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NIPI analysis and charts (NIPI)

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NIPI is short for NEGATIVE IHUB POSTING INDEX This new form of technical analysis -- invented by IHUB member, "Ineedmoreshares", analyzes anomalies of human psychology in order to give Investors/Traders a new bullish confirmation factor. Technical analysis charts measure the "past" emotional response on PPS in order to predict future PPS. In the alternative, NIPI will chart various negative social information to add a third level of confirmation for the relative strength of each stock with an active Ihub board. NIPI will track the frequency of certain defined anomalies, not the price of a stock. Here's the concept and how it works... Step 1: THE MEAN PSYCHOLOGY OF THE SUBSET MUST BE CONSIDERED. - The average board poster on IHUB is trying to make money by investing. - Every IHUB poster has limited time and energy to post here since both resources are limited for every member of the subset. Basically, TIME = MONEY - The average member of the subset will use their time and energy attempting to gather data to support a winning stock play. - The average member of the subset, once in a stock play will attempt to generate bullish interest in the stock by posting positive DD and/or comments. - The average member of the subset will sell their holdings when they become convinced the stock will fall. Step 2. ANOMOLIES: - The most important chartable anomaly occurs when an Ihub poster who says they are long on a stock breaks from the normal activity of the subset by posting repetitive negative sentiments about that stock. Since typical TA is generated by emotional response, negative posting does in fact influence PPS, and therefore anomalies wherein posters attack stocks they own are given more weight than negative posts by those who do not claim to be long in the stock. - Anomalies also occur and are charted when posters who do not claim to be long generate excessive negative posts as this depletes time and energy which most members of the subset regard as precious and best used to make money. - Recent news or confirmed upcoming news/PRs are also factored in to measure increased anomalies against time periods where the stock has new information coming out. - The frequency of anomalies generates a NIPI chart. NIPI anomaly analysis (say that ten times fast) assumes that Ihub posters registering anomalytic oscillations are, in fact, trying to make money on the stock being charted. But NIPI analysis just assigns a different kind of profit motivation to them. Simply posting "one off" negative commentary will not register as an anomaly. Some doubt or negativity is to be expected from members of the mean subset. NEGATIVE REPETITION IS THE MAIN BASIS FOR ACCURATE NIPI ANALYSIS. The interpretation of NIPI analysis works hand in hand with fundamental and traditional technical analysis to give the average investor/trader the ability to identify rogue Ihub posters loyal to alien subsets other than the mean subset. THE NIPI INDEX WILL GIVE THE AVERAGE INVESTOR/TRADER A GREATER ABILITY TO SEGREGATE DISINFORMATION THUS PROJECTING TRIPLE CONFIRMATION OF EACH STOCK'S STRENGTH: - Fundamental analysis - Traditional technical analysis - Negative Ihub Posting Index analysis COLLECTION OF DATA: Obviously, creating a NIPI chart will take more time and energy than normal charts. Each chart will depend on a comprehensive review of posting history within the Ihub board pertaining to the stock being charted. Instead of tracking the PPS movement of the stock, the chart will track the frequency of anomalies and graph them on a timeline. Also included on the timeline will be "color coded" INFORMATION ALARMS akin to a warning system: "red alert" "orange alert" etc., relative to the ability of that historical information to have moved the stock's PPS higher. INTERPRETATION OF DATA Since the mean subset has the average goal of increasing personal net worth via making winning stock picks, the NIPI index was created to identify a rogue subset whose motivations for profit are diametrically opposed to the mean subset. This is a beta concept in a theoretical stage of development. The idea came to me at 7:00 am this morning, 10.13.07. I am sharing the concept and hoping that the Ihub community will appreciate the serious need for something like NIPI analysis. If NIPI fails, I hope it will at least be a cell of evolution in this new frontier of technical analysis. And at the very least I hope it will make people more aware of the motivations inherent in rogue alien subsets whose profit motivation is exactly opposite to that of the mean subset. Thank you for visiting this board. Ineedmoreshares, 10.13.07
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