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NX Global, Inc. 


July 23rd 2014 1st News in YEARS

This is the 1st Update since Feb 2012

240M Outstanding Shares

(240,031,013 feb 12 2012)

NX Global, Inc. (NEGS), a publicly traded company, incorporated in Nevada. The current focus of NEGS includes various alternative energy production models to which they provide, BIO FUELS VIA ALGAE, IT cloud/virtualization services, construction management services and will be the primary operator of the sites post construction, either of the whole project or in some locations limited to the waste to energy facilities to enhance their Bio Fuel production. The management team at NEGS bring years of experience from engineering, energy, research, and information technology fields. The combination of expertise helps NEGS take a multifaceted approach to every project to ensure quality results. NUBE Inc, a subsidiary of NEGS, is an IT cloud computing/virtualization firm. The company's technology division will supply cutting edge services such as Virtualization that will save not only money, but is energy efficient as well.


Break Through Technology

America's dependence on petroleum causes economic, environmental, and geo-political problems. Renewable, low-impact bio-fuels, especially fuels and by-products produced in Industrialized algae farms and its refinement, are poised to transform the transportation energy market and play a leading role in solving these problems.

The need for renewable transportation fuels has never been greater. Electrical energy utilization continues its spiral up with no foreseeable limit. Utilizing the majority of the forms of carbon based waste products increases the worlds output of energy without the utilization of additional fossil fuels. Kinetic energy from free flowing water whether found in water or sewer pipes, a waste treatment facility or in rivers and streams also adds an inexpensive alternative to supply burgeoning demand.

NEGS is commercializing advanced technologies to produce oil and animal feed from algae. This remarkable process is a scalable substitute for petroleum oil, creating a renewable carbon-neutral feedstock source that is good for the environment. Other growing and harvesting methods allow various strains to be used for the extraction and use of their components in pharmaceuticals, Nutraceutical and direct to food.

Microalgae are unicellular, photosynthetic microorganisms that are abundant in fresh water, brackish water, and marine environments everywhere on earth. These microscopic plant-like organisms are capable of utilizing CO2 and sunlight to generate the complex bio-molecules necessary for their survival. Under certain conditions, some microalgae can accumulate significant amounts of lipids (more than 50% of their cell dry weight). In our High Density Vertical Bio-reactor (HDVB) system we can harvest crops continually after 10 to 21 days depending on the algal strain.

The attempts at algae commercialization using open ponds have been unsuccessful because of limited sunlight past certain depths and the contamination of the strain by airborne particulate. NEGS subsidiary APPLIED CONCEPTS FOR ENERGY CORP solves this problem by allowing fuel to be produced without occupying land or consuming feedstock needed for food or feed production.


Management Team

Robyn Bailey - Secretary, Chairperson of NX Global Inc.  President Green Global Resources-
Robyn has spent the past fifteen years in Information Technology primarily as a project manager/consultant/instructor. Microsoft technologies and EMC Storage technologies had been her major focus; but three years ago her work with storage technologies led her into virtualization, specializing in VMware systems. Virtualization of web applications has led to especially exciting opportunities to pursue.

Ms. Bailey comes to her position after years of concentrating on management of technology integration projects while consulting and delivering advanced technical training. VMware 3.x Infrastructure and the new vSphere cloud technologies are where she lives these days.


M. Glen Kertz, Chief Technical Advisor
Mr. Kertz is a prolific inventor and one of the foremost authorities on growing algae in High Density Vertical Bio-reactors. He has been the founder and served as an officer and director on several private and public companies.
Mr. Kertz holds over 20 U.S. and foreign patents in various fields. Over the last 30 years he has developed businesses to improve the knowledge and utilization of various plant cell technologies. He has been part of the agricultural technologies in companies such as Gruppe, Inc., AgriStar, Inc., and Pagic, Inc. He has consulted businesses in over 90 countries.

Steve Jones - Chief Consultant to Board of Directors
Steve began in the IT industry in 1985, working with DOS 2.1 and performing warranty work on IBM PC 5150, XT 5160,  and the IBM AT 5170 personal computers.He has performed component-level repair on System Boards, Disk Controllers, Printers, Monitors, Modems, and Mainframe Terminals. He has worked as an Assistant Service Manager for 8 years, and supported both in-house technicians and end-users on technical issues.


For More Information, Visit NX Global, Inc.


Business of the Company

NX Global was incorporated on February 17, 1998 in Nevada to engage in an internet related business. and National Energy Services Company, Inc., an unaffiliated New Jersey corporation formed in 1995 ("NESNJ"), entered into an Agreement and Plan of Share Exchange, dated January 19, 2001 pursuant to which the shareholders of NESNJ on January 19, 2001 were issued 100,000 shares of common stock of NX Global, par value $.001, in exchange for 100% of the issued and outstanding shares of the NESNJ, which became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company. For accounting purposes, the transaction was accounted for as a reverse acquisition. In September 2011 the Company changed its name to NX Global, Inc. from National Energy Services Company, Inc.

NX Global, Inc. sold the stock it owned in NESNJ, the New Jersey subsidiary in March 2010. This entity had ceased most of its operations in January, 2010. The operations of NESNJ, which comprised of all the Company's operations until January 2010, are considered as discontinued operations.

