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New Global Energy, Inc. is a public company focused on acquiring high-growth firms, assets and properties in Aquaculture, Agriculture and Health & Wellness.



New Global Energy Inc


Business Description

New Global Energy Inc. (NGEY) is a public company focused internal growth and growth through the acquisition of high-growth firms, assets and properties in the Green market space; industry segments include sustainable agriculture, aquaculture, solar, biofuels and carbon credits. Management is targeting growth stage assets, operations and companies that possess proprietary market edge and demonstrate solid opportunity to scale their business. We expect to pursue special opportunities that are anticipated to accelerate shareholder value by consolidating certain tiers of the $5 Trillion per year fragmented Green and Renewable Energy industry.
New Global currently has interests in agriculture, aquaculture and solar power operations in Southern California and is assisting in improving its control of key factors affecting production cost by vertically integrating into feed production and electricity production, (solar), and by delivering direct to market.
Through its aquaculture business, New Global is targeting the acquisition of additional farmland which provides current income as well as the other benefits of hard assets. The Company believes that farmland will benefit from the increase in demand for grain, environmental demand for alternative energy, and the impact of globalization.

If the quality of a company mirrors its leadership, then New Global Energy reflects the core values of our leaders who are dedicated to integrity, quality, commitment and innovation. The individuals who are guiding NGE have the experience, expertise and the values that will ensure the continued growth of the company as a productive and profitable entity for employees and investors alike.

Our Mission

At New Global Energy, we are capitalizing on the world’s critical need for food and energy solutions at a time of exponential increases in population, growing demand for food, and dwindling farmland. We are addressing these issues through strategic investments in three critical areas: Aquaculture, Agriculture and Health & Wellness. We are playing a key role in generating resources and providing products that respond to the global demand for farm-raised fish and other sustainable food sources.

Our Vision

New Global Energy, Inc. is a public company (symbol: NGEY, traded on the OTCBB). The company is focused on acquiring high-growth firms, assets and properties in the Health & Wellness category. New Global Energy seeks to provide consumers with solutions that lower energy costs, create sustainable projects and at the same time help protect the environment. The Company seeks to consolidate this highly fragmented industry, which grosses in excess of $5 trillion per year, and to help grow the solution by acquiring and developing properties and technologies within the realm of Health & Wellness...


Perry D. West 

Chairman and CEO New Global Energy Inc.

Perry D. West

Perry West is Chairman and CEO of New Global Energy Inc. He has 40 years of experience leading the growth and development of early stage companies, including public and private, in the areas of general management and technology development and growth. In addition to New Global Energy, he is an attorney and a Director of VoiceLift, Inc., a business VoIP telephone company.

Previously, he was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Interactive Technologies Corporation, a NASDAQ-listed technology company developing interactive digital media and interactive television. Earlier, he served as Vice Chairman and Executive Vice President/General Counsel of American Financial Network, also a NASDAQ company, and as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Cambridge Energy Corporation, a public oil and gas exploration and production company. He is a former partner in the consulting firm of Cambridge Equity, Inc. an international business consulting firm. In addition, during his career he has been a director and officer of a number of small private companies including: Nanogen Power Systems, LLC, a concentrated solar power company; Homeport, LLC, a financial products developer; GETG, Inc., an alternative energy company; TriMark Explorations, Ltd. a mining company; and Highlight Networks, Inc. a small public company engaged in wireless network development.

Mr. West graduated with a B.A. degree from Florida State University in 1968 and with a J.D. degree from Florida State University College of Law in 1974. After college, he graduated from the Army Engineer Officer Candidate School and served as an officer with the United States Army Security Agency.

Rocky French 

Director of Farm Operations Aqua Farming Tech

Rocky French

As New Global Energy’s Director of Farm Operations for New Global Energy and Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aqua Farming Technology Inc., Rocky French employs a hands-on management style and works side-by-side with employees to ensure proper execution of operational tasks. As part of a 24-hour operation, the owners and managers live onsite to maintain complete control of the inventory and business operations and produce the highest quality fish in the industry. Employees work rotating shifts to maintain feeding schedules, sorting, grading, and harvesting. Operations are always worked around the weather as temperatures can reach 120 degrees during mid-day in the summer.

