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Last Post: 5/26/2007 4:35:23 PM - Followers: 30 - Board type: Premium - Posts Today: 0

Originally Started By: Uncle Frank Date: Aug 30, 2000 5:55 PM Posts On Original Thread 32699 This is a safe house where friends of Voltaire can meet to discuss any topic that tickles their fancy. With that in mind: This thread is for Support, Knowledge Building and Friendship, “NOT” Financial Management. We have all learned a lot in the year 2000 and we are still learning each day. Porchers are free to post their suggestions or positions with out repercussions or blaming. Warning: Buyer Be Ware. We have at all times Extreme Bulls and Extreme Bears on the porch. You must do your own DD and assume responsibility for all decisions made from information received on this porch.. This is a moderated porch and the rules are as follows: Please Remember The Following Rules: Beware: RULE #1: No personal attacks on any porcher, period. Beware: RULE #2: No personal attacks on any porcher, period. Beware: RULE #3: No personal attacks on any porcher, period. Rule #4 No foul language. Overview of IHUB TOU: http://www.investorshub.com/beta/read_msg.asp?message_id=61564 If you are comfortable with the above suggestions and rules we would like to welcome you and will do everything we can to make you feel right at home. Grab a rocker and sit for a spell. You have just decided to join one of the greatest groups of folks on the internet. We can also be found at the following location; http://www.siliconinvestor.com/stocktalk/subject.gsp?subjectid=36800 dealie
#446   RR, Sure do. How're things your way? Cactus Jack 05/26/07 04:35:23 PM
#445   Cactus, you still look over here? RR 05/26/07 02:15:59 PM
#444   BTW, SI is back up. Cactus Jack 03/26/04 12:22:30 AM
#443   Howdy jpg! Good to have you check in RR 03/25/04 11:48:12 PM
#442   RR, I am now. Boy, SI having some Cactus Jack 03/25/04 11:01:51 PM
#441   .....No politics over here. :-) murreywalker 03/25/04 10:31:34 PM
#440   OK Dealer! Glad to know you are watching RR 03/25/04 10:17:37 PM
#439   Hey Murrey!!!! Nice.....No politics over here. :-) dealer 03/25/04 10:12:47 PM
#438   Yea RR! That sorta scared me......I had trouble dealer 03/25/04 10:10:01 PM
#437   Yep, I just watched the game. Folks around RR 03/25/04 09:49:36 PM
#436   Didn't track it. murreywalker 03/25/04 09:45:47 PM
#435   Looks like they'll have the porch(the original) up murreywalker 03/25/04 09:43:16 PM
#434   Murrey, you noticed my little ole neighborhhod bank, RR 03/25/04 09:41:07 PM
#433   Hey Champ! Looks like the neighborhood is looking better. RR 03/25/04 09:37:23 PM
#432   I'm here. murreywalker 03/25/04 09:28:55 PM
#431   Hi Dealer! Well, glad to see you here. RR 03/25/04 09:23:30 PM
#430   Just found this post from SI Bob!! dealer 03/25/04 08:55:48 PM
#429   Hi RR! Just happen to come over......wondering dealer 03/25/04 08:42:10 PM
#428   Yo Dealer! You lurking on the alternate Porch site? RR 03/25/04 07:35:30 PM
#427   Hey Cactus! You over here? RR (eom) RR 03/25/04 07:34:28 PM
#426   Good to know we got a place to RR 10/16/03 10:12:49 PM
#425   Hi jpg: Tough loss for the Hogs last weekend. RR 10/16/03 10:11:00 PM
#424   SI is back up. Cactus Jack 10/14/03 02:44:37 PM
#423   RR, That's some glitch SI has. Cactus Jack 10/14/03 02:03:45 PM
#422   Hey, any Porchers over here with SI being down? RR 10/14/03 01:22:54 PM
#421   RR, There has been quite a bit of disbelief Cactus Jack 05/26/03 01:12:16 PM
#420   John, hope you been making some money in RR 05/26/03 05:20:51 AM
#419   Ha! Just trying to keep up with you, RR 05/26/03 05:20:10 AM
#418   RR, You're one resourceful dude indeed. Cactus Jack 05/26/03 03:20:24 AM
#417   Been doing good trading the SPX. RR 05/25/03 03:23:27 PM
#416   Anybody studying charts this holiday weekend? RR 05/25/03 03:05:36 PM
#415   Morning Porchers! SI is not working here this RR 05/25/03 02:56:03 PM
#414   RR, When I read about (and see footage of) Cactus Jack 05/18/03 02:39:35 AM
#413   Howdy jpg! The one yesterday was a little RR 05/17/03 07:43:48 PM
#412   RR, So how close did it get to you? Cactus Jack 05/17/03 02:35:33 PM
#411   Damage reports now coming in. Yep, it touched down. RR 05/16/03 08:29:12 PM
#410   Murrey, just a few minutes after I finished RR 05/16/03 08:28:51 PM
#409   Muerry, you doing OK up there in that RR 05/16/03 08:02:50 PM
#408   Hello Dealer! You check over here anymore? RR 05/16/03 07:57:56 PM
#407   I guess dey don't think so Bob <ng> Croesus I 12/20/02 08:52:29 PM
#406   http://www.investorshub.com/boards/read_msg.asp?message_id=630284 kirby49 12/18/02 10:17:18 PM
#405   Puts and calls RR, managing to eek a timtoinv 07/18/02 07:25:43 PM
#404   I'm back on SI now too jp. wstera2 07/18/02 05:43:16 PM
#403   Missouri SI back on the air. murreywalker 07/18/02 05:16:34 PM
#402   give it time. my password works like usual. Cactus Jack 07/18/02 05:08:00 PM
#401   I got in thru a back door, but wstera2 07/18/02 05:06:46 PM
#400   Wild day RR. Still making $$, but it wstera2 07/18/02 05:04:05 PM
#399   RR, <How ones deals with adversity and overcome is Cactus Jack 07/18/02 04:56:08 PM
#398   jpgill, I view those bumps in the road RR 07/18/02 04:52:54 PM
#397   RR, Thanks for the kind wishes. Sometimes bumps Cactus Jack 07/18/02 04:47:54 PM
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