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Last Post: 3/21/2018 4:14:44 PM - Followers: 56 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 0

Welcome to the board, here I will primarily focus on finding, trading and conducting due diligence on new or newer issue OTC tickers(IPOs).

Any and all posts, on or off-topic, are welcome and encouraged, however, PLEASE no random drive-by 'promoting' of your favorite stocks, unless they are newly trading, or not yet trading.

In other words, if your stock has gotten pumped, all over iHub, umpteen times, by all the usual suspects..... and/or..... has been trading for years, it is not in line with the theme of the board, and those posts will be deleted. There are dozens of other boards on iHub for promoting these types of tickers( BB''s Stock Haven, MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD, etc, etc ), so please use those instead.

Again, the primary focus here is on OTC Initial Public Offerings(IPOs) or new trading OTC tickers, and the niche strategy of buying those early shares of stock, that are first made available to the public. OTC IPO's don't get  all the pomp and fanfare that they typically do on the big fact they largely go completely unnoticed.......however, they can be also
incredibly lucrative, as I will show you in some examples of tickers I have followed this year.

IPOs Currently on RADAR (new or not yet trading OTC tickers with potential)
ICOX(cryptocurrency) Waiting on first trades
ARTL(cannabis biopharma) First trade price .50 
TPPM(point of sale hardware/software and crypto) Waiting on first trades
TKCM (cryptocurrency) Waiting on first trades

Previous Board Picks
SSWH: First trade price $2.50 (pre 6:1 f/s, .41 cents avg) ran to $1.35
CRCW: First trade price $3.45 ran to $642.00

WARNING: Buying brand new OTC tickers is not a strategy for everyone, many, if not most, times they can be HIGHLY ILLIQUID and typically require a certain amount of patience. 

**ADDITIONAL FYI: Any ticker posted on this board by me does NOT necessarily mean that I'm personally buying, have already bought, intend to buy, or have even conducted any DD at all for that matter, I am simply bringing new trading tickers to the attention of those folks who like to follow them. I do not have the financial means, desire or interest in buying every new ticker that begins trading on the OTC..............ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN DD..!!**
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#47  Sticky Note I've updated the iBox with a section I Big Brother 08/22/17 12:53:24 PM
#621   Looks interesting. I've never seen a Paraguayan company STOCKPICKER4LIFE 03/21/18 04:14:44 PM
#620   KLMN: Missed the initial trades yesterday, 400 shares Big Brother 03/21/18 03:00:52 PM
#619   this is looking interesting. thanks 4 the dd. PENNYBUSTER 03/20/18 04:56:32 PM
#618   Good info. Thanks STOCKPICKER4LIFE 03/20/18 03:24:23 PM
#617   XTPH: Name and ticker symbol change on the Big Brother 03/20/18 11:32:13 AM
#616   KVMD: Suspended, another good trading, promoted, new issue Big Brother 03/20/18 10:06:20 AM
#615   Some volume hitting today.. I'll check it out STOCKPICKER4LIFE 03/16/18 05:31:48 PM
#614   Thanks for the info.. STOCKPICKER4LIFE 03/16/18 05:26:36 PM
#613   ASFT 3.5 adijas 03/16/18 02:12:58 PM
#612   MOMC: interesting 8K out, looks like a blockchain Big Brother 03/16/18 08:08:09 AM
#611   From what I can tell, and I'm certainly Big Brother 03/16/18 07:59:46 AM
#610   yw adijas 03/15/18 03:53:51 PM
#609   Thanks for the info I'll check it out.. STOCKPICKER4LIFE 03/15/18 03:52:33 PM
#608   Yeah I'm seeing OTCX appear more and more. STOCKPICKER4LIFE 03/15/18 03:49:27 PM
#607   CEO Brian Kupchik adijas 03/15/18 03:49:08 PM
#606   Traded around 3k in total before today, of adijas 03/15/18 03:47:14 PM
#605   I'll have to check into this one.. Thanks.. STOCKPICKER4LIFE 03/15/18 03:39:30 PM
#604   Hmm, 4500 shares were dumped on bid at 1.7 adijas 03/15/18 03:34:44 PM
#603   ASFT big bids just came in. Looks like adijas 03/15/18 03:32:33 PM
#602   Noticed some clown out there is putting $200 Big Brother 03/14/18 10:14:08 AM
#601   NHEL: Only 100 shares, but first trade on Big Brother 03/13/18 11:33:06 AM
#600   JKRO: Ran across this one over the weekend, Big Brother 03/12/18 12:52:26 PM
#599   DMGGF DMG Blockchain Solutions, based in Vancouver, started Quintessence 03/10/18 11:50:55 AM
#598   Thanks did not get in was watching MegaDeath 03/09/18 01:23:07 PM
#597   Yeah I noticed that too MegaDeath 03/09/18 01:20:23 PM
#596   VCBD saw MICA showing up on bid and adijas 03/09/18 11:43:49 AM
#595   OLMM: Got slapped with the ole skull and Big Brother 03/09/18 08:50:20 AM
#594   PlusOneCoin Faucet is running dry, probably only has Big Brother 03/08/18 08:45:24 AM
#593   $PPPMF Primero Mining - Slideshow MazelTov 03/07/18 11:19:52 AM
#592   $KNDI >>>> NASDAQ listed, China Based Kandi Technologies MazelTov 03/07/18 11:10:46 AM
#591   FYI SALLD symbol change to VCBD effective 3/7/18 MegaDeath 03/06/18 09:29:44 PM
#590   Nevertheless, good head's up to watch out for MegaDeath 03/06/18 01:08:26 PM
#589   I'm not entirely sure they are going to Big Brother 03/06/18 12:42:27 PM
#588   Thanks, just what we needed MegaDeath 03/06/18 12:21:45 PM
#587   $NQ provides mobile Internet services in the MazelTov 03/06/18 12:15:04 PM
#586   Starting to see a new MM on a Big Brother 03/06/18 12:10:19 PM
#585   $KNDI Top Mutual Fund Holders MazelTov 03/06/18 12:09:13 PM
#584   Hit another 10 coins from the PlusOneCoin Faucet Big Brother 03/06/18 11:59:57 AM
#583   SALLD 1669 bidder at 1.49 adijas 03/02/18 09:48:43 AM
#582   Bought some ASFT today adijas 03/01/18 11:56:47 AM
#581   NHEL: First shares I've ever seen available on Big Brother 03/01/18 10:34:12 AM
#580   Cool. Congrats MegaDeath 02/28/18 11:14:03 AM
#579   nice, I got 225 yesterday from .50 to MadeBucksOnThis 02/28/18 11:11:35 AM
#578   Bidding on new ticker MINR MegaDeath 02/28/18 11:07:31 AM
#577   Surprised I didn't have this one on my Big Brother 02/28/18 08:50:13 AM
#576   Your thoughts on NCRE I think I'm the maddog 20/20 02/27/18 07:23:37 PM
#575   HLLY GOING blockchain, worth looking at imo MadeBucksOnThis 02/27/18 01:11:49 PM
#574   XALL: First trade since April 2016 I believe. Big Brother 02/27/18 12:55:01 PM
#573   Hmm...Might not be DTC eligible yet, not having Big Brother 02/27/18 11:09:27 AM
#572   XTPH: Another new issue crypto play to keep Big Brother 02/27/18 10:51:58 AM