Mr. French studied at the University of San Carlos, Mindanao Regional School of Fisheries and the University of the Philippines College of Fisheries, majoring in Aquaculture. He earned certificates in Fish Pond Engineering and Hatchery Management at the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, received a certificate from Texas A&M in Shrimp Farming and Culture, earned a certificate from Long Beach City College on Data Processing, and a certificate for Diesel Mechanic and Automotive Electrician from the Iloilo School of Arts & Trade.

Prior to joining NGE, Mr. French worked as a Fishery Biologist with H&T Aquatic Farms, as a Fishery Biologist/Farm Manager at FL Warm Water Ranch, as an Assistant Production Manager at Valley Fish Farm, as a Fish and Wildlife Aide for the Aquaculture Complex in Talisay, Batangas, Philippines, as a Fish Farm Manager at the Thomas O’Dell Fish/Sugarcane Farm, and as a Junior Fishery Biologist Trainee for the Southeast Asian Fishery Development Center.

 Advisory Board

In order to remain competitive in today’s global economy, having the right advisors is imperative. At New Global Energy, we seek the guidance, knowledge and support of individuals whose expertise and resources will make a positive impact on our bottom line.

We engage advisors whose core competencies can help move the company forward to reach our business goals as well as the expectations of our investors.

 John E. Woods, PhD. 

 President Cellulous Systems


Following a highly successful academic career, which culminated as tenured professor of biology and director of the National Centre for Environmental Education at Tennessee Wesleyan College, John Woods co-founded West Wind Technology in 1994 with his wife Susan Woods. Mr. Woods is the author of many authoritative papers on Giant Reed grasses and Bamboos and is an acknowledged authority around the world in his subject. The fact that West Wind has continued to develop since 1994 at a time when “biomass” was not as understood as it is today, is testimony to his considerable skills as a business manager in addition to his exemplary Technical knowledge.

John and Susan Woods are amongst the world’s foremost plant biologists in their field of expertise. In particular they are experts in the micro-propagation of elite species of Bamboo and Giant Reed grasses. They have solved the problems of large scale propagation through patented biotechnological processes called somatic embryogenesis and organogenesis, and can commercially produce thousands of plants from their laboratory/green houses. In fact, an entire forest of thousands of hectares can be produced entirely within their facilities. They hold two patents on the method and apparatus for the process. This breakthrough allows a biomass production of 10 to 25 times that of forest and can be accomplished worldwide wherever a suitable site is identified. They have extensive experience in the mass macro-propagation of biomass plants and their related large scale farming practices and are similarly experienced in the collection and assessment of the data necessary in the assessment of potential development sites for the commercial production of BioReed™.


Video: Sustainable aquaculture for food security

Author: Rachel Mutter
-- Fish Farming International

Aquaculture, not the Internet, represents the most promising investment opportunity of the 21st century." Peter Drucker (1909-2005), economist and Nobel Laureate.

This video, launched at the 9th session of the UN_FAO_GFCM Committee in Morocco in February 2015 discusses the importance of sustainable aquaculture growth in the Black Sea and Mediterranean.

New Fish Farm Report

Welcome to the Fish & Farm Report, a bi-monthly publication available exclusively on this website. In this and future issues, the report’s publisher, New Global energy, intends to track global trends and introduce discoveries in the areas of sustainable seafood, agriculture and consumer health.

“At New Global Energy, our intention is to increase awareness of the importance of sustainable fish farming that results in high-quality, ‘certified and approved’ seafood,” says company CEO Perry D. West.

“In addition, we will report on timely issues related to agriculture including the health benefits of the super food Moringa and medical marijuana, both of which represent areas of growth for New Global Energy this year,” he continues. “We are proud to be at the forefront of these industries and to produce the Fish & Farm Report to highlight their importance.”

NGE Fish Farms not Affected by California Drought


New Global Energy’s sustainable fish farms, operated as Aqua Farming Technologies (Aqua Farming Tech) and located in California’s Coachella Valley, are not adversely affected by the state’s highly publicized water shortages.

