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"NIT is in preliminary discussions with a Department of Defense agency regarding testing the technology for injection for military and first responder applications.  Government agencies have significant budget dollars set aside for applications which include radiation shielding for structures, vehicles, electronics, and aerospace applications."
Our Company

NIT Enterprise, Inc. (DBA Nucleotide Industrial Technologies) (“NIT”) was created to improve public safety and to provide a new measure of protection for commercial, industrial, and personal products that enhance the longevity of living an non-living substances based upon unique proprietary nucleotide, or “NA” for nucleic acid technologies developed by our award winning scientist and technology team.

This new technology is the infusion of nucleotides into a multiplicity of common products enhanced by their presence. The nucleotides were derived by atomic level research that demonstrates their ability to provide ultraviolet (UV) rays screening capability at the molecular level.

In June 2013 The Radiant Creations Group, Inc. acquired an exclusive license with Dr. Xin-Xiong Li, MD Ph.D. including the following patent “Nucleic Acid Filter” #6,117,846 and applied for patent “Enhanced Broad-Spectrum UV Radiant Filters and Methods” US 2008/0233626 A1.  The Radiant Creations Group, Inc. has transferred the patent and applied for patent into a wholly owned subsidiary NIT Enterprises, Inc. NIT intends to file a S-1 registration with the SEC. With the completion of this filing expected middle of 2015, NIT will become an independent full reporting, audited, public company.

NA will be provided in a form for several potential products and application including; industrial and commercial applications as well as military and homeland security applications for radiation protection for such terrorist applications as dirty bombs. It will also be provided as a paint and building material additive for medical facilities where imaging and cancer treatment radiation is present. NIT will toll manufacture or license raw material suppliers for use of the NA. NIT will also sell technical support services for licensees.

Dr. Xin-Xiong Li, MD Ph.D. has exclusively licensed to NIT Enterprises, Inc. the filed patent “Nucleic Acid Filter” #6,117,846 and applied for patent “Enhanced Broad-Spectrum UV Radiant Filters and Methods” US 2008/0233626 A1. The granted patent is the process for extracting nucleotides from DNA and the protective function they preform throughout the UV wavelengths. The applied for patent was designed to develop the extraction of NA into a efficient and feasible form. The applied for patent also shows the benefits from NA throughout the electromagnetic spectrum including gamma rays.

Who We Are
Gary R. Smith CEO & Chairman of the Board

Mr. Gary Smith, as NIT Enterprises CEO, brings a wealth of public company management experience. He has more than three decades of operational experience as a manager and CEO for several public and private companies.  Recently, he most recently presided over the spin off of EcoSmart Surface and Coating Technologies, Inc. from The Renewable Corporation.


In 2008, Mr. Smith purchased Superglass Windshield Repair franchises in the State of Florida, which are operated by his sons. He also owned a jet aircraft window restoration franchise, Aerospace Transparency Repair and Restoration, Inc.

Gary d. Alexander Director, CFO, and Corporate Secretary

Gary D. Alexander, is a founder and chairman of Golden River Capital, a Florida based investment firm. He has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of accounting and investment management. His knowledge and skills include initiating public and private offerings for small companies, professional accounting services with “go-public” transactions, private placement syndications, mergers, and acquisitions. He has extensive experience in forensic and reconstructive accounting and litigation matters. He has also led and participated in projects in other fields, including the aviation industry, automotive, petroleum, internet services, telephone and VoIP industries, medical facilities, cosmetic and the entertainment, music and film industries.


In December 1977, Mr. Alexander earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting) degree from Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL. He owned and operated a successful CPA practice from April 1982 through December 2006. Throughout his career, he has served as a member and chair of numerous charitable organizations to help provide needed services in his local community.

