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Welcome to the board, here the primarily focus is on finding, trading and conducting due diligence on new, or newer issue OTC tickers, or IPOs.
*For our purposes, I am calling any inital offering of shares to the public an 'IPO', whether it be the company or simply a selling shareholder.*

In addition to newer trading tickers, the board is also open to posting older, but extremely under the radar, or very obscure types of plays as well. In an effort to keep this board, from becoming just another iHub pump board, please try to adhere to the following guidelines, when trying to determin if your older ticker is considered 'obscure' or 'under the radar'
- the stock specific iHub board has less than 15 followers/board marks
- the stock specific iHub board has very limited posters or posting, usually under 5 regular posters
- the stock in general, is typically very thinly traded, the Average Volume(30d) should be under 3K shares or so

Other than that any and all posts, on or off-topic, are welcome and encouraged, however, PLEASE no random drive-by 'promoting' of your favorite stocks, unless they are newly trading, not yet trading, or very under the radar. Also, PLEASE avoid purely pumping type posts(ie 'To da Moon' ), the majority of board followers are not MOMO chasers, those types of hyped up posts will be deleted.

In other words, if your stock has gotten, or is getting, pumped, all over iHub, umpteen times, by all the usual suspects, it is not in line with the theme of the board, and those posts will be deleted. There are dozens of other boards on iHub for promoting these types of tickers( BB''s Stock Haven, MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD, etc, etc ), so please use those instead.

Again, the primary focus here is on OTC Initial Public Offerings(IPOs) or new/newer trading OTC tickers, and the niche strategy of buying those early shares of stock, that are first made available to the public. 

WARNING: Buying brand new OTC tickers is not a strategy for everyone, many, if not most, times they can be HIGHLY ILLIQUID and typically require a tremendous amount of patience

**ADDITIONAL FYI: I am NOT a licensed financial professional, any ticker or information posted on this board by me, is NOT a recommendation to buy or sell. In addition, it does NOT necessarily mean that I'm personally buying, have already bought, intend to buy, or have even conducted any DD at all for that matter, I am simply bringing new trading tickers to the attention of those folks who like to follow them. I do not have the financial means, desire or interest in buying every new ticker that begins trading on the OTC..............ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN DD..!!**

Current watchlist of foreign, new issue, low float, low o/s, shell types to go public recently, all have been brought online by MM CSTI.

EXNN-  Kyrgyzstan- 2M o/s        500K float(Change of Control, Chinese, $325K for 74%, Weining Zheng)
FLDI-  Serbia-           3.8M o/s     800K float

KLDA- Moldova-      7.9M o/s      950K float

TNCP- China-           3.4M o/s     978K float
LAZX- Czech-          6M o/s        1M float (Change of Control, RM with Slinger Bag Americas Inchttps://slingerbag.com/
CCYC- Cyprus-       3.1M o/s     1.1M float (Change of Control, Chinese, $285K for 64%, Gaoyang Liu)

RIVX- Portugal-       6.1M o/s     1.1M float (CoC, acquisition BigBreak101) (Promo $3 to $11)(Suspended @ day 65)
BXXY- Czech-          4.1M o/s     1.1M float
ECRP-China-           5.7M o/s     1.2M float
BIMT- Thai-              6.2M o/s     1.2M float
NPWI- Israel-            10.2M o/s   1.2M float
VADP- Slovakia-      3.3M o/s     1.3M float
GLLX- UK-               4.3M o/s      1.3M float (Change of Control,$360K for 95.6% to Amer Samad)
SOLQ- China-          6.9M o/s      1.9M float
SHNC- China-          10.9M o/s    1.9M float (new Chinese managment, same company officers as (OTC:ACBM)
MVXM-Romanian-   6.2M o/s     2.2M float (Change of Control,$385K for 64% to Michael Mildenberger/seriesOne Inc)
MGOM- Irish-              7.3M o/s     2.3M float (Change of Control, to Heritage Equity Fund LP, name change Migom Global Corp) 
LEPX- UK/Russian- 7.4M o/s     2.4M float (Change of Control, Chinese, $267K for 67% to Zhao Lixin)
REMO- Ecuador-     10.5M o/s   2.5M float (RM with Boomer Natural Holdings Inc, https://boomernaturalwelness.com

