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NanoLogix®, Inc. is a biotechnology company specializing in rapid diagnostics of viable microorganisms and viruses. NanoLogix technology provides live-cell rapid detection and identification dramatically faster than Flow Cytometry and traditional Petri culture methods. Additionally, in contrast to other fast methods such as Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), our technology does not require large investments in equipment or personnel training.


Share Structure 

Authorized shares: 200,000,000

Outstanding shares: 162,890,445

158,790,445 shares outstanding on Sept. 26, 2018
shares outstanding on Aug. 8, 2017
shares outstanding on Dec. 31, 2014

Restricted shares: 44,014,378


Bret T. Barnhizer Chairman of the Board, CEO, and President

Prior to becoming CEO in 2007, Mr. Barnhizer had a successful 25+ year career in the upstream oil and gas industry. Mr. Barnhizer is a U.S. Army veteran of the Vietnam War, where during his two tours of duty he served as a battlefield combat medic.

Jonathan Faro, PhD, MD - Director & Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Faro is the co-inventor of the N-Assay modified ELISA bacteria-detection and identification technology and is the primary author of a number of published peer-reviewed research papers on the technology.

In the News

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Research Articles

Decreased time for detection and quantification of virulent Bacillus anthracis and Yersinia pestis using a BioNanoPore (BNP™) membrane technology
May 12, 2009 | J.V. Rogers, Y.W. Choi

Many aspects of biodefense research require quantitative growth assessments of the test agent. This study evaluated the BioNanoPore (BNP™) technology to quantitate Bacillus anthracis and Yersinia pestis faster than traditional plate counting methods. The BNP™ technology enabled quantification of B. anthracis and Y. pestis in phosphate-buffered saline and naïve rabbit blood at 6 and 24 h, respectively. After 6 h of growth, counts for B. anthracis ranged from 6·19–6·45 log10 CFU ml−1 on BNP™, while counts after 24 h on tryptic soy agar (TSA) ranged from 6·51–6·58 log10 CFU ml−1. For Y. pestis, counts on BNP™ at 24 h ranged from 6·31–6·41 log10 CFU ml−1 on BNP™ and ranged from 6·44–6·89 log10 CFU ml−1 on TSA at 48 h. This study demonstrates that the BNP™ technology provides a more rapid detection of B. anthracis and Y. pestis, which could aid in the evaluation of potential medical countermeasures and treatments as well as other biological defense applications such as surface sampling or decontamination efficacy.

Preliminary Evaluation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Detection in Culture and Artificial Sputum Using a BioNanoPore Membrane and Realtime PCR
Nov. 23, 2012 | James V. Rogers and Young W. Choi

The rapid detection and diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis is critical to evaluate disease severity, efficacy of treatments and therapeutics, and public health monitoring. This study evaluated a BioNanoPore technology (BNP™ Middlebrook agar) to detect and quantitate M. tuberculosis in less time than traditional plate counting methods. BNP™ Middlebrook enabled visual detection of M. tuberculosis from actively-growing cultures and inoculated artificial sputum within 5 days; however, colonies were not visible on Middlebrook 7H10 agar. For cultures incubated in the presence or absence of artificial sputum for 19 days on BNP™ Middlebrook, M. tuberculosis ranged from 5.81-5.86 log10CFU/mL from liquid culture and 6.39-6.50 log10CFU/mL in artificial sputum; counts for M. tuberculosis in liquid culture ranged from 5.70-5.85 log10CFU/mL on Middlebrook 7H10. All colonies from 19 day-old cultures evaluated from the BNP™ Middlebrook and Middlebrook 7H10 media were positive for the Mycobacterium insertion sequence (IS) 6110 by real-time PCR. This study demonstrates that BNP™ Middlebrook can detect M. tuberculosis faster than standard plating techniques in the presence or absence of a simulated biological matrix (artificial sputum). Moreover, the BNP™ Middlebrook color development step does not interfere with real-time PCR detection of IS 6110. This study provides a preliminary assessment of the potential use of BNP™ Middlebrook for a more rapid screening and detection of viable M. tuberculosis with respect to clinical specimen evaluation, therapeutic treatment/vaccine efficacy, or epidemiological surveillance.