Michael S. Alexander Executive VP and Treasurer

Mr. Michael S. Alexander began his career at Treasure Coast Private Equity, with a focus on technology and the development of start-up companies with patented or prototype products. He participated in equity market trading, including small cap, micro cap and options, and assisted with the acquisition and advancement of existing technologies. During his time there he was invited to become a Board Member for Greenwood Gold Mining, a small public company until December of 2010. In December, 2011, Mr. Alexander became the CEO and President of Technology River Investments, the predecessor to Treasure Coast Private Equity where Mr. Alexander was instrumental in the acquisition and management of numerous portfolio investments on behalf of Technology River. Mr. Alexander participated in the spin-off of EcoSmart Surface and Coating Technologies, Inc. from the The Renewable Corporation. Mr. Alexander is a graduate of the University of North Florida, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (Finance). He has been an active volunteer with a number of local philanthropic organizations, including The United Way of Martin County in Stuart, Florida.

Anthony A. Gedeon SENior VP of product development

Mr. Gedeon has 38 years of experience in developing and marketing products to the military, government agency (a wide range of high technology products for entities ranging from large corporations to to new technology start-ups) sold to government agencies and the military, chemical, and cosmetic industries. He has worked closely to support the work of NIT’s Nucleotide inventor, Dr. Yin-Xiong Li, MD, PhD., while raising the capital to complete the design and testing of Dr. Li’s DNA sunblock.  Mr. Gedeon holds several patents in the electronics and chemical industries. While Mr. Gedeon spent 20 years in the Washington DC area marketing and developing, he was one of the co-founders and CEO of Surface Modification Technology with Dr. Steve Schachter, MD (Professor at the Harvard Medical School BIDMC), to exploit silicon chemistries in surface treatments for medical applications. He is a co-inventor of self-sterilizing glass coatings for medical facilities, emergency vehicles and bio-threats. He partnered with the Ford Motor Company in evaluating his glass coating technologies for automotive applications.

Lance Anderson Government and military Technical Liaison

Mr. Anderson has accumulated over 44 years’ experience managing development and production of large complex systems both in the Navy and in industry. Past experience includes Technical Director at General Dynamics Advance Information Systems (GDAIS); selected to lead the technical development of a new Line of Business created to support sustainment and maintenance of core company products and associated integrated ship equipment. Responsible for estimated $10B in company target market growth for the next 7 years.


As GDAIS Chief Engineer and System Integrator; Mr. Anderson integrated the latest technology and commercial components that allows a small crew (40 people) to operate, defend and maintain a 120 meter ship. A comparable ship’s manning is 260 people. Mr. Anderson also integrated sensors, weapons, mechanical and electrical controls and communications into a seamless, open architecture activated from any control station.


Don Schoenfeld has been an entrepreneur and business owner. His forte is purchasing distressed business and turning them around. He is currently the Owner of Final Touch Auto Body located in the North Shore suburb of Chicago.


Mr. Schoenfeld is active in his community helping struggling business bringing themselves profitable. Mr. Schoenfeld has recently taken on the role of regional manager for Informd Solutions, providing the innovative point-of-care solutions that improve patient outcomes and enhance practice performance.


Major General USA (Ret) Jack Leide is the senior consultant to intelligence and security companies and governmental agencies, as well as senior consultant and manager for national and international business ventures.


Upon retirement from the Army after 33 years, Jack was appointed President of Global Information Technologies strategic business unit within Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and served in that position until he joined Avenue Technologies, a defense and security information superiority company as executive vice president. General Leide also assumed the position of President of Apennine Associates Ltd, an international defense and security company.  Jack also served a Senior Executive Advisor to General Dynamics Land Systems. He presently serves as a senior consultant to number of national and international intelligence and security companies. He is presently a Board Member for InfoAssure Inc. and Wave Technologies, The Renewable Corporation, Nova Mining, Inc, Radiant Creations Group, Inc and is the Managing Director of Litmus LLC.