KRPI- Thailand-       10.5M o/s   2.5M float
#3033  Sticky Note Always surprising to me how people buy the Big Brother 03/27/20 12:04:05 PM
#3044   Sounds good to me, as long as it Big Brother 03/29/20 07:24:43 AM
#3043   It could be a good idea. I would Hanibal 03/28/20 07:03:04 PM
#3042   Yep exactly, it's why I almost never go Big Brother 03/28/20 04:58:29 PM
#3041   PIRE share structure was updated yesterday by the Hanibal 03/28/20 03:27:30 PM
#3040   Yeah you nailed it. Though I think the Hanibal 03/28/20 03:21:45 PM
#3039   It's primarily the regulators fault though, it's just Big Brother 03/28/20 12:44:42 PM
#3038   That is true, but there is only so Big Brother 03/28/20 12:18:29 PM
#3037   BTW did TRFN get suspended? I saw it Hanibal 03/27/20 07:57:18 PM
#3036   Well put. Most people don't have the patience Hanibal 03/27/20 07:55:16 PM
#3035   EFSH: I believe this is a new landing Big Brother 03/27/20 04:14:51 PM
#3034   Whoever was behind the investor awareness strategy for Big Brother 03/27/20 03:54:18 PM
#3033   Always surprising to me how people buy the Big Brother 03/27/20 12:04:05 PM
#3032   Yeah, from what I can tell so far, Big Brother 03/26/20 08:24:48 PM
#3031   Got some earlier Hanibal 03/26/20 03:10:26 PM
#3030   PIRE: NEWS Big Brother 03/26/20 01:10:28 PM
#3029   PIRE news https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/PIRE/news/GeoSolar-Climate-Change-Sol adijas 03/26/20 01:10:08 PM
#3028   Looks like the steep decline from the $1.50 Big Brother 03/26/20 10:21:58 AM
#3027   PIRE: This ticker started trading last May @ Big Brother 03/26/20 07:07:49 AM
#3026   MGOM has, for the most part, been updating MegaDeath 03/22/20 02:03:01 PM
#3025   Very nice, couple hits at $9.00 too...!! Big Brother 03/21/20 11:58:40 AM
#3024   MGOM Nice day today! Volume and new highs. MegaDeath 03/20/20 04:11:05 PM
#3023   Yep, got my eye on that one. Big Brother 03/18/20 11:23:56 AM
#3022   Watching SCTC. No trades, but Shell Status Quintessence 03/18/20 11:10:16 AM
#3021   BRSF: I believe these are the first shares Big Brother 03/18/20 10:03:37 AM
#3020   Hmm...Bunch of suspensions today, some Form 15 filers Big Brother 03/16/20 11:12:48 AM
#3019   So much for that, Wyoming just got hit Big Brother 03/12/20 11:48:22 AM
#3018   Gold Selling off slightly just like it did smitter 03/11/20 03:15:11 PM
#3017   Yes, very rare species, almost extinct...lol MegaDeath 03/11/20 02:44:08 PM
#3016   Nice to see a Forward Split for a change! smitter 03/11/20 02:35:24 PM
#3015   REMO Forward Split 3:1 per DL MegaDeath 03/11/20 02:34:35 PM
#3014   I’ll say Idaho! smitter 03/11/20 10:44:42 AM
#3013   Wonder what the last state to get hit Big Brother 03/11/20 10:41:03 AM
#3012   Shits in My Home State and County now. smitter 03/11/20 08:48:39 AM
#3011   Yeah, good point, the way the market has Big Brother 03/11/20 07:11:07 AM
#3010   If i run out of TP i will smitter 03/10/20 05:31:54 PM
#3009   Lol. Hopefully tomorrow we will have some news MegaDeath 03/10/20 04:22:22 PM
#3008   Of course I have not actually stockpiled any Big Brother 03/10/20 04:12:24 PM
#3007   Meanwhile, the price-per-share of $ROLL surges as investors Quintessence 03/10/20 04:05:40 PM
#3006   $100 price per roll of TP, it's a Big Brother 03/10/20 04:00:04 PM
#3005   Smarter than the average Bear or Bull...lol MegaDeath 03/10/20 03:56:36 PM
#3004   Nice Bro! smitter 03/10/20 03:50:53 PM
#3003   That there is a gold mine. I Quintessence 03/10/20 03:50:52 PM
#3002   lol very true. STOCKPICKER4LIFE 03/10/20 03:49:49 PM
#3001   Here's what I've managed to stockpile thus far, Big Brother 03/10/20 03:49:19 PM
#3000   omg I am dying!! LOLOLOL.... So True.. How smitter 03/10/20 03:20:07 PM
#2999   I was pleasantly surprised to find plenty of Quintessence 03/10/20 03:16:11 PM
#2998   lol so True!! smitter 03/10/20 11:30:11 AM
#2997   Agreed. I always say, you can't eat a dollar. MegaDeath 03/10/20 11:29:13 AM
#2996   OK Big Brother MegaDeath 03/10/20 11:27:42 AM
#2995   When all hell breaks loose.. Items are worth smitter 03/10/20 11:21:03 AM