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OTC IPOs, Mergers & Other Material Events

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Last Post: 4/15/2021 2:41:09 PM - Followers: 148 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 0

Welcome to the board, here the primary focus is on finding, trading and conducting due diligence on new, or newer issue OTC tickers, or IPOs.  However, we will also follow Reverse Mergers, Acquisitions and Other Material Events including, name changes, change of control, change of company officers, etc, etc, as well.
*For our purposes, I am calling any inital offering of shares to the public an 'IPO', whether it be the company or simply a selling shareholder.*

Other than that any and all posts, on or off-topic, are welcome and encouraged, however, PLEASE no random drive-by 'promoting' of your favorite stocks, unless they are newly trading, not yet trading, or have some sort of new material event happening. Also, PLEASE try and avoid just purely pumping type posts(ie 'To da Moon' ) as the majority of board followers are not MOMO chasers, those types of hyped up posts probably wont be deleted, as I rarely ever delete posts because it's annoying..... but they are discouraged.

In other words, if your stock has gotten, or is getting, pumped, all over iHub, umpteen times, by all the usual suspects, it is not in line with the theme of the board, and those posts could be deleted. There are dozens of other boards on iHub for promoting these types of tickers, with far bigger followings than this one( BB''s Stock Haven, MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD, etc, etc ), so please use those instead.

Again, the primary focus here is on OTC Initial Public Offerings(IPOs) or new/newer trading OTC tickers, and the niche strategy of buying those early shares of stock, that are first made available to the public. These types of tickers do not always catch on, however, when they do, they can be quite lucrative for those early birds.

Word of WARNING: Buying brand new OTC tickers is not a strategy for everyone, these can be 'dead money' for long periods of time, as they generally tend to be HIGHLY ILLIQUID, and can require a tremendous amount of patience

**ADDITIONAL FYI: I am NOT a licensed financial professional, any ticker or information posted on this board by me, is NOT a recommendation to buy or sell. In addition, it does NOT necessarily mean that I'm personally buying, have already bought, intend to buy, or have even conducted any DD at all for that matter, I am simply bringing more obscure and/or new trading tickers to the attention of those folks who like to follow them. I do not have the financial means, desire or interest in buying every obscure or new ticker trading on the OTC..............ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN DD...!!    KNOW WHAT YOU HOLD...!! and NEVER INVEST MORE MONEY THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE** 

Watchlist of very low float, low o/s, shells or shell types that could be used in a RM. (*currently a work in progress*)

Older Shells
ATMS- 5.1M o/s-- 265K float
STQN- 2.5M o/s--247K float
AASP- 5.5M o/s--2.6M float
AIKO- 432K o/s--29K float
ARGC- 7.6M o/s-- 2.6M float(Sold 7/3)
LOGQ- 2.3M o/s--1M float
FSTJ- 7.9M o/s--961K float
QTCI- 2.7M o/s--607K float
ALDA- 2.4M o/s-- 67K float
CIIT- 2.4M o/s--252K float
WSCC- 6M o/s--1.7M float
GPLB- 20M o/s--1.5M float
PGID- 23M o/s--327K float
FCIC- 3.4M o/s--1.5M float