Aqua Farming Tech owns three wells that produce all of the water their aquaculture business will likely ever need. The wells are continually recharged by the run off of farm irrigation, natural underwater migration from mountain snowmelt and canal leakage. The farm uses a closed loop system to recycle its water through

natural cleaning ponds in order to maximize conservation of this precious resource. The water is re-circulated and pumped from fish grow tanks into reservoirs that use vegetation to filter and clean the water before it is pumped back into the grow tanks.

Studies have shown that water problems in Northern and Southern California are different. Metropolitan areas use approximately 20 percent of available water, while agriculture uses about 80 percent. The most densely populated areas are in Southern California, while the bulk of the agricultural areas are located in Northern California.

The good news – according to a 2015 article published in TIME Magazine1, Southern California has increased its water storage capacity 14-fold since 1990, and even if it stopped raining throughout the Western United States, the region would still have a 1-1/2 years supply of water.

Additionally, Southern California is fortunate to have rebate programs in place that encouraged area residents and businesses to reduce water their consumption significantly. As a result, the region does not need to ration water at this point, and it is not suffering the effects of the drought being felt elsewhere in the state. As a matter of fact, the Coachella Valley is an ideal location for sustainable fish farming because of the ample supply of water.

1 “How Los Angeles Is Surviving California’s Drought,” as reported by TIME Magazine, February 7, 2015.


Getting Hooked on Fish

In a recent study published by the World Bank, it was reported that nearly two-thirds of the seafood we eat will be farm-raised in 2030. This is according to “Fish to 2030: Prospects for Fisheries and Aquaculture,” which concludes that as sources from wild capture fisheries approach their maximum take, aquaculture—or fish farming—will help satisfy the growing global appetite for fish and seafood.

investment in aquaculture, China will produce 37% of the world’s fish and consume 38% of the fish the world eats, the report estimates.

Making aquaculture sustainable 
As the global population inches towards nine billion by 2050, there will be a need for more food and jobs—which a growing aquaculture industry can help meet. But it needs to be practiced responsibly.

The new World Bank reports that in 2030, aquaculture will produce half of the world’s supply of fish, including fish for food and other products such as fishmeal.

Meanwhile, 62% of the seafood that will end up on people’s plates will come from fish farms, which will grow production to meet rising demand—especially from Asia, where roughly 70% of the fish will be consumed. In 2030, an emerging middle class in China will become a particularly large market for fish. With increased

Blue Fish

The risks and environmental impacts of some aquaculture practices have made headlines in recent years. The disease outbreaks in shrimp aquaculture in China, Thailand and Vietnam and in salmon farming in Chile illustrate some of the industry’s challenges. But the growth of aquaculture also presents countries with the opportunity to expand and improve fish farming so that it is sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Moringa, The Super Food

New Global Energy, Inc. (NGE) is expanding production of Moringa, the super food known as the “Tree of Life” or the “Miracle Tree.”

NGE already has 6,000 Moringa trees on its sustainable farm in Thermal, CA and 11,000 trees are scheduled to be planted on its Mecca, CA farm. In addition, the company is evaluating a 100-acre parcel in Costa Rica for Moringa development. Overall, NGE projects that with these acquisitions of additional Moringa properties and developing them to full maturity, it could realistically expect to yield annual revenues of $15 million or more from the production of Moringa

can be harvested for human use it is considered a critical benefit to the fight against world hunger.

“The leaves of the Moringa plant are overflowing with vitamins and minerals and have twice the protein of yogurt, three times more potassium than bananas, four times more calcium than milk, four times more vitamin A than carrots, seven times more vitamin C than oranges and twenty-five times the iron of spinach. In addition, Moringa leaves are packed with antioxidants and contain all the amino acids of meat, making the plant an excellent dietary supplement,” said West.

”The Coachella Valley in California and Costa Rica are both ideal locations for this fast growing, climate tolerable tree,” said Chief Executive Officer Perry D. West. “New Global’s Moringa expanding crop is an important feature of our company’s move to diversify its agricultural business while maintaining our commitment to sustainable, healthy offerings.”

The Moringa tree is known for its vast range of nutritional and medicinal properties, which improve energy level and overall health. Since virtually every part of the Moringa tree

Moringa Tree Icon

The Moringa tree also has many medicinal properties: the bark contains a gum that can be used for stomachaches; fresh leaves can help breastfeeding mothers by increasing milk production; and as a tea, it is known to help stabilize blood pressure and assist diabetes patients by managing glucose levels. The tea is also a natural energy booster without the side effects of caffeine and helps lower bad cholesterol. The seed oil can be used as an antiseptic for minor burns, cuts, rashes and insect bites, and the remaining material is an excellent water purifier.

