19/16 — ADVANTIS CORPORATION (OTC PINK: ADVT), concluded its year-end meeting, and announced that 2017 revenue will be the largest in company history.

Advantis CEO, Christopher Swartz, recapped company developments over the course of the year. “The former leadership team did a fantastic job of setting the table for success. There were some challenges that emerged with some of the products, distribution channels, and strategies that Advantis pursued early in the year; decisions were made that established the relationships and laid the groundwork to make Advantis’ recent sales progress possible.” Swartz reflected on some of the low revenue products and efforts to expand in other legal cannabis states. “The leadership team had the right idea, but we just didn’t have the revenue in place to support that kind of growth. We still have active plans to establish ourselves in these other states — we have the necessary organizations, but we first need to ensure a consistent revenue stream to support the expansion. We now see that revenue stream in sight… in fact, revenue is about to explode.”

Swartz was excited to share what company efforts are leading to and how Advantis will evolve in 2017. “Advantis has achieved an important milestone by generating significant sales revenue this quarter,” Swartz exclaimed. “I see this momentum continuing for the foreseeable future, and we are poised to achieve our highest revenue ever in 2017.” This quarter, Advantis has been gaining several new clients for the premium Amstercan and Black Label Amstercan products, and have developed products and partnerships to sell rosin presses, which are very high margin products. The company is additionally establishing partnerships to co-brand strains of cannabis for premium label Amstercan products. “We work with serious cultivators to package their most premium marijuana. Speedweed sells out of their Amstercan orders every week, and each successive reorder is more substantial; between Speedweed and additional clients we secure every week, we are on track to sell almost 15,000 Amstercans by the end of January.” Speedweed is California’s largest medical marijuana delivery service.

Swartz related that the largest source of revenue is being generated by the Rosin6 and Nugsmasher line of rosin presses. “Revenue from our rosin presses will surpass six figures this quarter, and our momentum is gaining steam. We sold three dozen Nugsmasher Jr.’s in the first week, established seven new retail accounts, and will finalize an agreement with the largest online distributor of rosin presses this week.” Swartz stated that 2017 revenues are expected to significantly increase as the company continues to establish new relationships and distribution channels. “Our initial marketing and advertising blitz was a huge success, and Advantis is quickly becoming a trusted name in the industry. I am fully confident that our revenue for 2017 will be in the millions, if these current trends continue.”

Swartz expanded on what these revenue streams mean to the company’s future. “This initial product launch went far better than expected,” Swartz said. “As our brand names gain traction, it will enable us to expand into other areas of the industry. We are in the midst of the great ‘green rush,’ and with this consistent revenue stream, we are positioned to take full advantage of it.” Swartz stopped short of hinting at what is to come, however he commented that he is planning on producing quarterly live interactive video shareholder conferences as business progresses. Swartz will shortly announce registration information so shareholders or potential investors can enroll to be part of the first call. “I do my best to ensure our shareholders are aware of developments as they happen, and I am committed to strengthening shareholder value.” Swartz said there are exciting developments that will be announced in the coming weeks that will further enhance the company’s bottom line. “With growing revenues, burgeoning partnerships, and an established business base, 2017 is the year Advantis arrives,” Swartz concluded

More Advantis Corporation News Can Be Found At:  and


Share Structure Information 

Transfer Agent:
Pacific Stock Transfer
4045 South Spencer Street Suite 403 Las Vegas, NV 89119
Tel: (702) 361-3033 / (800) 785-PSTC Fax: (702) 433-1979

ADVT Security Details    
Share Structure    
Market Value1 $6,800,376 a/o Jan 1, 2017
Authorized Shares 1,000,000,000 a/o Jan 1, 2016
Outstanding Shares 918,969,715 a/o Aug 23, 2016

Float: 189,431,544   a/o Jan 1, 2016

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