#4496   Ask thinning out nicely. Quintessence 04/15/21 02:41:09 PM
#4495   TGCB looks like it will go .7 adijas 04/15/21 02:04:20 PM
#4494   Got some SYSX on the dip. Maybe Quintessence 04/15/21 09:55:16 AM
#4493   Missed SYSX today, but grabbed INPX AH, which Quintessence 04/14/21 05:22:19 PM
#4492   I was out today, but just glanced at MegaDeath 04/14/21 02:16:50 PM
#4491   LNBY:I believe almost every trade thus far on Big Brother 04/14/21 01:44:38 PM
#4490   Wish I would have had some SYSX today, Big Brother 04/14/21 11:44:55 AM
#4489   $HRAA MONSTER merger play, epic chart here! Tstorm 04/13/21 08:03:38 PM
#4488   I trimmed about half. I thought it would Hanibal 04/13/21 07:42:46 PM
#4487   Check SGOO 780% 081 NVSOS name change. Interesting Garyst 04/13/21 07:04:07 PM
#4486   Nice news, looking good. I sold some in STOCKPICKER4LIFE 04/13/21 01:49:27 PM
#4485   Like it too, so couldn't resist adijas 04/13/21 10:43:28 AM
#4484   Yeah, saw that one, tried to get filled Big Brother 04/13/21 10:30:55 AM
#4483   Took some TGCB, started trading yesterday adijas 04/13/21 10:08:15 AM
#4482   LGVN up on Alzheimers data. Still holding Hanibal 04/13/21 09:24:25 AM
#4481   Top of the Radar! UCCPF Only .17 $$$$ ListenToMe 04/13/21 06:02:18 AM
#4480   ALMY heavy volume Friday, moderate today. Went Quintessence 04/12/21 10:23:38 AM
#4479   PSYCF = PSYCHED WELLNESS ListenToMe 04/09/21 10:24:24 PM
#4478   Nothing wrong with that. To each his/her own. MegaDeath 04/09/21 02:38:40 PM
#4477   I'd say in general, I just like collecting Big Brother 04/09/21 02:26:48 PM
#4476   I 'kicked the tires' on RGMP a few MegaDeath 04/09/21 02:09:34 PM
#4475   I typically only buy those types on the Big Brother 04/09/21 01:55:41 PM
#4474   I know what you mean. Sometimes sitting on MegaDeath 04/09/21 01:44:42 PM
#4473   Unfortuntely, I didn't have any PCST and USBL, Big Brother 04/09/21 01:39:17 PM
#4472   I saw one of the three go after MegaDeath 04/09/21 12:54:08 PM
#4471   Seems like most of the more obsure, thinly Big Brother 04/09/21 12:01:32 PM
#4470   GMGT Grey Market to Pink up for grabs, MegaDeath 04/07/21 03:39:49 PM
#4469   Yeah I always liked this Shell. Been watching STOCKPICKER4LIFE 04/01/21 03:04:13 PM
#4468   looks like GTHR is waking up!!! BOOM$$$$$ Only ListenToMe 04/01/21 10:47:37 AM
#4467   Undoubtedly a massive share issuance coming as well, Big Brother 04/01/21 10:39:24 AM
#4466   I hate that. The OS was low to Hanibal 04/01/21 10:37:11 AM
#4465   ECMT: Crap, 1:10 reverse split, on a ticker Big Brother 04/01/21 10:35:34 AM
#4464   Who knows, Asians? Momo Chasers? People that did Big Brother 04/01/21 07:11:59 AM
#4463   How is ATCC's PPS going up?? Quintessence 03/31/21 02:53:40 PM
#4462   Market cap hit $6 Trillion today, most valuable Big Brother 03/31/21 02:37:27 PM
#4461   RDGA, shell since 2000, in 2 days from adijas 03/31/21 02:08:43 PM
#4460   GTHR NEWS! could be making a come back! https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp. ListenToMe 03/31/21 07:15:35 AM
#4459   Wow, one for the record books! Quintessence 03/30/21 03:13:35 PM
#4458   Just a mere market cap of $4,705,723,075,268.....plenty of Big Brother 03/30/21 11:38:07 AM
#4457   Ahahahahahaa holy crap that is amusing Hanibal 03/30/21 11:12:15 AM
#4456   Not sure what happened with this one(RCCC/HIAI), had Big Brother 03/30/21 10:53:49 AM
#4455   Crazy nice move. Yet their security details has MegaDeath 03/30/21 10:49:00 AM
#4454   All my low float, low o/s tickers are Big Brother 03/30/21 10:38:29 AM
#4453   I agree, earlier in the year, OTC was MegaDeath 03/30/21 10:14:22 AM
#4452   It's kind of an odd situation, in most Big Brother 03/30/21 09:46:04 AM
#4451   I have noticed the same thing for the MegaDeath 03/30/21 08:34:27 AM
#4450   Is it just me, or are we not Big Brother 03/30/21 08:23:20 AM
#4449   Yep, looks ok. MegaDeath 03/29/21 10:19:34 AM
#4448   Seems to be working properly now. Big Brother 03/29/21 10:12:30 AM
#4447   Yeah, TOS looks like a POS this AM....lol. Big Brother 03/29/21 09:43:49 AM
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