Accuracy of an Accelerated, Culture-Based Assay for Detection of Group B Streptococcus
Feb. 19, 2013 | Jonathan P. Faro, Karen Bishop, Gerald Riddle, Mildred M. Ramirez, Allan R. Katz,  Mark A. Turrentine, and Sebastian Faro

Objective. To determine the validity of a novel Group B Streptococcus (GBS) diagnostic assay for the detection of GBS in antepartum patients. Study Design. Women were screened for GBS colonization at 35 to 37 weeks of gestation. Three vaginal-rectal swabs were collected per patient; two were processed by traditional culture (commercial laboratory versus in-house culture), and the third was processed by an immunoblot-based test, in which a sample is placed over an antibody-coated nitrocellulose membrane, and after a six-hour culture, bound GBS is detected with a secondary antibody. Results. 356 patients were evaluated. Commercial processing revealed a GBS prevalence rate of 85/356 (23.6%). In-house culture provided a prevalence rate of 105/356 (29.5%). When the accelerated GBS test result was compared to the in-house GBS culture, it demonstrated a sensitivity of 97.1% and a specificity of 88.4%. Interobserver reliability for the novel GBS test was 88.2%. Conclusions. The accelerated GBS test provides a high level of validity for the detection of GBS colonization in antepartum patients within 6.5 hours and demonstrates a substantial agreement between observers.

Shelf-Life Assessment of Agar Plates Vacuum-Sealed in Nylon/Polyethylene Packaging Flushed with Nitrogen
Dec. 29, 2015 | Young W. Choi and James V. Rogers

In resource-limited nations, enhancing the shelf-life and stability of critical reagents and consumables is desired. This study evaluated the shelf-life of bacteriological plates in vacuum-sealed nylon/polyethylene packaging flushed with nitrogen (FlatPacks®). Tryptic soy agar (TSA) FlatPacks held at room temperature for 24 months did not change in appearance or texture and supported bacterial growth similar to Day 0 concentrations. In contrast, TSA plates from a different supplier (Vendor A) desiccated after 4 months of storage at room temperature. TSA, blood agar (BA), and chocolate agar (CA) FlatPacks subjected to desert-like storage and transport temperatures (60 °C) for 30 days supported bacterial growth similar to FlatPacks held at room temperature or refrigerated; TSA, BA, and CA plates (Vendor A) desiccated within 7 days. The data suggest FlatPacks extend the shelf-life of TSA stored at room temperature when compared to traditional packaging. Additionally, TSA, BA, and CA FlatPacks support bacterial growth for at least 30 days when stored at 60 °C. Based on the results of this study, the FlatPacks may help laboratories in resource-limited nations overcome infrastructure, refrigeration, and supply-chain deficiencies. 

Development of a Novel Test for Simultaneous Bacterial Identification and Antibiotic Susceptibility
Oct. 30, 2016 | Jonathan FaroMalika Mitchell, Yuh-Jue Chen, Sarah Kamal, Gerald Riddle, and Sebastian Faro

Background. Elucidation of a pathogen’s antimicrobial susceptibility requires subculture after the organism is first isolated. This takes several days, requiring patients to be treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics. This approach contributes to the development of bacterial resistance. Methods. Microtiter wells were coated with a polyclonal antibody targeting the pathogen of interest. Bacterial suspensions were added in the presence/absence of selected antibiotics. After washing, captured bacteria were detected. Findings. Group B streptococcus (GBS), Enterococcus faecalis, and Neisseria gonorrhoeae were each detected at 105 bacteria/mL following a 20-minute incubation period. Susceptibility to select antibiotics was discernable following a 6-hour incubation period (GBS and Enterococcus). Sensitivity was increased to 10−2 bacteria/mL for GBS, 10−1 bacteria/mL for E. faecalis, and 101 bacteria/mL for N. gonorrhoeae following 18–24-hour culture. Conclusion. This novel assay allows for the highly sensitive and specific identification of a pathogen and simultaneous determination of its antimicrobial susceptibility in a reduced time.

Patents (US) Licensed to NanoLogix

Flat Packaging of Petri Dishes for Prolonged Preservation and Method of Producing the Same – 8,413,800

Rapid enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection and identification of pathogens and determination of antimicrobial susceptibility – 9,034,583

Methods and devices for rapid detection and identification of live microorganisms by aptamers and/or antibodies immobilized on permeable membranes – 9,068,216

Rapid viral assay – 10,844,442

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