As wavelengths grow shorter, their frequency increases in proportion, and rays and photons become more harmful to DNA, cell structure, and outdoor exposed surfaces. Although not having enough energy to ionize atoms,UV (Ultraviolet Radiation) does have the energy to alter chemical bonds,

which is very damaging to DNA, paints, fabric, and plastics

PRESIDENT OBAMA Appointed Li to the Medical Research Board >> Dr. Li has served on NIH grant boards and also was appointed to President Obama’s Stimulus Grant Board for medical research. He is considered one of the most productive geneticists in the world. 

Dr. Li had the honor of his work being featured on the March 2007 cover of Nature’s “Laboratory Investigations Journal” for discovering a prevention for alcohol related birth defects. Dr. Li has developed a non-invasive monitor that can detect Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in pregnant women. The monitor also presents the technical promise of non-invasive sugar level testing and real time monitoring of critical parameters during anesthesia. After fourteen years of research, Dr. Li found and patented a method to prevent DNA damage in the skin from UV and radiation. This work has been developed into Renewable’s DNA sun block. It is expected to be used to lessen the risk of skin cancer from sunlight and to act a protection of skin during radiation procedures. Dr. Li has residences in both the US and China. 

Dr. Li is an esteemed geneticist and invented a process to harvest stem cells from human urine and re-educate the cells to be stem cells used to grow other human organs. Dr. Li has developed a technique to multiply and store the cells for future use and is the developer of the products distributed by NIT Enterprises. His technologies and ingredients are patented; he is a world-renowned physician and geneticist with a stellar background and track record in basic medical science research including the fields of cellular, molecular and developmental biology, biochemistry and genomics, as well as clinic research experience in cardiology, gastroenterology and neonatology. Recipient of the Fogarty Fellowship, Dr. Li.’s prestigious career includes Duke, Vanderbilt, as well as the NIH.




1. First person who discovered the cell death inhibitor gene DAP5. This gene is specifically expressed in premigratory cardiac neural crest stem cells which support heart and craniofacial development. NIG Gene Database accession Number: AF093110

2. Developed an induced promoter DNA construct making antisense RNA targeted to wnt-1 oncogene, which significantly block the mammary tumor cell growth in mice. This work was praised by Nature Biotechnology in a review on gene therapy for cancer. (Nature Biotechnology April 1999, Volume 17, Number 4, Page 403-404.) In this international highly prestigious journal, Dr. Aris Persidis, the vice president for business development at Argonex Inc., wrote a review on antisense therapeutics research. In this review, the history and current state of antisense therapeutics programs to treat diseases ranging from cancer to AIDS were discussed. Dr. Persidis referred to Dr. Yin-Xiong Li’s work as a significant step toward the application of antisense treatment for virally induced cancer. The work referred to was published in Virology on March 1999, Volume 255, Page 138-149.

3. USA patent: Li Yin-Xiong, Nucleic Acid Filter For Tumorigenic Factors. USA Pending Number: 08939,858 USA, 2000. This patent describes a number of materials and methods to prevent the deleterious effects of DNA damaging agents, which are potent carcinogens. In particular, it presents a revolutionary breakthrough for sunscreen protection. This new sunscreen contains a component which filters out DNA damaging UV light much more efficiently than any previously described product. It also establishes an important new concept and standard for determining UV light induced DNA damage, the GPF (Gene Protection Factor). GPF more accurately reflects the protection efficiency of the sunscreen than does the classical SPF standard (Sunlight Protection Factor), which is determined by how well the sunscreen prevents the change in skin redness induced by UV light.

4. USA patent application: Li Yin-Xiong, Farrell, Michael and Margaret L. Kirby (1999). Double stranded blocks specific gene expression in muticellular settings in vivo and in vitro. This patent describes a novel method for attenuating the expression of targeted genes in tissue explants and in muticellular vertabrate embryos using double-stranded RNA. The ability to attenuate the expression of targeted genes in muticellular vertabrate tissues has broad implications for future medical applications. These may include anti-viral agents, anti-tumor agents, and other therapeutics that are designed to block the expression of specific genes or specific gene alleles, such as the autosomal dominant allele that causes Huntington’s chorea.