The Company intends to operate three divisions and various subsidiaries within each division either created by the Company or to be purchased for more rapid growth. The divisions include Renewable Energy Project Management, Renewable Energy Product Sales and Green Internet Technologies.

Renewable Energy Project Management consists of project management and marketing of those services to solar/thermal, bio-fuels and waste to energy project owners. Current various joint ventures investments are being negotiated to enable the Company to get into the markets with signed projects. These projects include bio-fuel from algae and from pyrolisis of tires, pyrolisis of municipal solid waste to energy, and pyrolisis of medical waste.


The Renewable Energy Product Sales division markets to the end user products that reduce the energy cost to home and commercial building users to and provide revenue for the company through sale of excess energy to the grid.

The Green Technologies Division is designed to first assist all affiliated divisions in the marketing of their products and services and will expand into sales and installation of diesel emission retrofit products in the Northeastern U.S. pursuant to our joint venture agreement with Eastern Energy and Emissions Solutions, Inc. on October 26, 2011.

None of the divisions had revenue during the year ended October 31, 2011.

The Company purchased Global Green Resources, Inc. ("GGR") in March 2010 in keeping with its business model to operate eco friendly businesses. In November 2010, GGR changed its name to Nube, Inc. ("Nube"). This subsidiary provided training for certification of operators and engineers installing or using cloud computing and its associated virtualization components. We ceased operating this company in September 2011.

Recent Developments

In November 2010, the Company's subsidiary ACEC signed two joint venture agreements to further its business operations in algae production and the conversion of waste to energy. The agreements include terms for funding, the licensing of patented and non-patented production and manufacturing and growing technologies, site management and project development, site procurement plus other related items. The joint ventures will not begin until funding is in place for their furtherance.

In January 2011, the Company has received a letter of intent for the first $100,000,000 of financing for the proposed site near Portage Du Fort, Quebec, Canada. Negotiations are ongoing with the governmental agencies necessary to acquire permits and guarantees required to begin construction and operations. The site has recently been designated by the Pontiac MRC Quebec ("MRC") as the region's Environmental Industrial Park and the municipal waste collected throughout the region under the MRC must be delivered to the site for eco friendly disposal. This project is under review as a consortium of the MRC and the City of Gatineau, Quebec issued a qualifications request from the general business population within days of ACEC having signed a letter of intent to lease the property for this project in January 2011. The request for qualification requires several businesses from Quebec to be involved and significantly impairs the ability of ACEC or its joint venture partners from controlling its own destiny or operating the facility as it would like to maximize its potential economic impact. We are investigating the opportunity at several other sites in three other Canadian provinces for the utilization of the same technology. The venture has been abandoned due to modification of the requirements for participation by the local government entities in Quebec.

Principal Products and Services

The principal services offered by NX Global are project development, locating funding resources and technologies to enhance its core businesses in green environmental projects. The marketing of algae oil for fuel and its biomass for nutraceutical and animal feed is being developed to expand our business model.

ACEC intends to provide project development, site management and operation of the project after construction is complete. These projects are specifically for waste to energy, algae growth and development, carbon capture and growing food for human consumption.

Marketing, Sales and Distribution

The Company has developed a marketing plan to site owners, municipalities and counties, eco-friendly companies and existing waste to energy and algae growers and manufacturers of related equipment.

May 29, 2014, 8:46 a.m. EDT
Frontier Beverage Company Announces Major


HENDERSON, NV, May 29, 2014 (Marketwired via COMTEX) -- Frontier Beverage Company Inc. (otcqb:FBEC) -- Frontier Beverage Company announces the sale of their controlling interest in Blue 22 Entertainment Inc. and the resignation of President/Board Member Michael Jamison.

Frontier Beverage Company announce the sale of their 51% stake in Blue 22 Entertainment Inc. to NX Global Inc. for 50 million common shares of NX Global.

"First I want to thank Mike Jamison for all his service and hard work with the company. NX Global will offer Michael greater management control and creative opportunities. After much consideration, it was mutually agreed that the sale of Blue 22 Entertainment was a good business move for Frontier Beverage as 22 Social Club Productions is now producing Live Events, Developing new Entertainment Content and offering Entertainment, and Talent Services. Frontier is seeking to achieve certain goals such as increasing revenues, reduction of debt, bringing value to our shareholders and producing profits. So a lean a mean approach is what may be necessary in the short run. This doesn't mean we will not be aggressive to seek out new opportunities or acquisitions but we will be diligent in our choices. We are actively seeking a Technology Partner to develop Web and Mobile Portals for our Entertainment Content and I will be sitting down with management at our Dance Broadcast System in the coming weeks to discuss their future go forward plan," stated William Coogan, CEO/COO of Frontier Beverage.

The 50 million shares will remain with company as a company asset.

22 Social Club Productions, Dance Broadcast System will continue with their business plan to produce and develop live event productions, offer talent, entertainment and merchandising products and services, develop relationships for technology, music and film production, distribution publishing and programming and seek new acquisitions or relationships in the Entertainment, Technology and Beverage industries.

Safe Harbor: This press release contains forward-looking statements. Such forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks, assumptions and uncertainties that could cause the Company's actual results to differ materially from those projected in such statements. Forward-looking statements speak only as of the date made and are not guarantees of future performance. We undertake no obligation to publicly revise any forward-looking statements.

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