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$ONCI is a holdings company started fresh by CEO Steve Berman, former VP of Sales for Time Warner Advertising. Steve is a lifelong sales executive who took TW’s ad sales from 10 million to over 110 million in ad revenues during his tenure there. 

Three years ago, Steve met with Cogosense, the makers of bSafeMobile and Fleetsafer, both distracted driving apps. The apps both contain hardware that plugs into the OBD port of the user’s vehicle and communicates with their phone. More details can be found about these apps at cogosense.com, bsafemobile.com, and fleetsafer.com. Seeing the incredible potential of this new technology, SB purchased the empty ONCI shell and brought these apps to the public eye. 

Over the last three years, SB has brought revenues from 55k in his first quarterly report to over 4.5 million in revs in 2018. And these revenues have proven very profitable, with a 40% income rate. With AR’s pushing 4 million, and increased sales of this tech to the likes of Autonation, Carmax, and many other dealerships, investors can count on revenues increasing quarter over quarter. In three years, ONCI has reported increased revenues every quarter since its inception. And this is just for the drive apps. AND THIS IS JUST GETTING STARTED. 

Onci has six divisions, some up and running, others have been announced and are being built for the future. The first and most lucrative is the Cogosense division, which in addition to the drive apps, are also bring a child car-seat app, a GPS locator (this is being sold now), an alcohol sensing app, golf apps, an urgent dentist app, and more. There is a lot to be excited about just considering this first division. But ONCI is much more than just this. 

The additional divisions include media marketing, mobile dentistry, a giftcard exchange, manufacturing, and MJ. Although all of these have been announced, the manufacturing arm and the dentistry are future projects to be tackled once revenues increase and ONCI has the capital to fully pursue them. Meanwhile, MJ craft grower Sifthouse (which we have paid a 10% 100k deposit on) is anticipating a license, digital media 3dmc.tv is bringing in revenues, and the recently announced giftcard exchange with a launch date goal of June 14th 2019. 

The current PPS does not show the true value of this burgeoning company. With 4.5 million in revs with an OS of 4.5 billion, at 5x earnings the PPS should be .005. 10x earning, .01. This is without the announced 1.4 billion share reduction, which should be finalized by the end of January IMO. This was delayed due to an unforeseen debt with the state of DE, which has been negotiated and paid to the tune of $1200, much less than the inherited 330k keeping this in limbo. After this is done, the company will re-domicile to CO with a name change Hexagon Holdings, currently in good standing with the on the COSOS website. 

The currently PPS shows that investors are waiting for Steve Berman to fulfill some of his previously missed self-imposed deadlines, all caused by the inherited debt that was found when the company initiated their first audit. The audit was halted at that time, and SB spent the next 12 months negotiating it down to an incredibly low final payment. 

Many meetings have been announced that did not result in any deals being made, ultimately interpreted and misconstrued as “CEO Lies”. SB’s only transgression IMO is getting a bit too excited about these potential deals, ‘putting the horse before the cart’ so to speak. In sales, one must set up as many meetings as possible—some will pan, others won’t. I for one want a CEO who works as tirelessly as Steve Berman. 

$ONCI has IMO the greatest potential to be a monster on the OTC, and SB is the guy you want at the helm. He has traveled the globe bringing Cogosense’s products to the forefront of the distracted driving epidemic. And the industry is taking notice, the revenues prove that. And to think, there is so much more happening behind the scenes that we just don't know about yet. 2019 IMO will be a very exiting year for $ONCI 



RECENT NEWS December 17th, 2018



Steve Berman Conference Call / News Overview (courtesy of Mary 777)



Facebook OTC Filings OTC News OTC Profile Registration Twitter


Creating and Acquiring Value-Driven Growth Opportunities.  


1. Proven and profitable applications  
Bsafe Mobile, FleetSafer, Bfound Mobile, OK Golfer, Golf Gambler, Drive Sober, Save My Child, Urgent Dentist.  



2. Application Development and Manufacturing  
Hexagon Holdings aims to develop manufacturing plants in Kuala Lampor, Prague, Budapest, Canada, Brazil and the United States to create technological facilities for both our apps and others.  

3. Dental Care/Medical Care  
We desire to create 30 urgent care dental offices across the New York tristate area over the next 24 to 36 months, in addition we will be providing mobile eldercare dentistry.  

4. Digital Media  
Hexagon Holdings looks to both develop and manage digital multimedia content in Malls, Stores, Gas stations, restaurants, theaters and Stadiums.  

5. Medical Cannabis  
More information coming soon  


Hexagon Holdings seeks to acquire and/or merge with businesses that present new opportunities and innovative business plans, especially with respect to new technologies. Hexagon Holdings owns 100% of Family Mobile Safety Marketing, the distributor of a safe driving App and a 49% equity/ownership stake in Digital Media Management & Consulting, a joint venture which implements electronic sell-through and content advertising supported networks.  