5. “Modern Experimental Technology of Molecular Biology”, 1993. Second Edition (1995). Third Edition (2000). National College Publishing Inc., Beijing, China. National Publishing Book Number: ISBN 7-04-004571-0/Q.215. This is a textbook for undergraduate and graduate students in Molecular Biology. Two editions of this book have been published. This is a textbook for undergraduate and graduate students in Molecular Biology. Two editions of this book have been published. This textbook has been used at more than 200 Universities in China including medical colleges, agricultural colleges, and in biology programs at universities.

6. Proposed new standard for cancer cell classification based on molecular oncogenesis pathology. This work was published in Journal of Experimental and Clinical Immunology, 2: 46-49, 1990. Two of the most popular media outlets in China have covered this story. The China Central TV station broadcast a story about this work at 9:00PM on November 15, 1989. The Peking People’s Radio Station broadcast a story about this work at 3:00PM on November 15, 1989. News programs at both stations reported that the work of Dr. Li Yin-Xiong and Dr. Shi-Dong Liao on a new molecular pathological classification of cancer cells, which made a significant step toward improving diagnosis and treatment of various tumors.

7. Successfully developed an RNA amplification approach to amplify RNA from Laser Capture. Microdissected few targeted cells and apply to oligonucleitids mrcroarray research. This provides a great potential to establish precise gene expression profile for any cell or tissue which involved interesting biological event or disease. 2001.

8. Invented a way to isolate and purify adult liver stem cells, and ten of these cells can rescue on damaged liver regeneration, 2005.

9. The molecular signaling defects result in stem cell developmental abnormalities, 2007. Discovered that alcohol-induced birth defects are rooted in small molecular alternation of cholesterol modification of a key protein, Shh. A breakthrough of molecular mechanism of alcohol-induced birth defects was published online in January 22, 2007 with a Press Release on In the first week after online publish, journalists from top five scientific magazines and over 100 websites reported the finding. These journals are: Science Daily,, New Scientist (USA), Chemistry and Industry (England), (England), Daily Telegraph (London), Newsweek (Russia). This discovery has a profound impact on prevention and diagnosis of alcohol-induced birth defects and adult tissue damages.

10. Discovered cell signaling molecules, 2009. Three very important natural components have been found that function as nutrients for Adult Stem Cell; five components have been identified as signaling molecular among gastroenterological track and body tissues to regulate food intake and energy homeostasis. It holds a great potential for contorting obesity, hypotension, and diabetes. Dr. Li’s new concept “Stem Cell Nutrient” and related technology is monumental for leading adult stem cell based health care and clinical practice in the coming years. This technology will have a major impact in anti-aging, organ regeneration, and prevention of alcohol related disease


Nucleotides (NA) are organic molecules that serve as the monomers, or subunits, of nucleic acids like DNA and RNA. The building blocks of nucleic acids, nucleotides are composed of a nitrogenous base, a five-carbon sugar (ribose or deoxyribose), and at least one phosphate group

NA free of the DNA ladder has been shown to protect against the harmful effects of Ultraviolet light (UV) radiation across the entire UV spectrum. NA performs its unique function when it is free to react with photons and rays.  Thus, NA provides a unique protection when taken out of its normal existence in the DNA ladder. When a damaging UV photon hits a freed NA molecule, it is absorbed and then re-emitted as a harmless infrared (heat) photon into the atmosphere. The NA remains undamaged and continues to perform its protective function every time it is hit by a UV photon.

Most people are acquainted with UV-A and UV-B from sunblock advertisements. The general public has not been educated on the carcinogenic health, cell mutation, and cell death effects of high frequency UV-B, and industrially generated UV-C, which is present in all UV sterilization products.  Cancer and cell death can be thousands of times more probable in these high frequency UV ranges.

