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 MultiBagger ALERTs 

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Definition of 'Multibagger'

Definition: Stocks that give returns that are several times their costs are called multibaggers. These are essentially stocks that are undervalued and have strong fundamentals, thus presenting themselves as great investment options. Multibagger stock companies are strong on corporate governance and have businesses that are scalable within a short span of time. 

Description: A stock that doubles its price is called two-bagger while if the price grows 10-times, it would be called a 10-bagger. Thus, multibaggers are stocks whose prices have risen multiple times their initial investment values. 

How to identify multibagger stocks? 

1. Debt level of the company should be within reasonable limits: There are no defined levels per se for debt, as it will vary from industry to industry. However, as a ballpark measure, debt should not be more than 30 per cent of the equity value. 

2. Check on previous quarter performance: Keep a check on the company’s revenue multiples on a quarter-on-quarter basis. If the multiples are low but the company is performing at the operational level, then that can be a hint that the company has significant upside potential. 

3. Sources of earnings: Along with the revenue numbers, check the sources from which the company is making money. Is the primary revenue segment set to grow at the macro level? Are the operations of the company easily scalable? If yes, then the stock may have the potential to be a multibagger. 

4. Earnings and price multiples: Calculate the trailing 12-month EPS and revenue to arrive at the current PE and price /sales ratios. If the PE level is growing faster than the stock price, then its chances of being a multibagger are bright. 

5. Check out business model/capex/ structural/management changes: Be on the lookout for any major changes in the quarterly results/annual reports that could have significant impact on the company’s operations.
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