Phone: 323.487.0389  
Email: info@hexagonholdingscorp.com  




O/S- 4,498,205,518 as of 9/14/18

Float- 2,839,751,027 as of 9/14/18

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Date:8/9/2017 9:15:25 AM
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Extremely tough to get a hold of, but I was able to nail down 15 minutes on the phone last night...

I wanted to go over the previously announced deals in some more detail:

In order...

1) 500 Member Law Group:
Q: How did you find these people and secure the contract?
A: I have a very large rolodex built up over my 35 years in industry, and a close friend connected me.
Q: There were no revenue figures in the PR... do we have expectations for this contract?
A: We expect this contract to begin bearing fruit in mid Sept. Expectations are from between $20K-$80K/mo in gross REVS based on the amount of dealers we get put in front of.

2) Shopping Website:
Q: When will we get the name of this website?
A: NDA expires in about 30 days
Q: How did you find and secure this contract?
A: This was also a close business contact making the connection
Q: REV expectations?
A: This contract is expected to perform similar to LAW GROUP with 
$20K-$80K/mo in gross REVS depending on their web traffic

Q: How did this contract come to pass?
A: This was an affiliate referral
Q: REV expectations? 
A: We already recieved the 1st $100K in August and believe we can 
make as much as $100K/mo from this contract. 1st few months very 
important, which is why I will be travelling to South America in 
Q: This seems the biggest contract yet.. why?
A: People are keeping their cars longer in ARGENTINA because of 
inflation and the new car tax, which is why extended warranty 
companies are making lots of $$. We chose to partner with ASSURANT 
because they are expanding into CHILE COLUMBIA and PERU. Extended 
warranty companies will sell this as a new revenue stream within 
their REV umbrella. 

Q: How did this meeting get on the calendar?
A: A very close personal friend helped begin the process over a year 
ago. FORD has been testing our units for months now, and just 
extended the invitiation.

Q: How did this meeting get on the calendar?
A: Same close personal friend made the connection a couple months 
ago, and they have been testing the units as well. Call came 
quicker than FORD and meeting will happen before FORD.

Wanted to have the CO Domicile process explained in a more clear way:

Q: Everyone is expecting the CO DOMICILE process to either begin or 
be COMPLETED by Friday. What can we expect?
A: As stated previously I am making every effort to get this done 
ASAP. There will be progress updates coming out beginning 
tomorrow and Friday, and continuing next week until this F*%* 
attorney fixes one last item. Shareholders will see it is 
happening beginning tomorrow. Finality wont come until legal 
finishes this in a few more days after that. Its a matter of days 
not weeks.
Q: Finality gets us what?
A: 1.4B share reduction - New website announcement - APP NAME - Debt 
wipe away announcement - 

Q: Are you happy with our recent Q?
A: Im thrilled to be able to release it by 9/15, and I think you 
guys will be very happy with the results. Many of these new 
contracts are too late to be represented there, but you all 
should be happy

***The man is a MASTER SALESMAN***... Said hes working on ANOTHER VERY BIG NAME he may be able to announce as early as next week. Nothing guaranteed ofcourse, but the man DELIVERS!


Phone: 323.487.0389
Email: info@on4inc.com

 The Company seeks to acquire and/or merge with businesses that present new opportunities and innovative business plans, especially with respect to new technologies. The Company owns a 100% equity/ownership stake COGOSENSE.COM, the maker of distracted driving App BSAFEMOBILE and Geolocation App BFOUNDMOBILE, plus a 49% equity/ownership stake in Digital Media Management & Consulting , a joint venture which implements electronic sell-through and content advertising supported networks.

FMS safe driving app BSAFE MOBILE- protects the driver from the dangers of distracted driving. BSAFE MOBILE is currently selling at $250 per unit .

FMS global tracking device- B FOUND MOBILE tracks vehicles anywhere even under 5 feet of concrete . pre sales have been ordered at $250 per unit.

The apps in beta testing are:

OKGOLFER - ok golfer- tells the player what club to hit based on there handicap and speeds up the game by 2 hours we are expected to bring to market at $100 per unit.

GOLF GAMBLER- is a gambling app that lets golfers gamble on there round this APP is free, our income varies and is paid after each round is complete.

Yet to be named Alcohol tracking sensor works similar to a breathalyzer this app will be released to market at $150 per unit.

Yet to be named car seat monitoring sensor monitors car temperature and whether car seat is occupied This will come to market at $150 per unit.