Studies have shown with current damage to the environment, a strong weather front can depress the protective ozone layer, even at mid-latitudes increasing the amount of high UV-B. Manufactured materials such as paint and fiberglass experience higher rates of degradation from UV-B. With the increased spectrum, this degradation is accelerated in today’s environment directly affecting all vehicles, aircraft, boats, exterior walls and roofs and any other structure exposed to sunlight.


As previously stated, man-made radiation levels, such as X-Rays and Gamma Rays, are higher than ever before. With NA used as a protective shield, the ionizing radiation can be absorbed and converted to infrared photons that are not harmful and are emitted into the atmosphere. This provides NIT with the capability to use the protective effects of NA in hospitals, clinics, dentist and doctor’s offices and industrial facilities; anywhere radiation is used as a tool.


Doctor’s offices and medical facilities have a host of radiation emitting equipment. The American Medical Association reports there are over 815,000 US licensed physicians, and the American Dental Association lists more than 157,000 dentist members. These members’ offices, as well as thousands of hospitals, both federal and commercial are potential customers for NA incorporated in paints or building materials in offices and medical facilities. Hospitals alone have three times the background Ionizing Radiation of normal work environments.


Manufactured materials such as paint and fiberglass all fade from impact from UV radiation.  This degradation is accelerated in today’s environment directly affecting all vehicles, aircraft, boats, exterior walls and roofs and any other structure exposed to sunlight.


Dr. Li accomplished impressive results in laboratory comparison of automotive paint UV resistance technology compared to the same paint with NIT’s  NA, obtaining several times the paint life over existing UV protection technology. The work was performed by Dr. Li’s colleagues at Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering. Potentially using NA to extend UV performance of such high performance paints extends to the marine, aircraft and industrial coatings markets.

An excellent potential market is to sell NA additive to large multi-national paint resin manufacturers.  NIT staff has a very close relationship with Bayer Material Sciences, one of the largest worldwide high technology resin raw material suppliers. NIT staff has briefed Bayer top executives and business  development groups on the NA as a new product upgrade for their resins. NIT intends to offer Bayer a license after joint testing in selected resin products.

Sales directly to paint manufacturers who make their own resins is also a prime potential market for NA. NIT has close ties to vehicle and aircraft paint manufacturers through its association with tint manufacturer and distributor BeadBrite Research LLC. BeadBrite has existing business with virtually every Tier 1 automotive paint manufacturer. BeadBrite is also closely associated with the paint specification groups for original equipment manufacturer vehicle manufacturers.

A potential companion market to paint for trans-parent surfaces is the window and window film market. These products suffer both degradation from normal UV and have no current protections against high frequency UV. Plastic windows can be impregnated with NA, and glass can be coated with an NA coating. After market coatings and window films can employ NA.

Studies have exhibited that hospitals contain three times more background ionizing radiation than the normal work environments. Hospital paint containing nucleotides could reduce incidental radiation. This application would greatly reduce the financial and legal exposure that hospitals face.

An initial potential market for NIT is to immediately respond to requests for products from civilian and military agencies of the government for NA to be used in CBRN applications. Funding from these agencies is available across the board, from early stage product application development to stockpiling production. NIT has on its staff and advisory board successful high level executives with over 140 years’ experience in interfacing with and marketing to large government agencies and military programs. NIT intends to this experience as a springboard for its staff to aggressively market its products in the CBRN market. NIT has identified high-level advisory personnel associated with civilian government emergency agencies, military, CDC, and military sponsored research with such institutions as CIMIT in Boston that have expressed interest in NIT’s technology as it relates to CBRN.



"An excellent potential market is to sell NA additive to large multi-national paint resin manufacturers.  NIT staff has a very close relationship with Bayer Material Sciences, one of the largest worldwide high technology resin raw material suppliers. NIT staff has briefed Bayer top executives and business  development groups on the NA as a new product upgrade for their resins. NIT intends to offer Bayer a license after joint testing in selected resin products.




What is UV?


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