New Sustainable Fish Feeding Methodology

When combined in a scientific manner, Moringa & green algae can and do result in healthy tilapia. How do we know that? Because at New Global Energy we have developed a proprietary, sustainable feed and have created a natural growing environment that produce a profound number of healthy tilapia. The world wants healthy seafood, and we can now provide it. 

Consider recent headlines:

Recent News screenshots

“Most of these articles and the negative publicity related to tilapia refer to Asian-imported tilapia, which I wouldn’t eat!” says NGE Chief Executive Officer Perry West. “At our fish farm, we use no antibiotics or chemicals. Our tilapia are fed the super food Moringa and green algae for their first four months in grow-out ponds. These nutrient rich algae and other aquatic plants create a natural environment for them.”

New Global’s farms are located east of Palm Springs in the heart of California’s Coachella Valley. The region is uniquely suited to grow tilapia, a tropical fish that flourishes in the area’s warm climate, longer daylight hours, longer summers and the access to warm fresh water from geo-thermally heated wells.

“Our healthy and proprietary fish feeding methodology cuts overall feed costs in half while ensuring high-quality ‘certified and approved’ tilapia that meets the requirements of specialty retailers. By successfully solving critical cost issues through innovation and technical advancement, New Global is fast becoming the leading producer of premium seafood in Southern California and beyond,” said West.

Why Invest in Agriculture?

In the next 40 years, humans will need to produce more food than they did in the previous 10,000 put together. But with sprawling cities gobbling up arable land, agricultural productivity gains decreasing, and demand for biofuels increasing, supply is not keeping up with demand. Clever farmers, scientists and entrepreneurs are bursting with ideas. But they need money to make this jump.

Financiers more often found buying and selling companies have cottoned on to the opportunity. Farm gates have traditionally been closed to capital markets: nine in ten farms are held by families. But demography is forcing a shift: the average age of farmers in Europe, America and New Zealand is now in the late fifties. They

often have no successor, because offspring do not want to farm or cannot afford to buy out family members. In addition, adopting new technologies and farming at ever-greater scale require the sort of capital few farmers have, even after years of bumper crop prices.

Institutional investors such as pension funds see farmland as fertile ground to plough, either doing their own deals or farming them out to specialist funds. Some act as landlords by buying land and leasing it out. Others buy plots of low-value land, such as pastures, and upgrade them to higher-yielding orchards. Investors who are keen on even bigger risks and rewards flock to places such as Brazil, Ukraine and Zambia, where farming techniques are often still underdeveloped and potential productivity gains immense.

Aquaculture Market Expected to be Worth nearly $202.96 Billion by 2020: New Report By Grand View Research, Inc.

CNBC LogoA new report issued by Grand View Research, Inc. and reported on by CNBC is further evidence that New Global Energy is on the fast track to success in the aquaculture market. According to the report, the global market for aquaculture should reac nearly $203 billion by 2020. Consumers are more aware than ever of seafood’s health benefits and market demand will continue to grow, according to the report.

"Companies such as New Global Energy that focus on sustainable, healthy seafood are especially well-positioned to prosper from this growth. The research report notes that fresh water was the largest culture environment for aquaculture with market share of over 60 percent. We are fortunate because New Global’s farms are located east of Palm Springs, California in the heart of the Coachella Valley.

The region features a warm climate, longer daylight hours, longer summers and the availability of warm fresh water from geo-thermally heated wells,” said Farm Manager Rocky French.

San Francisco, California, Jan. 26, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The global market for aquaculture is expected to reach USD 202.96 billion by 2020, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc. Aquaculture includes farming of aquatic organisms such as mollusks, fish, crustaceans and other aquatic flora and fauna. Increasing consumer awareness of health benefits associated with seafood and growing consumption serves as a key driver for development of the market. In addition, the market demand isCNBC Logoexpected to be further fuelled by the lack of naturally available varieties owing to extensive fishing. Rice-fish culture is expected to serve as key growth opportunity for this market over the next six years.

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