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Unfortunately... splintered sunlight 01/26/23 11:52 AM
Looks like XSNX is owning up to owing BooDog 01/26/23 11:09 AM
What do you make of this? splintered sunlight 01/24/23 9:17 AM
8K yesterday..... splintered sunlight 01/24/23 8:53 AM
Something smells fishy here.... splintered sunlight 01/12/23 2:16 PM
Thanks - I will get familiar with XSNX splintered sunlight 01/06/23 10:54 AM
They've got things happening, just not getting their BooDog 01/06/23 10:28 AM
Going to read the board over the weekend. splintered sunlight 01/06/23 10:12 AM
NovAccess Global Receives FDA Approval of Orphan Drug BooDog 10/26/22 10:54 AM
NovAccess Global Announces Fireside Chat with Board Member Perspectives BooDog 10/25/22 1:49 PM
Read the 8K and understand the dilution this BooDog 10/05/22 5:39 PM
Welcome to what dark side? cashmagnet 10/05/22 5:30 PM
I'm a small-fry investor with a minor stake cashmagnet 10/05/22 5:25 PM
Thinking .01 until they file their IND. BooDog 09/30/22 10:11 AM
Whelp, welcome to the dark side. BooDog 09/30/22 7:04 AM Some good stuff in there. And BooDog 09/28/22 1:58 PM
With that news, it's a shame this isn't TRADER99 07/19/22 3:01 PM
NovAccess Global Announces Filing of Orphan Drug Application BooDog 07/19/22 12:35 PM
Makes one wonder. And I didn't even watch BooDog 06/09/22 6:08 PM
A 47% day. Hmmmmm BooDog 02/09/22 4:43 PM
On December 30, 2021, NovAccess Global Inc. (“NovAccess” BooDog 01/05/22 2:57 PM
See yesterday's 8k. 25k for 10% interest per BooDog 01/05/22 1:29 PM
Yes, I'm still here. BooDog 12/29/21 11:33 AM
Guess we'll wait for the penny. Or lower. BooDog 12/21/21 3:51 PM
NovAccess Global, Inc. Names Neil Laird, Chief Financial Officer BooDog 12/08/21 11:43 AM
My new otc pick. $XSNX. Watching to see BooDog 11/11/21 5:07 PM
Board marked. I know they're trying to get BooDog 11/11/21 11:56 AM
Chart looking good here, easy to goo lucky__stock 10/31/21 8:02 AM
Added here for next week! lucky__stock 10/31/21 7:59 AM
Why can't the name Djokovick (although it longer Q-reus 07/11/21 3:09 PM
Sounds good $$ Golden Cross $$ 05/20/21 7:47 AM
brain salad surgery, maybe. palacian 05/20/21 7:23 AM
XSNX Now pink current $$ Golden Cross $$ 05/07/21 4:58 AM
What is this stock attempting to accomplish? I raisedbywolves1 02/11/21 10:47 PM
This one should be higher. It was with raisedbywolves1 02/10/21 12:30 AM
what is it that they do now? are keatingdemo 12/28/20 7:03 AM
This stock absolutely sucks!! New Management should be STK7767 11/30/20 10:40 AM
Sure is quiet after the split............. lurker2 11/25/20 7:47 PM
No market? Hasn't traded since 9/18 lottabuks 10/01/20 3:48 PM
If I read the filing correctly I think STK7767 09/07/20 2:06 AM
Some movement on facebook raisedbywolves1 09/06/20 2:12 PM
Same here, STK7767; '06. My present share Q-reus 09/04/20 2:26 PM
Been holding this since 2006... my DD really STK7767 08/31/20 5:49 PM
Same here im holding ! keatingdemo 08/31/20 9:08 AM
Constructive trading on Friday post RS. Expect higher Cuzza1 08/30/20 10:31 PM
Its a new company .. PHARMA - keatingdemo 08/27/20 4:23 PM
still same smell....hahaha POS. JoseSD 08/27/20 3:49 PM
you are the quarter guy in need JoseSD 08/27/20 3:48 PM
yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge for sure....LOL JoseSD 08/27/20 3:47 PM
Been holding this pig since 2006!?? Hopefully new management STK7767 08/27/20 12:20 PM
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Novaccess Global Inc. (XSNX)

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Commercial & Residential Solar Solutions

Company Profile
Since 2004, XsunX, Inc. has focused on the development of next generation solar solutions. Our background and experience spans virtually all aspects of solar including technology assessment, design, and development. We have a deep passion for solar and have worked to pioneer new technologies and solar business solutions focused at making solar an affordable energy option.
For clients interested in reducing costs and taking control of their long-term power needs we offer solar power systems design and installation services for commercial, industrial, and power field projects. We are licensed in California (CA Lic: B-1 #987636), and our executive management provides nearly 30 years of extensive experience in all aspects of construction and project assembly to ensure the accuracy and quality of systems, the continued integrity of the improved building or site, and compliance with all building codes.

We guide our performance by striving to deliver consistently on the following core objectives:
Commitment – to keeping the customer’s best interests at the forefront at all times; and,
Value – through a focus on performance and follow through that meets or exceeds customer expectations.

In addition to our solar systems design and installation services, we have been working to develop and commercialize a hybrid manufacturing solution to produce high performance Copper Indium Gallium (di) Selenide (CIGS) thin film solar cells. The market opportunities for solar products that incorporate the use of flexible and lightweight thin film technologies is developing, and with our CIGSolar® thin film solar cell manufacturing technology we are focused on delivering a lower cost, entry point solution for solar product manufacturers looking to capitalize on these emerging markets.

Some of Our Featured Solar Energy Projects

XsunX delivers solar carport aired with cutting edge energy storage technology. The energy management system pairs a commercial solar parking canopy with smart energy storage to provide up to 90kW of renewable energy instantaneously during peak day-time use hours and as much as 58kW instantaneously at off-peak hours.
This advanced solar and energy storage system monitors facility energy usage in real-time and then feeds either solar or stored energy (as needed) to prevent the client from crossing over into more expensive utility rates.
Termed “Parallel Operation,” the solar system, energy storage, and utility power operate simultaneously to ensure the client is always achieving maximum efficiency – and most importantly, the lowest cost.

YouTube Playlist Videos Show a XsunX Solar Carport Installation System Paired with Energy Storage Technology


We Take Pride In Building Relationships With Every System We Install.
Making solar energy a good investment for you is our job. It’s how we make sales, and build customer relationships.
So we approach each project with your best interests in mind focusing on delivering value and performance.
You don’t have to take our word for it – we’ll give you references so you can speak with our clients, or read customer testimonials here.



Contact Information

XsunX, Inc.
65 Enterprise
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Tel 949-330-8060
Fax 949-330-8061
Investor Relations

Investor Information

Issued & Outstanding
2,000,000,000 authorized common shares
     As of January 4, 2019, there were 1,521,097,230 shares of the registrant’s company common voting stock outstanding.

(Annual Report (10-k) - 01/07/2019)


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