GREAT NEW ARTICLE: https://insiderfinancial.com/on4-communications-inc-otcmktsonci-making-a-comeback 


Steve Berman, CEO

Click here to view Steve’s LinkedIn Profile

Steve is a New York native with over 30 years of sales success and executive leadership experience. Steve is a successful entrepreneur, having founded several companies and serving in the CEO role. In his various roles managing and building various businesses, Steve has been instrumental in securing capital financings for several public and private companies, including start-ups and pre-revenue businesses. Most recently, Steve co-founded 3DMC, a premier digital multimedia company; and also served as CEO of Stealth Sports and Marketing, a consulting firm specializing in marketing and multimedia solutions to professional sports teams.

Prior to working with 3DMC and Stealth, Steve held the positions of Senior Vice President at YES Network (www.YesNetwork.com), the number one regional sports network in the country. Throughout his career, Steve developed key relationships in the top 10 markets and was responsible for developing the advertising platform for YES, which was directly linked with significant sales increases for YES Network. Before his tenure at YES Network, Steve served as Senior Vice President of Time Warner Cable NY, where he successfully grew the company’s advertising sales from $11m to well over $100m and increased national sales by 200%. During his time at Time Warner NY, the company became the number one billing cable market in the US.

Edgar Verified CEO, Steve Berman selling his ONCI shares @ .002357       
Report of Proposed Sale of Securities (144)
Date : 06/18/2018 @ 7:19AM
Source : Edgar (US Regulatory)
Stock : On4 Communications, Inc. (PC) (ONCI)


Furnish the following information as to all securities of the issuer sold during the past 3 months by the person for whose account the securities are to be sold.

Name and Address of the Seller     Title of Securities Sold     Date of Sale     Amount of 
Securities Sold
    Gross Proceeds

Steven Berman

24 Flamingo Run

Roslyn, NY 11576

    ON4 Communications Inc     Mar/16     13,577,788     $32,005



WARNING. ONCI is very likely a SCAM that is ripping off

investors. They APPEAR to be booking FICTICIOUS revenue. 
The bottom line with ONCI is that every quarter for the past 10 quarters the Accounts Receivable increases by very close to the Gross margin. (revenue - cost of sales)  

This past quarter saw Accounts Receivables (A/R) rise by $869,215, After the $635,921 cost of sales is deducted from Revenue you are left with $851,444.  

So they are claiming $851,444 for Revenue for the quarter after costs, BUT are owed $869,215 more than the total at the end of the previous quarter.  

This means that A/R from the previous 9 quarters has not been paid and that it rose more than the Gross margin in this Quarter. (AGAIN)  


Copied below from https://blog.apruve.com/6-types-of-accounts-receivable-fraud 

Fictitious Sales 

Accounts Receivable is not actual money in the bank. An employee can fabricate invoices, which will inflate accounts receivable. But who might this benefit since an invoice isn't the same as receiving cash?  

Sales people who work on a commission will benefit from an increase in accounts receivables, as it will show an increase in sales. To make this work, someone in control of accounts receivables will have to be in on the fraud.  

Red flags for this type of fraud are invoices to fake customers or invoices that do not match the type of business a customer might generate. At some point, these invoices might simply disappear as part of the fraud and go undetected. Internal controls that monitor this type of activity can help with detecting fictitious sales.  

NOTE: CEO Steve Berman receives a 12.5% commission on all sales.  


More info from https://www.get.com/stock/2010/03/11/accounting-red-flags-10-things-investors-should-look-out-for/ 

Accounting Red Flags: 10 Things Investors Should Look Out For 

1. Unusual accounts receivables growth. If accounts receivables grow at a faster pace than the company's sales, it can indicate that the company is making bad sales to companies unable or unwilling to pay, which could result in bad debt down the road. It may also indicate that the company is booking revenues before the proper time, which is one of the most common practices within the universe of manipulation. Future sales are simply recognized early, inflating earnings. The tell-tale sign, of course, is accounts receivable growth in excess of reported revenue levels. Studying the dollar amounts is not adequate to spot this. Instead, compare the rate of growth in year-to-year revenues and receivables.  

ONCI has higher A/R in six of the past nine quarters than their Gross margin. 

Bottom line is that ONCI is NOT BEING PAID for the past 10 Quarters on any measurable A/R at all, or it is made up revenue supported by phony sales contracts. A third option would be that they have shipped units to dealers on consignment but they have not sold more than a few units. This would need to be disclosed to investors. As they have made it look like they are selling 9K to 10K per quarter and that is not possible due to these numbers.  

My hope is that this fraud is uncovered by the SEC and that the CEO is prosecuted for these alleged crimes. I hope no more investors lose money due to the fraud committed here. I was fortunate to find out about this fraud in time to avoid losing a lot of money.
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