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I've read many memorable and original quotes from our I-Hub community members: some are funny, many express optimism and hope, others are poignant and tinged with sadness and regret, but all open a window into the thoughts and experiences, perhaps even the very soul, of its author and those who choose to quote it. This Board is designed to provide a central forum for our members to post their quotable quotes. Of course, old time favorites (whether attributed or unatrributed) are welcome as well. How high is the cost to be a master trader? While the actual price is difficult to quantify, we have been at the business of trading long enough to know that it's higher than most people think. And in most cases, it's higher than most people are willing to pay. Show me someone who wants to quit his or her job to become a day trader, and I'll show you someone who probably doesn't understand what it takes to be a day trader. Those who feel this is a game that can be conquered or mastered in a few short months are deluding themselves. Not only does it take many months to years of relentless effort to obtain market proficiency, but also excellence seems to emerge only after one has learned and experienced every conceivable way to lose. The truth of the matter is that the pains, the agony, the scars of an experienced trader run especially long and deep. If aspiring market mavens do not possess a great deal of fortitude, or if they lack resolve, are devoid of passion, and are unwilling to forsake all, they simply won't last. Individuals who truly desire market success will have to pay with their blood, their money, and a very big part of their lives. The tuition is high. There is no denying that. But the ultimate reward that goes to those willing to pay the price is immeasurable. Successful traders enjoy an independence that can't even be imagined by most. With a notebook computer and a telephone line, they are free to trade, to book profits, from any place in the world. They can earn more money in 2 hours than most people earn in a month. With the click of a mouse and the stroke of a few keys, successful traders can bring into existence their every material desire and shield themselves from the day-to-day concerns that typically plague the mediocre and the average. By properly responding to the electronic impulses flashing on the computer screen, traders can create the world of their choice, live a lifestyle that supersedes the wildest of all dreams, and rest securely in the fact that no one on planet Earth can take it away. But in order to get there, you must last! To reach the lofty level of which I speak, you must survive, however difficult things get. And that, my friends, is no easy task. So if you are truly willing to pay the price, the best advice I can give you is this. Develop a plan, find a mentor who will teach you, and never surrender! Make up your mind this very day that you will either rise or perish. And then watch your unshakable resolve work out the details. You can do it. We know this to be true because we did it. - Initiation of the Master Trader
#23   Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the pagello 02/14/19 07:09:22 AM
#22   Here's a good one. Psionic Trader 02/14/07 12:54:01 AM
#21   How about this: "Can I borrow some Psionic Trader 01/31/07 03:55:55 PM
#20   ?? Psionic Trader 01/31/07 03:47:46 PM
#19   Yeah that's the strategy to take. When you Psionic Trader 01/31/07 03:46:58 PM
#18   LOL...Nobody home. nk nkdroth 01/31/07 03:46:29 PM
#17   lol, i suppose you are acting as your Psionic Trader 01/31/07 03:45:12 PM
#16   LOL...Or your grown children. nk nkdroth 01/31/07 03:39:20 PM
#15   Lest you become their personal ATM! "A The_Pink_Lawyer 01/31/07 03:29:29 PM
#14   The funniest investment philosophy I've ever heard of: Psionic Trader 01/31/07 11:41:38 AM
#13   funny, i thought that phrase kinda portrays supporters Psionic Trader 01/28/07 10:54:37 PM
#12   Many folks use the term "sell into strength, The_Pink_Lawyer 01/28/07 09:55:33 PM
#11   "A successful man is one who can lay The_Pink_Lawyer 01/28/07 09:43:52 PM
#10   "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the The_Pink_Lawyer 01/28/07 09:39:25 PM
#9   "Adversity does not build character, it reveals it." The_Pink_Lawyer 01/28/07 09:25:45 PM
#8   Sorry, if these are just stock related quotes, MiMiC 01/28/07 07:58:17 PM
#7   "When Egos Prevail, Ideas Fail" -Richard Getz MiMiC 01/28/07 07:48:35 PM
#6   "this one has a HUGE short position" Stock Stallion 01/28/07 01:12:11 PM
#5   "We are going to move to the nasdaq." allspice 01/28/07 09:11:43 AM
#4   "We don't now where all the shares are allspice 01/28/07 09:11:13 AM
#3   "We will NEVER do a 1-10,000 R/S!" analyzethis 01/27/07 07:15:47 PM
#1   Got something meaningful to say? Say it here! The_Pink_Lawyer 01/27/07 06:48:43 PM
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