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Pick 4 Contest No. 14

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Pick 4 Contest 14 (Formerly Pick 3 Contest)

It is truly simple you pick 4 different stocks they are all equally weighted and you’re done.

The New Rule Changes In Pick 4 Contest #9 Versus Pick 3 Contest #8

A) The first one is obvious you have to pick 4 Stocks instead of 3.

B) You will now have the right to double down once in a contest, once a stock is doubled down , it essentially gets treated for the entire contest as 1 position (Hence it can't be separated after being doubled down). You obviously can't start the contest in double down, but as the contest proceeds you can put a double down on your favorite stock if you choose to do so. Obviously a double down will cost 1 trade just like any other trade.

1) Deadline for Picks: Deadline will be 5/7/21 at the market close.

2) Duration of Contest: Contest will start Monday May 10th, and end Friday November 26th.

3) Trades: You Get 1 trade a month, so use it or lose it. (Freezes or selling stocks are unlimited.)

4) $CASH$ can be 1 of 4 picks to start, or 0 out of 4 like it will be with mine.

Restrictions on stocks picks:

A) Minimum Share Price: .10

B) Minimum Dollar Volume: $7,500.00

C) Earnings are not required.

Other Info on Contest: 

1) Only Cash dividend of 5% will be accounted for.

2) All picks need to be done on this board and not via PM so that we have a record. Also, you can never be sure if whoever you send it to is even around or reading PMs. If you post it on the board, it is permanent and fixed in time.

3) All picks will be "blind" picks. By that, it means they will have to be based upon the person's best guess rather than by seeing what others have done. When the picks are made, they will be deleted (hidden) from the board. Once the deadline passes, all picks by each person will be shown in the Ibox.

4) 15% Rule still in affect. (The 15% rule is basically a rule to void a trade, if a stock you are buying opens and closes above 15% the previous day on no news, or if a stock you sell opens and closes more then 15% lower the previous day on no news. This rule is there for the sole purpose to stop someone from getting and advantage from a fluke trade or a really low liquidity situation. I rarely use this rule, with the minimum volume requirements of stocks entering the contest, but it is there for a just in case something happens even though I don't anticipate using it. 

5) You will also have Five Wildcard trade during the contest. Basically you only use your Five wildcard trade if you try to make a 2nd trade in a month. You only get 5 during the contest, so it is up to you when you want to use it, or even if you want to use it. Hope this helps.

Other than that have fun is the only other rule in this fun stock picking contest. Hope this helps.

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Pick 4 Contest #13 Results (Winner: KNOWLEDGEISKING +413.57%)
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