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Welcome to the board, here the primarily focus is on finding, trading and conducting due diligence on new, or newer issue OTC tickers, or IPOs.
*For our purposes, I am calling any inital offering of shares to the public an 'IPO', whether it be the company or simply a selling shareholder.*

In addition to newer trading tickers, the board is also open to posting older, but extremely under the radar, or very obscure types of plays as well. In an effort to keep this board, from becoming just another iHub pump board, please try to adhere to the following guidelines, when trying to determin if your older ticker is considered 'obscure' or 'under the radar'
- the stock specific iHub board has less than 15 followers/board marks
- the stock specific iHub board has very limited posters or posting, usually under 5 regular posters
- the stock in general, is typically very thinly traded, the Average Volume(30d) should be under 3K shares or so

Other than that any and all posts, on or off-topic, are welcome and encouraged, however, PLEASE no random drive-by 'promoting' of your favorite stocks, unless they are newly trading, not yet trading, or very under the radar. Also, PLEASE avoid purely pumping type posts(ie 'To da Moon' ), the majority of board followers are not MOMO chasers, those types of hyped up posts will be deleted.

In other words, if your stock has gotten, or is getting, pumped, all over iHub, umpteen times, by all the usual suspects, it is not in line with the theme of the board, and those posts will be deleted. There are dozens of other boards on iHub for promoting these types of tickers( BB''s Stock Haven, MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD, etc, etc ), so please use those instead.

Again, the primary focus here is on OTC Initial Public Offerings(IPOs) or new/newer trading OTC tickers, and the niche strategy of buying those early shares of stock, that are first made available to the public. 

WARNING: Buying brand new OTC tickers is not a strategy for everyone, many, if not most, times they can be HIGHLY ILLIQUID and typically require a certain amount of patience.

**ADDITIONAL FYI: I am NOT a licensed financial professional, any ticker or information posted on this board by me, is NOT a recommendation to buy or sell. In addition, it does NOT necessarily mean that I'm personally buying, have already bought, intend to buy, or have even conducted any DD at all for that matter, I am simply bringing new trading tickers to the attention of those folks who like to follow them. I do not have the financial means, desire or interest in buying every new ticker that begins trading on the OTC..............ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN DD..!!**
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#1960   Thanks for your work big bro. I always Joecanada13 12/17/18 10:34:26 PM
#1959   $HEMP Shake N BAKE BACK UP!!! MazelTov 12/17/18 01:27:02 PM
#1958   AREC($8.01x$12.74) 2K volume today, vs 157 average. Quintessence 12/14/18 12:01:14 PM
#1957   Thanks for all your hard work this has madpirate 12/14/18 06:50:45 AM
#1956   Don't really know all that much about Discord, Big Brother 12/12/18 09:01:41 AM
#1955   I follow alot of what u post. A FastBuxJones 12/12/18 08:25:39 AM
#1954   Big brother I'd get off this ihub and Nazar3 12/11/18 05:55:46 PM
#1953   BLYQ 10k out https://www.otcmarkets.com/filing/html?id=13103363&guid=LRSbUHutqUd adijas 12/11/18 02:54:55 PM
#1952   It is an excellent board BB and I tortlawyer 12/10/18 03:02:41 PM
#1951   Keep the board. OTC IPO are GEMS. Not PutYourBigBoyPantsOn 12/10/18 06:28:46 AM
#1950   Fair amount of people read it and don't maddog 20/20 12/09/18 09:18:02 PM
#1949   Whatever you decide, I'll probably bump into you MegaDeath 12/07/18 03:59:15 PM
#1948   I'm actually thinking this year will be my Big Brother 12/07/18 03:10:19 PM
#1947   Remember this ticker $$>> RELI <<$$ now find RiseandShine 12/07/18 01:39:17 PM
#1946   I like OTC IPO plays (good ones) glad MegaDeath 12/07/18 01:35:35 PM
#1945   Yes, I'm SEDO, the stock, #1 fan boy.....lol. Big Brother 12/07/18 01:06:23 PM
#1944   Thanks that explains it. STOCKPICKER4LIFE 12/07/18 01:01:27 PM
#1943   Say, you didn't mention SEDO this time lol. MegaDeath 12/07/18 12:29:45 PM
#1942   8 out of 10 times it usually works Big Brother 12/07/18 11:56:24 AM
#1941   Heavy volume today for KLMN. No news Quintessence 12/07/18 11:43:43 AM
#1940   Here is the volume explanation. 8k out adijas 12/07/18 09:38:51 AM
#1939   MCTC, another crypto startup looking good lately today. https://mctc.co/ DHANA 12/06/18 04:36:42 PM
#1938   Hmm looks interesting. Yeah maybe something is in STOCKPICKER4LIFE 12/06/18 04:08:30 PM
#1937   Yeah, that 8 million+ block was sold beteween adijas 12/06/18 04:05:02 PM
#1936   Wow that is a serious amount of volume. STOCKPICKER4LIFE 12/06/18 03:56:24 PM
#1935   MOZO, look at that volume. adijas 12/06/18 03:25:40 PM
#1934   WRTC may be off topic for this board, MegaDeath 12/05/18 07:16:42 PM
#1933   rightly said bigbro. DHANA 12/04/18 10:48:45 PM
#1932   Not to mention this is still the OTC, MegaDeath 12/04/18 08:22:30 PM
#1931   Experience helps, but only to a certain degree. Big Brother 12/04/18 07:47:22 PM
#1930   $NEXCF akmj 12/04/18 06:49:36 PM
#1929   Hindsight is good tool if you learn from MegaDeath 12/04/18 06:48:11 PM
#1928   I suspect it will move up soon. Quintessence 12/04/18 04:49:32 PM
#1927   In hindsight it my have been better to Big Brother 12/04/18 04:05:49 PM
#1926   I know that feeling all too well unfortunately. MegaDeath 12/04/18 03:53:40 PM
#1925   They can't feel too good about the dumping Big Brother 12/04/18 03:46:26 PM
#1924   sister site(?): https://www.icoxconnect.com/ db7 12/04/18 02:36:55 PM
#1923   Yeah those investors taking a gamble @ $1 MegaDeath 12/04/18 02:04:32 PM
#1922   Just did a round of private placements @ Big Brother 12/04/18 01:22:55 PM
#1921   My sentiments on crypto as well, but what MegaDeath 12/04/18 12:17:53 PM
#1920   Got a little as well don't know what Big Brother 12/04/18 11:57:51 AM
#1919   Thanks picked up a starter position MegaDeath 12/04/18 11:49:41 AM
#1918   ICOX: News, ICOx Innovations Announces Listing on the Big Brother 12/04/18 11:31:52 AM
#1917   ICOX: Finally trading today @ .50, after what Big Brother 12/04/18 11:06:46 AM
#1916   Could be another nice find. Are you sure MegaDeath 12/03/18 09:10:11 PM
#1915   Yes, I even found their products on Amazon. Quintessence 12/03/18 04:45:46 PM
#1914   Looks like a good board here RiverNorth0x 12/03/18 03:55:58 PM
#1913   If you google Reviv3 you'll get a lot adijas 12/03/18 02:39:25 PM
#1912   Looks like it could have potential. Can't Quintessence 12/03/18 02:15:44 PM
#1911   RVIV first trades at .5 https://reviveprocare.com/ adijas 12/03/18 12:43:54 PM